Stampede - Alexander Jean Ft. Lindsey Stirling

Stampede - Alexander Jean Ft. Lindsey Stirling
Stampede - Alexander Jean Ft. Lindsey Stirling
Lindsey Stirling & Evanescence Co-Headline Summer 2018 Tour Head here for tour dates, tickets, and VIP upgrades: Buy/download "Stampede": Music video Directed By Joshua Schultz Lindsey's album "Brave Enough" available for purchase here: iTunes: Target: AMAZON CD: AmazonCD B&N: AMAZON VINYL: Sheet Music Here (Violin and Piano) : Simplified version: Follow me here: Sign up for my super-cool newsletter here:



  • I need BTS cover from Lindsey Stirling!!! pls I do not know just say...
  • "A great Lindsey Stirling video, featuring a couple of other folks." LOL
  • That was legen ....wait for it ......dary that was lagendary 😍😍😍 Like this is ART this real MUSIC 😍😍😍😍😘😘😍😍
  • I definitely would love love love to see more collabs with the 3 of you. I loved seeing you and Mark dancing again.
  • Who else thinks that Lindsey and 2cello's should work together on something ?? If that's in the pipeline please make it happen that would be an even for the ears and soul
  • LOVE ITTTTT!!!!!!!!
  • GORGEOUS!!!! every aspect of it just... X3
  • Love it Lindsey!!!!! And great choice in feature artist Alexander Fantastic guitar player.
  • Love it!!! Glad to hear more songs from Lindsey! And the dancing has been AMAZING!!
  • Wow you are beyond amazing in the dance floor and in the violin I don’t have words to describe what your music makes me feel I just can’t stop listening thank Lindsey for being such a great human being and an inspiration to all of us
  • This was awesome! Loved everything about it. You guys are the best, please continue doing collaborations like this one!! The choreography was incredible! love love love
  • I'm fairly convinced that Lindsey's violin skills *and* dance skills are getting even better. She's not even done yet, folks.
  • Me encanta <3
  • Is it just me or Lindsey looks much younger?
  • You're such a beautiful artist 😍😍 This is one of my favorite videos ever
  • It took ten years to transform from conservative priss to full blown tramp. Very different from her previous material. Each release pushes further from her roots. Deeply disappointed by the ever materialistic appeal and darker overtones. Does she have talent absolutely. To what end is she employing it to? She most certainly would would win "America's Got Talent" now.
  • I saw the STAMPEDE coming with good warning. Yet i still got STOMPED... No pain though! ... PLE. A. S. URE!
  • Lana ohej oeswlucva Ax
  • been a fan since day one.... amazed with each new song 😍
  • 1:35 - 1:59 sounds like a cover on E. Grieg's "Peer Gynt" "Hall of the Mountain King"
  • good , I cover this
  • Lindsey, I want you to know that you are an inspiration for all of us creative people looking to make a living out of our passion. Whenever I see a new single coming out, I cry listening to it. It's that good.
  • This is awesome. Dunno what to say.
  • Perfect!
  • wHAT tHEE!!!...aWESome! Woohhhhhhhhhhhh
  • One word: epicness
  • I prefer her old music better. Last good song was The Arena.
  • А кому не нравиться,пусть не смотрят и не слушают.))
  • Es ist anders aber gut. 😊
  • LOVE!
  • Stampede was made for my Godfather & I, it's definitely to dance for. ;) XD
  • essa mulher é uma deusa!! 😍😍
  • gran musica de lindsey muy buena baila muy bien ella
  • The choreography is fantastic!
  • LOVE IT!!!! Love the song, the video, the dancing, the playing - all AWESOME!
  • Wow ! ];o beautiful \m/ gigglezz
  • 🔥🔥🔥
  • I need to listen to this on a daily basis or I go insane
  • Woowww... Awesome
  • Beeen wishing for this for ages love how you involved dance with it
  • Amazing!!!!!
  • You are the best I love your creation just so: D
  • Клип отличный!!! Музыка на высоте!!!
  • This is amazing
  • I felt it in my heart, beautiful
  • Wunderbar Lindsey, Wunderbar.
  • I love Lindsey, but that was nearly a note-for-note remake of round table revival with some added vocals. Still a great song!
  • BC jean was so unnecessary in this
  • im really miss you so bad lindsey..

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