Moscow in the Meddle - President Trump Can't Be Trusted with Secrets: The Daily Show

Moscow in the Meddle - President Trump Can't Be Trusted with Secrets: The Daily Show
Trevor breaks down how President Trump has put national security in jeopardy by relaying classified foreign intelligence to Russian officials. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • It's funny when Trump supporters call this fake news when trump himself admitted to doing it on twitter.
  • The white house leaks are not self serving they are country serving!
  • mannnnn this guy is damn funny!!! how did I miss him all these days
  • Dems or Republicans... its all the same.. at least trump is funny
  • Thank you Trevor. Your humor helps me keep my dinner down. Having Trump as president has done a number on my gut. Can't even listen to the news anymore because the actions of the man are not congruent with the words I hear. You, however, are spot on.
  • Come on Trevor, time for some juicy stuff of Zuma !!!
  • Trevor is just Another Sore Loser Racist Nigger !
  • have you ever thought tht Trump sold Ruskies an unimportant secret to cover for future Deraa ops?..
  • Trump is a Russian spy like salt
  • Im so proud of Trevor Noah. He is a transgender celebrity that has made it big. I grew up with him in Johannesburg before he transitioned. Trevor was originally "Olivia Noah." He transitioned in his mid teens. I cannot wait for him to make the story public. Yeahh Trevor!
  • No one impersonates Trump as well as Trevor xD
  • afff, he just said he fired a guy and that info was publiced right after. no issue there...just a bunch of media mess that is detrimental to our country. CAN WE FOCUS ON GROWING OUR ECONOMY, JOBS, FOREIGN RELATIONS.....INSTEAD OF BEATING UP THE PRESIDENT ON EVERY LITTLE THING? THE MEDIA IS F*ING US AMERICANS!!!!!
  • One of his best performances nice work host
  • what was the secret pertaining to? his Hillary just making a big deal about a non issue
  • Trevor Noah ,the guy helping Trump win again in 2020 ,keep up the good work . to funny .
  • its funny, this loser is not even from America and he thinks he is funny, this guy has no facts. its sad that this is what the left has to offer. whats even sadder is in the description it says "he breaks down how President Trump has put national security in jeopardy..." witch is not true because what he shared was not a secret let alone a TOP SECRET fact.
  • Namechange: The Daily Trump Show with Trever Noah
  • The laugh tracks annoy me
  • 0:25 Wait... is he wearing the same suit as the Russian?...
  • I wouldn't be happy if Trump get Impeached. I'll be happy when they start a special Holocaust for trump supporters,
  • you said u want surprises now u surprised..
  • nailed it Trevor # noah
  • "President Trump may have revealed ....." Let me repeat that ----- "President Trump MAY have revealed ....." And now MAY means - he definitely did? Americans are SUCH phucking DUMB assholes.
  • "Keep your friends close but keep your loose lip enemies closer." - Putin
  • so.... essentually, trump committed treason....and how does one not get impeached for that. ..?
  • Trevor said this would happen...on the breakfast club show in 2016
  • I just wish Hollywood is consistent. Leaks are good for democracy. Look at the message, not the messenger. This means that it's good when White House staffers do it, it's good when Snowden did it...and yes, it's also good when Wikileaks showed how the DNC colluded in favor of Hillary.
  • Bozo would be better at the job of president....The orange clown needs to go down...
  • russophobia much?
  • other countries sadly still depend on the american military
  • Its brainwashing time I see anything besides Fox News of mainstream media is Fake news and coruppted news
  • *TRUMP 2020* - _Because Apparently Loki from the Avengers Movie was right; Humanity _*_Does_*_ secretly Crave Subjugation..._
  • Trump is the leaker LMAO
  • just noticed Trevor is wearing the same suit as the Russian official
  • "In 12B??!" Me: I see what you did there, Trevor. The audience didn't really laugh at that joke
  • 2:57 *NERVOUS LAUGH*
  • "it's just not a good thing" 😂😂
  • Fake news for a fake president.
  • People are acting like he gave Russia the nuclear codes lol. Literally just gave them relevant info to stop ISIS, which is a collaborative effort between the US and Russia. So stupid that this is considered a "scandal"
  • This is where liberals get their news from? Where are your sources? All your doing is trying to be funny. And you people are just asking "Did Trump *REALLY* do that?" Fuck outta here.
  • Hey GOP Congress idiots! Why don't you stop complaining about Trump and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? It's called I-M-P-E-A-C-H-M-E-N-T. His actions have warranted this action. Stop waiting for the bomb to go off and stop it now before it does. I swear, the lot of them are fucking idiots. If Obama or Hillary had done what Trump has done, they would've been impeached already. More proof the GOP are a bunch of hypocrites.
  • like for impeachment
  • great, this is making AMERICA great trump?? YOU IDIOT, we have a traitor in the WHITE HOUSE, great!!
  • Americans of Mexican descent support Donald TRUMP GOD BLESS AMERICA. Marriage is a sacred thing between 1 man and 1 woman. goerge Soros has CNN AND MSNBC AND ABC paid off to promote his homosexual agenda... but guess what we won in a landslide. Donald trump WILL BE IN POWER FOR 8 YEARS PACK A LUNCH LIBERALS!!
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Trump is dangerous for AMERICA 🤦🤦🤦🤦

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