Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan Tonight

Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan Tonight
Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan Tonight
Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan Tonight 2011-01-20



  • Oh for gods sake - they ask for dear Ricky because he is ratings gold! They know what they’re getting. He’s brilliant. Hammer head shark analogy spot on.
  • Brilliant! Hit the nail on Hollywoods head.
  • Good on you Ricky Gervais:D
  • must be so frustrating to be an Amercian
  • completely agree with his atheism
  • Don Rickles said what ever he wanted and we loved it ....... Ricky has stood in his shoes in 2018 , bless ............. amazing 😍
  • Nice one Ricky, talking some sense.
  • Piers Morgan´s grumpy, judgmental, bitter, stuck-up, and simply negative ways are the reason why so many people hate Brits. Ricky Gervais is the reason why England´s image has been improving incredibly. Thankfully people like Piers are slowly dying out.
  • "...You dont talk about someones sexuality or the color of their skin". And yet your joke about a Scientologist actor isnt about their sexuality?? Double Standard
  • piers Morgan still a paparazzi slag looking for the badness in everything coz it makes him feel normal ,horrible horrible person
  • Piers Morgan is just awful.
  • A true comic genius.
  • pierce morgan keeps cutting off his guest, very rude from my perspective
  • Ricky you are amazing. Celebs are rapped in a bubble and at the end of the day they are human. So if there offened well tougth shit.
  • Americans take themselves far too seriously!!
  • People these days people have lost their sense of humor, Ricky is a comedian, what do you expect, I love a good joke wether it be racist, sexist whatever, people who get offended by any type of jokes are usually the racist or sexist, nothing is ever off limits and nothing is ever to soon. Bravo ricky.
  • I love Ricky Gervais
  • He is the most talented comedian since Tony Hancock
  • Haha Piers what a tool 😂
  • Never said his name, PUSSY..................
  • "Its explainable" Pff ... I don't know where u get ur info Ricky but science can't explain ANYTHING ...
  • Gervais laughter is one of a kind. It's spontaneous and has a tone that it's somehow revealing of his satirical mind. Makes me laugh or at least grin with it everytime.
  • The funniest bit Ricky did was eat a squirrel in a park.
  • Although im with Ricky here. The amount of times Ricky shut down Karl pilkington for being offensive weakens his argument
  • What a wonderful human being, the guy on the right that is.
  • I’m an atheist and I’m not scared of death I just make the most of everyday cause I know when I go that’s it and I’m okay with that
  • People in Hollywood should really get the fuck over themselves
  • The idea of him being who he is is great because it contrasts so much with David Brent character
  • I think RG looks a bit unsettled though, stammering a bit too much for a confident comedian who attacked taboo topics.
  • What the hell is -British- Piers Morgan going on about!?????? Fucktard! No sense of humor at all. Sad.
  • These two men whether you like them or not have more intelligence than that entire room of pampered Hollywood fakes.
  • 'Not just to make people laugh, it's to make them think' - What a great line!
  • Hahaha they let him do it 3 times 😂 love it
  • Piers Morgan is a shallow twat
  • Piers Morgan is disgusting human
  • Top man funny 😂
  • Ricky rules!
  • Holy shit, what a uncomfortable intro.
  • Usual hunter damage world born kill tent palm since permit.
  • i don't think i miss anything as much as the ricky gervais show. steve merchant, ricky gervais and the legend that is karl pilkington oh my word..
  • Piers Morgan doesn't stand a free speech .
  • I love the way Ricky is atheist and loves nature...hes the closest to being like me as any celebrity i know of!
  • Morgan acts so American.. meaning slow and not that bright Hahaha
  • Omg! I enjoyed this interview, learnt a lotx genius gervais!i,m sure jane,s happy with you ,she,s a lucky lady,but bet she,s your backbone for support xxsweetxpier is nicex
  • I almost cried....but..hes so funny Buschemi is a cool cat
  • Piers Morgan is a horrible interviewer. His goal is to put the guest on the defensive...but Ricky is too smart to fall for it. Morgan is so out of touch that he just doesn't get anything
  • Piers Morgan is an idiot. He's so stupid that he misses the point 100% of the time.
  • 7:40 ricky talks about not joking about stuff people can't help, but he jokes about cancer, which in my opinion joking about cancer is worst than joking about gay or black or whatever, not to say that I am offended when he jokes about cancer, but it's a bit hypocritical
  • Piers Morgan is such a TWIT!
  • Ricky Gervais is very funny says it as it is ....... Piers Morgan a disgusting human this man was happy to put UK soldiers lives at risk to sell papers (and was sacked) ...........Fuck those prima donna Hollywood so-called stars who think they untouchable and were offended by any comments.....if you were offended then it makes it even more funnier

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