Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan Tonight

Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan Tonight
Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan Tonight
Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan Tonight 2011-01-20



  • Those degenerate fucks in Hollywood deserved more than Ricky gave the dirty scumbags.
  • peirs morgan such a wanker
  • Tom Cruise... in case anyone was wondering.
  • well done ricky.piers is a z ionist bbc agent ..mi6
  • Piers Morgan was somehow allowed back into the UK and then given a gig doing morning TV. Why is Britain so blithe about that?
  • There's a term in England for people like piers Morgan...fucking bellend. Or...fucking posh cunt
  • theyre just jokes ffs
  • Wow the whole premise of this interview is such a waste of time. This is nothing.
  • "And thank you to God for making me an Atheist" I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂 I love how he just slips that in 😂😂👍👌
  • Ricky Gervais, as funny as a kick in the balls
  • If/when a "star" is full of themselves...Gervais will call them out! English (unless they themselves are the "full of themselves" type) in general will call you out...Love Gervais just asked about his parents being proud of him, said "they were proud that I was a good person and did not hurt anyone." Comes from good family! I do not think he did anything offensive!
  • I hate piers Morgan he is such an ego centric sociopath please get him off television
  • I'm convinced that Morgan is not from this planet.
  • Like Ricky, I tell jokes for me.
  • 33:00 weird edit, goes from talking to talking about kids to suddenly saying the burden of proof is on you. What was cut out?
  • i think piers morgan is the bill o'rielly of uk
  • God dammit i love Ricky. Funniest/Smartest money making man alive.
  • Ricky says that he had a choice, a choice to play for the 200+ celebs in the room or 20 million people at home watching. It's no contest, you play to the largest audience. The end!
  • Piers is a cunt, hes trying to poke at ricky but ricky like the legend he is, is strong and believes in himself all the way
  • "Everyone has their own opinion but they can't have their own facts". If that isn't genius I don't know what is.
  • Ricky = Genius
  • this was such a pointless interview ? Piers Morgan trying to convince Ricky people are offended with no evidence and Ricky is like idgaf and they ain't , Morgan is annoying how is he still on tv I haven't seen him in years
  • I am an addict and an alky and i could not give a rats ass about anything anyone says about MY past. It is what it is.
  • Its just banter that is what the English do. Its like Marmite you either love it or hate it. If you dont like Ricky then dont watch him simple.
  • Interviews like this with Ricky make you realise just how intelligent he is
  • piers needs a big papa beating he's the sort of person that ruins people's careers. he's one of them cunts that say I'm not one for talking. but that's all your doing .total cunt .Ricky is a legend 100% fact
  • David Bowie of Comedy <3
  • you're a fuckhead piers morgan
  • I always thought ricky was gay(AF), maybe it was his "not in the hair, on the back"joke!
  • "if you had four minutes left to live what would you say" .. "Well there are four jokes I can't tell".
  • "When you f**k up ally yourself with the most popular Brit" LOL. Fab. I asked the Globs "Can I say what I want?" and they said yes! Now let's PARTY! Get Chaucer, get the English "I demand the the truth!". The awful truth is that he is not a father whilst inbred Osama bin Laden has 20+ brothers and sisters and 50+ children. Even Idi Amin at 27 children. Yup the children are children of their fathers, stupid, ignorant, unthinking, malicious twits.
  • This man Gervais is the worst comedian I have ever seen ,He could never make me laugh.
  • Why was Morgan creepy at the beginning?
  • Piers morgan a christian, now i've heard it all
  • He is a star. Does not give a shit. Good with me.
  • a whole show if multi-millionaires might be offended or not? really?
  • No, Pierce you are the most reviled, especially since you changed your mind about Trump only because you won Celebrity Apprentice and he had you suck his cock forever. You're worthless, Ricky is a talent, and a good guy, a working class son... You are just fucking pathetic and everyone in both the UK and the US agrees with this except Donald Trump and 0% of his supporters that still hate you for not thinking that guns should be mandatory for everyone and handed out at the states expense (they don't get that whole taxpayers will have to pay for that bit, they are many things and barely of a first graders intelligence is one of those things).
  • funny,
  • Piers Morgan is such a sellout. Guarantee he only says he's religious to please the masses.
  • What is Piers Morgan? he's found a way to make money by kissing arse.. super cringey and pathetic
  • I feel that the problem was not what he said but was that he said it in a televised platform that may or maynot ruin the images of these celebrities
  • cnn. and brit on it. hmmmm. not good. i mean pierce sucks.
  • god i hate piers morgan so fukin much wat a twat
  • Good job Ricky isn't religious or a Father or poor Piers would have nothing to ask him about !!
  • Pier morgan can suck my todger
  • I never got offended.
  • He would be a good roaster! Americans love a Roast!
  • Ricky is a legend!! Piers Morgan is a prick!!! He needs a punch in his face....
  • Gervais stole just about everything from alan partridge , he should be on the phone everyday to steve coogan thanking him .
  • This fucking "news journalist" has zero sense of humor. Ricky had to get into the philosophy of comedy, and this guy still doesn't understand. If any of you in the comments want to hear about comedy from a positive light. check out "Talking funny". Ricky talks about some similar things but with other great comedians instead of this prick.

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