Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan Tonight

Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan Tonight
Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan Tonight
Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan Tonight 2011-01-20



  • Ricky your alright
  • God this guy had a gold mine and he didn't take advantage.. this could have been memorable... you suck Pierce!
  • pampered pre'madonnas, delicate little flowers-this is what Piers said about Hollywood celebrities in this exact interview. That is what i would consider offensive. Ricky was not being offensive, he was being a comedian.
  • love you Ricky
  • Great Ricky, but its called satire. Trump is subject of satire every day in all late night shows in the USA.
  • Jess Christ. Moron is an appalling oaf.
  • I think Ricky played this so well. He understands the value of irony, satire and the fact that the elite know that they are almost untouchable. It's hilarious and genius in equal measure :)
  • John travolta and tom cruise are gay no shit
  • Piers Morgan is a squishy douche.
  • the first 1.30mins is just hilarious.
  • Best host of any award show EVER.
  • Piers Morgan you're not British. Not anymore. Except for gun control ideas.
  • *No-one has the right not to be offended. And just because you're offended, it doesn't mean you're right.* THIS TOO.
  • *Johnny Depp is one the most successful, richest, most loved, most handsome people on the planet and I'm sure he's got a sense of humor. If he hasn't, all those things are wasted.* THIS.
  • piers morgan: an absolute conservative twat, defender of hollywood stars' egos. gtfo.
  • ".....brought up a Catholic and remain so............." (Morgan) Oooof!..............that explains a lot!!
  • @7:40 ..but Karl cannot do anything about the shape of his head, and Ricky gets stuck into him incessantly on his podcasts.
  • Ricky just says what everyone thinks but just has the balls to say it.Hes great
  • Piers Morgan is an insufferable prick.
  • “People who liked me will remember me”
  • Ricky Gervais is one of the funniest people on the planet, and anyone who can't deal with it needs to have a serious conversation with themselves. As for what America can and can't deal with; this is the country that gave us Southpark.
  • Often asked if you could have guests at a dinner table of your choice, Ricky Gervais would be at that table!
  • Don't be sorry for saying jokes
  • Piers Morgan ruined this interview. Jesus did he write the questions for Ricky? It's comedy, Ricky is GD hilarious. If you're offended by Ricky on the Golden Globes, you don't have a sense of humor.
  • Offended the "rich and famous" scum. He has proven right with time.
  • I never know whether to absolutely hate piers Morgans guts or to think he's actually not that bad:D
  • I think your pure class Ricky. Straight talker, no bullshit. Pure class.
  • Those degenerate fucks in Hollywood deserved more than Ricky gave the dirty scumbags.
  • peirs morgan such a wanker
  • Tom Cruise... in case anyone was wondering.
  • well done ricky.piers is a z ionist bbc agent ..mi6
  • Piers Morgan was somehow allowed back into the UK and then given a gig doing morning TV. Why is Britain so blithe about that?
  • There's a term in England for people like piers Morgan...fucking bellend. Or...fucking posh cunt
  • theyre just jokes ffs
  • Wow the whole premise of this interview is such a waste of time. This is nothing.
  • "And thank you to God for making me an Atheist" I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂 I love how he just slips that in 😂😂👍👌
  • Ricky Gervais, as funny as a kick in the balls
  • If/when a "star" is full of themselves...Gervais will call them out! English (unless they themselves are the "full of themselves" type) in general will call you out...Love Gervais just asked about his parents being proud of him, said "they were proud that I was a good person and did not hurt anyone." Comes from good family! I do not think he did anything offensive!
  • I hate piers Morgan he is such an ego centric sociopath please get him off television
  • I'm convinced that Morgan is not from this planet.
  • Like Ricky, I tell jokes for me.
  • 33:00 weird edit, goes from talking to talking about kids to suddenly saying the burden of proof is on you. What was cut out?
  • i think piers morgan is the bill o'rielly of uk
  • God dammit i love Ricky. Funniest/Smartest money making man alive.
  • Ricky says that he had a choice, a choice to play for the 200+ celebs in the room or 20 million people at home watching. It's no contest, you play to the largest audience. The end!
  • Piers is a cunt, hes trying to poke at ricky but ricky like the legend he is, is strong and believes in himself all the way
  • "Everyone has their own opinion but they can't have their own facts". If that isn't genius I don't know what is.
  • Ricky = Genius
  • this was such a pointless interview ? Piers Morgan trying to convince Ricky people are offended with no evidence and Ricky is like idgaf and they ain't , Morgan is annoying how is he still on tv I haven't seen him in years
  • I am an addict and an alky and i could not give a rats ass about anything anyone says about MY past. It is what it is.

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