So Much News, So Little Time - NRA Silence on Philando Castile & Canceling Cuba: The Daily Show

So Much News, So Little Time - NRA Silence on Philando Castile & Canceling Cuba: The Daily Show
So Much News, So Little Time - NRA Silence on Philando Castile & Canceling Cuba: The Daily Show
The White House rolls back the opening of Cuba, Team Trump can't keep straight whether the president is under investigation, and Trevor reacts to the Philando Castile verdict. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • He’s under investigated but he’s not under investigated. 🤔🧐
  • Racism doesn’t need action to be apparent sometimes the lack of action is the racism.
  • in Spain here we are stunned by how Americans are getting completely screwed by this man, everything is so medieval, I just can't believe he has supporters, this is why they do not want to do anything on gun control, they have a plan for exterminating black people, and they can not legally cover it without guns, you all may have all the respect you want for your police officers, but it looks like the whole thing is as corrupted as the whole Trump administration, Americans need to stand up against this, more effectively.
  • This is so sad!
  • Bullshit. I saw the video footage from the squad car perspective. Didn't strike me to be about race at all. Sure racism is not gone but this incident was about something else entirely. Crappy police funding, crappy police recruitment, crappy training. I mean they were two officers that didn't act as a team to control the situation, one was idle and completely absent and one was jumpy, got scared and freaking shot 7 rounds. 7 ROUNDS! From point blank. What i also saw was the fact that the victim didn't know how to interact with the police while carrying a gun. The officer said to him do not touch it, referring to the gun, and don't pull it out, referring to his gun license, right before shooting him. He didn't know how to act, got stressed and moved probably without even thinking. But the cop can't bloody know what are your intentions. Which leads me to believe that he got that gun too easy. You need to have a proper training in both gun handling and etiquette. For that you should take some consistent classes that should take a couple of weeks at least and not 8 freaking hours. You also should have periodically mandatory classes like one or twice a year. Or join some kind of club that has that. That's why the NRA didn't say anything. Because they should had spoken against their give guns to everyone like candy on Halloween.
  • for a good laugh at NRA please follow the link
  • This was a much better video. 1) just look at shit escalated 2) he had his family - his daughter in the car It started out so civil.. like so polite Both of them! hmm well, here I was feeling sad how rampant corruption at the grassroot level makes the police only scary for the poor in India. But I would rather have that than trigger itchy police officers!
  • This world will never be at peace till racism is not completely removed
  • ja is dutch😂😂
  • How many black people are in the NRA? Honest question, I don't know, I'm not American. I only ever see crusty white guys when it comes to the NRA-
  • Somethings will never change,and that's the way it is.
  • Exactly...How can the NRA not at least STAND UP for this INNOCENT MAN'S DEATH by a police office. He did NOTHING WRONG! YET, his killer is FREE! AMERICA...I REALLY, REALLY TRY to have faith in your people. However, when my innocent brothas are continually murdered for FOLLOWING THE LETTER OF THE LAW...I don't understand how they justify letting him go free. He should get receive at least a few decades since AN UNARMED MAN WAS SHOOT AND KILLED IN FRONT OF HIS FAMILY. Let's bh...if their ethnicities were reversed, the courts would have sentenced Castle to life in prison. Our police officers needs to embrace more methods for descalating these types of situations and STOP RACIAL PROFILING so much. The office ran Castle's license, he would had QUICKLY LEARNED that he was a legal registered owner and Castle would have happily and safe directly him to the firearm...which is what he was attempting to do whenhe was fatally shoot. So sad....I just don't understand.
  • 1984 Big Brother anyone?
  • Republicans and the nra and police are all pieces of shit.
  • "He's not being investigated" a few moments later "He's being investigated "
  • NRA only care about white, right-leaning, mostly southern Gun Owners. Don't let the title of "NATIONAL Rifle Association" fool anyone.
  • the cop was definitely guilty, though I don't think it had to do with race considering the cop wasn't white.
  • Trevor, please stop speaking about stuff you don't understand. 1) There was marijuana in the car, so any gun becomes illegal. You are wrong with: "He was legally carrying a gun." 2) The cop shot him out of confusion and fear, and a jury agreed it wasn't criminal. The NRA would not get involved in such a case, no matter what the race of the person. 3) The NRA would not get involved in a case where a person had marijuana in the car. 4) Oh, all the reasons blacks are killed by police, and they were supposedly "always doing something," and we stretch to make it seem justified. Do some research. Read the stories of whites killed by police. (Killed-by-police websites.) All of them are also "always doing something." You try to make this just a black thing. All your gullible viewers eat this garbage. Your whole NRA point, though, really stands out for its astounding ignorance. (And I don't even support the NRA.)
  • Hey Philandro supporters you reach you deserve what you get! The NRA owes you nothing!! #GuiltfreeWhitegirl
  • I'm a trump supporter and I like his trump jokes because he isn't just bashing him for no reason like everyone else, it's actually funny. As for Castile I totally agree that the officer should've been charged. But the notion that police are out gunning down black people still isn't true, this is once case where the officer was actually in the wrong, and I am disappointed that he wasn't charged.
  • Trevor says the "Philando Castile" case it's a matter of racism and classism, and NRA have to give an answer. But nobody talks about the incompetence of the police officer committing murder on duty, nor about the verdict correctitude of the justice court. So the police officer was trained to shoot innocent people on the street, only because they might represent a treat? So, if the police officer would have had a knife and stopped Castile and stabbed him to death, will we still have asked to change the right of heaving a knife as protection? Same with a baseball bat. How about some real psychical examination and proper training? The verdict of justice "not guilty" with an on-line video of the situation is questionable and insane impartial of victim's race....unless the officer's training ( duty's procedures) wore : " if the person is white, just assume he's not a treat, but if he's black shoot him anyway, until he doesn't move".....than was the officer just doing his job.
  • brilliant
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  • I used to.laugh my ass off at this show. John Stewart was a legend. I feel like whenever I watch this I don't even crack a smile anymore. Blah.
  • Let's face it: USA was FOUNDED ON racism! It will always be out there, and it will be stronger,deeper and nastier.
  • all the dislikes came from the police dept.
  • preach, and at the end i swear i heard like 3000 people dropping mics
  • Like, he insults people to their face and they still cheer smh . . . I'm so confused!!
  • Extremely well said at the end🙏🏻
  • If he's so anti-Obama, he should also be harsh on Wall Street, not use drones, and revoke the pardons granted to Monsanto, among other things.
  • When you are pulled over by A cop and you have a gun the first thing you are supposed to do is to let him know that you are packing
  • I literally had to take a pause go back watch it again and after realizing i might go insane trying to understand what i just heard clam myself down. And if this post looks like it was written by someone who is on crack calming myself down didnt work.
  • American police are trained to solve crimes... And the solution they are taught is: 'shoot the black guy.'
  • Well said
  • The man got shot for using his rights: the right to bear arms. Fucking stupid
  • I love this guy. Its takes somebody the likes of trevor noah to tell everyone about the smudge of racism.
  • Great president you got elected in there murica, good luck with him
  • America should not give anything to counties that oppress their own people. You think you Trevor Noah could have a show that you do in Cuba? That's right I think not. On the Philando Castile CCW permit mishap. That gentleman was not ready for the responsibility to carry a deadly weapon. Thinking he could all willy nilly tell the police officer he has a deadly weapon and then reach against the officers orders. So stop trying to reach for a black versus the rest of the world. Focus on someone that was not ready to carry a deadly weapon and the responsibilities that come with that CCW permit.
  • Being a Muslim American gun owner, I live in the fear of black Americans. I look like a textbook media "bad guy Arab", and I do conceal carry. Philando Castile is one of the scariest cases yet. Muslims, Black people, and other minorities need to start their own gun organizations to protect each other. fuck the NRA.
  • Crackers don't realize the right to own isn't just crackers only. It's negros too. Everybody wants to b politically correct. If your not your labeled a racist. I was on Chasabl website n posted about this. They banned me from their site 4 a week b4 I cancelled my account. Wake up America, It's open season on Negros still. Just cause Obama is gone don't mean there still ain't going to be shootings n juries letting them get away with it. Now the officer has to sue to be compensated for his loss income n job back.
  • I'm so tired of hearing the last bit over and over again. "Congratulations you have been selected to watch full episodes now for free" YES BUT ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO LIVES IN AMERICA
  • america is just the worst place this trend is continuing
  • I really like Trevor, and I agree with his statement were is the NRA after Philando Castile was killed by that police officer. With that being said. Trevor said how does a black person not get shot in America. Don't ask white people how not to get shot by police. Because more white people are shot and die by police than any other group of people in America. Maybe you can ask all of the black people who do not get shot by police. In how they were not shot by police. Also Trevor said, in a story of a man being shot because he was lawfully armed. Okay, how about a man being shot because the officer was in fear. Was the officer right in shooting Philando Castile. I believe the officer overreacted. I do not know what the threat the officer was perceiving in the car. Here we go again. Trevor said, an officer of the state depriving an citizen his life because he was legally carry a firearm. Once again, the officer felt threatened by what he was seeing from his point of view. Which none of us had by watching the video. Those of us who study critical thinking. Know we will see some of a story than fill in the blanks to make a complete story. Which usually fits our subjective beliefs. It is very dangerous from my point of view to say these inflammatory statements by someone who has a national platform. And who can not factually show proof of his statements. If Trevor can show us verifiable facts that he could read the officers mind the day he killed Mr. Castile. Than we can say with certainty what the officer was thinking. Please remember that July of 2016 in Dallas Tx there were 5 police officers murdered, 9 injured police officers and 2 injured civilians. Also in July of 2016 in Louisiana there were 3 police officers murdered and 3 police officers injured. In both cases the men who did the shooting were angered by the killing of black men by the police. We as people are now possibly in greater danger because of the murders of the police officers.
  • Trevor is calling like it is... tell'm Trevor!
  • the gun violence in America is out of control. It breaks my heart that in Louisville, ky a child cannot sit at their kitchen table to eat a snack; sleep peacefully and safely in their beds; or sit on their porch with their family on a pretty day without fear of being shot and killed or permanently disabled. All of the fucking gun toting hip gangster wannabes and quick shooting Police officers need to be shot. not all police are racists for God fucking sake when they ask you to put your hands up, put your fucking hands up. these men and women are willing to put their lives on the line for you show them some respect. If they are racists report them.
  • SO many 'black culture' advocates in the comments section.
  • Surprise, surpise, the NRA is racist. Duuh. I personally believe guns should be banned except for heroes like Wayne Marques, but the NRA's silence is deafening in its racism.

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