The Divinity of Donald Trump: The Daily Show

The Divinity of Donald Trump: The Daily Show
The Divinity of Donald Trump: The Daily Show
Jordan Klepper speaks to Pastor Mark Burns, one of Donald Trump's religious supporters, to find out how the GOP presidential hopeful stacks up as a Christian.


  • Lady: Donald Trump " represents the godly people of the United States of America." smh
  • This guy definitely shouldn't represent his church or the Christian faith. What a moron. Blind admiration for Trump, lead to him compromising his religious stance and not even realizing it. Smh.
  • This is the funniest interview EVER!
  • You pigs even read bible and you saying its all about peace....ignorants
  • Keep mocking God. You won't be laughing for long.
  • Every sentence that comes out of that man's mouth is a contradiction from his last sentence! LOL Jordan is amazing at catching all those things! Super excited to see his new show!
  • Sometimes... We fall to deh sin 😂😂😂😂
  • I don't understand freedom of religion anymore because because.. ISLAM is highly discriminated
  • Hungry pastor....looking for personal gain
  • its so sad to see Christians falling for republican lies. I pray for the day Gods church separates itself from the folly of politics. Just because someone is rich does not mean they are Christian. The finger you use to point at someone else shall be pointed back at you.
  • Hey where's that jackass Mark Burns now?.? With his lying ass...
  • The bible said there would be many false prophets
  • This people aint Christian!! Do they know Jesus was middle eastern!!! ignorant people
  • The numbers don't check out😂😂😂
  • America is a troglodytal shitty hot mess of wishful thinking and ignorance.
  • He believes marriage is between one man and one a time.
  • My greatest fear is that one day one of these people becomes president and will push the red button to see Jesus.
  • This Black pastor is a fucking coon😐..... Makes me fucking sick😕
  • I wonder if any of these people that Jordan interviews ever see the finished piece. "Am I really that stupid"?
  • Unbelievable Stupidity
  • That preacher was like...aba-aba-aba-aba duh!
  • Jeezus, I'm not even Christian and even I wish Trump was Christian.
  • Merika 😂😂😂 we are slowly turning to the butt of every joke
  • Donald Trump is a very forgiving man,he just pardoned a racist criminal.great Christian character.
  • Jesus 11th commandment I guess is "Thou shall grab her by the .."
  • This is my face the whole video 🙄
  • I thought american are a developed society but idiotic and stupid belief.....
  • Jordan is awesome
  • how could any true Christians vote for a conman like trump? he played Y'all and now America is suffering
  • These christians aren't real christians.
  • this is why i don't call myself a christian anymore,people like this
  • I guess the old saying is true. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist.
  • This video is so annoying! Not all Christians are stupid and follow trump. Just throwing that out there
  • Conservative Christians are the most hypocritical pieces of shit that have ever walked this earth.
  • Woe be unto the pastors that lead the sheep astray. This man is so deep in politics that he has abandoned the pulpit of Truth and righteousness.
  • Evangelical = Evil Angels
  • when you feeds $hit$ to ppls mouth.and you usually getting shit came out of their mouth.that's what these ppls retard.
  • the retards always looks to god..
  • The problem with these "Christians" is that they don't practice what they preach. The Christians that do practice what they preach generally oppose Trump.
  • Wow
  • Watching this clip for 5th time.
  • I love Jesus and God. But i despise Trump. Leaning towards holiness more than ignorance
  • this pastor needs a sense of direction, and some prayers.
  • Gotdammit. Pastor Burns is biggest house n!gga I've ever seen. Smh...
  • The man has literally broken 9 of the 10 commandments (unless he has killed someone before, in which case, he's broken all of them) And I know this whole video wasn't staged, but in a way I feel like it was because I seriously can't see people being THIS FUCKING STUPID!
  • Jordan Klepper for president 2020!
  • Fat Donny Trump the Anti Christ.
  • Are the people delusional or just plain stupid?
  • Lobe me some Jordan klepper! So funny

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