No, Ben Carson, Slaves Weren't "Immigrants": The Daily Show

No, Ben Carson, Slaves Weren't "Immigrants": The Daily Show
No, Ben Carson, Slaves Weren't "Immigrants": The Daily Show
After Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson refers to African slaves as "immigrants," Trevor gives him a lesson in semantics. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • Slaves are not immigrants they were brought here to be your 👀stupid..
  • Some of you have to realise that some African kings gave slaves to the European. Before they came to Africa they were already slaves and slave trade it was a normal thing
  • #WakeUp #RiseUp #BringBackLiberty #VoteLibertarian #WildstarForGovernor2018 #Wildstar2018
  • Note to Ben: The idea is to make it HARDER for liberals to call into question the legitimacy of Trump's administration. While we look up the definition of the word "immigrant", let's also try out this experiment: Let's break into Bens Carson's home, drag him out of bed, blindfold him, handcuff him and fly him over to some god forsaken barren Island. What will be his reaction when he takes off the blind fold? He may very well drop to his knees and thank God he was forced to come to this land of opportunity to start a better life for himself. At that point we can open up the head of this brain surgeon, take a peek inside and find out, just what the hell is going on in there!
  • I get that people are sensitive about the matter, and want to go all technical on the meaning of the word, but I think in some ways, it's better how Ben Carson put it that was: involuntary immigrants. This way, it does indicate they were forced here, and that way, it's better than these other people saying slaves were import (that's like insulting on its own, instead they should be given the status of people from the start). Lastly, and most importantly, I think it's more important in terms of giving rights to not just black people in the country, bur for DACA situation as well. they are also involuntary immigrants, and given the history then, we should give DACA just as same rights and status.
  • Someone needs to tell these black republicans that they do not represent black America or the fundamentals of black people and their beliefs. You guys just need to shut the hell up and stop trying to represent us. Losers.
  • Uncle.... Tom.
  • Can you be a neurosurgeon without a brain? Hell no.
  • Some slaves did get paid. But the slaves were considered property
  • "My bad yall, not slaves, just unpaid summer interns" -Ben Carson
  • isn't it weird that ben carson sounds like ray parker -signer of ghost busters?
  • I think the some of the definitions are literal and forced
  • cg
  • Guys, let's get Trevor Noah to be their president, or at least someone in the government, cause he making more sense than half those idiots. I'm 14 and I'm seeing how much bullsh*t they in. They not just knee deep in it, they covering their necks in it. They wanna use fancy words like ' immigrants ' To describe people who were dragged out of their homes, abused and killed, before they reach the ships, branded when they reach and sold like items. 1/4 of them survived to see a day in America. So please don't get me started, if you not black, shut the f*ck up, if you mixed but still talking shit, please shut up. Trevor was still polite to say ' brought to ' but the right word is ' dragged ', yes dragged so...yh JLo, is an immigrant, Africans were slaves. So please, I'm nicely saying to hush. Please and thanks Love Jordan Wu
  • Good thing he gave up his day job!
  • that takes the cake,
  • well, since the people that came over from Europe were indentured servants that often got worked to death, I guess they weren't immigrants either?
  • Were you guys this pissed when obama said the same thing?
  • ten claps Trevor 👏👏👏👏👏
  • I can't remember your name, ive never watched your show until online now, searching for a Ben Carson video. I disagree with you. It would help if you were funny and entertaining. Implement into your teleprompter. You need a new laugh track as well. Just some advice.
  • Slaves are immigrants. End of story.
  • We were put on ships, taken away from our family, items and houses and died on the ships we were whipped and killed.
  • Wait, he is a neurosurgeon right? Why is the Secretary of Housing?
  • HOW funny slaves were imagrents except they raped and murdered you're kids and you're women. They hung you, burnt you, stabbed you, cut you up shit black people in the US have forgotten so much.
  • Hey, dumb ass, slavery was a good thing. Slavery was the best thing that ever happened to America. Without slavery we never would have had Obama. How about Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Johnny Mathis, Lionel Ritchie, Aretha Franklin, Bayonce, Earl Campbell, Michael Jordan, Snoop Dog, the Mills brothers, Mohammed Ali, Joe lewis, Serena Williams, the fifth Dimension, Marvin Gaye, and all the fantastic NFL running backs and NBA stars. Why don;t you let all this racism go for a while and go home. But no, hell no, you are going to keep stirring the racism pot to keep ratings up and create more hate. Guess what? All this left wing violence is a direct product of your constant mean spirited rant. But what the hell, that is what you are getting paid for?........Right.
  • Apparently dumb ass Noah is, was, has been unaware of the millions of other "non-black/african" slaves that yes immigrated to the U.S, such as germans, italians and the Irish which were arguably exposed to harsher slave conditions as other slaves. These "immigrants" legally migrated to the U.S in hopes of a better future, only to be enslaved just like blacks were, lets not forget, Native Americans owned slaves as well, free blackmen owned thousands of slaves as well. One of the wealthier slave owners from northcarolina was black and owned 2/3 of all slaves in his state!
  • i find it both extremely arrogant and ignorant, of this hack Noah, what bothers me most is the hatred he spews, the constant false narratives, most importantly the blatant hypocrisy! Seems like just because Carson is now working for the Trump administration he’s become a fair target, for other blacks and extreme leftist psychos to feel as if its ok to bash another black man, using racist rhetoric etc. Simply because you are for a certain party should not make you fair game. I guarantee if Carson was on the left this racist idiot Noah would be changing his tune and defending his “kind”, of course it does not surprise me that people on the left only feel its ok to defend a “minority” or to “bash” a minority, according to the rhetoric thats where this hypocrite will lean! Sick!!!
  • "12 years a new guy in town" 😂
  • Technically, he didn't say anything wrong if that was all he said because zero is less...I think he even said involuntary. Call them what you want, but anyone who comes to America has to accept the dream that America is. Or else, why are so many people still there?
  • trafficking victims are illegal immigrants.....?!?
  • I just want people to know what it is to be an immigrant. An immigrant has a choice to come here. The definition is a PERSON that relocates from one country to another as a permanent resident. AFRICANS WERE NOT PEOPLE. I repeat, Africans were not people. They didn't come here for residency they came as animals to work. If you call them immigrants you might as well call a pig an immigrant, a dog, cat, or any other animal that is not native to America an immigrant
  • yes many trump people seem to have been stricken with that trump virus during campaign season! However, there is a health product now available that can help them get back to good health! It's called GET RIGHT"! It comes in a Red, White & Blue can & it's just great Stuff! It has ingredients in it such as good common sense, direction, facts, truth, reason, real news, good judgment, caring, love, understanding, heart, sanity and a good healthy dose of reality, the things that can help his supporters defeat that trump virus and get back to being normal, that is if the virus has not set in too deep! We look forward to seeing you get back to good mental health! Kind regards from the Sanity People!
  • You guys remember the time the Jews immigrated to concentration camps? Hopes and dreams, my friends, hopes and dreams.
  • If we want to separate slaves from immigrants, we have to challenge how history is taught in school. Additionally, if slaves are immigrants then aren't all americans except the native indians immigrants. And even the native indians are immigrants because they came from asia
  • you must not know what it means to be an immigrant. If you don't live in your native country you are am immigrant. Most of the slaves brought to America, were tribal prisoners. The tribe was at war with each other and taking prisoners was a common practice in Africa. Why don't you realize there are hundreds of thousand slave today owned in Muslim countries. where is your story on those slaves. Did you not realize a lot of White people who came to America were indentured servants (slaves).
  • Ben's only for Trump, because he's in it for the money. Just like how Melania married him for the money. Lol.
  • illegal immigrants are treated like slaves in this country and yet they are still dream one day that they can live just like those European american
  • nothing like a free boat ride to prove that whites love us blks evermore
  • Ummm there is a problem Trevor! !2 years a slave has the words 12 years in it for a reason.. He was only a slave for 12 years! He was taken as an adult and drug south then thrown into slavery until he escaped 12 years later?
  • i understood what obama said. he mentioned how the african people were brought as slaves in this country and how they became immigrants in way no one would want to be. he didnt mean blacks r immigrants he just said just coz they were from africa they were made i to immigrants even though they were here involuntarily against their will.
  • *Uncle Ben Carson*
  • What an ignorant racist. Hard to watch what has happened to my once beloved Daily Show.
  • why would anyone have him helping the disadvantaged when he says slaves were immigrants, and that poor is a mind set?
  • Ok, important question: WHY is the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development talking about immigrants at all?
  • In accurate know your history Ben Carson is right my bad you're not American learn about our history
  • Damn, my speech writer fucked up...
  • Slaves are immigrants. This is called Forced Migration it is a term used in AP Human Geography. They were involunatrily moved to a country but it is still immigration. This is not meant to make less of the hardships they went through but they are immigrants.
  • Technically anyone born outside of the USA was and is an immigrant end of story

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