No, Ben Carson, Slaves Weren't "Immigrants": The Daily Show

No, Ben Carson, Slaves Weren't "Immigrants": The Daily Show
No, Ben Carson, Slaves Weren't "Immigrants": The Daily Show
After Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson refers to African slaves as "immigrants," Trevor gives him a lesson in semantics. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • What about kids who are brought by their parents? Are they not immigrants?
  • I love Trevor Noah! He's so hot. And funny and intelligent
  • You can't find a bigger COON! What a disgrace! Any black man willing to whitewash history is a COONING ASS NIGGER! This man is clearly retarded & no real niggas fk with him!
  • Ben Carson is one of the worst black person i know and he should just stick his head up his butt. ( I'm black so no racist comment)
  • So free labor was the worst part of slavery, I just want to be clear because they had rape(M/F), castration, breeding farms, teeth knockedout, skinned, titties cutoff, segregation, hangings, water hoses ECT.
  • coon as nigga..coon ass nigga...someone kill this nigga please💯💯💯
  • Youre free now, slaves. Go back to Africa. And take your music with you.
  • I got ur back 100%
  • Trevor, they were'nt uniquely mistreated in the US. They were and still are being mistreated in a number of places on the planet. And there is an underhand form of slavery being implemented through the stop and search policies that specifically target black youths from sea to shining sea everywhere in the western world. :-D
  • Trevor ole sexy face ass... 😂😂😂
  • Ben coon Ass
  • BRAVO!!!
  • What's truly insane is the fact that he's supposedly an excellent surgeon?!?
  • I didnt hear about Ben Carson before he jumped into politics, so I don't really know him as a brain surgeon. I wonder though how he was ever hailed as the most, or at least one of the most respected brain surgeons in the world, when whenever he comes out in an interview or anything, he sounds dumb and a little disconnected... like he is high on pot all the time. His answers to questions don't always make sense... and so I find it scary that he was ever trusted to do any form of surgery on actual patients. I mean, based on my observation of him, I wouldn't trust him with a band-aid for crying out loud. I'm just saying.
  • Immigrants *arrive* somewhere of their *own free will*. They are not immigrants when they are *kidnapped*
  • "Let's look up the word 'immigrant'" *pulls out a dictionary* *pulls out his phone* "Siri, is a slave an immigrant?" -"Oh helllllll no"💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀. But he has a point. How can you be a fucking immigrant when you're held on the bottom of the slave ship mY force? 😑
  • his delivery, timing, and intellect is spot on
  • And for all those talking shit about what Ben Carson stated - here it is in layman's means that, even though they were brought as slaves against their will to the new world they (the slaves) still had a dream of one day being free from slavery & a dream of one day being able to flourish in this country. But ofcourse you libertards want to look at life in the lime light
  • Trevor, trevor are one dumbass immigrant, you talk so much crap about our politics & oppression here in the USA....(a country that allowed you to realize you goals & dreams) you jus need to go back to where ever you came from & go make life happen there. Obviously there must've been more oppression wherever you were from thats why you are here. Then after achieving success you stab the country, the people, the constitution that allowed for your success to happen. You are a complete idiot. Go back to where you came.
  • 😩😫 Bruh.. All I’m going to say is mofos need to extensively research the institution of slavery in American it’s a damn shame that people are ignorant and like to dismiss the topic like it was no big deal and it was a very big deal because it set the tone of race relations in this country
  • Ben Carson is really licking up to these white demonic inbreds
  • Was Trump a patient? Medical fraud! Brain cell recount!
  • I'm going to dig up my immigrant Irish grandparents from their graves and ask Yeeeee they dragged my Dad over here who then had me leaving me to deal with this damn Trump! The Injustice of not being able to choose our birth place!
  • go watch the beginning of "Amistad" you'll see how Africans were selling other Africans into slavery. as a black person I'm asking all black people to stop being hypocrites and stop blaming just white people for slavery they had their part in it and so did our own race.
  • I'm black and I don't totally agree with Ben Carson but I don't totally disagree with him either. but let's talk about one thing that most black people don't want to talk about is the fact that they forget that Africans sold other Africans into slavery oh yeah if you knew anything about your history you would know that warring African tribes would take their prisoners and sell them as slaves to Europeans so let's be honest here it wasn't just whites at fault let's just keep it real people don't be hypocrites...
  • Noah Trevor, give me your D.N.A.
  • Slaves are not immigrants they were brought here to be your 👀stupid..
  • Some of you have to realise that some African kings gave slaves to the European. Before they came to Africa they were already slaves and slave trade it was a normal thing
  • #WakeUp #RiseUp #BringBackLiberty #VoteLibertarian #WildstarForGovernor2018 #Wildstar2018
  • Note to Ben: The idea is to make it HARDER for liberals to call into question the legitimacy of Trump's administration. While we look up the definition of the word "immigrant", let's also try out this experiment: Let's break into Bens Carson's home, drag him out of bed, blindfold him, handcuff him and fly him over to some god forsaken barren Island. What will be his reaction when he takes off the blind fold? He may very well drop to his knees and thank God he was forced to come to this land of opportunity to start a better life for himself. At that point we can open up the head of this brain surgeon, take a peek inside and find out, just what the hell is going on in there!
  • I get that people are sensitive about the matter, and want to go all technical on the meaning of the word, but I think in some ways, it's better how Ben Carson put it that was: involuntary immigrants. This way, it does indicate they were forced here, and that way, it's better than these other people saying slaves were import (that's like insulting on its own, instead they should be given the status of people from the start). Lastly, and most importantly, I think it's more important in terms of giving rights to not just black people in the country, bur for DACA situation as well. they are also involuntary immigrants, and given the history then, we should give DACA just as same rights and status.
  • Someone needs to tell these black republicans that they do not represent black America or the fundamentals of black people and their beliefs. You guys just need to shut the hell up and stop trying to represent us. Losers.
  • Uncle.... Tom.
  • Can you be a neurosurgeon without a brain? Hell no.
  • Some slaves did get paid. But the slaves were considered property
  • "My bad yall, not slaves, just unpaid summer interns" -Ben Carson
  • isn't it weird that ben carson sounds like ray parker -signer of ghost busters?
  • I think the some of the definitions are literal and forced
  • cg
  • Guys, let's get Trevor Noah to be their president, or at least someone in the government, cause he making more sense than half those idiots. I'm 14 and I'm seeing how much bullsh*t they in. They not just knee deep in it, they covering their necks in it. They wanna use fancy words like ' immigrants ' To describe people who were dragged out of their homes, abused and killed, before they reach the ships, branded when they reach and sold like items. 1/4 of them survived to see a day in America. So please don't get me started, if you not black, shut the f*ck up, if you mixed but still talking shit, please shut up. Trevor was still polite to say ' brought to ' but the right word is ' dragged ', yes dragged so...yh JLo, is an immigrant, Africans were slaves. So please, I'm nicely saying to hush. Please and thanks Love Jordan Wu
  • Good thing he gave up his day job!
  • that takes the cake,
  • well, since the people that came over from Europe were indentured servants that often got worked to death, I guess they weren't immigrants either?
  • Were you guys this pissed when obama said the same thing?
  • ten claps Trevor 👏👏👏👏👏
  • I can't remember your name, ive never watched your show until online now, searching for a Ben Carson video. I disagree with you. It would help if you were funny and entertaining. Implement into your teleprompter. You need a new laugh track as well. Just some advice.
  • Slaves are immigrants. End of story.
  • We were put on ships, taken away from our family, items and houses and died on the ships we were whipped and killed.
  • Wait, he is a neurosurgeon right? Why is the Secretary of Housing?
  • HOW funny slaves were imagrents except they raped and murdered you're kids and you're women. They hung you, burnt you, stabbed you, cut you up shit black people in the US have forgotten so much.

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