No, Ben Carson, Slaves Weren't "Immigrants": The Daily Show

No, Ben Carson, Slaves Weren't "Immigrants": The Daily Show
No, Ben Carson, Slaves Weren't "Immigrants": The Daily Show
After Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson refers to African slaves as "immigrants," Trevor gives him a lesson in semantics. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • The slaves were bought in Africa sold to slavers by Africa kings. Most were pow's and people who were sentenced to slavery.
  • I can't abide by Ben Carson's convenience of memory. Not ever ! Words have power. Ben's memory is as weak as his own character. ='^(
  • But when Obama did it, everybody was lining up to have a turn on his dick
  • I think maybe he was talking about indentured slaves
  • Well, I struggle a bit with Noah judging Ben Carson on this. Noah's ancestors were not slaves who were brought to America. He understands the hardships of African Americans here in the states about as much as any white person.
  • Ben Carson shud thrown off Eiffel tower dumb lame ass
  • Blacks weren't immigrants so .. stop saying African American bc thats how immigration works. Saying the country you came from and went to.... and you had to be born in the other country. If you were born in America you're American not African American. If that were true no one here would be just American... you dont say the countries all you're relatives are from. Thatd be extremely confusing. I'm not European American bc I wasnt born in Europe.
  • WTF
  • in fact, white people were actually the initial immigrants that voluntarily came to America from England.
  • Trevor Noah for President!
  • I don’t agree with his politics but it’s a funny way to understand liberals view (that’s not negative)
  • The problem is they didn’t “come” to the US, they were TAKEN!
  • Been Carson obviously has an mental illness yet to be determined
  • "Damn, my speech writer fck up" - Favorited
  • Why Ben Carson looks like Benson....
  • Carson you betray Black community wow!
  • @BenCarson, how can someone be so smart and so dumb at the same time?
  • All twerking is bad twerking. When did black people get so lazy with inventing new dances? Part of me wants to believe it's part of a long con to get white people to think it's cool as an elaborate prank.
  • Ben Carson is actually correct here
  • He was not talking about the people in chains in the bottom of the slave ships, he was talking about the people in the bottom of the slave ships who were whipping the people in chains, at the bottom of the slave ships.
  • Why do black people victimise themselves for slavery when it's clearly something that happened centuries ago.
  • "Immigrants in the bottom of a boat that work for less". One term.... please! May peace prevail.
  • That nigga Ben Carson needs to speak when he is spoken to!!! Nobody said that nigga can have a doctors degree! You put that nigga in his place Trevor! White people gave Trevor permission to whip otha niggas.
  • to start off with Ben Carson is not black he is an Oreo just like Obama
  • Here's $5. Try this out:
  • That's a semantic argument. Everything else is a strawman depending on how the word "immigrant" is interpreted.
  • Trevor forgot to mention that thousands of men and women convicts shipped to the new world.
  • Oh, so you think puny white men walked around in Africa and just plucked African men from their perfect heaven by force? That's a nice theory you got there leftists.
  • An immigrant goes through the process of migration and there is a technical term called forced migration in which people are relocated unwillingly. This means that slaves were actually forced migrants and that makes them immigrants so while I disagree with Ben Carson about how it gave slaves a better chance in the US he is technically correct that slaves are immigrants.
  • Ben Carson is pathetic. And NOW je wants to make it impossible for the elderly and poor families to even have a HOME! He’s a disaster and an embarrassment to the country!
  • Amerikkka is truly a hypocritical ass country. We always talking about freedom and shit like that, but when it’s time for blacks to exercise their rights... we are then considered a problem. Their is no damn freedom here, the white people who have power abuse and control blacks. On that note, the white man is the fucking devil.
  • And Harriet Tubman ran successful travel agency
  • This guy is a national treasure 😂
  • I guess if your dick cums from outside to inside, its an immigrant. 🤣🤣🤣
  • Carson is trump bitch dog
  • Ok those that were slaves had a terrible lifd but your not slaves? My ancestors could have struggled but what so my pain and race is more unique? Do stfu.
  • Then what are the children of immigrant who were brought to the United States witout choice?
  • If slaves are not immigrants illegals are DEFINITELY not immigrants.
  • LIKE
  • I agree with Ben Carson. This Trevor nigger also forgets that niggers are the biggest racists.
  • "WTF Ben Carson"
  • Let's be clear, people of African decent were already here. Do your research people. Our govt can claim that there's proof of Noah's ark but no ships that supposedly brought Africans here.
  • Hey Carson are fucking High ! Or do you shit your brain out or sounds like you did a Lobotomy on yourself !
  • 12 Years an Immigrant in the Free State of Jones lol
  • They had food and housing
  • Ben Carson, classic Sociopath? What is wrong with that dude??? He is epic level irritating ... He had a job where he had to know stuff??? What happened to him to make him like that? Was he always like that???
  • I think Trevor has black Siri.
  • at least Obama "qualified" his comments!
  • Hahaha! Damn the movie. 😁😁
  • Um whites(Europeans) are immigrants ask the real American with the peace in Alaska

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