Health Care in America: Should We Just Let Poor People Die?: The Daily Show

Health Care in America: Should We Just Let Poor People Die?: The Daily Show
Health Care in America: Should We Just Let Poor People Die?: The Daily Show
Under Paul Ryan's Trump-approved health care bill, millions of people could lose their insurance and senior citizens would see a spike in their premiums. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Why is everyone keep saying Rep vs Democrats, they are the same people. Being controlled by a small group of people, that shop all day.
  • This is what the American people wanted.
  • Paul Ryan big dumbo ears is getting older, I hope some young person beat his old ass, when his time comes.
  • Idc what people say. Trever Noah is getting BETTER every show. XD He is why I am the only one bursting out laughing in public.
  • Paul Ryan, You are trying to convince usTrump knows how to write? You, the Republicans and Trump all sat down to bang this out? Trevor is on point with his comments.
  • Paul Ryan is creepy. A young guy who only wants POWER
  • Damn, the best 😂😂👍👍
  • Ryan and Trump are everything wrong with the Republican party and, increasingly, America: Bullshit over substance, bold-faced lies over truth, hypocrisy over accountability. Our children will hate us for creating and allowing all of this.
  • this guy is amazing haha
  • What nonsense libtard propaganda.  Anyone can always go to the hospital, they don't refuse anyone.
  • dude that bus thingy, I'm dead rn
  • I don't know, SHOULD we let the poor people who refuse to work continue to live off our money?
  • Idk why, but the noise he made representing the bus just made me crack up so hard. I’m crying
  • Fuck trump
  • Take holland as an example
  • Republican ideology : poor people are a blight on soceity. The end.
  • What's the big deal? I'm working in China right now (US citizen) and it's similar here. Either sub-standard mass health care you still have to pay something for OR Western health care you have to pay A LOT for. The world doesn't actually care about people. There are billions of us. The world cares about money (and other resources).
  • 5:56
  • Lets just give money to people that can afford to buy healthcare and take away healthcare for the people that cant afford it and kill them. That is how the government plans on depoppulating the USA.
  • why is this orange orangutan in so much problem with things that are already in place to help people. someone tell orangutan two fix something that need fixing. woman who get their pussy grabbed by old men must be able to go on Fox News and let the world know that includes daughters
  • Nope, as Jesus said, a camel is more likely to walk through the eye of a needle than a rich man is to walk into heaven. #hellbound
  • Ryan will be more devastating to the south than Sherman.
  • Paul Ryan's coverage is paid by the public why would he care if the public had coverage. I pray that he is not reelected.
  • do your comedy man
  • Best Jokes Ever
  • Let the poor fools die. Let them suffer and become desperate. The a bit of chaos is good for the country.
  • I wan to ask American: What happen to all the people who cant afford healthcare? Is there any other way so people can get the help they needed, is that possible? And if that possible, are all american know how to get the help? or how do you help them to get there? Or whats act do you as American do for them... Because its really sad to see people can not get the help they needed because I know how it feels to be disable and need healthcare, my mom actually need Dialysis 2 times every week and luckily in my country we get it only for paying taxes less than 5 dollars every month. And even for poor people they get it for free for a lot of treatment even for cancer treatment its free. And its just so sad that not everyone can get this opportunity... And I believe that just stand and watch and complaining is not a good move. People are dying and they need the help, is that possible to help them who can not afford the healthcare insurance, is there any programs that could possibly save them?
  • i like how trump sais he wont just make health care prices better he is going to make health care better
  • This by far is the best Trump episode!!! So profound... "Trump is the Bus" Trevor should start a "Trump is the Bus" segment... who's the latest to get run over... lol
  • This is why an affordable healthcare bill won't be passed. The problem lies in what they won't discuss in public. Free emergency rooms for illegal aliens and low income people. This is the problem that is driving healthcare cost beyond what the working class can afford. The solution, healthcare is not a right!
  • Should We Just Let Poor People Die? Well yes, that's how evolution works.
  • I have scrapped better stuff of my work boots than Trevor Noah. Go back to SA You are not even a citizen liberal ass swipe.
  • I really don't care if Brad from LA or Laquisha from Compton or Hillary from CT has health care. Why ? NO ONE EVER PAID FOR MY HEALTH CARE.. Been paying for mine since 1984. Tough shit. Pay your own way. Trevor Noah you can take your stupid ass back to SA. You are not even a citizen. So STFU
  • I've never seen a more cancerous comment section in my life. Idk what's worse, the people thinking that everything this shlub says is 100% true. Or the trump supporters that sloppily argue against everybody.
  • This is just another government Ponzi scheme or Ponzi scam that is being ran by the democrats.
  • Rachel is one of my favorites, she hasn't given up and reports in an intelligent dignified manner. I got more out of that tax report than you did..I guess.
  • Mr. President U missed an important word in that speech on Healthcare. When U said I am going to make Healthcare " Available ' to all Americans. Actually U should have said make Healthcare ' Available & AFFORDABLE ' to all Americans. Correct your mistake Mr. Trump.
  • Ryan seems to fib?...a lot
  • Obamacare killed twenty-one million Americans. Twenty-one million died under Obama's reign.
  • Of Mice and Men is great 😂
  • All republicans care about is giving tax cuts to their rich donors. They look at people in the lower classes as assets, and if you get sick and non-productive, they want you to die. Health care is only to be available to useful slaves. Once you can't work, it's time to keep you alive just long enough to strip you of all your savings and property.
  • I am 21, moved out from my parents house last year and live in a shitty apartment, working almost minimum wage and I cannot afford to go to the dentist or the doctor if I am sick. I can't because I am not making enough money right now. I barely get by on rent, ride a moped and do not buy fast food because it is too expensive. That being said, I would have to be mentally insane to think I have a right to health care. If I want to someday have good health care, I need to find a better job and make more money. It is my own fault. THIS IS A SINCERE MESSAGE TO ALL LEFTISTS and BLM and stuff like groups pushing for "equality" and the reason I put that in quotes is because it's not real equality they want. I want to help, thanks. ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE, WE ALL SHARE A COMMON ENEMY. All I ask is to please just read with an open mind because there will be parts you get upset at or disagree with but if you finish the entire letter I believe you will look at things in a new light. Ask any questions after you have read. YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL AND JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE PART OF A RACE OR GROUP DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHARE ALL THE SAME BELIEFS. The left wants groups to fight over who is the most oppressed. BUT YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL! Some radicals would like people to think they have "white privilege" but that is obviously nonsense. Not because of my anecdotal evidence but because it is just nonsense. Nobody has the right to healthcare, you have to pay for that shit. I am very scared to see so many people nowadays with no common sense and so much damn entitlement going down the road of socialism and straying away from their rights as a people. Majority of Americans brainwashed by the media like this. This is like when BLM the radical group says that whites are oppressing people. I think the majority of us white people can say that we care about black lives, we care about all lives and it is ridiculous for you to tell us we don't just because we are white. That is racist. They say that they have a larger prison population than whites do. Well that is because there is more crime in the black community. And that is because the majority of blacks are raised by single moms. And that is because of welfare. For the black people that don't understand(obviously i'm not saying all), please listen to me because I care about people and have to let you know. The leftists want you to believe that they are helping you by giving you free shit for not earning it. They want you to believe that because you are black, you are a victim. You are NOT a victim and can make it out of poverty by working hard. That's the only way, look at me, I am struggling my ass off to pay rent every month and do not buy anything I know I can't afford. If I want to do better I have to work hard for it. A black person does not become president by living in a country where people are inherently racist. PERIOD. Instead of being radical and blaming others, you have to start educating your community. You have to spread love and not hate for each other. If BLM really cared do you think they would be doing what they are doing now? The followers are being used as useful idiots to spread their agenda because they do not know better. If BLM really cared they would be addressing the very high crime rate between blacks. Blacks kill whites more than whites kill blacks and yall have a smaller population. Whites kill whites more than anyone else same as blacks kill blacks more than anyone else. Blacks have a higher percentage of that but my point is that of course we kill each other more than anyone else because murder generally happens to people they know but WE ARE NOT the ones saying it's because someone else. BLM was funded and created to spread a socialist agenda. You have to realize that it is completely okay to have disparities in income and prisons and things like that because that's what equality is. You can choose whether you want to commit a crime and go to jail. You can choose to get a better job and make more money. Or you can choose to not care and blame others. The left is trying to push income equality which means that everything will be "equal", basketball teams having equal white and black people, rappers having equal amount of black and white, all people will have the same amount of money, women will make the same amount as men. These examples are what inequality looks like. All those things are attributed to individuals. (These next facts are obviously just an average, and not telling of the whole group) Blacks commit more murder than any other race. Blacks are also better at basketball than any other race. Some people work harder than others and have better jobs than others. And women do not work as dangerous jobs as men, they don't work as much hours on average, they do not take the higher paying jobs on average. This does not mean they can't. And this is where equality of opportunity comes in. This is the REAL equality that you want. If I decided to fire a lot of black athletes so i can put whites in there that aren't better but do it just because of income equality, than you would say that is pretty damn unfair and unequal right? Same things go for all the other things in life. Women make the same exact amount of money as Men when working the same exact job. The "wealth gap" is taking the average amount all women make and comparing it to the average amount all men make. They are not making less money for working the same job. Think about all the reasons why that would be. A shitload. The majority of rappers are black, is that because its unfair and unequal towards white people? Hell fucking no it ain't. The equality of OPPORTUNITY is what you want. That means that ALL people no matter what race, religion, or gender have equal opportunity to get any job or education. Does more blacks in rap mean that whites have less opportunity to become a rapper? No of course not so my point is that this type of shit is hurting you. Please start helping your community rather than hurting it. I want to see yall doing better too because I care about black lives just like I care about all lives. But BLM is against you. Not every person in it, cause like I said a lot of them are useless idiots that just join because they say "oh im poor and im oppressed and im a victim and i dont make enough money and its all because of white people" and they believe it. YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL. Wake up, the leftist socialist agenda is ultimately going to lead to complete inequality and enslavement to all people and they won't discriminate let me tell you. Peace and God Bless.
  • Obesity is the center core of the problem related to healthcare. If people took better care of their health, we wouldn't be discussing a healthcare program like a life & death saga. Sadly, there are politicians and Wall Street companies who are benefitting from others' downfall, and don't want to fix the problem.
  • The culprit in this healthcare fiasco is Wall Street who is also represented by the insurance & pharmaceutical companies. It doesn't matter which party is in power, congress is not going to challenge the hands that feed them. Wall Street and the corporate elite run this country and not the 3 branches of our government. What fuels Wall Street? money & power. Wall Street will be stopped by an entity that is far more power than it is. We will see its downfall very, very soon. Because at it present rate, most of us be virtually slaves to the corporate elites. Eventually, this country will be divided into 3 classes rich & poor with a small middle class serving their personal needs. Hypothetically, it will look something like this (social classes): corporate elite/wealthy families 10%; middle class 10%: and poor 80%.
  • Basically, we're all going from a minor disease expect for the people with a lot of money cause Trump care benefits people with a lot of money.
  • People die, it's a fact of life. Liberals can't tolerate reality...
  • 1. He doesn;t read/make any policies/plans because he knows his own worth - unlike his voters. He just askes Ryan to feed him a few words to announceand feel like he's in charge. Look what he did with defense - tell military to go bomb wherever they deem convenient. 2/ Ruin his legacy? He didn't come any damageable e and he's only strengthening that third rate legacy he brought with him.
  • Just as Mitt Romney through Bain Capital swooped in on floundering companies seizing their assets and pension funds, so Paul Ryan is planning a Darwinian health care approach for survival of the fittest by denying the oldest and weakest of the American population access to health insurance. Repugnicants - removing access to Planned Parenthood and birth control from the masses, then pulling the rug from beneath infants and children in need. Vile repugnicants with vile ideas.
  • Yeah, because the commander and chief is all to blame... If we can not trust people to do their jobs correctly, you get rid of them. Also leaked info? What info.. just Info? I don't know, but building back relations is you know... one way to "world peace"... even if info was leaked, might have been something minor for trust... but they way you guys are talking, we should know everything that the government knows? And let anyone in? reasons we do not all know shit, its called trust... we are pretty much chinas bitch, trying to get lazy america woke, and big government to relax on so many regulations. So you know, send jobs over to were people want to work for a living, and not being sued over some worker not using common sense getting hurt. If you know the blades on a lawn mower will take your hand off, do you stick you hand in there while the machine is on?? (Blades moving or not). No, you turn it off.. I am all for military, people wanting to defend us is amazing. So I am really glad those people are choosing to defend us from any out siders, wanting to harm the country, or its people. Or the time Iraq asked for help, but Obama pulled out. Yeah, im sure they did not like that. Put with everything being called bushit, and everyone relying on others for information, bias news, INTERNET... I agree, how else do I find shit out? Well, just listen to some company's, maybe attend a few gatherings.... watch more than a cut of someone sayings something with out knowing them as a human, or their actually intentions, then twisting their words with out them their to explain... but, instead of that you just ask random questions that go much deeper then surface of the short clip, and people use that to make others look bad... "anit nobody got time for that"... well, you do... and it does not need to be in Carma.
  • Damm people hoe believe this are so retarded, this is all fake news

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