Brilliant breakdown Of Trump's 'INSANE' Actions Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith

Brilliant breakdown Of Trump's 'INSANE' Actions Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith
Brilliant breakdown Of Trump's 'INSANE' Actions Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith
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  • He has the majority in both the House and the Senate. It's not democrats stopping the wall, it is republicans.
  • What had happened was...
  • yes insane for dogmatic political snowflake's who are used to total corruption at the cost of american tax dollar's...and very refreshing for american's who are inspired by Trump;s brilliant american high ideal's and excellent work ethic
  • Hang this fat orange fuck from the nearest tree.
  • The only safety at risk is yours Mr fat boy.
  • Mr Gorbechav tear down this wall and trumps wall too". ( president Reagan). Learn fron Ronnie...Donnie!
  • I think he will resign to avoid being impeached.
  • Fox and the GOP seem to be mirroring each other. Just like the GOP, Fox appears to have a divided staff. Shep Smith and Chris Wallace don't seem to have any compunction when it comes to criticizing trump and his sycophantic flunkies, but pillow head Hannity and the morning drones are quite happy to open wide for trump and suck down whatever he shoots down their whore gullets.
  • Trump is an experienced TV performer and knows that by "stalking" Hillary onstage, nobody would be listening to her. Everyone was wondering, "what's HE doing?" Upstaging her, that's what...and it worked.
  • Let the idiots that want the wall pay for it how about those oeople at the rally there behind his fat ass shaking thier heads yes. All you have to do to defeat the wall is go under it or use a drone to fly over it with a payload. Put pressure on mexico and they will buy ther corn fron elswhere keaviing farmers in Indiana and Iowa with no place to sell their corn. I wonder if those two stupid women behind him cheering and mindlessly agreeing with him understand any of the ridiculious shit coming out of his mouth.
  • I bet Trump has some insider buddy buddy deal with whoever is getting the contract to build the wall and he will get a metric fuckton of kick backs. Same shit as Dick Chaney and Halliburton during the second Iraq war.
  • All paid off opposition to Trump. How honorable. MSM is worthless bias trash.
  • The Rhino's had lied to us for 20 years. What do we care what they think. Trumps base will only get bigger maybe not by polls as only the staunch supporters have the courage of their convictions but just like the last election American middle class voted for Trump anyway. He is the only President and one of the Few politicians that is doing what he said he is going to do. You might not like his methods but he is moving forward,. The American people knew what he was going up against. Everyday the Lying narratives are being shown in light for what they are. The American people know he is fighting a entrenched elite of liars and thieves who look after each other and hide each other's crimes.
  • Shep and Wallace like boy's or men ,, gay people are usually liberal, the people who voted Obama in 08 and 12 voting Trump in 16 ,, so all of you on here are a bunch a cry babies like pussy Wallace and fag boy Shepard ,, so suck my dick!
  • Trump is such an unhinged self-delusional professional victim who blames the media, the Democrats, Republican Senators and leadership for all his failings. He is truly a weakling and a coward.
  • Hahaha Trump is a pervy creep but even Bill doesn't want to touch Hilary lmao.
  • Never waste your time with most Trump supporters, Aries 1970 seems to be one of those. It's called Cognitive dissonance, they believe something therefore it's real !!! You cannot have a sensible, thoughtful conversation, it's not possible
  • Shemp the homo
  • The Democrats- 😂🤣. Your party literally can change the rules, holds all the power but the Democrats!
  • Government shuts down and we still pay taxes. Hmm, sounds like a vacation.
  • Trump invented the "immigration crisis" as a campaign issue. He has lied so much that no one will work the USA and it will hurt the country worse than anything in recent political history. He's a disgrace.
  • That's the kind of STUPID s**t that STUPID people do !!!!!
  • Build a wall aroused President Poopypants
  • See that black man once again behind trump with his signs and is he is a convicted felon,?
  • What is a wall going to do!?
  • I thought Mexico was paying for the wall.
  • This should be televised on national TV.
  • These people voted for Trump because the Republicans shut down the government for 17 days 2 years ago... The stupidity never ends!
  • Hillary is the epitome of a sore fucking loser
  • Impeach the obese deplorable pathological lying mentally sick Pussy grabbing Christian scum of a bitch fake President ever
  • I have a serious question. Arent you Americans embarrassed by this little fucking child? My word, the whole world is laughing at you. Just spank him and put him in the corner until he grows up.
  • Trump is a disgraceful pervert! only stupid idiots tolerate this monkey
  • So IF we close the government to get trumps US funded taxpayer many conservatives would go bat shit crazy when they are barred from going to visit a National Park? I can see it now.....Trump closed your national parks so he could get you to pay for a wall since Mexico isn't obligated to pay for shit.
  • The level of comedy in Trump's speech is never ending.
  • So you'll shut down the government to build a wall based on gathering funds for the government so the government can build a dumbass wall for a dumbass reason? That entire idea is a contradiction lol
  • My house is surrounded by water here in houston. .this all is the least of my problems. .
  • Trump is despicable.
  • America had better make sure that they electronically secure their ballot boxes. Trump has made too many thinly veiled threats about party members who don't support him mysteriously coming due to losing their seats in 2018 - and too many Republican representatives seem to know something about it so that they toe the line. Is Russia going to hack the 2018 voting system?
  • Trump got a lot of votes from people who were sick and tired of the government doing shutdowns and the like for reasons they barely understood. It all smelled of politicians failing to do the simplest part of their jobs, and the 'drain the swamp' attraction was to stop things like this happening. Few people care or even understand how the government works, they just want things to keep working. If Trump shuts the government down, it would rank as a spectacular own goal. “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”
  • Trump is DISGUSTING!!
  • trump put dynamite under the ass of the dead beats in Washington just to get them too accomplish anything
  • like Hillary's real crimes were so much better her own husband did more grope women???? she didn't mind be married to that pig
  • Shutdown Schmuttdown. Get rid of this guy.
  • Why don't we focus on the fact that the stupid wall was approved long before Trump and Congress has failed to do their job... again.
  • Hey Donnie Boy: How’s that Wall coming along? Is it finished yet??? NO!!! But you promised! YOU PROMISED! YOU PROMISED! And what happened to you saying “Mexico will pay for it?” You don’t say that anymore. Why? And you Trumpards actually believed him!! THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY SUMMED UP IN JUST 4 WORDS: PROMISES MADE…….LIES KEPT. ENOUGH SAID!
  • Oh, America. It's slipping away from us, Boys. It's time to rally round the flag, Boys. Don't let her fall, Boys. We need your help, Boys. Come quick.
  • Walls crack from the moving earth underneath.The maintenace costs of the Trump wall would be astronomical.Surely more patrols and fencing is a more practical option.
  • the wall will take more than 150 yrs to get build .... he is thinking to stay alive that long ??? what a dumbasss

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