How the Republican Health Care Bill Came and Went: The Daily Show

How the Republican Health Care Bill Came and Went: The Daily Show
How the Republican Health Care Bill Came and Went: The Daily Show
While the Republican health care bill collapsed in the Senate before going to a vote, President Trump was too busy kicking off "Made in America" week to help his party. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • I love how Trump is treated like a child. The crowd clapping for him putting on a hat. D
  • Trump is a jackass and don't know his asshole from a hole in the ground
  • Trumpdon'tcare plan!!!!
  • I'd applaud him putting a hat on too, since it means we won't have to look at the dead cat on his head
  • He mentioned that the GOP was months behind in introducing a tax reform and now it's October and I saw an ad before watching this video about the tax reform bill being in congress
  • You know, I’m starting to see the GOP’s support of him as their presidential candidate as a brilliant long term move. They knew they didn’t have anyone that could beat Hillary in a popularity contest so they pushed him in front, knowing how bad he’d be. And in four years, Americans on both sides will be so desperate for ANYTHING better that it won’t matter who they put in front of them!
  • whats the music at end ?
  • Ya Cowboy Trump ya. Lol
  • This is too harsh of a judgement. What do we all know - something we all know to be true. It is looking at the intentions of a person. Trump might need to get some help and advice - but look at who he said are always upright and well intended. It is not the old geezers he has in his office. It is who he always said would help him along the way. Let's not turn a blind eye to the truth. What we ALL agreed uniformly was the truth. What we died for because we believe it was destined to be. The refuse to give up this American dream and think millions died with honor and vain. THAT is the ultimate failure and tra defy. Never forget your past- but let it help give you strength to move forward for what the greater good and people wanted. For a better and more glorious earth. Please. Please. Please. Don't silence The voices of those not here. For though you might not see them - they are hear and are rolling over in their graves hearing this. The idea that America will not thrive. Because we will.
  • Before you say Oh my God, think about what got the health care system there in the first place. It is looking at the holistic person. What made them get there - what did they have to overcome - and what new ideas and truths evolved. If our goal IS to forever evolve - we must do just that. If we are fortunate to still be the on this Earth - there is a reason for that. A reason guided by something bigger we might not be able to understand. But health care is just that. Complicated. It is necessary to look at the whole person - where they have been, what they learned, and how that transforms them to pursue their ultimate calling they have felt since birth.
  • You know what tho? I hate Trump but I'm glad he forced republicans to work for repeal and replace simultaneously bc those fuckers were really about to screw people over slowly but surely and then let someone else deal with the fallout.
  • outcome every attend outdoor stick brain breast grandfather closed.
  • obama caree for lifee
  • Health care makes sense more than GOP Bill lol
  • The guy became funny again.
  • I wish us Indians like trever noah to expose our politicians
  • Idiocracy - the longest movie in history. A whole 4 year run time!
  • Trump of shit is failure and failure, fucking ass clown trump.
  • Look at poor Spicy's reflection in the mirror XD
  • Whoever voted Trump(which means every other american), earned everything that came and is yet to come. Good Luck you guys ! <3
  • *In fairness, he didn't think the job would be as difficult to that which he was accustomed.* _"..This is more work than my previous life. I thought it would be easier."_ *_- Said the big dumb, tiny-handed, backwoods clown._*
  • Qqq
  • Trumpdontcare has failed. Long live Obamacare.
  • Dead bill huh? Well it just passed in the senate due to the Ministry of Darkness getting back on the same page just in time....soooo yeah, I guess a bunch of people just got "trumped" again. smh
  • I see Trevor is putting some Stephen Colbert humor in his comedy lol
  • Finally, his True Colors, JR Ewing reborn !
  • I tried looking up that hat scene and it seems that the applause behind it was because that hat was one of the most expensive cowboy hats made just for Donald Trump.
  • Remember when the daily show was about making fun of the news instead of just mocking trump? I remember when I used to actually learn shit watching this; when was the last time you even watched the daily show and learned a thing you didn't already know? I miss jon Stewart.
  • Every time I see Melania all I can think of is Leia chained to Jabba The Hutt
  • 5:51 - "At some point they have to admit that their world is burning down" Trump - "You underestimate my willful blindness!"
  • The hilarious thing is that no one knows what the mythical "steps 2 and 3" in Trump's supposed 3-step plan is, and no one even bothers asking.
  • Fuck this negro with his fake news
  • I don't know why so glum Trevor, you should all be dancing in the studio!
  • Hurrrr ray. I can keep paying 900 a month now. And I wish I could of kept my doctor but o well. I love socialism. I can't wait to be only valued at 45 000 at the age of 50. Like in other socialism healthcare. If I cost over well fuck me silly I'm going die... I can't wait till socialism brings us starvation. Like in Venezuela as socialism produces stagnation the inflation then collapse. Why do I want this cause I wanna watch you liberal fuckers suffer at your stupidity. this though it's a soul thing. And ohhhh how smug liberals will wear a mark on right hand forehead you have no fucking idea the deceit that is coming no idea at all..
  • How about Repeal of the Republican Party once and for all time. they have had their time in the Sun but the Sun is setting now.
  • Their only agenda is to undo anything that Obama accomplished. This administration is playing on the hatred and division of this country.
  • This video ruined both DEADPOOL and BABY GROOT!!!
  • So when do we get Russia Cybersecurity Week?
  • Does this mean that 48 GOP Senators will lose in their next election-damn straight!
  • Here is my 2 cents. Get rid of the 3rd party insurance companies who are taking millions from the people that need it. Then we all pay the Hospitals a monthly premium when we are well, because they are doing their job. When we are sick you don't pay anything. Then the Hospitals have a vested interest in making sure you get well. We already pay insurance companies when we are well so what's the difference? The difference is wellness industries would actually try and make you better instead of convincing you to purchase drugs/services that keep you hooked to the system.
  • "Foreskin impersonator Mitch McConnell"😂🤣😭
  • That EKG tracing is a little off. That person needs a cardiologist now! Oh! But wait! No healthcare for the masses!
  • Seriously? They fucking lose their shit because he puts a fucking cowboy hat on? SMH
  • Lmao where's his supporters at? 😂😂
  • Right wing are pure losers
  • Trump.. I am sorry but....What a looser OMG
  • Don't put baby groom there he deserves better even pollution would be better than trump

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