The "Master Race" Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show

The "Master Race" Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show
The "Master Race" Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show
After white supremacists hold a deadly rally in Charlottesville, VA, Roy Wood Jr. explains why racist groups need to be more low-key during the Trump administration. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • First of all life didn't spring up from idumean dogs so they ain't masters of shit The Most High put them here to show what true evil and wickedness looks like. Second look at Europe looked like when they ruled disease and pure filth everything they have they stole, war is the only gift The Most High gave them. Third all of modern inventions was created by true Israel aka slaves. Air conditioning, traffic lights, toilets even Jack Daniels you hillbillies love so much a slave created it look it up. The only they created was the kkk and that's it. And finally fuck Trevor Noah for pushing the dogs agenda because you're no better for pushing lies to His chosen ppl MHNCB
  • We need more "white people are racist" comedy sketches. It's fueling highly intellectual debate. Just look in this comment section. Clearly, its working. Keep up the good work, Trevor.
  • I love this guy. He must take over Trevor
  • 30% of african americans don't graduate elementary school, another 30% don't graduate high school. 85% are on government benefits most of their life, 30% for whites.
  • "Take that shit to Oakland and see what happens." XD
  • Tyrone Lopez Goldberg! Would love to meet *that* guy!
  • “My Homeboy Ramrod”😂
  • Dear errrrrbody, Join the Black coalition in pretending we got reparations to further enrage white supremacist. Sincerely, #mandatefullfamilytreesforwhitenationalist #zapatameATuAbuela #weareone
  • 6:03 I don't typically Laugh out loud...but you got me Roy Wwood Jr. #touche
  • lightbulb is debatable lets not forget Lewis Howard Latimer
  • Did that guy actually just say that north asians are actually the so called Master Race? They`re smarter than whites? Actually I think black people are the Master race if there is such a thing. Because actually looking at sports they seem to be physically stronger for whatever reason, but no skin color makes anyone smarter or dumber than the other.
  • It's all a big fake media storm that Trevor capitalizes on. This is how the leftist media wants everyone to view white people. There are black people who think they're superior to whites but you'll never hear about them in the mainstream media because it goes against what the left want you to know about black people. It's sad that many of you just choose to believe what makes you feel good.
  • the takeaway from this is i'm having wendy's for dinner
  • It’s messed up that even now racists want to send their message saying that they are the superior race by beating and picking on people who will not fight back and or won’t fight back. Pick on the MS13!! Fight the Crips or bloods and kick their asses instead of picking on regular honest to god working people.
  • How come white supremacists are always the dumbest people alive? I feel like they always push that idea because they know they can’t amount to anything so they try to convince themselves that they’re important.
  • Yeah, he's right. I'm waiting for the Clan and all of the White Supremacist protesters to bring their protest marches to Oakland, South Central, East LA, or Harlem. Somehow I think that is not going to happen anytime soon.
  • That bearded white dude.. oh man.. he doesn't seem to know his history.. America was made primarily on the backs of black slaves.. they outnumbered the whites for a reason.. to do the hard labor.. And the gent.. if I can call him that.. who asserts that whites are smarter than blacks.. and asians smarter than both.. if blacks are given the true opportunity for equal education and fair employment, they would have also been to the moon.. But lest not forget the African American man who invented blood transfusions, but died because he was refused medical treatment at a hospital.. due to being black..
  • Everybody knows that the Jews are the "Master race." After all the Jew has been shoving that narrative down our throats for 4000 years and sadly people actually believe it to the point of man's ultimate enslavement to the infernal Jew.
  • fluid racist
  • Noah makes a very good point. Apparently a lot of these superior idiots didnt read the manual. Pretty much anyone whose last name has consonants back to back or a lot of vowels is up next.
  • Trevor u r hilarious
  • This is not racist?
  • Okay, okay, okay it's no secret I'm white. Now I would pay good money to watch white supremacists march in Oakland!!!! I'd buy popcorn and beer and break out the camp chair sit back and record all the mayhem, and especially the surprise on the Grand Dragon's face when he discovers he's not as superior as he claims to be. Damn Nazis! XD Roy, Jr. You are hilarious!
  • that guy cvjetanovic is estern european white supremacist? does he even know how many of his ancestors were murdered by nazis and white supremacists
  • The Juice is Loose ! The Juice is Loose! 😂😂
  • This black Hitler bit Noah has been doing has got to stop. You pretend to be a comedian but when you talk shit its not funny, you just come off as bitter and sad. I feel so bad for Jon Stewart to see what became of his show.
  • WTF NO i was going to go to the University of Nevada in reno jeez
  • Millennial Nazi😂😂😂😂
  • Utt!!! Millennial Nazi 🤣😂😅
  • That dude in the first interview made me wanna puke
  • I'm sorry who? Lol
  • I don't know if I'd call us the 'Master Race', but we are really good at being racist. No one does racism better than us whites. We can even be racist to other white people!
  • Trevor Noah = unfunny affirmative action hire. No wonder nobody watches any more.
  • The juice is loose! The juice is loose! Lol😂
  • I would love to have all those Master Race marchers rounded up and be given a 23 and Me DNA test and found out that ALL OF THEM have black/brown/Asian ancestry from somewhere.
  • But seriously; White Supremacists are the Enemy of America and all Humanity. Take it from an old white guy.
  • The Whites of West Oakland are taking over a Hood near you ...
  • Loved the Oakland shoutout #oaklandish ❤️😂
  • I'm white, fat and old. I live on $620. a month and whites people are loony tunes
  • When an extreme rightwing (they are NOT conservatives) 'intellectual' talks, he always talks with this 19th century accent about 19th century ideas.
  • The butterfly effect in motion... Its catching up across border... America the great has fallen, now the dominos come crumbling down
  • Yet black Africans invented everything that pinks give credit to Greece and Rome for. Whitewashing has them believing that they created way more than they did. Hippocrates was not the father of medicine....Imhotep was.... Plato nor Aristotle were fathers of philosophy...but instead they were both schooled in Africa....and they brought what they learned to the white world...
  • Is it contradictory for white supremacists to say that North Asians are smarter? Like if you believe that, then doesn't that mean white supremacy is not true?
  • So then the “master race” is runner up. Asians are master race?
  • At least the guy admitted that Asians are often smarter than causians
  • Many Americans continue  to be  delusional. Our  history has been "whitewashed". Our forefathers raped, sexually  assaulted  "the nigger" sexually harassed "the  nigger"  their slaves until 1876. So, have you ever wondered why AFRICAN Americans are many different colors? It's  because our  forefather's  molestations. They liked sex with their enslaved AFRICANS. Males and females. Children and adults. The current occupant in the White House, is a liar, adulterer, thief, sexual perpetrator, too. He is morally bankrupt. A German immigrant. Another uncivilized Colonizer. A COWARD  hiding behind his repressed sexuality and the NRA.
  • There is an Asian girl in my math class and she answered something wrong and I corrected and I am black so SUCK A DICK
  • Roy needs to prank call these people.
  • trump is suspending the freedom to vote for black people?

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