The "Master Race" Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show

The "Master Race" Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show
The "Master Race" Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show
After white supremacists hold a deadly rally in Charlottesville, VA, Roy Wood Jr. explains why racist groups need to be more low-key during the Trump administration. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Not master race, master civilization. You really think the future belongs to china?? In our lifetime(20yr) we must spread democracy to every corner of this globe and institute global rule. There is a reason we live in the most peaceful time in human history. PAX AMERICANA may be coming to an end, but PAX DEMOCRACY is in its infancy.
  • How are you excited about a murderer being free? How is that a liberal stance?
  • Why people still keeps arguing about which race is superior! I mean what do you gain from that.height of joblessness
  • How can you be a master race when you not the first race. White people come from black people so who's the master. White people aren't being robbed for the last fifteen thousand years. So they are for white people or the youngest race.
  • Hold up this honky thick that all black people came here around 1492 and from Africa. Yes you are ever intelligent. There was black people here before your white ass came here.
  • The ones who invent are few and not all from the community so the white supremacies doesn't make sense.
  • The less announcers, bloggers, late night show hosts and teachers speak of the hateful parts of our culture in public shows like white supremacy ... black people are poor people ... out with diversity ... in with uniformity ... Is not the way to grow the society of Americans as the more individuals will catch the idea to build and develop personal bigotries and injustices. Such topics are most effective when kept to a prepared audience such as found in responsible organizations and myriad of creative environments where arguing positions would challenge recalcitrant opinions.
  • Little Eastern European Nazi...WTF is going on in Reno??? White Supremacist enclaves?
  • This is so funny😄😄😂😂
  • roy wood jr. worst new person on the daily show since trevor noah
  • A new immigrant from Eastern Europe comes to the U.S and practices racism against blacks who mostly have been here for more than 4 centuries, is this even logical?
  • Cultural difference, not racial difference.
  • We all came from Africa if you go back far enough. Every single human in the source. Get over it.
  • hilarious ! but sadly true
  • If you have to tell someone that you are better than them, revise the "fact" again. Cuz if you truly were, you wouldn't think about it, 😉 sorry "master race".
  • Replace the words "white supremacist" and "racist" in Peter Cvjetanovic's interview with "gay" and "queer". Those are things you can identify as and that can be fluid .
  • Roy wood is my favorite correspondent 😂😂😂
  • There's no such thing as a master race.
  • Sometimes I'm very glad I'm 1/4 Native American so I only feel three quarters of the shame when white people do stupid things.
  • If Peter belongs to the superior race...God save us all, cos he's as dumb af
  • Jeff sessions is a living Confederate monument 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Egyptians are not black by the way!
  • Trevor Noah, Trevor Noah, Trevor Noah....How many times have I called you my brother from the South? I would have slam dunked that dude ...Africa the cradle of mankind and modern day science.
  • The math for getting to the moon was done by black women look it up
  • Yes, they may think themself a master race, however, they are also the force behind all the Wars and all the killing on this planet for the last 6000 years at least. Not to mention all the high school shootings of the last few years... Master race? Guess again. 😵😵😵😵
  • Just ask the KKK what happened to them in 1980(Fort MCcoy) VS. the Cuban-marielitos that came in at that time. They were kicked around so hard, they were too embarrassed to mention it... ever again. 😨😨😨
  • dirk nowitzki is better than bird
  • Your name is up in round 2😂😂😂
  • I’m sorry who? Haha
  • So good! Smiling! Not easy to do after a 12 hr day! Thank you!
  • Juice is loose
  • I'm sorry,who?
  • "North Asians". Those be Russians, dawg.
  • "...Not as intelligent as Asians or Cuck-Asians." AHAHA!
  • They took there shit to Berkeley (next to Oakland ) and got their ass kicked
  • America is a country (founded by white people) where the white citizens NEED to be politically correct, because if not, they are immediately called "racists" and mercilessly bashed. Yet, black citizens can be openly hostile to the white race and call white people "whitey-s" AND NOBODY CALLS THEM ANTIWHITE RACISTS. If you are African American you are allowed to say whatever the fuck you want and nobody will call you a racist.The problem is that, such a condescending, hostile attitude towards whites, brings consequences. For America, the consequence is Trump. Why? Because white people got tired of blacks imposing white guilt on them, and reacted, voting for the most extreme white choice for a president: a man who is not ashamed of his race and will openly defend it. If you don't like Trump, you should think about changing your attitude towards peaceful white people and stop treating them as comic relief punching bags.
  • Take that shit to Oakland and see what happens 😂❤
  • sovereignty.....master race destroying the world '''one world government ''' bringing the ultimate pain soon
  • Roywood Jnr.. kills me
  • the juice is loose...that line gat me
  • Has Sanaa Latham ever died in a movie?
  • Ancient Egyptians were not black, though. Just saying...
  • The cure for polio while yes discovered by a white man it was only possible because of a black women, Henrietta Lacks,who died of cancer, a cancer so crazy that it was a cell that was able to duplicate the polio cells and finally give the scientist the sustainability of the cells to finally be able to study it and make a vaccine. Incredible story everyone should look it up.
  • you're half black and half white? there is black supremacy too, come across it all the time in my own race. yah is not okay with either. and those who believe in black supremacy do not follow Yeshua aka Jesus. stop the race war, its disgusting. I've come across more racists who either have degrees or lgbt.
  • These morons are confusing educational access and opportunity with innate intelligence.  Well, asshole, you've got a college degree yet you're too stupid to understand that melanin count doesn't correlate with IQ, so who's the real dumbass here?
  • Absolutely disgusting
  • Eminem might have won a Grammy first
  • What kind of Supreme Beings are we /?\ 2B1ASK1 #ItsInOurHands

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