The "Master Race" Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show

The "Master Race" Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show
The "Master Race" Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show
After white supremacists hold a deadly rally in Charlottesville, VA, Roy Wood Jr. explains why racist groups need to be more low-key during the Trump administration. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • Oml!!! ❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂
  • ☺️Hey Roy, did you ever find your "luggage?" For that matter, did Ben Carson ever find his "luggage?"☺️
  • 🤔Wait just a minute... are you supposed to get meat 🍖 with your lettuce?🤔 🤔I'm sorry who?🤔 🤗You just gotta love ❤️ Roy Wood Jr.❤️
  • White people are more intelligent? Two words: Donald Trump
  • It's clear as day Blacks are the master race,everyone fears them, and they are the most unique, whites and every other race have more in common
  • no. we also had steve nash, nigga!
  • Fuck O.J remember "he's not black"
  • I don't understand why people think that black people are less intelligent than white people. Have you read Fredrick Douglas' diary? It is of such a high diction that I don't know what language it's in.
  • Fuck that loud ass music at the end
  • i'm sorry, who?
  • I love Roy. He's so funny!
  • The reason asians and whites have invented a lot of stuff is due to geography, if they switched places blacks would invent everything. Africa has a isolated geography that made it prone to being technologically inferior in some ways. Point being, if whites were in Africa and blacks were in Europe, the table would have been turned
  • Thinking that you are clever than someone shows what a shitty brain you have
  • That guy should be punched in the fucking face for using the word "fluid" to describe his version of racism. That's like saying I don't identify as racist I only believe racist bullshit.
  • "The entire record of white* history is completely consistent with the *assumption* that black Africans are less intelligent yada yada yada..." fixed that for him.
  • 5:45 is pure gold! dam lol
  • Damnit! I broke a nail!
  • PC is the only master race. Am I right, nerds?
  • So you don't understand what's going on . . . because maybe, you don't understand what's going on????? Just sayin . . . .
  • He said, "this is our country, it was built by our founding father's, it's sustained by us, and it'll remain our country" . . . well I guess everybody else can leave since whites can handle EVERYTHING, smh. Like, if what he said is true then why go thru the hastle of STEALING a group of people and DRAGGING them to YOUR country and forcing them to labor for 245 yrs??? I mean since whites did (and still doing) EVERYTHING, what you needed the Africans, Chinese, and Mexicans for . . . DECORATION??? That ignorant illiterate bastard better be careful what he wish'n for because if everyone who is non-Caucasian decided to pack up and return to their home country, this economy (and country) would collapse . . . the results would manifest INSTANTLY!
  • Did you hear the one about the alt-right protester who got jumped by a bunch of Jews while walking home alone later that night?... He did NAZI that coming get it get it?
  • Let's make this clear... THE ONLY GOOD NAZI IS A DEAD NAZI.
  • He's funnier then trevor. 😂that's hard to do
  • I'm sorry, who?
  • the only master race I the pc master race! PCMR YOU CONSOLE PEASANTS
  • White supremacists seriously need to read "Guns, Germs and Steel." Different races historically advanced at different rates because of geography and access to different resources. Of course the races that lived where there's iron, and plants and animals that can be domesticated are going to advance faster. It's got nothing to do with intelligence.
  • Building a border wall has nothing to do with race. It's about protecting our country.
  • Black folks have learned to laugh at their pain, as a results of racist America.
  • White Supremacist are Satanic worshippers sent to destroy the world. Their actions speaks volumes. Pick a side Bitches!
  • White rich billionaires just bribe&buy Black leaders, then you get the black votes. The Chinese does the similar in Africa, you give money to black leaders and you get the access to their natural resources. It's the CORRUPT BLACK LEADERS who are the problem, not some outsiders.
  • No, we don't, PC master race for the win, death to the console peasants! (lol, I had to make that joke, but honestly, PC master rape makes way more sense than any of the "we wuz kings" crowd, from the ones who talk about white purity to the ones who talk about white devils.)
  • That commentary stop being funny! These idiots would distort all of history to project a false narrative. Why can't gentiles admit the truth? You've stolen and destroyed our communities for the past 500 years to appear to be intelligent. No one in Africa or melanated ever conceived of imposing ignorance and delusion on you'll! You'll just choose to be conniving, manipulative, sadistic, satanic creeps he'll bent on stealing and controlling people.
  • Millennial Nazi. Hahahaha.
  • BALANCE YOUR AUDIO! Love your show but that asshat putting these videos up needs his ears checked. The show Audio is low and the out music blows my speakers.
  • 💭
  • I'm sorry who?
  • I don't know about Whites being more intelligent on average than Blacks, but I do know that Asians are on average more intelligent than whites. And behind the accomplishment of every whiteman, is a scientific concept or principle discovered by the colored man many hundred years prior. The whiteman just markets it better, and knows how to make a buck from it. The greatest accomplishment of the whiteman is capitalism. They truly are the master at profiting from stuffs, especially the labor of the colored man. And before you get your whities in a bunch, I'm only kidding..kinda.
  • He basically said Trevor wasnt black
  • first minute in, he did not say that white people are biological superior! he said black people are less intelligent than whites AND he said that asians are MORE intelligent than whites. This is science and if you deny this, you might as well deny climate change isnt it? There have been numerous studies on this topic, with all the same results.
  • Is it just me or does Peter whatshisname really look like a young Lord Voldemort??! o.O
  • The fact is white people had larry bird im choking.......So they can pronounce cvjenovtovic but cant pronounce my last name ?? its hard is it to say??? He's al-right because , hes pro white??? what
  • The idea that whites are on avg smarter than blacks and asians are all smarter was taught in pseudoscience science textbooks way back in the day around slavery time. Im not shocked that retarded racists still believe that and dont know how IQ works.
  • White people aren't a master race, I can barely tie my shoes
  • Trevor Noah is a living proof, he is not a doctor nor an​ attorney. He is a "comedian"
  • I came to this video expecting PC gaming and I walked out extremely disappointed.
  • Fuck off...PLENTY of Jews who think they are the "master race"...plenty of Negroes who think they are the "master race"...
  • Amusing that I never met an intelligent white man who spent any time at all worrying whether he is superior or not. But that KKK trash, who clearly are intellectually challenged, have such an overblown view of themselves and their own abilities.
  • White supremacy sounds like a pizza without sauce. Gross.
  • Ever wonder what the world would look like, in terms of intelligence, if people of different colors and ethnicities weren't prevented from obtaining equal education for hundreds of years?

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