The "Master Race" Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show

The "Master Race" Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show
The "Master Race" Needs to Play It Cool: The Daily Show
After white supremacists hold a deadly rally in Charlottesville, VA, Roy Wood Jr. explains why racist groups need to be more low-key during the Trump administration. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • It's sad that most people don't realize just how many contributions Africans and African Diaspora has given to human history. Africans had founded many amazing empires and kingdoms throughout history and the only reason why they are hardly ever discussed is because history is written by the victors of war. A person's history is their strength and if you want power over them and their land and wealth then you must strip them of anything to could possibly give them strength and identity. Usually in war history the defeated side always ends up recovering eventually but black people as a whole has yet to recover and our history is ignored as a result of that.
  • if the master race isn't a time lord then who the fuck do they think they are
  • I thought a black person invented the light bulb. Just a white guy "perfected" it for the time.
  • iq rises with affluence.
  • Your examples dint include the reference of the first civilisations on Earth,which was way more advanced than it's counterparts. People of Middle Eastern origins do the same with Indians what white do to them,so the solution is start respecting others and others will do the same,as they say charity begins at home.
  • Average European IQ 103 Average sub Saharan African IQ 70
  • Tyrone is Irish. Lopez is Spanish. Stupid half breed.
  • Blacks are inferior to White people.
  • I am shocked and upset by that white person saying white people are superior: these kind of people create bad reputations for white people and under no circumstance is it true
  • Who built Angkor Wat? Not white people...
  • How is Trump taking black people's voting rights?
  • Ebony is the best races
  • LOL
  • OJ is a murderer. He killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman
  • If people here in germany would talk about society problems categorizing citizens in races like the daily show does, they would bei labeled right. Personally I believe there are different races, but depending on education we are all capable to so the same. Still I don't believe that focusing on terms like race, whites, blacks etc. will help solving any problems.
  • Cjetanovic?? That's a very Aryan name lol
  • Trevor talking about gaming now? Fuck PC players!
  • Greatest Eva!! :)))))
  • Pc master race , damn console users!! What was this about again?
  • But Asians?
  • Still not condemning Antifa huh? Figures.
  • Well done race are better at some things. It's logic. Africans have physical strength. Whites have cunningness. Asians are smart. It's like same with pigs and beef. Hey you pay money to eat a particular breed. Yorkshire,Kobe and same thing with wine
  • Totally disagree with that! Caucasian's are not superior's they think they are! Shame😂😂😂
  • asian would never considered themselves more intellegent than african. we know about the egypts (duh) but also the achievement in agriculture (there is an ancient water-damn more older than pyramid in congo and Nigeria ffs). only things we asian and african lacks of are the technology of weaponry, for killings. that was the achievement of the romans. and most of europe and the 1st tecnology of gun powder were stolen from china and central asia, and even they invented it for fireworks, not for killing people :v
  • "The clan marching doesn't shock me, what would shock me is if the marched in the hood..." Brilliant!! If only! One day black people, and poor white people who aren't dumb ass supremacists learn to riot in Long Island or anywhere that isn't their own neighborhood, what is really sad is when poor on poor crime leads to people killing for a few dollars when there are people with millions of dollars that are living a comfortable and safe life. Adam Smith was wrong, people won't turn around and kill the greedy rich, they just kill each other! What is wrong with us. BTW as a white person I can say that the white people who think of themselves as superior are amongst the dumbest white people in the world, seriously embarrassing for those of us who are white and don't feel the need to feel superior or inferior because for me color is the least interesting characteristic, show me how you behave to others, your politics, your life, don't give me that the bullshit that color of your skin is the be all and end all, that's just shit.
  • lol the only reasons asians on average were considered more intelligent is that only a select few of us were allowed in america. those select few were the very top, best performing asians. there was even a ban on chinese immigration at some point. it used to not be the case that asians were considered more "intelligent" but at some point white americans decided, as asians began to succeed, to use them as the "model minority" to compare to black people saying that black people's struggles were their fault, which is bs because one, asians used to have far less rights, and two, the struggles of black people are not comparable to those of asians.
  • that race jam meme is too real. watch spae jam again. that shit about slavery
  • Lets see Babylon, Rome and now Western Civilization. That's 3 times the lowest common denominator and its love of corruption has destroyed the light of the world. Twice is coincidence but 3 times is enemy action. The planet's useless now. You'll see.
  • 3:20 hypothetically speaking, it would make a good movie scene if all those white racists marched into Compton or Paterson with their weapons and gear, just so we could see how it would look like when they get themselves ambushed and surrounded from the Bloods and Crips forming an alliance to protect their family and children. Obviously, black people would win.😆 That's all I'm saying. And no, not all black people are in gangs, I just used the bloods and Crips as an example cause of my imagination. 😁
  • ...I just need one fucking day...just one day...without exposure to racism.
  • lol @ "ramrod"
  • What I heard what was read to me and what I have read and what have my grandfather and grandmother has told me is that the white man did not make the light bulb or any kind of light electricity but who's to say you're right who's the say I'm wrong
  • Contrary to popular belief, no human ever invented anything. All creations start n spirit/mentally. These were all created by what many would call God. These "inventions" are accessible to any in tune, hence the DISCOVERY of the many so called inventions in the mind of many of all races thru out all time periods. There's a reason "nothing's new under the sun". Energy (nor ideas) can be created nor destroyed. Ego makes one think he/she's the first but's been thought of and even likely formed ("invented") before. Ancient Egyptians had lightbulbs, flying apparatus's, and did summerians and many other ancient civilizations. Don't be fooled ppl..meditate often, TRAVEL and see for urself..research thoroughly..truth is much stranger than fiction. Borders limit the mind
  • Trevor Noah is a race-baiting prick.
  • No no no, The Masterrace are PC Gamers and everybody else are either dirty console peasants or non-gaming scum.
  • They tried to come to the bay. They got scared. Master race.
  • humanity top notice scientist ahead ensure description imply role screen cite characteristic strange.
  • Family, one thing we do know about white supremacy. That they can only be tall if everyone else is on their knees. They are not as stupid as they look and there is a reason that their ancestors would lock up or kill their own if they were caught teaching Black people to read english. They are unevolved and recessive but most of all, they're fearful. Nobody would this work this hard for this long to oppress inferior people. A stroll to the US Patent Office website can enlighten them on who invented what and a simple Google search of Black Inventions would make them drink bleach water with no chaser but the false narratives that they live by would further shatter their already fragile psyches. Let white supremacists believe whatever they want. It is not our concern because at this point their natural and self inflicted declining population speaks for itself. B1
  • Fuck this anti-white bullshit and the people that push it. Anyone who doesn't agree with your point of view is automatically racist. Pro-white is racist, but pro-black is ok? Fuck that shit.
  • I was going through my favorites and came across this snippet. Classic, original, insightful, educational and honest! "Take that shit shit to Oakland and see what happens". Epic.
  • Don't complain about lettuce when the hamburger is free. An equivalent saying that my grand father often said (in French) : you got a free horse, who care about bridle. A friend gives you an "expensive breed" dog? Don't complain about the leash. If that dog is a mutt, then the leash is the most valuable part of the gift, then you are perfectly right to be furious if that leash is worthless.
  • "Millennial Nazi", "Tyrone Lopez Ginsberg"- I can't breathe now😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Sad, but racists do exist. Im a proof of that. We all know that Racists have atlast 1 other reason besides color, why they think we cant exist in same places.
  • All these white supremacists look for "glorious past when white man ruled", when in fact India and China were civilizations everyone looked up to. Insanely wealthy, prosperous, populous and powerful. India consistently had the largest economy on earth from 320s BCE to 1750s AD, and was a land of philosophy and culture. China had technology and power that Europeans couldn't dream of. But then who expects a dumb white supremacist, a redneck pissard, to even learn history.
  • PC MASTER Race!!!!!!!!
  • Africa: Place where the first and biggest Library was built while whites were still in the dark ages. Had Kings and Queens before England. Cleopatra beautiful black woman ( I mean girly was Black) invented make-up and wigs. And here is something else no one knows-the Royal families in Africa had blue eyes and they were black. No, white people had nothing to do with it. God did. Sense of humor kicking in. The Black people of Africa before anyone invaded were doctors, philosophers, lawyers, teachers etc. People of England-Rome had them in slavery. All this before Shaka came into power. Slavery would never have happened to the people of Africa if Shaka wasn't killed by is brother. What a wimp.
  • "White people had Larry Bird" is actually making their argument for them, because they say that Blacks may be better in some sports because their bodies are different, and Whites are smarter. So next time, please keep in mind what's somebodys point before mocking them
  • Don't forget Bill Russell. 11 Rings!
  • Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt were ruled by the Mediterranean/white race
  • "We got a spy on the inside that's right Donald Jonathan Trump"

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