Nesstool: Is it SAFE? - STOP TUTU APP REVOKES/CRASHING FIX iOS 9/10/11 - 11.1 (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Nesstool: Is it SAFE? - STOP TUTU APP REVOKES/CRASHING FIX iOS 9/10/11 - 11.1 (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
Nesstool: Is it SAFE?  - STOP TUTU APP REVOKES/CRASHING FIX iOS 9/10/11 - 11.1 (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
Nesstool: Is it SAFE? - STOP TUTU APP REVOKES/CRASHING FIX on iOS 9/10/11 - 11.1 (iPhone, iPad, iPod) Paid Apps for FREE (NO REVOKE) Nesstool LINK: Get Subscribed ➪ Follow Me on Twitter ➪ Follow Me on Facebook ➪ Business Inquiries Only ➪



  • THOSE STUPID “ADS” Lmao “ads” huh ;)
  • This won’t work for me I have 11.2.2
  • Nestor was trying to tap into my iPad it’s fake plus a VPN doesn’t do what nestool claims to do
  • Nesstool won't work for me so I got PandaHero but I'm still getting the 'unable to download' popup, why am I still getting this? Or am I not understanding how they work properly..
  • Shit man I'm not hiving tutu app my data. It's mine. Dude tutu app is shaaaaaaady
  • I got a text today saying that I was making international calls with rates. Is nestool using my stuff for their calls and charging me money??!?!
  • Supposedly this guy is on the payroll
  • Hackers are kind
  • Who else tapped their screens when he said shady things
  • I love ur intro so much!
  • I had nestool and it said it was protecting my phone but a few weeks later it got revoked
  • Honestly ness tool isn’t necessary for TutuApp ... aaand the untrusted device developer thing all you have to go to is go to settings then general and vpn device management then press trust I do not know if that is incorrect but if so lmk. (Nice vid btw)
  • He’s using music from Geometry Dash like Clutterfunk, Cycles, and xStep... lol
  • Why would an advertising agency want our information🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Nestool fucked up my keyboard
  • Is that your personal phone dude?
  • Hacker!
  • i still dont feel safe using tutuapp i had instagram++ and whenever i signed in it said that someone tried signing into my account but when i used the normal version that didn’t happen
  • Thanks for the information
  • 15k each time! Damn how do they even break even.
  • WOW I just want a screen recorded that works now I can't download any someone help plz
  • No it’s not
  • just saying all that they have and take/log if you had android it tells you that ALL the same things happen in normal apps
  • i dont have a bank account and i cannot afford to buy a brand new cp i dont care if they know where i live i just want to play a game that not free on appstore...
  • i downloaded nesstool and it made my VPN thing on settings go funny and my wifi stoped working ao i had to delete it
  • You work with tutu app so they will get fulled
  • Ok after seeing so many YouTube vids saying nesstool is not trusted I will also not trust
  • Its a good thing i have straight talk
  • Just 1/2 wow only half the damage
  • Doesn't stop revokes but gives you longer time which I like, before I had it for 4 days now 2 months
  • Hey guys they steal your accounts to make money i recently got a notification from apple about my apple id and they said that my account was being logged on in spanish location, its hacking and stealing accounts don't trust nesstool, they are spyware and malware and dirty liars.
  • When that message pops up I press it and then the next pop up says cancel or download, i just hit cancel and it works find. is tututapp unsafe or just downloading nesstool? Pls respond
  • I got tutu and nestool and used it and now my iPhone 6s itsnt opening anymore even if I charge it
  • Their response is almost unreadable
  • Yeah tutuapp and Nesstool are safe! They clear the data they obtain after 24 hours and they use the money they make from it to buy $15000 certificates for US
  • Tysm! I Love you’re videos!
  • How did you get Bloons TD 5?
  • Nesstool messes with optimum WiFi hotspots I think because when I would go out in public I would never be able to connect if nesstool is on but as soon as it’s off I could connect and it’s not just me that can’t connect someone like my sister wouldn’t be able to connect to the same hotspot even tho she doesn’t have nesstool ... am I missing something here or am I just a stupid person saying random shit either way some one help me
  • Why does my wifi not work because when i deleted nestool i got my wifi back
  • I love tutu app and it's the best I can download every thing I want
  • I don't know what to do because it goes to the VPN dude I am sooooo confused. 🤔🤔😐😐
  • Does nestool has to open in the background when it is protecting.
  • When I did it t Nesstool. Got revoked
  • Does it work for Emus4u?
  • I was using nesstool and it worked fine until right where it was jamming my internet connection. I couldn’t use 4G or wifi. I had to delete nesstool so I could connect to the internet
  • What happens if I download a different VPN protection app, will tutu app get revoked?
  • Everyone who had Nesstool got their Tutuapp AND NESSTOOL revoked by Apple today, so Nesstool doesn’t really work
  • Is it safe for 11.2 because I got on my Snapchat and it told me that network is not working right now try again later and it also says that it’ll work until tomorrow my friend told me that it will mess up your phone I don’t know if it’s true or if he is messing with me
  • So, in short, we're all downloading spyware. That's good to know. Not like all of our personal data could get leaked at any moment of time.

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