Hurricane Michael becomes Category 1 storm as it heads toward Georgia

Hurricane Michael becomes Category 1 storm as it heads toward Georgia
Hurricane Michael becomes Category 1 storm as it heads toward Georgia
Hurricane Michael lashed across Florida's Panhandle Wednesday as a Category 4 hurricane. As it heads toward Georgia, it has been downgraded to a Category 1. Mark DeMaria, chief of technology and science at the National Hurricane Center, joined CBSN to provide the latest details on Michael.



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  • More like hurricane tortila..
  • Go away michael wow
  • don't do much damage.🙏
  • Well God really really hates the southern states , I'm ok with this , climate change isn't real but your stuff being destroyed is
  • Crazy how some people still believe climate change isn’t real
  • Beautiful,Warm, & Sunny in Tucson Arizona as always 😎
  • California: wow can you not have hurricanes for like a minute also california: *burning to ashes*
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  • Hurricane Michael Jackson
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  • It will hit the Portugal and Spain (Europe) , in a couple hours.
  • Guys help I’m in New York pls pray for me Nothings wrong and I don’t have any family there it’s just kinda cold
  • This video was uploaded October 10th... it’s the 14th.
  • Nothing to do with very fast moving rockets or space things or whatever
  • Horrible!
  • Prayers are with everyone affected by this storm and those that lost there life with this storm
  • That is scary. Just got hit by Harvey last year(I live in Tx). I couldn’t imagine getting hit by another. Took nearly a year to get my home back together. Sincere prayers to those affected
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  • Wow... My town only got some rain and wind...
  • Damn, we might need a lot of Flex Tape to fix the damages.
  • College students are the only people that wish for a hurricane so classes are cancelled. Lol
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  • Wtf can hurricanes stop hitting Florida and hit like the east coast lil near pa???.
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  • I think mother nature is giving us payback for seceding from the union. 😂
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  • *Michael went balls deep into the U. S.*
  • Oh nah damn it maryland we need to prepare
  • It's cuz of warming waters. Climate change made this a lot more stronger that it could have been. C mon people, it's not something fake your literally putting your own lives at risk because of ignorance.
  • Seems pretty obvious that the weather is changing
  • Mr.Hurricane got to hyper
  • Category 1 is nothing we still had to go to school in Florida and I’m okay
  • Literally just two days ago it got super cold here and now there's a hurricane ready to pass straight through where I live, Georgia's weather is going to suck alot more real soon.
  • Superstorm "monster" Michael attacked Florida
  • This is gods punishment for fortnite
  • Good luck with that
  • Rip
  • Why is it that almost every hurricane is called the strongest that America has ever encountered???

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