Russians Tricked Trump Once Again: The Daily Show

Russians Tricked Trump Once Again: The Daily Show
Russians Tricked Trump Once Again: The Daily Show
The day after firing FBI Director James Comey, President Trump welcomes Russian officials to the White House. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • get rid of that fuckin guy why is America still allowing this joke of a president keep embracing the. u s a
  • United States of Russia....thanks all the folks who got him in there...smh
  • Russians did not trick Trump. You are lying. From Russia with love, without lies.
  • I never thought in my lifetime I would see Americans put up with so much BS from their President. It did not occur to me the cowardly stances of many in politics would normalize into appropriate reactions to this clown show. Most surprising was the acceptance of completely illogical behaviors, statements, and cover-ups Americans swallow every day. Wrong, Dumb, Complete Disaster!
  • Leave it to this chicken head partisan hacks to falsify the truth, mislead the public and just to discredit everyone including the AG and DAG. Sadly, lies, no matter how u twist the truth will not prevail over truth and fact. As you can see below, Trump never said, nor was it ever stated that Comey was fired due to Russian investigation. In fact, the official White House statement on May 9 said Trump “acted based on the clear recommendations” of the attorney general and deputy attorney general. But Trump, in an interview two days later, said he was going to fire Comey “regardless of recommendation.” Rosenstein wrote a  2 page memo titled“Restoring Public Confidence in the FBI” that stated the reasons why Comey should be removed. The memo cited Comey’s “handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Secretary [Hillary] Clinton’s emails.” Furthermore, the fact that these racist, hypocritical, liberal hacks are trying to argue the obstruction narrative, claiming Trump was in the wrong, yet have no evidence, nor legal backing to second that “moronic” narrative, is beyond ludicrous! The undeniable, unarguable truth is this - Under Article 2 - section 1 (executive orders) any, all and every Presidents may fire elector, representative, government employee, INCLUDING the FBI director at will, where no reason or explanation is needed, unless requested by congress also, the President along with Congress can impeach one where there are no statutory conditions on the President’s authority to remove the FBI Director.”
  • This guy sucks! He isn't even funny!
  • Don't you worry, Russia is your colony, and Adolf Putler is your vice-king.
  • Yeah, and Obama is Nigerian who's guilty of USA being in $15 trillions debt to Chinese reptiles from Mars... oh, wait, nothing of this is true.
  • Gotta admit Trump is gangsta.
  • fucking stupid Americans!! They believe everything that is presented on TV
  • I would not put it past trump to give Russian our Nuclear Codes and his supporters would cheer! Let's round these people up and just get rid of them! Ship them out!
  • If the American/United States media doesn't take this as a, " fuck all YOU reporters" from trump, there's not much brains in the networks. Well that's already known about Fox but I was hoping the other networks might scare up a brain cell or two.
  • There's a reason why all of this is happening...
  • As a European I have to say I am glad that this president is talking to the Russians instead of shooting at them. I don't care for the reasons he does this. However, I guess the message about the evil Russians was received.
  • I have a theory. Trump IS a Russian.
  • So, DT is either an idiot or a russian spy. Which is worse?
  • What will we do when we no longer have Trump to inspire our comedians?
  • Okay, I can't be the only one who's asked this, but what's the song that plays at the end of every episode, it sounds so cool and I want to listen to the whole thing.
  • Thanks a lot Trump voter! You've finally make American great again!
  • So proud of Trevor! Keep South Africa's name high bru! ;)
  • hey remember when Russians put the Kim jong un family into power? yhea. now they're eating sawdust cakes and believing that he doesn't shit and piss and came from a mountain. buckle your belts murica we are next.
  • is putin turning Russia and usa to the ussr
  • Oh, doesn't you sound like a pathetic loser to yourself? 'Our president is a dick, but that's just because russians hacked our elections. They never hacked even our channel website or hijacked youtube channel. They've started with elections. It is completely possible for people who had invented Tetris. My dogs shits on coach cause Putin sends signals over sattelite right into its brain'. So you people believe that Russia bought president of country wich prints the currency for the entire world? What have they paid him, Lenin's anti-age balsam? Why would you put Russia is on the dark side of power again in your performance, like your country not invading on the Middle East, like you haven't nuked Japan? like you're not ordering to the counties(!) on who they can trade with or hundreds of other full retard actions. Do you want a war with Russia or where are all your shittalks coming from? If the war starts you won't bring your ass to infantry, regular Joe who piss in the ears would. Think about that, you're inspiring people to hate other people just for your ratings with that 'Russians are liers' garbage. Or you might keep pretend like your shit don't stink with that ending of every youtube video with sirens and 'You have win 3 extra episodes of my show'.
  • Trevor Noah is the best! Funny and cute!
  • Please Mr Putin, tell the Americans you backed Donald because Hillary didn't pay you enough....Pleeeeeez
  • why are the russian pictures of trump, the ambassador and foreign minister so bleak? To look less orange?
  • House Negro, slowly but surely this is beginning to blow up pin your silly, fascist leftist faces.
  • why let American media in, they're going to lie and twig the true in favor of their liberal agenda.
  • this son of a bitch is clearly a traitor. If Congress doesn't do their fucking job and impeach him, they need to fucking go too!
  • Donald Trump is securing a future for "Americans and their Children' in which it was Stolen, Trevor Noah is a foreign enemy on foreign soil , Jon Stewart needs his wimpy ass kicked.
  • Donald Trump is such a good president, he even creates jobs for mediocre comedians!
  • There was no trickery. Trump hates the free USA press. Yearns for all fake news all the time, like Russia has. Read: Fortune Magazine article!!! Here’s A Closer Look At Donald Trump’s Disturbingly Deep Ties To Russia Allan J. Lichtman May 17, 2017 Here is a quote "In a 2007 deposition that Trump gave as part of his unsuccessful defamation lawsuit against reporter Timothy O’Brien, he describes efforts to launch real estate ventures in Russia through Bayrock Associates, a shady Russian-connected outfit. Bayrock had partnered with Trump on at least four major but failed American projects: the Fort Lauderdale Trump Tower, the Trump Ocean Club in Fort Lauderdale, the SoHo condominium-hotel in New York, and a resort in Phoenix. Bayrock had its office on the 24th floor of Trump Tower, and its 2007 glossy brochure featured a photo of Trump and Tevfik Arif, a principal Bayrock partner, who served for 17 years in the Soviet government before emigrating to the United States. It called the Trump Organization a “strategic partner,” and listed Trump as their primary reference."
  • ugh, i might like his jokes if i could get past that horrific accent
  • Noah is a piece of shit, I can poop him.
  • This ape is disgusting!
  • age i like this vid viqljntly "economist
  • Except this is #fakenews because there is and never was a russia connection
  • wake up sheep, noah is a hack and isn't funny...this show can't even hold a candle to what it was when jon was the host, cc get your shit together and get a new host
  • trevor noah is like a dog returning to eat it's own vomit.
  • if were the enemy of the U.S trump's the last person you want in power, hell you leftist scum bags don't want him in power! you talk so much shit about trump yet you won't invite him on the show, then you can talk shit to his face instead of behind his back, fucking leftist cunts!
  • What's really embarrassing is that no one is asking this- What are they distracting us from?
  • Lol he reminds me of a gay Don Lemon. Oh wait......
  • Please check this out, this is happening in Cancun Mexico, Nazi Ruso Ataca A Todo Mexico En Suelo Mexicano youtube
  • Please check this out, this is happening in Cancun Mexico, Nazi Ruso Ataca A Todo Mexico En Suelo Mexicano youtube
  • You're a few moments away from booking free reservations to a live taping of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah in New York City, MANHATTAN, 52nd Street. 3 blocks from D.J.Trump's Tower. Plausiblle:  "Good publicity is preferable to bad, but from a bottom-line perspective, bad publicity is sometimes better than no publicity at all. Controversy, in short, sells." Donald J. Trump, Trump: The Art of the Deal Who is really laughing, Honey Boo Boo?
  • wrong flag
  • Comedic new are the way to go lol. I like Trevor Noah a lot.
  • What? Russian ambassador Sergei Kiss-the-ass?

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