The GOP Brings the Dead Health Care Bill Back to Life: The Daily Show

The GOP Brings the Dead Health Care Bill Back to Life: The Daily Show
The GOP Brings the Dead Health Care Bill Back to Life: The Daily Show
The Senate votes to debate the GOP health care bill, giving the legislative body three days to potentially rewrite the health care system. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Hell is so screwed !!
  • I guess karma is the holy spirit ❤
  • "And if youre really confused, youre probably a Republican Senator that has to vote on Thursday" LMFAO
  • TheDinomite360 makes a great point. He pointed out that McConnell doesn't need health care. Giant turtles live 100-150 years! Trump, on the other hand, has already far outlived the average lifespan of an orangutan (30 years), so he needs to reconsider his stance.
  • There once was a guy named trevor, whos mom got shot in the head. He ran like pussy and didnt look back, didnt care if she was alive or dead!
  • look a monkey is talking.
  • Imagine if those right-wingnuts started working on this bill 7 1/2 years ago when they were criticizing Obama for doing exactly what they've been failing at in the past 7 months 😂 could've been good /: probably not though.
  • given pray hypothesis health style restaurant nut note correct myself.
  • 😂😂😂 he really does look like a tortoise!!
  • Ally science force instructor lawsuit grip hat.
  • Trevor Noah ❤
  • serious question: what is the opinion of Trump supporter on this healthcare bill issue?
  • Obama has to be laughing his ass off at the incompetence of this circus of an Administration !!! 🤣🤣🤣
  • GOP 5: Trumpcare takes Manhattan GOP 6: Trumpcare Goes to Hell GOP 7: The Final Chapter GOP 8: Trump vs Jason
  • I'm offended by Trevor's assumption that predators have a male-female binary sexuality.
  • Any undertale fans who got mad at the comic sans joke
  • I say we stop calling it Obamacare and call it what it really it, ACA.
  • the tortoise and the hair!! +1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The difference in volume between the intro/outro and actual content is unacceptable. The meat of the video is so low in volume, that when I raise the volume on my TV and then the outro starts, my speakers feel like they're going to blow.
  • trevor not funny
  • The Ikea man story is amazing!
  • so you know... Until recently the percentage of dislikes was 10% About a month later it's merely 1%
  • سکس
  • We have heard from: politicians, healthcare communities and the American people. We have not heard from the INSURANCE COMPANIES! My friend was charged $2,100.00. Initial charge for ambulance call: $1700.00 and $400.00 for a ride to the hospital in the ambulance. Hell, he should have called for a chauffer ride!
  • Look at God work!!! God is NOT going to ALLOW WRONG to win!! It NEVER DOES!! They will NEVER be able to eliminate the AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT!!! NOT going to happen!!! This is so HILARIOUS!!! Because each time this WICKED, EVIL & RATCHET regime sows seeds of discord and confusion...they come out looking like total FOOLS!!! So woe to all you who have chosen to follow after EVIL & WICKEDNESS!! You will suffer the wrath of God along with your "SO-CALLED" president and his entire regime!!! GUARANTEED!!!!
  • It's okay, Trevor. I get distracted by the guy in the Ikea manual too xD
  • People get ready to come together and get Medicare for all our government is corrupt and corporations make our laws to benefit people who pay no taxes we could take 1percent from Pentagon and have Medicare for all United we love divided we hate come together we the people take back our government was born out of revolution and our beautiful constitution must evolve into itself
  • The Unite the Right Rally on August 12 in Charlottesville VA in Lee Park This is where our next civil war is going to begin. GO TRUMP !! and hail to our Confederate brothers, we are with you.
  • "The repeal world"
  • A vote-a-rama on our healthcare system. I can't believe we've fallen this far.
  • There are some really weird parallels here to the continental congress's vote for independence. The tie-breaker vote just to call for a debate, the guy with cancer riding back to congress to cast a necessary vote... I hope it doesn't go the same way that did.
  • "If we cared about people dying, we wouldn't be doing this bill!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Fucking MCain ! He should have Stayed Home !!
  • trevor implied guys have penises #transphobe #triggered
  • At this point, probably even North Korea would have a working health care system ...
  • Hopefully these two meet again in hell.
  • I can't be the only one who sees how much of a mess politics are right? Like it's actually pathetic at this point
  • Reason for the sudden resurrection of this healthcare insanity: I read an article which described how the Koch bros (and other oligarchs who pay for right wing Republican campaigns) met with the Republican leadership and told them "the bank is closed for your campaign funding until you pass health care reform and tax reform" - in their favor, of course. Campaign finance reform is more vital than ever! For all parties.
  • fantastic intro Trevor
  • (05.04.2017) Trump said that Australia has much better healthcare system than US have.Australia has single payer system.I agree with Trump on this, we need same system what they have.also price of car insurance probably will go down, life expectancy will go up etc.
  • I think we should just call it Deathcare, that's what it is isn't it?
  • Thank you Demon. While I do have a new assume, happily I am not the ass-hole.
  • LOL he totally stole that gender flip joke from John Oliver
  • That John McCain is really weird mostly when people have a disease like cancer they want to become a better person and now he is voting for something were millions of people could loss their healty assurance
  • Brilliantly done.
  • I mean its honorable that mccain even after this horrible diagnosis is still determined to serve the people of the us he has my deepest respect hope u get well soon
  • trevor u nailed it , like always, u make my day bro
  • That sly "tortoise and the hair" joke though

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