Seth Meyers' Statement on Charlottesville

Seth Meyers' Statement on Charlottesville
Seth Meyers' Statement on Charlottesville
Seth Meyers addresses violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia and calls out President Trump for being slow to directly condemn the white supremacist movement. » Subscribe to Late Night: » Get more Late Night with Seth Meyers: » Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers Weeknights 12:35/11:35c on NBC. LATE NIGHT ON SOCIAL Follow Late Night on Twitter: Like Late Night on Facebook: Find Late Night on Tumblr: Connect with Late Night on Google+: Late Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube features A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy, and topical monologue jokes. NBC ON SOCIAL Like NBC: Follow NBC: NBC Tumblr: NBC Pinterest: NBC Google+: YouTube: NBC Instagram: Seth Meyers' Statement on Charlottesville- Late Night with Seth Meyers Late Night with Seth Meyers



  • It might now have become almost blase for late night hosts to take time out from their regularly-scheduled hilarity to speak up on national & international events. And certainly, there are some who feel they should "shut up & make us laugh". But just because you go into entertainment does not mean you check your humanity & your citizenship at the door. There are some fans who might take some needed comfort in their favorite personality acknowledging unfortunate events in the world. They do not have to be as eloquent as this was (or as eloquent AND moving as Jimmy Fallon's response), but it is better than saying nothing. And I love how the number of dislikes is markedly less than the likes (30,000 ups to only about 500 downs). Maybe even some of the "just entertain us" people found something to admire about this. Usually, clips like this are when the trolls come out to play.
  • Even though he talks about Donald Trump way too much, this may be the only thing he has said that isn't a joke.
  • I could tell he was pissed the way he was gritting his teeth when he was commenting on Trump's response.
  • beautiful speech.
  • Well said! I'm with Seth.
  • God bless you Seth Meyers
  • Enough with the fear mongering I'm pretty sure he condemned them when he said on many sides apart from the kkk there was also antifa both sides were violent and both sides deserve condemnation believe it or not but antifa has been causing way more problems than the kkk for the past months trump has disavowed the kkk over a million times if it was up to the democrats this guy would climb the top of the trump tower with a megaphone and scream I'm not racist. Instead of lying about your own president in order to turn people against him y don't u show u the preside really is by actually playing the full speech . Besides where was Obama after blms fiasco when the declared open season on white cops
  • The books of our history shall have to say, "The events at Charlottesville would show the resurgence of fascism in America. A tone reminiscent of bigotry and the wars of our predecessors. "
  • The comment section shows that there's still some decency and intelligence left in societies and on Youtube. Doesn't matter what kind of political video I watch, the right-winged nutballs seem to reign over the comment section with their stupid, ignorant, logical fallacies that so many fall for. Thanks to almost everybody commenting underneath this video.
  • both sides
  • Were fucked
  • Not Seth Myers
  • “We were getting sucker punched from all angles” August 21, 2017 BFH When the left’s Brownshirts attack the wrong kind of browns it’s all good as far as the left is concerned. ZERO outrage when Hispanics are victims of alt-left bigotry.@realdonaldtrump is right, condemn ALL hate.#LatinosWithTrump #SundayMorning — Jorge MAGA (@AmericanMex067) August 20, 2017
  • He said both sides were wrong though.
  • He didn't comment on Charlottesville, he f--king talked s--t about Trump the whole video. He's too much of a b-tch to acknowledge that Trump condemned the white supremacists
  • More presidential than anything we've heard on it from the White House.
  • Thank you, Seth
  • why does usa need a president who acts like a parent??
  • Are people deaf ?the president clearly said over and over that he condemns Nazis and white supremacist .. just play back the video of the press conference.. I'm quite disturbed by this false narrative against him
  • So is this douchebag going to say something about what happened in Barcelona? How is he going to shift this blame onto Trump and pander to the liberals and minorities.
  • WOW! excellent
  • Thank you for calling this by its name - a terrorist attack.
  • I wish I could be as confident about the American voter referred to at the end... but kind of hard to be. Who Donald Trump is was crystal clear when it came time for the American people to vote. They voted him in anyway.
  • The Russian collusion story fell apart so the left is back to calling Trump a racist after he condemns both sides as violent, which if any of you Trump-bashers followed what Antifa and BLM has done in the past few years you would realize they are just as violent. Berkeley, Ferguson, Baltimore, ring any bells? Wake up and stop listening to talk show hosts who are clearly pushing an agenda.
  • Seth Meyers is such a pathetic leftist mouthpiece.
  • Every United States congressman and woman needs to see this
  • This is so needed. Well said.
  • Wow, until now I had only seen "a closer look" but this was really nice too.
  • When Trump cures cancer the left will say he put doctors out of work.
  • The Founders envisioned a nation where populist demagogues like Trump could and would be combated by political consequences, but he doesn't seem to care and the politicians who have a vested interest in their party being powerful dont seem to care either. Their base doesn't seem to care enough to take their representatives to task, or perhaps they actually agree and that is why they arent turning on them. It is a testament to the foresight and planning of our Founding Fathers that the system has fared so well, but I fear that a savvier demagogue could have subverted it.
  • I always thought we (Germany) gonna screw up again with some horrible Nazi stories. Can't believe what happened in Charlottesville. And never thought I'm gonna listen to the word "nazi" that often outside of history lessons back in school. .. // Thanks for calling it by name - a terror attack. // my prayers and love are especially with Heather and her family!
  • Help them, Obe Meyers you are America's great hopes...
  • Trump is damaging our country, is a criminal, is treasonist and must go.
  • I am weeping and sobbing, tearing at the ground in despair for my country.
  • I absolutely love that we live in a country where someone can publicly call out our "leader" like this without fear of losing their job or their life.
  • BTW, my grandfather died in a ditch, fighting in Tatra mountains, never got found, for what???? I AM LITERALLY CRYING IN ANGER!!!! Tafuq, ppl...
  • Goddamnit, I truly hope that I will wake up tomorrow ,and THIS was a f,, ing nightmare.... We always had USA as an example of democracy.... TAFUQ HAPPEND????
  • Over 90 million people were murdered under Marxist regimes in the 20th century. Get rid of the Lenin statue in Seattle.
  • You can tell Seth is pissed....
  • Seth Meyers is a piece of trash.
  • +YouReadMyName Yes... Of course there are _many_ sides involved with a Neo-Nazi plowing his car into a crowd of people. Oh. And for all those mouthbreather apologists out there? That was sarcasm
  • ^3 -- that's supposed to be a thumbs up... Thank you Seth.
  • That was well said Seth. Thank you for saying what millions of us are thinking! Or saying to each other. He is NOT our President. Never will be. My heart goes out to the people in of Chalottesville, Virginia.KKK, white supremists and neo-natzies should not be protected by the free speech amendment. They mean Americans harm! That is called, Terrorists!
  • FFS. I can't stand listening to Trump for any length of time. Just his diction alone pisses me off.
  • Previously, supporting Trump gave you the option of being either stupid or a racist. You no longer have that option.
  • Thank you Seth. PREACH.
  • This comment will get buried and Seth Meyers likely (smartly) does not read these anyway, but I cannot convey enough gratitude to him for this. So eloquent, so powerful, and so true. "Pencils down" and "very partial credit" indeed. Thank you, Seth, for this and your continuous commentary on this awful political climate.

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