Ivanka Trump's Fake Feminism: The Daily Show

Ivanka Trump's Fake Feminism: The Daily Show
Ivanka Trump's Fake Feminism: The Daily Show
After hearing Ivanka Trump's ideas on maternity leave, childcare and sexual harassment, Michelle Wolf breaks down why the first daughter's brand of feminism is self-serving. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: http://www.cc.com/shows/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah/full-episodes The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • DAMN. Preach woman, preach
  • Ivanka is a wealthy woman, she has grown up in this world of privileged people and you want her to be a "legitimate" feminist? She does not know anything about feminism, but is that a problem? Can not she learn about feminism just because she's white and rich? Ivanka does not keep talking shit like everyone else in her family and even then gets more attacks than everyone there. Do you want to change someone with attacks?
  • I love this episode 😂😂😂
  • So, news has been reduced to bad Seinfeld esk jokes?
  • fire her
  • Love the show! Hate the blast of high volume at the end.
  • what's the meaning of DM?
  • Sketchy outro loop - löl
  • wtf GEST-ure
  • Daily Show picked the wrong week to go on vacation.
  • Why is she pronouncing "gesture" like that???!!!!
  • TL;DR Ivanka isn't a feminist because she doesn't hate the straight white rich male leftist boogeyman scapegoat enough.
  • Michelle Wolf: So on point !!!
  • can't stand the fake bitch ivanka
  • Ha! I want to thank Trevor for this, and thank his little brain-dead minion, too. Thank you for labeling and name calling and trying to shut down any who stray from your cute little extremist party line. Thanks for keeping on your blinders and mistaking genuine, thoughtful questioning of your ideas or agenda for a mindless, vicious, personal attack. More and more are moving away from you to the reasonable center. Please keep it up!
  • Could you PLEASE turn down the volume for the music AFTER the piece?
  • Okay, hate to mention this on a piece about not judging women by appearance...but dang, your hair looks good.
  • Still fucking hate dead-faced ear-cancer-voice unfunny Michelle Wolff, but at east this time she doesnt look that high. Please exchange her with someone else!!!! Nobody wants to see her! Like if you agree!
  • By your lies and hatred you reporters of slander are obliterated.
  • One of the best Michelle Wolf skits to date
  • Yes another example of feminists only backing liberals. Sad.
  • ivanka might not really care about woman rights, she's a trump after all. But Ivanka has a point. Screaming that everything is harassment is harmful for everyone. 1: if harassment claims are made too frequent, people will not believe the the real harassment cases anymore. 2: peoples lives get destroyed by false harassment claims. Just assuming and saying that every hoot or holler is harassment is ridiculous. woman and men have differences, but no one is better or more important then the other. So why would you want special treatment in regards of harassment? Before any idiot responds without thinking: no, I'm not defending harassment.
  • What you can say about the woman that marry somebody like Trump? Hahah no more coments
  • Michelle! Say it!!!!
  • Tired of this feminist racist garbage, is it ok to just be an equalist? Treat everyone with respect and just get on with your lives. I f&$king hate the left and right idiots who want to label everything with something, why does everything have to be labeled different thus identifying differences and then asking for not acknowledging it or treating it as gospel dependent upon your point of view... f&$k the past, embrace the future and for f&$ks sake just work and be happy together you dimwitted nimrods...
  • I will unsub if the music at the end of the videos continues being so damn loud. It´s so annoying, you are laugin one second and reaching for the volume button the next.
  • Was it Becky with the good hair, Michelle?
  • I thought this was a comedy show.
  • All the single ladies.
  • wow.. libtards are nuts.
  • What's a DM?
  • Sad thing is the Trumps feed there followers bullshit and they love it gotta give it up to Trump they've truly figured out the idiots populous in this country.
  • Ivanka Trump and her Trump family are all Traitor to America. They love Russia and Putin.
  • *ANSWER IS SIMPLE:* Don't be a single mother, degenerates.
  • Dayuuuum they put that pussy on the chain.
  • Hey daily show, stop your pseudo-political BS and being so cynical about smart women like Ivanka. She tries hard. I respect that. Can you express any lucid thoughts, or just whine?
  • I really like seeing Michelle Wolf on TDS.
  • Once against prove that you can never please the SJW left. Ivanka should stop the pandering they stil fucking hate her no matter what she dose.
  • remember how the Saudis funded 30 percent of Hillary's campaign. lol. go feminism. a country that will throw a women in prison for being raped.
  • the left only has a few good things they are good at sexual issues, racism, sexism and funding ISIS to overthrow Libya and Syria.
  • so you people care about feminism now huh? lol. where were you while obama was fundung wahhabisists in Syria that were throwing yadazi women into sex slavery as early as 6 year old. or watching kobani female fighters get killed by obamas Sunni proxy army. wake up democrats. this channel is hell bent on keeping you as stupid as humanly possible. Obama even classified El Nusra as a freedom fighting group. dont let comedy central convince you that opening the boarders to the US is a good thing. dont ruin your way of life like the Europeans did. now they have rapes, murders, honor killings and acid attacks on a daily basis
  • Liberals only support liberal feminists. They should be supporting all women of any party any ethnicity any religion. But most of all be humble enough to admit when you're wrong.
  • Love the daily show but this shit just wasn't funny at all... girl talking about her small titties, how ironic and demeaning on a conversation about women's rights
  • Her policy also is restricted to women who physically give birth and excludes those who adopted or had a surrogate. So, screw the infants of those parents who needs care and bonding time. The provisos are clearly prejudicial and punitive against single parents, poor parents and gay parents.
  • It would be funnier is it wasn't true.
  • That exit music tho. So fing loud
  • Spot on! Keep up the great work Daily Show!
  • This wouldn't be an issue if we started a bounty on trump's head using TOR and Bitcoin. someone is going to take that money. Think of it as a charity. Hell, who wouldn't donate some money to see him vanish.
  • I would make Ivanka's mouth work if I had a chance
  • I think people saying "feminism is cancer" is missing the point. It's as disrepectful as saying a group of people is labelled as the most extreme of cases. Its equal to "ALL Muslims are radical", "ALL American are obese" , etc . The point of this video was that ivaka is a fake feminist and real feminism is safe healthcare for women/childcare policy, equal rights , against domestic violence and yet these dumbasses in the comment section call feminism cancer. STOP GENERALIZING

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