Ivanka Trump's Fake Feminism: The Daily Show

Ivanka Trump's Fake Feminism: The Daily Show
Ivanka Trump's Fake Feminism: The Daily Show
After hearing Ivanka Trump's ideas on maternity leave, childcare and sexual harassment, Michelle Wolf breaks down why the first daughter's brand of feminism is self-serving. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: http://www.cc.com/shows/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah/full-episodes The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • he's fake woke. he's fake funny. he's fake smart.
  • Why doesn't Michelle Wolf blink. Like in the whole clip she only blinked once or twice. Even my eyes started burning 😕
  • This girl is so funny
  • What a cute lady! 😍
  • Lmao she is trying not to laugh while speaking... cause she knows that what she says is funny.
  • That's being a Trump. DAAAAAYUUUMMMN!!!!
  • I love all the childish jealous comments from the young brainwashed commies of America!
  • And your sick "ass" ad? Perverted beyond redemption just like your fake liberal show. I LMAO when I see all you immoral minority egomaniacs being so sick and evil and judging the good people of this world. Fake feminists that hate their own guts and girly men pretending that genders don't exist to appease who now? Ivanka is a real feminist because she won't cave to the demands of the mind controlling media so she can be with the "popular kids." Repent because the end is closer than you all think.
  • Michelle, your arguments are great, but your voice is just so high pitched I feel like I'm going deaf...............
  • Hilarious and sadly so true
  • Michelle, it's Jerimy's loss!
  • Unfortunately, The investigation is taking a while because the Trump clan, built a web of   hiding the trail. FBI and Mueller have to make sure there is solid legal ground before indicting. Hope they are thoroughly investigating Jared Kushner, Rebekah Mercer  ( her husband Sylvain Mirochnikoff (Russian) ) analytic & digital companies for their involvement in the campaign + their possible ties to Russia. In addition to Ivanka and other Trump family members who moved their WH correspondence into the Trump Organization, when they were told not to.  Thus the FBI are not opening and investigating.  I look forward to the day this is unraveled. A lot of it , probably is. But Mueller and his team need to make sure they have a legal case to back it up. Trump and Mercer are filth.
  • I’d fuck Michelle wolf sorry
  • You know whats funny Ivanka could have been, maybe she still can, be a saver to this economy she is a lot of things that her father is not, which is passionate, but she is still stuck up her father's ass and was raised like he was, silver spoon not knowing what really goes on in the real world. Maturity for only married women...really. She should now over half pre cent of the women in this economy are single mothers. That's bull that only a spectrum of people, i.e. people like her, are getting certain benefits.
  • "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle", however fish never developing bicycles, is why so many get caught.
  • she is telling a big truth. There is barely nothing feminism-related with Ivanka, I saw her tweets often in the past, they were all about how well she was going on, a happiness family, a nice career etc. women who are struggling in this world may feel nothing strong but powerless and jealous. And Ivanka gained all those just for her family background. Basically, I think she is even kind of selfish, does she know there are some women in Japan who want to get married and have babies but they are unable to just for the life pay? whatever, she is born too rich to understand that hurt. Oh, By the way, although we can see many good sides of Ivanka now, don't forget those the past interviews on her, she presented nothing but defiant, and being proud of being born-rich. Trump, this name can only related to the word' money', you are complaining too much about him as a president, however, he is the one who was selected by most of you Americans, maybe ' money' is the most thing you want, so it's kind of no reason to talk about the' character' or quality issues
  • Feminism is dead. Equality apparently means more rights for women cos they're weaker and can't take responsibility for themselves. How is this not EXTREMELY PATRONIZING!!!
  • Clueless!!! #dumptrump
  • She sounds like the babysitter from the Incredibles haha
  • wow you make a joke about women with A-cup tits? wow fucking unreal. you wanna talk about feminism, at LEAST be considerate when you're talking about 80% of women that actually have small tits........... SMALL TIT LIVES MATTER YOU FUCKING FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MEN ARE DELUSIONAL STUCK IN YOUR FANTASY LAND WHERE YOU JUST EYE RAPE WOMEN'S HUGE DOUBLE D TITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMALL TIT LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT REAL FEMINISM!!!!!!!!!!! REAL FEMINISM ACKNOWLEDGES SMALL TITS AND LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE EVIL WORK OF THE PATRIARCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MEN ARE FUCKING SICKENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • white 👏🏼 feminism 👏🏼 is 👏🏼 not 👏🏼 feminism 👏🏼
  • Michelle is hilarious!!!!
  • The Trump family is so fake
  • to those that have an issue with the volume button being too loud, theres a new thing that can help with your issue. its call the volume button maybe you have heard of it? simply decrease the volume if its too loud its better than the volume being too soft where you have to stick your ears to the speaker to listen to it. hope you have a nice day woth this new invention that you finally realize exsist😊 youre welcome
  • Oh my God! She's not a true feminist. It used to be that anyone speaking up for women's rights, in any capacity, was praised. But with the changing goalposts of the liberals/feminists, even the people who try to help are ridiculed constantly. But I TRULY TRULY believe this has more to do with her last name than anything else. I'm glad we have a TV show hosted by some foreign dude whose purpose in life is to bash not only our president, but any member of his family, any known associate, and any supporter. It's pretty damn weak. Glad he gets paid millions to talk about one thing, and one thing only. Brain dead sycophants. This is our society now.
  • Michelle reminds me of Kristen Schaal
  • The trumps are Satanists that's fact
  • The lady is fuuunnnyy
  • i loled
  • well, Ms. Wolf when you're right your right, I love the way your brain works.
  • Disliked cuz Michelle Wolfe was there
  • 1:04 I see what you did there!
  • Umm. WOMEN and MEN are not equal. In rights, they are. Both men and woman have the same rights. However they are fundamentally different and thus cerain have to be followed. Men should usually be more chivalrious and kinder to women. Women and kids first. Stuff like that.
  • "My secret weapon was my dress." No. Your secret weapon is having Trump as a last name. No matter where you go Ivanka, you will always get the job, because your last name is Trump. Lets quit with the 'I'm relateble' bullshit. You were born rich, and have been obscenely wealthy for your entire life. I doubt you've never been unable to have access to funds EVER. And even if you were, your last name is like a Visa Black card to anyplace you go. Like, can we just be real for a second?
  • Donald smashes that daily. By that I mean his whorish daughter.
  • So to be a feminist you need to advocate government-funded welfare? Get lost with this nonsense and go fight your imaginary "patriarchy"
  • There is more important issues roaming around your South African Ass , like "Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing" in Fucking Myanmar, Saffer
  • Damn @32, she looks over worked!
  • Time is money yo
  • a person being a woman doesn't automatically make her a feminist icon lmfao
  • LMFAO! Ivanka probably doesn't even know what feminism is just like she doesn't know the definition of "complicit"...and said there is a right and wrong way to respond to sexual harassment in taking up for her gross father.
  • *I would fuck Ivanka, but for no fucking reason I would marry her*
  • Lol XD American are the stupidest people who actually think they have gender inequality crisis, but you can't blame them when they all the major in is gender studies and lesbian dance ,I hope american stupid P.C culture doesn't reach east SMH
  • Damn, she tore her apart like a Wolf 😂
  • They should have stretched the "all the single ladies".
  • Hilarious!! Considering all the flavors of Feminism, not more than a group of 13 Feminists, have the same belief set.
  • She's spot-on! ! Ivanka is no role model by any stretch of the imagination. Unless you're a rich, thin, white biatch.
  • Michele Woolf, you are awesome, funny and rigiht ON~

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