Nintendo @ E3 2018: Day 2

Nintendo @ E3 2018: Day 2
Nintendo @ E3 2018: Day 2
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  • New metroid game 8:03:14
  • I miss the thotbots from last year
  • Is undertale in this e3
  • If inkling splats a pokemon, and the trainer switches them out, are the other pokemon covered in ink? And on Corneria, what happens if the inkling uses a roller?
  • Is Audrey from the Treehouse there? She was the reason I watched last year's Treehouse streams!
  • I wonder what three bugs Sakurai saw in Smash. (Posting here because comments are disabled for Day1)
  • Why can't people shut up about no Animal Crossing just keep playing the old ones
  • I probably would have spent all my time at e3 in Nintendo if I could go. that show floor is too awesome
  • :)
  • Build you team on the Beta Gaming Platform! We are scouting the best players!
  • god i want the octo expansion
  • Need For Speed Payback
  • We’re is the Pokémon game
  • Starts at 28:59
  • Wow
  • Defendant: Nintendo. Crime: Not announcing Animal Crossing for their amazing games system, the Nintendo Switch. *LIGHTNING!!!!!!*
  • the worst nintendo E3 ever . i knew it nintendo wouldn't look good
  • Can we grab Christmas gift on December.
  • Nooo! The hazard toggle turns off all the platforms on Mega Man's stage! What's the point, then?
  • STAGE HAZARD TOGGLE THANK YOU Nintendo and Sakurai 7:57:30 your welcome
  • Where's lets go eevee?
  • No Audrey or Kendra this year???  :*(  I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!
  • I'm very interested in Octopath Traveler. It's got a unique visual style and is a full-on unapologetic RPG. As opposed to the "RPGs" of late that try very hard to be anything else. But even the good ones are rather few and far between. I'll need to check out Xenoblade as well. A lot of good stuff here. Just wish we could've seen something more of Metroid Prime 4. Even concept art.
  • 6:29:19 is where the Good Stuff is at.
  • meu canal
  • Is there any Fire Emblem Gameplay?
  • too muc smash bros
  • 7:37:34 Phantom hits are back! (Watch at a slower speed, and look for sparks on appearing on Zelda’s head during Ike’s B-air.)
  • 2:15:54 best moment in smash history. I love the ice climbers tho.
  • Demo fire emblem what min? o.o (sry my bad english)
  • E3 for Nintendo is just smash bros I’m not complaining but they could’ve shown off more games
  • Any armys out there
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  • Litteraly  there is a new Mario Party There better be fishy boopkins as a character -btw if you don't know SMG4 Then you might not know who fishy boopkins is he's spike but better
  • No Animal Crossing!
  • No Animal Crossing...
  • Watch this
  • 2:14:38
  • I was hoping we could get more insight on that Illumination Entertainment Mario movie....
  • The Video is boring at 29:00
  • Is this donkey kong
  • 1:52:30 Wow Daisy was not playing during that game ahaha
  • Was the invitational not recorded? Or maybe it just hasn't been uploaded yet?
  • 49:40
  • Lol y'all are screaming "WE WANT ANIMAL CROSSING." Totally hate to break it to you guys, but they really only announce major things on the first day. They won't announce anything else. Just wait and be patient for either a Nintendo Direct, an Animal Crossing Direct, or next year's E3 conference.
  • Watch my videothank me later

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