Mariah Carey - With You (Live from the American Music Awards)

Mariah Carey - With You (Live from the American Music Awards)
Mariah Carey - With You (Live from the American Music Awards)
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  • She looks good. Voice is good. But song sounds like things she did before. Sounds a bit rehashed to me. But the lambs will love it!
  • Wow her Voice has evolved again. So soft, so sultry. Love it, beautiful
  • I have to say she is fucking amazing..really she needs more new songs ..
  • 😍
  • Ok I loved the whole performance BUT 3:27 WAS INCREDIBLEEEE😍😍❤️❤️
  • Minha DIVA💝
  • The whole song is amazing but man the last 40 seconds of this song. Her tone is so good I just keep playing those little belts over and over!
  • I love ur voice I love how u sing I also love u. Muahhh 💞💞💞💞💞❣❣❣❣💕💕💕💕💕
  • She's back.This is how I know her. LOving the make-up and hair and everything.Please keep it this way.
  • Keren !
  • I think this is the first time i get to hear her singing live
  • It is so sad that Mariah dont appreciate more unlike before. But While typing this I realized that It doesnt matter anymore If her brand new song wont chart. She has to nothing to prove, because She is Indeed the Most female succesful singer of all time.. She is a Living Legend. A one in 10 Million talent. I love you Mariah Im 10 yrs hard core fan of yours. From Philippines. Mariah's Nation 😊
  • Just raped the repeat button.. Damn!!! I was back to 2000s Mariah for a minute there!
  • Good for Mariah and for beautiful dress.
  • Que música linda, que Mariah linda que performance linda' tudo lindo
  • The Queen .. flawless voice superb 👊👏🏻👏🏻
  • Cada dia fico mais apaixonado por essa música 🎶💕 Thanks mariah ❤
  • Playback Queen s
  • The diva
  • I absolutely love the song! Except for the "Mustard on the beat, oh" part. It kind of ruins the vibe, but whatever. I still love the song!
  • Fot the people out there that said she can't sing anymore well guess what she still got it😝
  • ❤️ mariah
  • Aesthetic AF
  • Why do i like the live version more😍
  • Yaaaahz! Welcome back queen
  • Her voice is just magical and unique! I just love her so much
  • Muito linda 😍😘😋👍
  • She lip syncs a bad. At least Britney and Beyoncé dance when they lip sync
  • Nice
  • What an epic performance - elegant, beautifully choreographed. We want more! 💜
  • *watches video* "Where did my weave go?"
  • Oh. My. God.
  • Gorgeous :)
  • Wow the Song of Bird of America & world is back♥️♥️♥️💋💋💋
  • Her best live performance in a long time 👏
  • How to be chill like Mariah while slaying the stage
  • She didn't move one time. LOL
  • Talented,inspiring goddess,love her so much,find the strength to hold on from her voice!
  • I find this song so boring 😪
  • Yes Mariah... you did that loved the visual. 💋🔥🔥🔥
  • Proud of her
  • Am i the only one that keeps going back to watch this?
  • Una diva 💖
  • Wonderful performance and a wonderful song
  • I never really had a doubt with her passion and way of singing like, Girl! I grew up with Mariah's Song in my ears! I'm in the Philippines and we have lots of singers out here but, Mariah ? She's like the one of the standard Bracket of Singing! Like if you can't hit one of her notes and tried to cover one of her songs and can't nailed it right. You're out of the game Girl! Hahahah Mariah for me is a Gift from above that Nobody Can Take Away from Me, she also taught me that to Love unconditionally and always Spread My Wings and Fly like a Butterfly! #SolidMariahCarey #ILoveYouMariah #MariahCareyForever
  • Only if we could imagine how Whitney Houston would've still be here doing what she does best, at least we still have Mariah🙏🏽👏🏽💖
  • This song should be blowing up the radio airwave , I'm loving this. Tune
  • She sounds amazing

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