Hurricane Michael rips roofs off buildings as it strikes Florida

Hurricane Michael rips roofs off buildings as it strikes Florida
Hurricane Michael rips roofs off buildings as it strikes Florida
The winds reached more than 150 mph as waves crashed ashore at St. Andrew's Bay. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF 'WORLD NEWS TONIGHT': WATCH OTHER FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT:



  • Remember when Trump said that PR’s infastructure failed because it was old and poorly maintained? Yeah, how’d that shit stand up in Florida, where it’s all good and shit? Oh, that shit broke too? Holy fuck, it’s almost like no infastructure can survive a bad ass hurricane! Oh wait, no that can’t be right, because Trump always is ... right?
  • My names Michael
  • I live here and the shit the show you here is nothing, not even a crumb of what it actually looks like .... Panama city beach , Mexico beach, fountain ,Youngstown, cypress, marianna , grandridge, everywhere you go looks like a bomb went off. what normally takes me 10 minutes to get to work took me 2 hours . clean up has started but still takes about 30 minutes . its alot different seeing it on TV and actually living here .
  • first of all. NEVER SAY THIS TO HURRICANE MICHEAL Me: hey Micheal! Hurricane Micheal: what? Me: i have only 2 words for u. Hurricane Micheal: What is it? *this is the word* Me: HUGE DICK! Hurricane Micheal: *TRIGGERS AND HITS FLORIDA* Everyone: OH MY F$%^ING GOD!!!! Me: WELP! sucks for them, i'm just chillin here in macedonia *THUG LIFE*
  • wow flordia has had 2 huricanes now its sad that 26 people died for this huricane
  • �Your face would look better between my legs.�
  • I just wanna know how they got all those good shots in that wind and the camera stayed stable
  • Америке пиздец=Всевыший произнес Приговор 1
  • Prayed for some this's affected!
  • If It was real news news but this fake news.
  • Mother Nature really doesnt like Florida
  • Mother nature really doesnt like flordia
  • That reporter deserves a big raise and promotion. He has nerves of steel. Great, great coverage. What I wonder is how did he choose that hotel? How did the crew know it could withstand the hurricane?
  • May God bless them all this so sad praying
  • Those news reporters think they are indestructible until they get hit in the face with a stop sign. Like it did to one reporter. 😆
  • Good get rid of all those insane Florida men I keep hearing about on the news
  • It's not just about climate change,it's broken laws of God ,
  • No one care
  • Сочувствую. Мы недавно наводнение пережили. Держитесь!
  • Sorry
  • where is trump?
  • I LOVE it when I hear about Hurricanes BLASTING red states into OBLIVION! It makes me HAPPY! : )
  • I blame the black folk😁
  • Hard to believe this is in the same state as me. Here in South Florida we haven't experienced anything.
  • Get right with God people, we're living in the end times.
  • How dare you not blame President Trump for the weather it’s an out rage! As a president Trump supporter I demand you guys stick with the program!
  • That's where your wall should go.
  • I have no sympathy. You live on a coastline and built a house from wood . Come on dude.
  • Michael is also the real name of Obama's wife.
  • Only jesus save look for
  • OOF
  • Well when you live right on the water front what did you expect. Sooner or later it was going to get hit. Should have thought really hard about moving there. FL is the last place I would have moved to. I'll stick closer to the woods. And to stay in the storm not a good idea to stay. Can't feel bad for you.
  • Don’t by it when people say they can’t leave, Cuz they have feet and they certainly gonna leave when tax paid help are forced to come save their asses afterwards
  • did someone say hurricane? imma send prayera so everything gets fixed instead of donating food.
  • I’m a 8yr old kid loving this my life is a lie now;(
  • ハリケーンの凄さに驚きました。復興まで時間はかかると思いますが頑張ってください!
  • Fake news.
  • Damn it, i got hit and there’s no power 😭😭 no fortnite
  • While in California..
  • Yo disable the comment section. So many fucking stupid people lmfao.
  • Yea but whose boat was that boat?
  • Now these Americans will know the feelings of the people of Syria somehow... How it feels like to see your home destroyed . Being homeless.They loves to make fun out of them .so how does it feel? Remember there is the creator Allah the almighty to punish u . don't think that just because your country does not get bombed like Syria then you won't be able to face such calamities.....
  • Global warming
  • Fake news. Nothing happened. Lol
  • Yo guys I’m sorry but I had to do it to Florida I mean it’s Florida come on
  • Jesus was a carpenter. Why doesn't his sorry ass float down to help repair their roof?
  • Holy shit WTF
  • 😢🙏👼 prayers for all affected by this unfortunate tragedy. 💨
  • Keep praying maybe Trump will care about you lol. You guys voted for this.
  • Omg darn my state is rekt

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