Uganda - Even Worse at Elections Than America: The Daily Show

Uganda - Even Worse at Elections Than America: The Daily Show
Uganda - Even Worse at Elections Than America: The Daily Show
With the help of several suspicious mishaps on voting day, Yoweri Museveni is reelected president of Uganda for a fifth term. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • People are smart and reasonable, those were good answer, why choose between black shit and orange shit? still shit
  • Hihihihi.
  • African civilisation
  • Trevor represent for Africa. U the best always son.
  • Trevor doing an African accent always cracks me up...
  • No its your therapist
  • I thank God for our President Donald Trump
  • He didn't win. He won before starting
  • This is great. One of the videos I like in 2017. Thank you Noah. Very funny
  • lmao hilairous
  • OOh OOh OOh. The sound of a monkey. The sound that's coming out of this king kong.
  • That doctor has some crazy eyes
  • Please do CAMEROON next.
  • Fuck Trevor. Bring back Jon.
  • Do Indian elections please!!!!!!!
  • & this isn't targeted marketing. Smh...
  • looks like lebron
  • Am here in 2017
  • The Ugandan people reaction were scripted . Common people don't come up with good joke
  • ugandans are just like african americans
  • Brilliant
  • I binge on these YouTube video omg. I have to admit I never watched Comedy Central but I am going watch now 😊👍🏽
  • watching from kenya
  • Strange how most of the news clips are from Kenyan and not Ugandan news stations
  • 😂😂😂😂that bacon and ham one destroyed me
  • Here for KTNNEWS !! Kenyans where you at??
  • Oi Trevor! Lol! Your own laughter is infectious. Thanks for making it easy for us (Africans) to live through our pains smiling ☺️
  • That was the best ending to a Daily Show segment ever!!!
  • the end was fucking hilarious holy shit
  • Using the name Chad really confused me... cause I was thinking the Republic of Chad, not Chad as a person name.
  • Dats Uganda and proud to be Ugandan but the government really annoys
  • Trevor you should do one episode about Kenya elections
  • 😂😂😂😂Trevor ure so funny
  • So true so true he is a dictator this time around the is not coming back we so tired
  • We don't want museven in our country just because guns belong to him he shuts up the social media so that he can kill people without evidence
  • “Matter of fact, just give me a rope I’ll hang myself” how I feel everyday 😂
  • If any one knew how we dearly hate that dictator m7. He is really a waste
  • America treats africans better than any subsaharan country, say whatever you want about the USA, blacks have more human rights and opportunities than in any black majority african country
  • wow, you were really selective when it comes to the vox pop, all those guys and girl most certainly work at some city radio station in k'la.
  • It's even worse because they have more niggers than America.
  • Aye we Ugandans have Homour this country went to the dogs long time ago
  • "America. At least it's not Uganda"
  • Can u please talk about the situation in Uganda now
  • Trevor, I enjoy when you talk about governments/elections/current events that are globally impactful. The trump stuff is alright but I would enjoy your show even more if you cut back on the trump news a tiny bit and started talking more about stuff like this. It was very interesting!
  • ...And yet Uganda has 34 % women in their parliament...
  • Donald likes him
  • Well to elect a totaly under edjucated N-A to presiden tells the story of IQ of the pop that is woting... Same shit with D-T .....lets have ham now Im a muslime
  • Uganda...its like shit on a burger and love to eate it....well done
  • D-T is a real bacon dud ....fat and loving his kids withe the wrong fingers ...Not sticky ..just kinky
  • I live that you have people on the street in other countries

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