Scaramucci Eats at Trump Tower Post Firing, Tweets Predict Crimes - Monologue

Scaramucci Eats at Trump Tower Post Firing, Tweets Predict Crimes - Monologue
Scaramucci Eats at Trump Tower Post Firing, Tweets Predict Crimes - Monologue
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  • From someone whose will they're not in. This one is pure gold!
  • Trump should be laughing, he's lucky the Mooch didn't set a bomb in Trump towers...
  • Melania was sure pissed when they found those Ring's that slipped off (wink wink) her skinny finger's.
  • Hmm... wonder what they edited at 1:34.
  • I hate these stupid Verizon ads before the actual video
  • Mooch had a gift certificate from Trump.
  • Heya pal! origin The video sounds pretty astoyndingrat :‑[
  • Good ending.
  • Open barf was lame Sorry bro. T_T
  • Seth! Your face is so funny :D I'm not saying you're ugly but when you end a joke you make a face and that's what makes me laugh. Love ya!
  • too bad Trump is such an asshole and has managed to make enemies in every POSSIBLE "arena" so.. guess what? now that he is on the precipice of impeachment, its HIGHLY doubtful a single vote (from either side) will be cast in his favor, no matter the issue!
  • wow, sorry to see the "Mooch" go... I was just starting to like that character on the "show"
  • Thanks Late Night with Seth Meyers.:)
  • I saw the Twitter logo in handcuffs and all I could think was, "Finally...someone cut him off, Trump finally lost/quit his Twitter account." But no, instead it's more of the same....damn it false hope you got me again!
  • Im just gonna say it right now, when Trump dies his sons are gonna be an unexpected buisness success.
  • scaryMuch
  • Scumbag gossiper 😂
  • You need some new writers asap. #FakeJokes
  • These monologues are often edited, and obviously so. I'd love to know what goes wrong that they have to cut out.
  • Savage, i love it.
  • Seth, trying to carry a bag of potatoes.
  • Worst bad poor sucky administration ever very very very sadddd!
  • Trumps will? why would that fucking dope have a will? is he gonna leave his crippling debt to his kids?
  • LOL...yes, how dare he say Bannon tries to suck his own dick...gross, disgusting...everyone knows you're suppose to get your daughter-wife to do that for you...
  • Great work
  • What with the ads YouTube
  • Sean Spicer probably couldn't get a job at a t'rump restaurant. He's not latino and willing to get paid 50% less.
  • Serving CROW! were they.
  • That last joke was incredibly well done.
  • I'm starting to think the writers aren't the ones coming up with the really awful punny jokes. Seth...for the love of god...stop yourself.
  • XD that joke was "open barf."
  • Wow, that first picture of Melania is pretty rough.
  • that open barf joke was terrible
  • this guys is the worst of all these formated talk shows. john oliver and colbert are by far the funniest
  • Melania looks terrifying. Plastic surgery doesn't age well.
  • I really don't get the rollercoaster joke. Can someone kindly elaborate?
  • Vladimir Putin: He Attac He Protec But more importantly..... He Hac
  • I'm just wondering: did President Dumpy hire The Mooch with the intention of firing him, to pay back Mooch for the original tweets he sent out about Dumpy when he was first campaigning! Mooch must be humiliated by all the kiss assing he did especially after slagging Dumpy off previously only to be fired 10 days later.
  • She looks reptilian somehow
  • Scaramucci was just a stunt to distract us from Trumps failing bill, and Jared Kushners meeting with Russia
  • The Mooch probably stole a meal voucher before they escorted him off the property.
  • Impeach the peach is the best slogan ever... LOL
  • Ivanka and Melania Trump were disgusted by Scaramucci's vulgar language? Now we have proof-- neither of them has ever met Donald J. Trump.
  • Sooo... an ex-general now controls the White House basically? Anyone else getting military coup vibes?
  • no sympathy aplause😂 open barf😁😁
  • Seth's jokes WILL burn you 😂
  • When you are walking down the street and hear someone say, "Hey Seth.", and you suddenly see a white flash accompanied by the most pain you ever felt in your life right before you pass out, it was probably me.

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