Donald Trump Jr. Reminds Everyone How Incompetent His Dad's Administration Is: The Daily Show

Donald Trump Jr. Reminds Everyone How Incompetent His Dad's Administration Is: The Daily Show
Donald Trump Jr. Reminds Everyone How Incompetent His Dad's Administration Is: The Daily Show
First Son Donald Trump Jr. is accused of meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 election in hopes of obtaining damaging information on Hillary Clinton. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • I like how comedy nowadays is dictated by your stupid politicians and presidents. As if you wouldn't have a life to life on your own, instead follow other fucktards around like there is no morning, which there propably isn't for murica and neither for my fuckin english skills. Fuckin Christ may god bless the days when Rowan Atkinson and Monty Phyton showed us how to do proper comedy. Do you not have all the sources to learn by his examle...
  • I am surprised that the Trump didn't say ( They don't look Russians ) like Trump stated ( They don't look Indian ) back when Donald Trump trying to get a Casino in California on Trible Land.
  • This election snowflake heartbreak has ruined comedy. These late nite shows are obsessed with Trump. You can talk about someone good or bad but if you keep them in the media 24/7 they win elections. These comedians are all starting to sound like Trumps bitter ex.
  • The way the Russian involvement is being handle is really incredible! Years of conducting annual security training on topics like, oh, I dont know... espionage... one especially including a Russian woman who was quite successful at it, and we're acting like this is no big deal??? And all the people waiting for backlogged investigations, but Ivanka with no actual function, other than being eye candy for her daddy, gets one with a finger snap??? Her mother is a foreigner for God's sake! And even when the need is warranted, she would be limited on the strength of her mother! Guess the regulations put in place for our protection dont apply to everyone!
  • We will find out the truth when he's out of office.
  • The Daily Show Reminds Everyone How competent fake news Is
  • The Trumpsters are drinking himselfs’ kook-aid.
  • Listen up you ignorant, inbred racist hayseeds....... Trump is a world wide embarrassment and so is every single brain dead jagaloon that supports the obese orange ass hatchling.
  • Man I wish Bernie was prez.Trump and Hilary are both horrible candidates .
  • The Ever....Smart Trevor Noah
  • I am not Trump supporter but seriously think logically, if the russians had anything to do with the elections do you think they will leave any trace? You might say they hacked the election. Alright, but if they hacked the elections would they leave trace? Think about that.
  • i love trump trump is always on the right track haters of trump are not good people who dont care about usa
  • You're so FUNNY!
  • I am subscribed but for some reason only the audio will play but not the video. Same with Seth Meyers. All other videos play. Anyone else?
  • jr should be cleaning toilets
  • Holy shit don jr is so orange!
  • you think your opinion matters
  • Trump jr. In that picture looks like Bugs Bunny with those Bucky beaver teeth.Dear God Donald Trump you have some ugly ass kids.
  • This is such a great video.. if any trump supporter sees this video and thinks to themselves "yeah, what the trumps said make sense.. I'm sure they were telling the truth" - then they are so far gone that they've lost the ability to be objective about anything. They no longer have the capacity to gauge truth from lies and are hopelessly lost in partisan delusion.
  • Ivanka went to russia " as a tourist" 😂
  • No such thing as children odaption. More like Russian young ladies for prostitution
  • Trump Jr. comes from a family of dopes In which the USA could not cope Hitting new lows of dumb Stealing your income Fucking everything up on a global scope!
  • Trevor Noah is a perfect successor talent, performance artist, to the legacy of Jon Stewart and Monsieur Colbert. Bravo.
  • Hey it's trump junior rather than calling Don jr. and ya Don is Donald Bradman.
  • Israeli army killing 12 years old Palestinian child ( live) Video was taped by another soldier
  • If they wanted dirt on Hillary Clinton all they had to do was read the emails that Wikileaks published
  • NOW still SOOOOOOO SILENT IN THE FAKENEWS GOSSIPS - RUSSIARUSSIARUSSIA-uh,.. Clinton?!!RUSSIARUSSIA!!! - California Criminal Calip Hate! Bias Babyboom Basterds! Idiotic Infantile Leftist Inmates! Moneylaundering Taxfraud Traitors! Black Lust Matters! Corrupt Corrine Brown! USA wish A Full Detailed Scientific URANIUM and ANTIFA Interrogation for Senile Dementia Grey Old ‘Lady’ NYT Fake Old Media Dead Dinosaur Rotting Press! FBI; Fake Biased Inabilities! CIA; Certified Infantil Arrogants! W H A T A D E E P S W A M P ! - FBI exit - ‘Conclusions’ First - dir. Comey: "I do not know (under oath), I swear: I really don't know!" ... hiLIARy & ComeyLIAR Arrogance ltd. “Conclude and Then Destroy Evidence!” (‘ut semper’, as always).
  • Looks like Don Trump Jr also has dentures lol
  • In this country garbage voted for Trash Can
  • 3:50 for all I know, that could be a great impression
  • I miss Stephen and John so much...this guy is just...not funny.
  • In the immortal words of Team Four Star: "Thank god my minions are so incompetent!"
  • This happens in every political party every election. get over it
  • And these are the kind of ppl in the white house taking decisions that affect the world! - when will the nightmare end?
  • Trevor you are the worst possible person who just pushes propaganda. I'll admit your dumb ass should go back to South Africa.
  • He is doing a GREAT JOB for us the rest of the world is jumping on the train. SUCCESS is contagious.
  • Trump is going down a lie only last so long
  • I can watch this shit over and over lol.. man I laugh everytime.. these guys do a great job
  • Real Americans love Pres. Trump
  • All of you a bunch of cry babies. Trump beat Hillary in her own game, so embarrasing she couldnt come out to give her presidential defeat speech because she was doing what all of you do on a daily basis, cry! Accept reality, Trump played to win and he did it. Hes president and none of you pansies can do anything about it! Lol
  • There's no way this is Trump's and ivanas kid. He looks like a Russian only uglier!🗣️🕵️‍♂️
  • This is all the Democrats have. I pussy little indictment against former Trump employees... Are you kidding me!! Wait till that Stupid bitch Hillary gets her Indictments handed down to her and members of the Clinton Foundation ... TRUMP 2020
  • HAHA! Once again this ignorant fool shows just how blind and dumb he is. Meeting with a lawyer who had ties with Russia is not a "smoking gun" . If that is a smoking gun, I would love to hear his thoughts on Hillary's actuall collusion. I am certain he will fall silent on that because well it's Hillary after all. Trevor, do all of us a favor and go back to that shit hole of a 3rd world country and comment in your own corrupt political tragedy of a Government where REAL racism and corruption exist, you self righteous, pompous dingle berry.
  • Stupid studio laughing! Comoon really? Stupid so called ”comedy”. But ok, soon is funny to see who is laughing most...
  • Ever since that nut case came into office, he has done NOTHING!!!! He has never served this country , none of his children never served their country, how in the HELL dose he get the balls to be President of a country that requires ALEGIANCE, yet he has the nerve to attack the NFL, yet he got out of serving his country b because he is privledged. I have never seen an Administration like this,NEVER! I am 87 years old a retired school teacher, all four of my sons served this country . My name is Edna Forest
  • So, he tried to show that he wasn't trying to use Russia to dig up Clinton dirt by flat out stating that he was upset that the Russian lawyer he was meeting with didn't have any Clinton dirt?!
  • Make this guy the President and you won't regret.
  • look at all these liberal idiots.

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