Donald Trump Jr. Reminds Everyone How Incompetent His Dad's Administration Is: The Daily Show

Donald Trump Jr. Reminds Everyone How Incompetent His Dad's Administration Is: The Daily Show
Donald Trump Jr. Reminds Everyone How Incompetent His Dad's Administration Is: The Daily Show
First Son Donald Trump Jr. is accused of meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 election in hopes of obtaining damaging information on Hillary Clinton. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Trevor you are the worst possible person who just pushes propaganda. I'll admit your dumb ass should go back to South Africa.
  • He is doing a GREAT JOB for us the rest of the world is jumping on the train. SUCCESS is contagious.
  • Trump is going down a lie only last so long
  • I can watch this shit over and over lol.. man I laugh everytime.. these guys do a great job
  • Real Americans love Pres. Trump
  • All of you a bunch of cry babies. Trump beat Hillary in her own game, so embarrasing she couldnt come out to give her presidential defeat speech because she was doing what all of you do on a daily basis, cry! Accept reality, Trump played to win and he did it. Hes president and none of you pansies can do anything about it! Lol
  • There's no way this is Trump's and ivanas kid. He looks like a Russian only uglier!🗣️🕵️‍♂️
  • This is all the Democrats have. I pussy little indictment against former Trump employees... Are you kidding me!! Wait till that Stupid bitch Hillary gets her Indictments handed down to her and members of the Clinton Foundation ... TRUMP 2020
  • HAHA! Once again this ignorant fool shows just how blind and dumb he is. Meeting with a lawyer who had ties with Russia is not a "smoking gun" . If that is a smoking gun, I would love to hear his thoughts on Hillary's actuall collusion. I am certain he will fall silent on that because well it's Hillary after all. Trevor, do all of us a favor and go back to that shit hole of a 3rd world country and comment in your own corrupt political tragedy of a Government where REAL racism and corruption exist, you self righteous, pompous dingle berry.
  • Stupid studio laughing! Comoon really? Stupid so called ”comedy”. But ok, soon is funny to see who is laughing most...
  • Ever since that nut case came into office, he has done NOTHING!!!! He has never served this country , none of his children never served their country, how in the HELL dose he get the balls to be President of a country that requires ALEGIANCE, yet he has the nerve to attack the NFL, yet he got out of serving his country b because he is privledged. I have never seen an Administration like this,NEVER! I am 87 years old a retired school teacher, all four of my sons served this country . My name is Edna Forest
  • So, he tried to show that he wasn't trying to use Russia to dig up Clinton dirt by flat out stating that he was upset that the Russian lawyer he was meeting with didn't have any Clinton dirt?!
  • Make this guy the President and you won't regret.
  • look at all these liberal idiots.
  • I love Trevor's Russian accent!
  • Since Trump became president I ask myself on a daily basis: "How the fuck is this administration still running? How the hell hasn`t every single one of them been released of their duties?" I am seriously confused...
  • Trevor Noah is a fucking idoet and this is coming from a south African. leave the politics for the economists and stick to your racist jokes.
  • They are dumb
  • 1:44 "At this point it would be easier if the Trump people just told us which Russians they haven't met with." Great!
  • tRump became so bored with his rich life that like a chicken he lead his children (Baby chicks) across the busy street to the other side from comfortable, rich and lavish to ugly, nasty and political.
  • he should change the subject at least sometimes
  • WHY😭😭😭😭😭............
  • I miss when this was a comedy show
  • Trump family are bunch of greedy and traitors, except Malania..
  • Trevo Noah is obsessed with Trump. thats all he ever talks about in his show
  • Trumptards are stupid. Period.
  • Sorry to say it Trump is a dumb mutha fucker! Love you Trevor! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💝💝
  • you can keep kicking a dead horse, but it's not gonna get up.....I couldn't stand trump a year ago, now I can't stand anyone talking about Russia. really miss the days when CC and the daily show were funny
  • 1,296 still believe in Trump. #FakeNews #Sad.
  • Trevor For President !
  • Actually, the adoption thing would still be collusion because of shady adoption practices leading to a freezing of Putin's cash or something like that.
  • Daamn, Trevor be killing accents!!! WORD!!!
  • Lord,Lord, Lord. How dumb is this administration?
  • The nightmare Trever is back. Ughhhh...Ewhhhhh. Vomit.
  • Oliver stones docos are just brilliant and truely eye and mind opening !!!!!!!!!!
  • What kind of God would do something like this? It wasn't god that put trump in the white house it was us here's how it went Smart people: come on there are not enough people out there dumb enough to vote for this guy Dumb people: hold my beer
  • Russia sure beats Saudi Arabia
  • What is cat-fished?
  • you know, he's right, ISIS was driven out of mosul but somehow Trump is the news. like, how is the administration not doing everything it possibly can to highlight its successful war strategy?
  • Brilliant Noah.. keep up the attack... it has to hit home to chump supporters .. thought we know they are too stupid to know they are stupid.
  • Why is it that all...okay most of the most racist Whites and people who hate people of color always trying to be some other color than White?! Don Jr. is some kind of mustard color and his daddy is hit flaming Cheetos orange...! What's up with that?!
  • Their facial expressions tell all.
  • so incompetent , according to CNN and all the anti trump brigade .... yeah ... that doesn't fly very high ( based on logic that is)
  • He should turn the Don Jr. Meeting into a " Catch a Predator" skit. Maybe that would help people realize what he did was wrong. And it'd be mad funny.
  • The would-be cheating dude who thought he was going to hook up, but got a gal evangelist instead was a PERFECT analogy to Trump, Jr.'s explanation. Sheeesh.
  • Such an embarrassment. Try to make some comedy without Trump Dump, asshole. Come on, you are just pushing an ideology on every "joke"...that's low. In the end dosent matter how funny I think you are (I do), I end up with an ass taste in my are just an other partisan asshole. I dare you to write something about the Clintons... B!TCH! Anyways... I understand.... you have worked hard, you want a career so you are keeping it safe... but just so you know... the guy you are talking about is a grandfather worth billions and is the president of the USA, what can you possibly have done in your life that would make his achievements seem works of an "incompetent man"... nothing right.... Who would be competent? The team who cant figure out how to use an email account properly, got an ambassador killed, have more Gate than a Zoo, more scandals then the archives of teen magazine, that same team that could not win an election TWICE the team with that mysterious foundation money, the team lead by a pathological liar who seems to either "dont know" or "forget" everything ?? yeah very competent...C'mon Son! You are funny enough to be good but if you could have a less partisan approach... kick once kiss once.... you would be great because more people would like your show. Maybe that is not your strategy on purpose... and if it is so I confirm you as an Asshole... but if you have not thought about it then try it.... dont divide are killing us.
  • Trump has accomplished one critical thing that in the long run will help USA move forward - he created the ultimate argument against Christianity. It has, as has all major religions, been proven wrong by science and linguists and reason. Yet still strong in one place = USA. 90% of Christians support Trump and got out and voted and still back him. Checkmate. The percentage of people that fall for religion will start to fall and never recover because of this.
  • I have admired Trevor for a long time ...but i am now sick and tired of this rhetoric ....America you can keep him ...he is sounding more American than South African now - South African

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