President Trump Casually Makes Another Damning Admission: The Daily Show

President Trump Casually Makes Another Damning Admission: The Daily Show
President Trump Casually Makes Another Damning Admission: The Daily Show
In a New York Times interview, President Trump claims he wouldn't have picked Jeff Sessions as attorney general if he knew he would've recused himself from the Russia probe. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Everyone is hating on Trump so much that am beginning to like him😂😂...
  • really appreciate how far trevor has come!!
  • He loves holding the dotard's hand? He looks more like he's trying to run away from Trump.
  • I love you Trevor
  • Wait...they talked about in the Magnitsky Act? Which the infamous Trump Jr and Jared Kushner meeting directly involved...
  • Sore ass don't worry about it CUNT
  • Our fake 1:03 president on fake news....
  • Can 't watch this pathic excrement cum droplett w/the sound on really can't believe that this programm is not being propped up to fill some quota on it's own it's vile enviromentally repugnant dribbel fr. an ignorant Son of bitch
  • Fredo xD
  • The "Putin owns Trump" joke is getting old. Putin doesn't tell Trump what to do. Trump is his own man and makes his own decisions. Which is exactly why his presidency is such a disaster.
  • CNN You're FAKE
  • Noah, I love you man, but do not EVER give Jeff DOBBY'S BODY WTF DUDE!!!
  • who else does the presidency serves?
  • Trump is the perfect definition of "White privilege". What other president you know can do all the shit he is doing and get away with it. Even bill Clinton had to answer for receiving head job.
  • Hey Trevor Noah, anybody shoot your mom in the head lately? Wouldnt want to be them, I heard you dont hold back-you call them on the phone, and then hang up and leave the continent! You sickening fucking coward.
  • It is sad how ruthlessly unfunny you are.
  • How is he president
  • Obama spent eight years giving Negroes false hope and President Trump has ripped it right out of their heads, sad, after eight years of President Trump they will be removed from our society, keep up the good work my nationalist brothers
  • Trump really is that stupid.
  • Stupid and Proud!!....yeah.
  • It's not illegal for the white to lie and send out wrong information, but when you make hundreds of millions, make more than most people make in a 1000 years, he lived in a world where, money is only method to never say I'm sorry or tell him what to do. And an army of lawyer at 650 an hour he can get just where anyone done with less money. He not a bad man, he just wants what's best to make his life unchanged
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • My comment nopolean on the space heater is funny 😄💬
  • I word like a you have mail from Trump💹💬
  • Soon to be made public, Trevor Noah will be telling the story of him transitioning as a child. He was born a female & transitioned in his teens to a male. He is great representation of LGBTQ community.
  • Trump either has no sense of recent time or he is a babbeling idiot.
  • He doesn't get the concept of anything other than how it can be used to serve his wants and needs because he is a self centered megalomaniac. I saw this in him all along. What I do not understand is how so many others did not! His plus and minus columns are grossly out of balance and the minus column should have gotten him disqualified, not elected!
  • Trump can't even complete a thought my God
  • so how much more will it take to fire him!?
  • Inside trumps mind is must be unbelievable! It's twisted,full of new lies each minute!
  • this is pure madnesss
  • This administration is a complete embarrassment
  • Visitor mix matter master dangerous bed label.
  • The Great GRABBY!
  • Ship depth shelter restrict method
  • Hey "Communist Central"!!! are playing their untalented and unfunny hateful fucks like Trevor spreading his message of Bigotry and hatred's John Stuart should have his ass kicked
  • Making fun of someone's body size (Jeff Sessions) is not nice. You are better than this, Trevor's Daily Show.
  • No, he's just an idiot.😥😫😖
  • Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment. Fire the orange orangutan immediately....
  • Trump is Abredolf Lincler
  • So the whole Russian collusion email was passed off as "adoption" information at first, and now Trump says he talked about "interesting things", they talked about "adoption"....... Hmmmm strange.
  • Wh is the advertisement after the segments so much more audible than the segment? Can someone raise the audio level on these posts, please?
  • "yeh i also taught napoleon was shorter" haha
  • Trump obviously believed that the only role of The Attorney General was to take the heat off him. Sad
  • Just let the man do his job
  • What kind of imbecile voted for these clowns anyway. Turning America into a joke, thanks republicans.
  • Lmao he had me at Abe Nixon
  • Hey, Trevor babe, don't go overboard with your jokes, ok? Just remember you are a guest in America and President Trump is the POTUS!!  Pas op skatie.... jy grap te veel!!
  • It's a lucid dream people, just like Inception - the Trump Presidency is over, just that dream time is weird. When the top stops spinning we'll wake up and discover Melania isn't trapped in the basement! But what a wild ride, AIR?
  • I was actually thinking why y'all didn't use the shorter guy to play Napoleon! You're not in my head!

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