President Trump Casually Makes Another Damning Admission: The Daily Show

President Trump Casually Makes Another Damning Admission: The Daily Show
President Trump Casually Makes Another Damning Admission: The Daily Show
In a New York Times interview, President Trump claims he wouldn't have picked Jeff Sessions as attorney general if he knew he would've recused himself from the Russia probe. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • the word to describe him hasn't been invented
  • HAHAHA when you walk by the raod witha small child you hold there hand to keep them from walkin into the raod
  • Best quote, Re: tRump:"That's a real thing." Hard to believe... but "that's a real thing", POTUS really says these off-the-wall idiocies.
  • The best and funny president ever
  • Adoption? What are they adopting? New world policies probably...
  • Well the reason that Napoleon couldn’t capture russia was because the Russians burned their entire town to the ground.
  • I have an honest question. Isn’t trump saying that if he had known that that the candidate was going to be recused he wouldnt have picked him. Which kind of make sense because if someone isn’t fit for duty they should be there. btw I am extremely liberal. Hate trump, think he is an idiot and I am just confused because I think I have missed something and want clarification. That’s all! I’m trying to learn and understand...
  • I mean, this is not directly related to the subject at hand, but... am I the only one who thinks Trevor is, like... super handsome, aside from funny and smart? ._.
  • Here's another... Obama's Syrian Refugees The Vicious Snake / A poem spoken by President Donald Trump / Jan 18, 2016 - 3 minutes video As of November 26, 2017 / 7,099,844 views " But instead of saying thank you, that snake gave her a vicous bit "...
  • it should actually be "THE GREAT GRABY" if you know what i mean
  • 'Holding Hands', an award winning poem by Donald Trump.
  • I'm leaving YouTube until the freakin guy in his garage with the Lamborghini and the books and idk what else 🤬 off.... 😑
  • Trump's brain changes channels like a broken TV set. I wonder how long this fiasco will go on. The Republicans have an eight year history of letting an Alzheimer's patient play pretend that he was president. Now, they have an ADHD, Dementia, Narcissist. That party of "More tax cuts for the rich", and "Endless military service for the poor" is making a world wide, world class joke out of our country by letting a buffoon who is obviously impaired remain in office.
  • When I'm home on my computer And the man comes on from CNN Tellin' me more and more About some useless information Supposed to fire my imagination.. I can't get no!
  • You’re funny. Have to give it to you. But no amount of ridiculousness will prevent overlord Trump from realizing his agenda. Trumpslide 2020. Get ready it coming.
  • You mean he (Sessions) could have recused himself BEFORE he had the Job? I swear sometimes I listen to Trump speak simply for the laughs. No it's not wrong to laugh at blatant blanket ignorance, when that ignorance is a choice.
  • trevor the tool
  • “ To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture.” / Trevor Noah....Rest in peace. ― Thomas Paine, The American Crisis
  • Why not, Here's another Hussein Obama...Trevor Noah's Hero. President John F Kennedy, Warned us of the Corrupt Democratic Party... Barack Hussein Obama... George Soros... The New World Order..., and the Islamic...and Illegal Alien Invasion. The Speech That Killed Him and awaken the giant within us all the #TRUTH.
  • Here's another to share... LIMBAUGH: Obama's STUTTERING Is Not The 'Intellectual Stammer' / Jun 3, 2016
  • Napoleon was sort and white. 😂
  • Ll
  • History will record Donald John Trump's presidency with a few asterisks in front of his name.
  • Go back to niggerstan
  • Fake news dickhead little African malnutrition POS
  • Donald Trump is trying to start a war , this is why Putin helped him win the election and that's why he is insulting all of our allies and trying to divide our country , the first thing he did was insult our allies when he was swore in and then praised Putin . Trump has nothing good to say about America when he is out of the country or when he is in our country. When are people going to wake up and stop being shocked and thinking he is a idiot he knows what he's doing he is doing exactly what Putin told him to do and everybody is falling for it everybody has their eyes closed on what Trump has been doing all along first he went against our allies and then he's praising Putin, then he's trying to divide our country dividing the Republicans nothing this man has done is for the good of our country we need to wake up! wake up! and see what this man is doing and get him out of office today! today! And stop laughing at him because what he is doing is serious because Putin is laughing harder at us WAKE UP!!!😣
  • Trump said that if Sessions had recused himself before he took the job, he would not have picked that admitting that trump and Sessions knew that Sessions might probably HAVE TO quash any investigation started because of the Russian collusion matter? Is this statement a cop to the fact that anyone investigating this matter was going to have to have Sessions at the DOJ riding shotgun for trump??
  • Trump is a Orange ass
  • Remember that Trump never wanted to be President.
  • Abraham Nixon.
  • And I use to thing Bush was at the bottom of the swamp SMH !!
  • But of all the people, SNL, Daily show, Stephen colbert, Team COCO and all night shows will miss trump the most when he either gets impeached or completes his term. Not since the time of jesus has one man taken so much air time and given so much material to work with.
  • free bit coin
  • trump should be Kenya's president here everyone is bought
  • Trump is not smart
  • He is accidentally honest and intentionally dishonest.
  • "Master Trump gave Sessions a sock.. Sessions is freeee!"
  • fake news,fake news,cant believe anything they say about me!!?.mueller is my friend!!?.comeyyy!!!.
  • Abraham Nixon 😂
  • if fox reported this they would have called him a genius, and rewrote history for this ass hat prez. 😔
  • One more to share... Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Drops A Bomb: “Donald Trump Could Be The Greatest President In History” Aug 23, 2017 " And It Is Happening " - " The Greatest President In History "
  • "I don't know if you noticed, but you are already mine."😂
  • He uses English words, but he often only speaks gobbledegook.
  • Everyone is hating on Trump so much that am beginning to like him😂😂...
  • really appreciate how far trevor has come!!
  • He loves holding the dotard's hand? He looks more like he's trying to run away from Trump.
  • I love you Trevor
  • Wait...they talked about in the Magnitsky Act? Which the infamous Trump Jr and Jared Kushner meeting directly involved...
  • Sore ass don't worry about it CUNT

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