President Trump Casually Makes Another Damning Admission: The Daily Show

President Trump Casually Makes Another Damning Admission: The Daily Show
President Trump Casually Makes Another Damning Admission: The Daily Show
In a New York Times interview, President Trump claims he wouldn't have picked Jeff Sessions as attorney general if he knew he would've recused himself from the Russia probe. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • Obama spent eight years giving Negroes false hope and President Trump has ripped it right out of their heads, sad, after eight years of President Trump they will be removed from our society, keep up the good work my nationalist brothers
  • Trump really is that stupid.
  • Stupid and Proud!!....yeah.
  • It's not illegal for the white to lie and send out wrong information, but when you make hundreds of millions, make more than most people make in a 1000 years, he lived in a world where, money is only method to never say I'm sorry or tell him what to do. And an army of lawyer at 650 an hour he can get just where anyone done with less money. He not a bad man, he just wants what's best to make his life unchanged
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • My comment nopolean on the space heater is funny 😄💬
  • I word like a you have mail from Trump💹💬
  • Soon to be made public, Trevor Noah will be telling the story of him transitioning as a child. He was born a female & transitioned in his teens to a male. He is great representation of LGBTQ community.
  • Trump either has no sense of recent time or he is a babbeling idiot.
  • He doesn't get the concept of anything other than how it can be used to serve his wants and needs because he is a self centered megalomaniac. I saw this in him all along. What I do not understand is how so many others did not! His plus and minus columns are grossly out of balance and the minus column should have gotten him disqualified, not elected!
  • Trump can't even complete a thought my God
  • so how much more will it take to fire him!?
  • Inside trumps mind is must be unbelievable! It's twisted,full of new lies each minute!
  • this is pure madnesss
  • This administration is a complete embarrassment
  • Visitor mix matter master dangerous bed label.
  • The Great GRABBY!
  • Ship depth shelter restrict method
  • Hey "Communist Central"!!! are playing their untalented and unfunny hateful fucks like Trevor spreading his message of Bigotry and hatred's John Stuart should have his ass kicked
  • Making fun of someone's body size (Jeff Sessions) is not nice. You are better than this, Trevor's Daily Show.
  • No, he's just an idiot.😥😫😖
  • Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment. Fire the orange orangutan immediately....
  • Trump is Abredolf Lincler
  • So the whole Russian collusion email was passed off as "adoption" information at first, and now Trump says he talked about "interesting things", they talked about "adoption"....... Hmmmm strange.
  • Wh is the advertisement after the segments so much more audible than the segment? Can someone raise the audio level on these posts, please?
  • "yeh i also taught napoleon was shorter" haha
  • Trump obviously believed that the only role of The Attorney General was to take the heat off him. Sad
  • Just let the man do his job
  • What kind of imbecile voted for these clowns anyway. Turning America into a joke, thanks republicans.
  • Lmao he had me at Abe Nixon
  • Hey, Trevor babe, don't go overboard with your jokes, ok? Just remember you are a guest in America and President Trump is the POTUS!!  Pas op skatie.... jy grap te veel!!
  • It's a lucid dream people, just like Inception - the Trump Presidency is over, just that dream time is weird. When the top stops spinning we'll wake up and discover Melania isn't trapped in the basement! But what a wild ride, AIR?
  • I was actually thinking why y'all didn't use the shorter guy to play Napoleon! You're not in my head!
  • I love you guys, really. Professional, funny, great job. Which leads me to wonder why someone doesn't adjust the volume so we don't have to turn the video up at the beginning only to get blasted as soon as the ending promos come on. I jump out of my chair and pee a little every time. My chair would really like you to fix that, and my neighbors probably wouldn't mind when it happens at 2 am, either.
  • Keep laughing at "THE LORD GOD DER FUHRER trump" A.K.A. "THE BRAYING JACKASS". Thank you for showing trump up PLEASE continue!!!!!!
  • Bumble bum needs a 'dick'tionary
  • adoption is a code word. what an ass
  • Abraham Nixon, that was genius 😂
  • You can't seriously tell me that Trump actually SAID that bit about Macron loving to hold his hand??? Omg. What even.
  • "He loves holding my hands." My tiny little boy hands.
  • Why do liberals want transgenders in the girl's bathroom, illegals over the border and Muslim and ISIS conquests? I have no idea why liberals are so insane? I used to be a liberal when they stood for liberty but now liberals seem to be a bunch of creepy lesbians.
  • The attacks on Sessions' is because of the Russian interference in the election and the dirt the Russians have on Trump. Donald junior, Manafort, and Kushner met the Russians to get "dirt" on Clinton but that's not what they got! The Russian lawyer brought a folder to the meeting. It wasn't filled with dirt on Hillary Clinton because Trump never had his speech revealing "the dirt". That folder contained dirt on Trump. The Russians promised continued support as part of their ongoing efforts to get him elected. The Russian "carrot" was their hacking and interference with our elections. The information in the folder and in the discussions that they offered was dirt on Trump. The Russians "dirt" on Trump was the stick. Trump is running scared because the special prosecutor is uncovering the "dirt" the Russians are blackmailing him with. Trump is willing to destroy anyone or any institution that threatens to reveal what a traitor he is.Revolting!
  • CNN, you're not relevant any more.
  • I get the feeling that trump later realized that this job just wasn't suited for him and is now just trying to fuck up everything so that he gets impeached....why he won't quit...well I guess he doesn't want to look like a wimp though at this point it would be better to be a wimp than an absolute meme machine
  • well, i don't like Donald Trump but you have to be fair. Yes Napoleon marched over Russia in 1812 and even took Moscow. And yes in the end they had to leave partially because of the freezing winter.
  • Just sitting here eating Whoppers and drinking Brisk. Watching the world burn......
  • "Nooooooo! My storiesss!"
  • You could create a 100% accurate persona 5 level of trumps mind based entirely on his tweets. Anyone who thinks that's not him is a moron.
  • Amazing to think that there are actually Americans out there who think Trump trying to get rid of his own criminal investigation is a good thing....

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