Marvel Studios' Black Panther - Warriors of Wakanda

Marvel Studios' Black Panther - Warriors of Wakanda
Marvel Studios' Black Panther - Warriors of Wakanda
Meet the warriors of Wakanda in this special look at Black Panther. See the film in theaters February 16! ► Subscribe to Marvel: Follow Marvel on Twitter: ‪ Like Marvel on FaceBook: ‪ For even more news, stay tuned to: Tumblr: ‪ Instagram: Google+: ‪ Pinterest: ‪



  • If you love Black Panther, you should check out my remix of the OST "Wakanda"! It's up on my channel! ;)
  • Made by black people (superheroes). Uh..eeh..
  • They remind me of the Dahomey warriors
  • Real wakanda
  • One of the best MARVEL pictures ever! And Ryan Coogler is the next John Singleton, Tim Story, F. Gary Gray, and Spike Lee!
  • No feminism in wakanda
  • Uh uh uh ah ah ah, this black ppl are just like primates.
  • Yeah.....ok, but why are they bald?
  • hahahahahahahahshahahahah😘😍😉
  • This trailer makes me feel I am at a Starbucks in Philadelphia.
  • A fantasy world where blacks are more high tech than whites. Yep.
  • rw:Nakia, Okoye ,but who is the 3rd female warrior using a pair of Panther head like ,fang like Boxing war gloves in the movie? i heard when she uses them they have bolts of energy like lightning and the gloves are made up of the element i believe its called Adamantium .
  • Will there ever be an Asian superhero?
  • What's all the hype about? Cool but not that special. Typical Hollywood virtue signalling
  • we
  • I’m obsessed with this movie I just got back from watching it!!!
  • Black panther
  • Just another shit hole country.
  • I live for the DARK BEAUTIES in the movie mhmmm
  • A crock of it
  • Wakanda's very own Amazons:Dora Milaje.
  • They were like for this part you have to be bald. Black girl: oh hell no. Do you know how long it took me to grow my hair Director: we will pay you 20000 Black girl: i suppose my girlfriend can hook me up with some weave. Sign me up
  • Y'all with the Ugandan knuckles meme are just ridiculous Tbh.
  • How much of these profits will go to the black folks livin in our communities. You should be fixin up are houses in detroit with these profits they made of our people and culture
  • Is there a Dora Milaje video game out there?
  • Wakanda Foreva
  • I watched this movie every week since it’s come out pls help me
  • Dora Milaje need their own Netflix doubt the War Dogs that were down with Killmonger will need to be reigned back in.
  • I LOVE IT 😍😍❤️❤️👏🏼
  • Gotta love the feminism in this movie
  • This movie is way overrated. The plot was very bad. Only the action sequences were good and the Cgi and VFX. According to the plot,I would say this is very bad
  • i have seen the movie .... the plot made me wanna gouge my eyes out and puke in my lap . a complete waste of special effects. first disney destroyed star wars , now bollywood destroyed marvel comics .... rip entertrainment industry . so long .. and thanks .. for all the fish ... ill pick up a book ... A old book ...
  • Lo
  • The Dora Milaje, specifically Okoye, made this a good movie for me.
  • It was actually a really good movie
  • Btw the warriors aren' just women the rhino tribe is warriors *cough*cough*Alex Mascot
  • I want to say THANK YOU Marvel and Stan Lee for this movie. It is evident that we (blacks) are sooooo tired of being portrayed as ratched degenerates, wild women, thugs, killers, poverty-stricken and pathetic that is getting old. Based on our reaction, we obviously want to see ourselves with dignity and not begging. I hope Hollywood got the message. I also like to thank you for understanding that though we do have many lifestyles as others, it was refreshing to see a film of us as straight. I truly don' t judge, but it was refreshing.
  • i neva freeze..!! 🐆
  • Tribalism and Futurism combined? I love it!!
  • Don fresse... I nevva fresse... -Black Panther ,2018-
  • best movie ever so far tho.. BUT IM SO HYPED UP TO WATCH AVENGERS INFINITY WAR!!!!
  • Who knows this movie the talk about Ethiopia?
  • Great movie . Finally to show the world kids something different than all does white hero's. Waganda.
  • hahaha wakanda army nimeielewa iyoo huuu wat a movie
  • Good michonne

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