Between the Scenes - Running Out of Spanish: The Daily Show

Between the Scenes - Running Out of Spanish: The Daily Show
Between the Scenes - Running Out of Spanish: The Daily Show
Trevor explains the awkward part of being able to speak only seven words of Spanish perfectly. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • *Yo no hablo But still cool that he speaks it.
  • your brits accent is good tho
  • Cringed everytime he used "mi"
  • its impressive given how many languages and dialects trevor already knows... damn man i only got 3...
  • I know that feeling! Except I run out much more quickly, and they're ready to keep carrying on at an even faster pace lol. It's like "no, no, no, I just wanted to practice the 6 words I knew. I'm not fluent."
  • Trevor is so funny. lololol.
  • I have this problem too. I took 4 years of high school Spanish, which means I speak as much as a 5 year old. Sure, I can tell you that I like or don't like about 30 common fruits and vegetables, but I have no idea how to talk intelligently about adult topics like books or movies.
  • That's me there. Am learning Spanish but sounds so good on it not knowing I'll run out some time.
  • Nobody would think you speak Spanish as it is said Yo no hablo Español
  • Being told you have perfect Spanish by someone from Spain isn't very high praise, they all have a lisp 😂😂
  • *Ok his accent is flawless, that is what he said*
  • Trevor que chevere eres!
  • "Dondo esta" Oh Trevor
  • talented man
  • This guy is crazy talented!!
  • This is me.
  • 😂😂😂.
  • Brilliant!! 😂😂😂
  • Omg, I know this feeling so much. It is always so uncomfortable when you "run out" of the language. Fortunately, I had a good teacher who taught me work around to describe things that you don't know the words for, but it's still bad
  • Haha.
  • He kills me at the end!!! WHATSOEVER hahaha Brillian!!!
  • Awww ur so funny bless Xx
  • This is me af!
  • I'm crying from laughter here lofl
  • I fucking love this guy
  • 1:14 *hablo
  • I have the fucking exact same problem in italian. including running out of it all during conversation and the perfectly accented scusi pero io non parlo italiano, mi dispiace molto... :D
  • hahahahahaha
  • Trevor, it's adorable that you think that your Spanish is flawless. I volunteer to be your tutor if you like :)
  • apart from the fact that it should be yo no hablo español the jokes were hysterically hillarious as usual
  • I've watched this countless of time
  • I love his British accent so much
  • Trevor, can you replace Obummers Cock for a Sawn off & do the World a real big favour?
  • the master of accents 🙌
  • i've loved trevor noah on the daily show and from his netflix specials for a while, but today i read his memoir, and wow. Truly incredible, what an intelligent, kind and funny guy
  • Haha lol! Happens to all language learners eventually when we try to converse with native speakers...
  • Spanish is the language of diplomacy;, German, on the other hand is the language of war, French is a language of Love. They say that... I think ENGLISH has overtaken the place of a LINGUA FRANCA, a language spoken by every culture... what ESPERANTO was meant to be :)
  • This guy is now fav legit comedian
  • hahhaa! me too husband! i always run out of words. i keep telling myself to go learn more.... entonces Nada!
  • Trevor, I used to tell people in college "I'm terribly sorry but I can't speak English" lol
  • It's totally about the accent!!! I took Spanish in high school with most other Georgia high school graduates, but I am ethnically ambiguous and have the accent down. Screwed for life. O.O
  • I'm dating a Spanish girl and I'm trying to learn Spanish but I just can't seem to retain words. There are some fantastic apps. You can chat online and it is translated in real time.
  • Flawless I love Trevor.
  • i can tell ,this man habla español en puro surrealismo vale
  • Flawless? Your pronounciation is decent and your grammar pretty bad. Still better than the average american tho.
  • Hahaha! He sounds like a Latino from the Caribbean.
  • I didn't know he could get any hotter, but there it is: another level of hotness
  • I take no shame in admitting that most of the reason I watch his isn't because he's funny(he is) but rather because of his voice/accent. When I first watched him with Fluffy on a comedy show, I instantly liked this guy.
  • He should be replaced by Daniel Tosh, then the show might actually be funny. (insert butthurt comments below😎)

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