Steve Bannon Confirms Everyone's Worst Suspicions About Him on "60 Minutes": The Daily Show

Steve Bannon Confirms Everyone's Worst Suspicions About Him on "60 Minutes": The Daily Show
Steve Bannon Confirms Everyone's Worst Suspicions About Him on "60 Minutes": The Daily Show
In a "60 Minutes" profile of Steve Bannon, the former White House strategist reflects on President Trump's Pussygate scandal and defends his problematic views on immigration. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Basically clenching his teeth, but nonetheless very funny.
  • Dude is better than Colbert and the other guys!
  • Why does Steve Bannon always look like his liver is about to fail him? He needs bloodwork done immediately.
  • Ear unity change yzasx east examination regularly emerge Republican jail sorry.
  • His red nose shows dude is an alcoholic. He's a complete jackass! But he has a huge following in Orange County California! That's scary!
  • OMG I died at that last part XD
  • We're all immigrants
  • And why is his opinion important? Throw the bum out.
  • Kick Bannon out of the damn immigrant country....
  • Also, Native Americans weren't here first? It's literally in the name, you dolt!
  • Does Bannon realize that the 19th century was when the Gold Rush took place? I assume not, considering he referred to it as the time in which America had closed borders and not one of the largest influx of immigrants in our history.
  • i remember a time when the left could argue
  • Quake with fear you silly fools!  Bannon is going to take back America!
  • Why does this Saffa get a platform in America? Go home and clean up your people's mess in S.A. Western civilisation is under attack, all Westerners have a duty to fight africanisation and islamisation, shun their ways, no need to hurt or kill, they do enough of that to themselves. Just shun their lifestyles and cherish your Western heritage. I'm not white but I stand w those who are under siege.
  • He's a god damn reptile lol
  • Ben Shapiro would wipe his ass with Trevor, LMAO!!!
  • This pathetic of a joke is what the left has???? Good God Trump will WIN in 2020!! LMAO!
  • He's biting his jaw, which causes the muscles to the back of his face to contract and expand
  • Steve Bannon is a brilliant guy. Keep it up liberals with your smug attitudes, you're going to lose again in 2020.
  • oh fuck, as an Irish person can I just say that you cannot blame us for Bannon...please!!!
  • Bannon is Trump's Master
  • Trevii IS a messenger for the Bilderberg Group, they sign his check. We don't need you for ANYTHING! FLY AWAY littleDemBot NaziBrown shirt, Garbageboy, look what's happening in your own country, by the same group, same narrative. No loyalties, no conscience, you scumbag, lie peddler! Go to Hell! Thnx for NOTHING!
  • Good thing you use artificial laughter. Because you aren't funny at all.
  • This piece of shite Bannon looks like a fat drunken dracula.
  • I love this show. America is down the tubes. Not sure if I should run for the hills or keep laughing and watching Trevor Noahs commentary on it all.
  • Great show . Bannon dose self suck videos now
  • Trevor is so clever.His canny  wit is amazing.I think he should move the fuck back to Africa where he belongs.
  • Propaganda swill which the Left drinks up without questioning one drop. Really a shame to see lies and distortions go from the mouth of the propagandist into the mind of the viewer filed as "true information" with no inspection or questioning of the information whatsoever. Those viewers then become propagandists, and so the cycle continues until whole populations are poisoned. Then, manipulating the poisoned, corrupt leaders are voted into office by the misinformed. This is not a political statement, this is actually what is happening. Please wake up. Just look to see if these things are true. Look for the full truth, observe for yourself don't listen to anyone. Wake up before its too late. #findtrueamerica
  • America was built by SLAVES.
  • lol his scream at 5:14
  • This Trevor Noah dude is a complete idiot. Watching this insipid video was a total waste of my time. I will never watch any program with him in it again. Disgusting show. Pure trash! Who on Earth could find this guy funny?
  • The ending though 😂😂 God I really want the Daily Show to do pieces on Indian politics. The same nationalist and right wing Govt and people hold the majoritarian sway in India. However, believe me if you can, the politicians involved are more dumber and racist and xenophobic than these rednecks.
  • You got to love Trevor, seriously, the way he takes politics and explains it in his own hilarious way is just amazing.
  • Don Lemon stares in the mirror for an hour each evening practicing his Trump impressions. And that makes him a closet Trump fan
  • I implore you all to watch the actual full interview.
  • Nice cuts, everything out of context.
  • Order of residency: Migrate, Emigrate, Immigrate, Slave, Immigrate, Refugee, Dreamer? While I cannot change my Emigrated ancestry, I can welcome all! And it was amazing to learn that part of my people Migrated, not to mention, fall in every possible category! We are one! Yakut + all 4 corners of Africa + Asia + Ashkenazi Jew + ....26 countries. Maybe policy would change if we all engaged 23&Me. NO8
  • you know your wrong all about this trevor but that was actually funny.
  • the end was the best
  • Bannon was great in that interview. Clearly the left is still shell shocked from that butt whoopin' last September. Everything the left accuses the right of they themselves are guilty of tenfold. The only thing the left excels in is false love and goodness which is fueled by God hating self righteousness.
  • Ok this was so horrifying but I laughed so bad at the end u can't diffuse the effect of ur research with killing jokes. It boiled my blood to make a change n then I laughed it off eh just a cute dinosaur. Like what the hell !!!
  • That 😈 Devil
  • Way smarter than you. All you do is read off a TelePrompTer.
  • All u libs believe in lazy abortion right?please for everones sake.don't have kids.
  • Love how these ASS WIPE liberals can't figure out how TRUMP KICKED THEIR ASS. LIBERAL CUCK HOLDS !!!!JAJAJAJAJAJA
  • They did a great disservice to The Daily Show replacing Stewart with this hack. He's horrible not funny at all and is so partisan left-wing liberal I feel like they could have put Hillary Clinton there and we'd have gotten the same show.
  • People can only mock his appearance. I see no critique on his politics because you appear to be incapable of criticism without resorting to ad hominem. The white supremacy claim is fake news.
  • These elite media people such as Trevor Noah, believe that they are “chosen” elite to rule over the rest of us. They believe that they are the wisest and most capable that humanity has to offer, and that through evolutionary means, they can mold society at will - open borders, cheap labor, and increase their bank balance. Trump and the principle of sovereignty is considered so abhorrent and racist to these people and will do anything to stop him from their agenda. A borderless world will be brutish like Mogadishu and Trump is the last hope to catch these creeps out.
  • All of our citizens are immigrants. Our country was built on slavery and genocide. You can't talk about the 19th century like it was the start of America.

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