Steve Bannon Confirms Everyone's Worst Suspicions About Him on "60 Minutes": The Daily Show

Steve Bannon Confirms Everyone's Worst Suspicions About Him on "60 Minutes": The Daily Show
Steve Bannon Confirms Everyone's Worst Suspicions About Him on "60 Minutes": The Daily Show
In a "60 Minutes" profile of Steve Bannon, the former White House strategist reflects on President Trump's Pussygate scandal and defends his problematic views on immigration. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Steve got NERVE,he drunk on crack,and a dam immigrant,got a nerve to be a white supremacist talking about national IDENTITY, his dam GRAND dad was more then likely runnen from the law and came ova here to Amerikkka,NOW STEVE WANT TO CLAIM SHIT😂😂😂😂😂this shit here BETTER THEN ANY HORROR MOVIE
  • I don't agree with Bannon, nor do I totally agree with Noah, especially in regards to immigration and Noah's comparison of 19 and early 20th century to Dreamers (D.A.C.A. recipients). There was legal immigration during those one and a quarter decades when and where the U.S. endorsed immigrants from Europe, mainly Caucasian peoples, to help bolster the nation's tax base and increase the availability of more cheap labor for infrastructure expansion. Dreamers, in my opinion excluding Obama's D.A.C.A. support, have no right to claim legal status no matter their contributions to American society, aside from frustration at the current repeal by our new idiot president which is a shame as I could imagine it difficult and frustrating to have your security and well-being dashed without much regard from politicians. But with all that having been said, if these Dreamers do not meet or violated jus soli and/or jus sanguine outlined in the U.S. constitution, they shouldn't and have no foundational basis for legal citizenry status. Don't blame the U.S., blame your (Dreamer) parents who put you in this situation and while it's sad to say that the sins of the father follow the son, if your parents and your siblings (you included) should have read and respected our government and its natural citizenry instead of committing a crime then further spitting in natural's faces by demanding/protesting for amnesty and protection for yourself and your family while we bear the brunt of all the havoc people liked Dreamers and their families have wrought upon our country and the services it provides. I'd love to sneak into Denmark, as an U.S. citizen, demand naturalization while having kids who will only benefit from my breaking the sovereignty and legality of Denmark's citizens and government. I don't because it's unfair and immoral to the children, myself, my home country, and the people of Denmark.
  • 4:50 Microexpressions XXL
  • Steve Bannon literally looks like he's going through Sith Dark Side corruption.
  • Fill the churches...
  • I choose to call him:   Douche
  • Serious question:   Why are all of these richass white men always conspiracy theorists? Does money make you that paranoid? Or does it just make you more paranoid? Him, trump, Stone, DeVos & her brother, Alec Jones (I know it's x), the Mercers, Flynn & son, Pence (isn't rich enough yet but still wacky). They love the options in America that they were able to make tons of money from but want to tear down the country so no one else can make money? That's the the logical string that makes the "I don't care" fall apart. He can only make these claims in America because freedom of speech. If that freedom gets erased, even Bannon's screwed. (No, I'm not saying that the freedom of speech is getting taken away. I'm looking at a "what if" & "then" scenario and it's a little scary. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but you have to be able to look at the issue from all sides).
  • who else is here in 2018 for the Jurassic park poison spitting dino show?
  • Steve bannon's neck is pulsing like a damn toad
  • Poor Billy Bush. LOL
  • Hahahaha the jurassic park reference
  • God, its like he's rotting from the inside out
  • Just as well he left south africa and has a very nice job in the us now,hopefully he may return one day to make a difference!its always easier to do it somewhere else
  • Steve Bannon is retarded "america was built by the citizens" first of all how did those people become citizens? Because of their familes immigrating here you fucking idiot. They didn't just fucking spawn here and start building shit. And second america was built mostly by minorities because they were doing the back breaking work no one else wanted to do. So who is the lazy ones? The rich lazy white people who are too lazy to do the real work or were they too greedy to pay people so they enslave them instead? Pick one because its one or the other.
  • citizens... where does he think they came from?
  • Bannon is an asshole ...
  • This is a shit show ! Comedy central is pathetic .
  • Trevor keep the laughter your show rocks.
  • Please god take this scumbags life soon and the lives of all who watch him , cancer would be nice because they all deserve to suffer before they go to hell amen
  • Didn't all this already happened some time ago.....I'm getting a really weird feeling of deja vu
  • You look like the dump he
  • As a left-handed person, I find it when people use 'leftist' as an insult, I get extremely *triggered.* This was a joke, by the way.
  • Has Bannon ever heard of skin care?
  • Does this guy even know what he's talking about? ... Lol !
  • BREAKING NEWS! Trump is a NYC Asshole Patriot and is playing CNN/Media like the Lying Scum Bags they Represent! Watch as he Distracts & Manipulates the Hysterical Drama Queens as He Dismantles the Deep State of BOTH Polictical Parties! Finally a POTUS with Balls to Do what He Was Elected To Do! What A Fighter and Hero! Bye Bye Deep State You sell out Bastards to Special Interests and Foreign Nationals! God Bless POTUS TRUMP!
  • why so bias trevor
  • You are the man Trevor...😂
  • He and trump both, looks like filthy smelly disgusting winos.... Real talk .
  • I spit coffee on my phone bahahaha.. that’s an insult to Dilophosaurus’s everywhere
  • This is HEAVYILY misguided go watch the whole thing
  • reptilians are real after all.
  • all audio no video
  • Basically clenching his teeth, but nonetheless very funny.
  • Dude is better than Colbert and the other guys!
  • Why does Steve Bannon always look like his liver is about to fail him? He needs bloodwork done immediately.
  • Ear unity change yzasx east examination regularly emerge Republican jail sorry.
  • His red nose shows dude is an alcoholic. He's a complete jackass! But he has a huge following in Orange County California! That's scary!
  • OMG I died at that last part XD
  • We're all immigrants
  • And why is his opinion important? Throw the bum out.
  • Kick Bannon out of the damn immigrant country....
  • Also, Native Americans weren't here first? It's literally in the name, you dolt!
  • Does Bannon realize that the 19th century was when the Gold Rush took place? I assume not, considering he referred to it as the time in which America had closed borders and not one of the largest influx of immigrants in our history.
  • i remember a time when the left could argue
  • Quake with fear you silly fools!  Bannon is going to take back America!
  • Why does this Saffa get a platform in America? Go home and clean up your people's mess in S.A. Western civilisation is under attack, all Westerners have a duty to fight africanisation and islamisation, shun their ways, no need to hurt or kill, they do enough of that to themselves. Just shun their lifestyles and cherish your Western heritage. I'm not white but I stand w those who are under siege.
  • He's a god damn reptile lol
  • Ben Shapiro would wipe his ass with Trevor, LMAO!!!
  • This pathetic of a joke is what the left has???? Good God Trump will WIN in 2020!! LMAO!
  • He's biting his jaw, which causes the muscles to the back of his face to contract and expand

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