Steve Bannon Confirms Everyone's Worst Suspicions About Him on "60 Minutes": The Daily Show

Steve Bannon Confirms Everyone's Worst Suspicions About Him on "60 Minutes": The Daily Show
Steve Bannon Confirms Everyone's Worst Suspicions About Him on "60 Minutes": The Daily Show
In a "60 Minutes" profile of Steve Bannon, the former White House strategist reflects on President Trump's Pussygate scandal and defends his problematic views on immigration. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • Trevor is a real dork!
  • where is his upper lip?
  • Stay classyTreeevor.
  • it's the devil horns they want so badly to come out they want to bust through his Jaws!
  • That's because Steve Bannon is a lizard person.
  • Steve Bannon, what a freaking scumbag.
  • I just came here for the comments. Noah is trash.
  • That people like Bannon walk this earth is an insult to humanity....I said it. Sorry not sorry
  • That was a good ending 😂😂😂
  • Steve Bannon has the look of a unkept, homeless hardcore drunk. Ugh. Nasty man with weird thinking.
  • Trevor Noah is so not funny. Please bring back Jon, I'll vote democrat next time. Promise. Please
  • It's sad that with all the propaganda and bs rhetoric he spreads and Trump and his supporters use, they still can't understand what racism truly is. If your foundation is based on Bannon's rhetoric you truly have nothing to stand on.
  • Absolute asshat
  • Please watch the whole interview. Making someone look bad by cherry picking clips is too easy. I’m not saying I agree with Bannon on everything but you have to agree this man is a “street fighter.”
  • ahaha FU trevor you suck and your ratings are SOOOOOO low
  • Huuuهههه u r the man Trevor
  • He's delusional. Which is totally unsuprising isn't it?
  • "If someone knows of a way I could be an even larger piece of shit, I'd love to hear it. " -Steve Bannon
  • Libtards
  • Go Bannon tell these new york scum to go bite the bag,
  • How does one make their jaw pulse like that? I'm honestly curious. I didn't know that there was a muscle that could contract like that.
  • Trevor Noah would talk shit on whatever is cool to talk shit about at the time. He's just a follower afraid to stand on his own.
  • trevor,go home and take your token emmy with you
  • Trevor Noah is a posterboy of why we should end ALL immigration.
  • Slavery was less pervasive than homosexual behavior, doesn't that make us a country founded on gay sex by that matrix. And liberals only have their insult and offense to discuss, never success and lesson learned not. Nothing to respect, despite their faith they deserve it.
  • People doing what they feel and told think they matter, no evidence to suggest that is true. The offense and abuse being taken is unquestioned, the blame and protest doesn't negate the labor and money being given them.
  • What a devil...
  • You are scum! Go criticize So. Africa!
  • this guy has the most terrifying gaze I've ever seen.
  • I don't care what Steve Bannon Says! he is a Big, Weird, Freaky Ass yuk, yuk!!!
  • I don't care what Steve Bannon Says! he is a Big, Weird, Freaky Ass yuk, yuk!!!
  • seriously, no one is gonna say it? fine #LIZZARDPEOPLE Steve Bannon is a Alien Lizzard in a body of someone's grandfather!
  • Steve Bannon = Loyalty and Ideologue over everything else.
  • PRESIDENT TRUMP’S NEW NICKNAME FOR JIM JONG UN IS.... "ROCKET MAN" ha! ha! ha! ha! President Trump is a great man... Always putting AMERICA first! muSLIM Barry Soetoro was a nothing/fake president!
  • When you side with a man and he then breaks the law you no longer side with him. If you do, be ready to share in his culpability.
  • I saw the interview. He's as nutty as a loon. He's a nut job with a sane voice trying to convince you he's sane.
  • Fuck you fake news . Kiss Brannon ass you mother. piece of shit.
  • Man I must be getting old, I remember when daily show was a comedy program... Must be more lucrative to be in the game of selling ideology to self-willed thralls.
  • Steve, do a situp every decade or two.For a white supremacist you are anything but supreme.Salads are not toxic in spite of what president bone spurs thinks.
  • Why is every trump supporting white supremacists a fat uneducated loser.Have you seen the rallies?I have never seen so much uneducated cholesterol in one place ... ever!Fat, bloated, uneducated inbred red state losers need someone to blame for their loser lives so they pick on the undocumented workers who are willing to do the work these fat lazy confederate trump chimpanzees are not.Trump's base are, in president bone spurs' own words,..."PATHETIC LOOOOOOSERS!"
  • I do not understand Bannon's agenda. Why do people like him are so sure that society desperately needs them?
  • Trevor just has to get a supremacist jab in. Why don't you talk about the countries on this planet that actually are supremacist. Like your home black supremacist country. I would say hypocrite, but actually it's lying.
  • Look in Bannon's eyes, you can see the dark side corruption, it's almost completely taken him.
  • Imao this has been one the funniest and very on point! 😂😂😂
  • America is built on its citizens... hahahahaha... that is the most hilarious joke I have ever heard! Even a kid with basic common sense knows America is built on Immigration, that is even the definition of this country: an immigration country~ I wonder if Trump supporters are that delusional or their world is really that twisted~lol
  • Ignorance is the Democrats greatest asset. #MAGA TRUMP 2020.
  • I was a happier person before I knew what his voice sounded like.
  • I feel bad for Bannon's great grandparents...they were just trying to escape a famine and now they're looking on from their graves seeing what he is :(

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