The Check In: Trump and Religion

The Check In: Trump and Religion
The Check In: Trump and Religion
Seth takes a break from breaking news to check in on President Trump's evolving views on religion, faith and the separation of church and state. » Subscribe to Late Night: » Get more Late Night with Seth Meyers: » Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers Weeknights 12:35/11:35c on NBC. LATE NIGHT ON SOCIAL Follow Late Night on Twitter: Like Late Night on Facebook: Find Late Night on Tumblr: Connect with Late Night on Google+: Late Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube features A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy, and topical monologue jokes. NBC ON SOCIAL Like NBC: Follow NBC: NBC Tumblr: NBC Pinterest: NBC Google+: YouTube: NBC Instagram: The Check In: Trump and Religion- Late Night with Seth Meyers Late Night with Seth Meyers



  • i think her current husband is pretty rich. the guy from journey.
  • So now christian's get to be even more of a head ake?
  • Sounds like trumps is sleeping with Paula
  • هہهہهہهہهہهہ
  • Why should Al Franken resign when Trump stays in office? Hell Trump has 19 women that has come out and he has admitted to it on tape and then lied about it after. So I think if someone as bad as Trump gets to stay in office, hell everyone that's accused of this should stay in office!!
  • His a luciferian a freemason
  • The fact that she thinks black people actually consume mac and cheese FROM A BOX proves that she does not know black people nearly as much as she thinks she does.
  • Paula.... REPENT!!!
  • Well, from today's election result, half of Alabama knows a fake Christian when they see one. Now we just have to work on the rest of the worst.
  • The republicans often uses peoples homophobia and overall bigotry, to get religious people to continuously vote against they're own economic (and other) best interest.
  • I was gonna say, I bet Trump confuses her for Kellyanne Conway but then I thought who could ever mistake that creature even if it is for another similarly scummy one.
  • Televangelist are sick and the scum of the earth. They promise poor, ignorate and desperate people wealth if they give away they're much needed money to add to they're own obsene fortunes.
  • Brain dead Ameriturds abused by clergy. Pathetic, lifeless scum, all of them.
  • I believe that developments of Jerusalem crisis of senses will let appreciate the characters found guilty of laughing at loud commandantly of the Acts of some people far more smart to appreciate the fact that they have been laughing at people they must respect for the powers they received from God that gave them the ways of the dear Lord.
  • Donald J. Frump is a born-again lunatic I do believe.
  • I internally cringed watching certain points in these videos... I had to pause getting through that sermon it was the most basic form communication and assumptive reasoning, she is a manipulator by default, mimickry is a psychological tool the only thing is that ... We live in the year 2017 lady, and now you just sound like an exuberant racist - "someone bringing your man coffee?" This line alone should only ever accompany a sermon about gratitude which it quite obviously did not. She is so Donald Trump :)both of them are ridiculous, wealth is an indication of divine approval?? I simply cannot, how do these people make money? How do they do it, i? to be fair I am a south African absolutely love this country but unfortunately we too have a uniquely embarrassing governmental orchestration of unbalanced human beings. ps. I wouldn't be surprised if he invited her to play a round of golf.
  • There’s no way trump has ever even read the Bible, he’s not in there but it knows exactly who he is. #wolf
  • 6:45 C R I N G E !
  • Trump after he dies and goes to hell: Why am I here? Was it something I said? Nah, I was great. ENJOY!
  • Evangelicals hiding behind God to hide their racism, to hide their bigotry. They should all be ashamed of themselves.
  • I’m not sure if you notice, but the quotes that trump made about God was in 2017! And when he talked about not in church was in 2015-6. A lot. can happen in a year.
  • Love Amber!
  • It makes me sick , these self Appointed Preachers , What Bible do they Read.? Can the people actually Read. ? Jesus Christ is only in the New Testament ,Gospel of Matthew Jesus is born , he lives ,and Dies . the rest are his teachings as told by the Apostles .It is about being kind , helping the sick , And of Jesus's dislike of Hypocrites.
  • 80% of white evangelicals voted for trump. discuss amongst yourselves...
  • 4:02 When you're famous they let you grab 'em by the rosary.
  • He was at a black church 2 weeks before he took office.
  • Why does Trump sounds more and more to me like Eric Cartman?
  • she played the black people, ... hahaha.... (like she played the religious people; they are all played ).
  • Who the hell is Gad?
  • At a certain point Washington and the other founding fathers, along with the people of the 13 american colonies stopped pledging alleigance to the Union Jack and standing for God Save the King. They didn't do it because it was cool or whatever, or because they hated the british army and the Royal Navy, they did it because they and their countrymen weren't represented by a government that told them what to do, punished them if they didn't and didn't allowed them to partake in deciding what was best for them and their land.The people leading this anti-kneeling movement are the people in government who can't be bothered to provide relief to Puerto Rico, who consistently ignore veterans who lose everything and end up homeless or suffer from PTSD, who pile fortunes selling out to special interest groups and betraying the people they're supposed to represent, whosend others to die on their behalf with no concern for the value of their lives, who do their very best to keep the country divided by exploiting peoiple's cultural identity, religion, ethnicity, ideology, gender, even socioeconomic background to pit one group against the other while they collect the spoils. Trump, a draft dodger who said not only that POWs weren't heroes, but shamed them for being captured while serving their country, along with the rest of the VA-defunding GOP and, FYI, slimy, Wall Street's living get-out-of-jail-free card Barack Obama, are the ones leading this.Do you even know why Kapernick kneels? Why he doesn't just sit or walk away while they play the anthem? It's because he sat at first. Then, an enraged veteran wrote a letter to him attacking his lack of respect of the flag and the anthem. Kapernick invited him to have an honest conversation, and they did. Kapernick explained that the reason he was protesting during the playing of the anthem was due to the deafening levels of indifference from the government (who were, and are, PAYING the NFL to put up all that patriotic performance) towards police brutality and neglect against minorities in particular and the poor in general. The veteran explained to Kapernick that soldiers take a knee while honoring their fallen comrades, so Kapernick decided to take a knee during the anthem, honoring the fallen citizens who died pointlessly and unjustly in police shootings, and also as a result of systemic marginalization in poor neighbourhoods.Here's the full story: if you think all veterans feel offended by this... vast majority of people who are praised for defending liberty and justice were called traitors by the governments of their country, untill those governments were replaced, either through elections or revolutions, by people willing to actually do something, instead of just looking patriotic for the audience and pretending to care. Hitler called those who tried to assassinate him traitors and executed them as such. Stalin called the poor peasants and workers protesting against his tirany traitors to the proletariat and exiled them to die in Siberia. And the despots of North Korea condemn any defector running towards freedom a traitor. Calling protestors traitors is, universally, what governments do to deflect attention away from the horrible things they do against their citizens, and when the people miss the point, and crucify the messenger with no concern for the actual message, even democratically elected governments begin to look increasingly like authoritarian regimes.
  • We don’t eat kraft Mac n cheese lady
  • Fucking crazy
  • oh Honey, (Paula White) lay off the silicone injections. Your lips look ridiculous. (too much time and money on your hands...)
  • Love that fine Corinthian leather...
  • Two Corinthians, three corinthians, four Corinthians...OMG.... we all gonna die ! When is he going to get impeached?
  • 2 Timothy 3:1-5 describes a lot of so-called Christians!!!
  • Trump and religion are two words that are never in the same sentence...#sad
  • "two korinthians go to a bar..."
  • 3;00 just one hour? short sermon day.
  • God Almighty
  • When Trump said, "Two Corinthians...", everyone who even claims Christianity should have said, "NOPE! He's a liar." But, the so called Evangelicals voted for him in droves. This is absolute proof that they have discarded scripture.
  • Looks like someone needs to belong to Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption.
  • American Religion...define that? 8:15 "American Religion"
  • God Seth your one hell of a sexi man,
  • Secretly, they worship Satan. So, it's no surprise. Wealth is evil. You can't buy your way into heaven! Although there are train rides into hell. False prophets, false leaders that lead the lambs to slaughter.
  • That woman looks like a possessed Barbie.
  • Seth will never be a man he is just weak in the knees , why not talk about the good POTUS is doing , I am sure that there are many Bullywoodians that benefits a great deal from where the stock market is today..!! Is POTUS always right no but could you once in every blue moon talk about something good POTUS did..just to be fair since nobody is perfect..
  • It is easy to tell he hasn't spent much (if any) time in chuch. He has none of the cadence.
  • hey lady if you think trump is saved then i dont know about your god god dislikes liers read from your bible acts 5 thyen tell me again trump is saved

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