The Check In: Trump and Religion

The Check In: Trump and Religion
The Check In: Trump and Religion
Seth takes a break from breaking news to check in on President Trump's evolving views on religion, faith and the separation of church and state. » Subscribe to Late Night: » Get more Late Night with Seth Meyers: » Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers Weeknights 12:35/11:35c on NBC. LATE NIGHT ON SOCIAL Follow Late Night on Twitter: Like Late Night on Facebook: Find Late Night on Tumblr: Connect with Late Night on Google+: Late Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube features A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy, and topical monologue jokes. NBC ON SOCIAL Like NBC: Follow NBC: NBC Tumblr: NBC Pinterest: NBC Google+: YouTube: NBC Instagram: The Check In: Trump and Religion- Late Night with Seth Meyers Late Night with Seth Meyers



  • That woman looks like a possessed Barbie.
  • Seth will never be a man he is just weak in the knees , why not talk about the good POTUS is doing , I am sure that there are many Bullywoodians that benefits a great deal from where the stock market is today..!! Is POTUS always right no but could you once in every blue moon talk about something good POTUS did..just to be fair since nobody is perfect..
  • It is easy to tell he hasn't spent much (if any) time in chuch. He has none of the cadence.
  • hey lady if you think trump is saved then i dont know about your god god dislikes liers read from your bible acts 5 thyen tell me again trump is saved
  • Trump and White are the epitome of shysters.
  • Paula White is going to burn in hell. If the Elected Dotard is a Christian then I will have to leave the faith, because if that's what passes for Christian behavior I want no parts of this religion.
  • Tangie could use a good exorcism. just saying..
  • GOD? ... Really...? He's a FOOL!
  • America remember to live by the 7 Virtues: Wonder, Moderation, Truth, Courage, Justice, Wisdom & Beauty. Trump is karmic. Your future depends on the choices you make now.
  • Prosperity gospel is my second best oxymoron now (after bad school my long time favorite)
  • Watches show a couple times with a creature pedophile f*** this I came and looked at sucker a dweeb
  • Set Maya's what is this thing what is this creature it's a pedophile hiding did not see his kids birth didn't know I was a father this creature please God Stage 5 cancer for this thing
  • I would love, from the bottom of my heart, to see all evangelicals burn hard in hell
  • Hope these Christian leaders be held accountable as well.. where are they now..  wonder how these Paula White and cohorts have still members in their church..............
  • EXCELLENT!  You are a true genius!
  • Well, it looks like Washington's favorite Ventriloquist Dummy is finally heading down the long and winding road to the scrap heap.  The Justice Dept. announced this evening it has one or more arrest warrants for individuals who conclusively intervened with Russia in the 2016 election that gave Donald J. Trump the victory.  Their report promised full details Monday.  Wonder what his sad, embarrassed family is having for dinner that night, Trump Roast, maybe?  This is going to get more fun before it's over.  It's about time!
  • How hilariously ironic that tRump puts himself on display as a "family values Christian" knowing full well that as the despicable Philistine that he really is, he would've slandered and disgraced an anti-establishment figure like Jesus if he were around today.
  • Trump can' ask God for forgiveness because he serves the Devil oh and Money is his God...and he and his FOXHOLE buddy BO both have something in common they blame God when they have to pay out money for sexual harassment or fraud
  • ' HE WON'T GO TO CHURCH, BECAUSE IT'S BORING' . . . 1hr.5 without speaking about him . . .
  • My Opinions 10/25/2017 My notes to a friend of mine who said, "Nothing can match the power of Christ." Of course nothing can match the power of Christ, but He will not listen to the prayers, lies, attempted force and bribes coming from the dark side or the self-righteous, to help the evil side, nor will He listen to people that will not "walk their talk" and produce what their lips claim. Currently, He is not yet ready to eliminate Evil because it is still a workable tool of His Purpose and our education and learning, especially for "fence sitters" and pseudo Christians, pseudo religionists of any faith and etc, etc. Pruning a tree gives it pain, but causes it to grow and produce better fruit! People are also being sorted and making choices of values during this process. I think to be on the side of Good is of course good, whatever religion or non-religion or whatever philosophy one has. This war on Earth is a war against Evil and for Good, but not so much of a war on religion, spirituality or philosophy. People are individuals and all see things a bit differently, suited for their levels. Yes, the Dark Side has strategically pitted religions against each other, but the war against Evil is a war against evil both internally as well as externally. At this time period, Evil and Good are becoming more intensified and visible to the common people at large now and exposure is everywhere and I think I know about where this is all going. Some folks are very good at hiding between and behind Biblical words phrases, semantics, cliché's and paragraphs and fool even their-selves. Damn that is a good talent, but it will not fly in eternity. I think they are "drunk" with intoxicating and seductive spirits from down under. I have noticed over the years that some "religious" people can get over-zealous to the threshold of spiritual intoxication-overdose and doff all good senses, reasoning and balances. It can be like a heroin addiction to some. These kind of people we call "religious devils" and they are within and without, "wheat & tares"! As I see it our civil order is being exposed and refines big time and it will not be long until our religious orders are supper exposed and refined also. My wife's parents were non-believers in any faith and even wondered if there was/is a God, but they were both more loving, compassionate and giving than most people with a religion to hide under or behind. They remind me of the written incident where the son that said he would do his Father's work, did not and another son that did not say he would, did his Fathers work. "By their fruits ye shall know them!" Of course it is written, "My people perish for a lack of knowledge." but of course lazy, covetous and unfortunate people do not get this vital knowledge and are not willing to work and earn the blessings that come from searching, practicing and learning. All get what they earn in the spirit of truth, justice and fairness. God is not a Communist! He will not rob another to give you what you should have spent time doing and earning yourself. Forgiveness after repentance allows one to keep going, provisionally, in a probation period, but it does not remove the debts or payments acquired and due for the sins committed and the damages done. However with Grace being allowed, I think many people end up doing extra good works in their golden years. Vengeance is not what it is all about, but development and refinement. Sincerely, Don Roberto
  • Two Corinthians walk into a bar ......
  • keep "liars" out of politics ... politics is about "governing" and liars "misgovern" !
  • Keep heretics out of politics.
  • The way she started talking "black". What a loser. I hate when white ppl do that. Another I can add to my list.
  • Right the black stuff.
  • 1:42 wth did I just say? lol
  • Organized religion harbours true evil.
  • Bob Mueller, hurry, please save us...
  • Wait...the Christian Broadcasting Network has a POLITICAL correspondent? Oh, right, I forgot. Separation of church and state is a joke in this country.
  • Two Corinthians went into a bar............
  • Interesting take on things to say that wealth is a sign of God's approval... Wasn't there something in the Bible about how it is "easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to get in to Heaven"? These people are not only not Christian, they are barely qualified as "people" in my book. They are edging a lot closer to demon, given the way they seem to have no hesitation to lie, cheat, steal, defile and misrepresent the Bible and the whole of Christianity. It saddens me that some are foolish enough to believe their deception, and angers me that there appears to be little to do to thwart them and remove them from power. These people are the antithesis of righteous and everything they denounce. How has it gotten to this point that it doesn't even MATTER anymore that their lies are exposed? Who is still holding on to the things they say for reassurance in supporting them that doesn't already know that they are lying deliberately and only care about elevating themselves? What a vile individual Trump is, and all the people who knowingly try to make him palatable by their attempts to twist words into gibberish that can be reinterpreted to suit whatever they want. I'm disgusted with the entire situation and most of all that they think they can actually fool people with that.... Is there a proper christian way to deal with these charlatans that doesn't involve violence and forcibly dismembering them publicly or storming the White House with pitchforks and torches to lop off heads and mount them on poles on the white house lawn? Because I am frankly having a difficult time imagining this perverse leadership being terminated any other way...
  • Oh God, her addressing an African American audience was paaaaaainful to watch. Damn.
  • A church filed for bankruptcy? How is that even possible?
  • The fallin soldiers Parents were DIVORCED Why did he send it to the Father and not the MOTHER? What about the others that died? White guys family gets check, black guys family gets a rude phone call?
  • ಠ_ಠ
  • Trump and religion are like oil and water, or drinking and driving. They don't mix. The other only leads to disaster. People, his base, want to believe that Trump knows religion and understands its value in a democratic society, but the sad part is that Trump doesn't believe in a democratic society. He is racist and wants to control the press and the rights of all except the "white supremacists" like himself.
  • Amber is the most beautiful sista i have ever seen...i luv ya Amber...
  • Trump will goes straight to hell when he died for using God for his political gained. If he's believing God he would never rip off contractors who are build his buildings. My stupid girlfriends felt for its, she sent me the link that he was praying and ask me to pray for him. Indeed I did pray that Please God save our country from this narcissistic, psychopath and has no sympathy because he was made from defected 23 pairs of chromosomes.
  • Funny how they never bring up Clinton raping that poor girl.
  • I'm sure he doesn't actually believe in the Bible, he is a well educated man. Here in the U.K he would be mocked if he kept going on about the Bible all the time.
  • Two Corinthians walked into a bar...
  • love it, prayers to the ceiling. paul white are you kidding me,? they should ask how many babies has she aborted? what is the sneaking around is about, who's husband did she steal? this is too funny
  • everything will be fixed the first day..................................still waiting TRUMP
  • They weren't praying for him Seth. They were trying to pick his pocket.
  • This video show how many ignorant are around that's why Trump win
  • 2 corinthians walk into a bar...
  • WTH did I just watch @ 9:38?! What was that supposed to be? That was maddening, embarrassing and sad all at the same time. Smdh.

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