The Trump Learning Method - Between the Scenes: The Daily Show

The Trump Learning Method - Between the Scenes: The Daily Show
The Trump Learning Method - Between the Scenes: The Daily Show
Trevor breaks down the bizarre revelation that President Trump phoned other countries' leaders to ask about population. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Ahahaha what's so amazing about my country's population? 😂😂 I'm Indonesian btw
  • Well, the other day i phoned mexico by mistake and asked if they had mexicans :/
  • Trevor😁😁😁😂😂😂
  • Trevor Noah missed out on being the African accent in Black Panther.
  • please bring obama back i miss being proud of our president 😭
  • Between the scenes are the best :))
  • Between the scenes are the best🖒😂🖒
  • American they are always looking for bigfoot well his in Whitehouse
  • Man this some good ish😂😂😂
  • 🤣🤣🤣
  • Thank you Trevor!
  • if he exchanged president for smartest business man...
  • He's studying for Jeopardy!
  • See how un-important America has become in the eyes of foreign relations... It is too the extent that Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, might have a chance at winning 2nd term as leader of Germany for calling America a "Un-reliable ally" . america turned *hero to zero* when Trump and the RepubliCUNTS rolled into the whitehouse. Plus those Trumptards defending him makes America look like a n un-educated shithole full off retards. *"STOP ACTING RETARDED AMERICANS"*
  • His voices and accents are spot on! Brilliant! Love you, Trevor!
  • Why doesn't Trump just look it up on the internet? I thought he believed everything that's on it.
  • "Cute"
  • wow obama america miss u man
  • America First More Like America Comedy First
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  • These behind the scenes are sometimes better than the actual show.
  • Trevor is so cute
  • Come to think of it, most Americans I've come across truly act like that, tragic enough is that they are not acting.... this is just how they are. #ignorance Donald Trump may have been a reality TV star but he now is your reality check.... Instead of complaining all day n night, Y'all should improve your systems (for the future's sake) or before you know it you may have Kim Kardashian as your next president or her crazy husband, I heard he (Kanye) even bragged about it probably because just like Trump he also knows how stupid n spoilt majority of Americans are. Just sad!
  • go mr noah.......................SUPER ON HIS FEET.
  • I use to really enjoy The Daily Show. Trevor Noah is just awful
  • Holy Shit. We r doomed. If we make it, Bernie 2020!
  • Trevor is wifey 😍😍😍
  • Sigh... I guess I owe George Double Ya Bush an apology for believing that he was not a smart president...
  • Trevor's african accent/impression kills me everytime!
  • It's hard to be a proud Murican when you have a president like that nincompoop.
  • Trevor doing a Zambian accent.
  • This seems more like "deleted scenes" than 'between the scenes'. I wish they would have left him unscripted and casual :(
  • Check out the Free Speech! The Unite the Right Rally in Charlotteville VA Sat Aug 12,2017 12-5 pm We challenge the leftists to settle this like men ALL american patriots are welcome. GO TRUMP !! MAGA
  • The looping music at the end is annoying, bring the old outros back.
  • That was hella funny! I wish they was space on the show for this. "He only wants to know how tall a giraffe will get." LOL
  • As always very funny 😂
  • lol! Trevor I just love your show, totally in love in you, are you single?
  • if your reading this...have a blessed dayyy
  • Oh my god, Trevor is the man
  • I love these between the scenes!!!
  • Dont extend the clip so long with just music. wth
  • There is no such thing as "the president of America". There are somewhere between 45 and 50 different presidents in America, one for each of the countries in the American continent.
  • Trump 2020!!!
  • Mannnnn, Trump is such a joke.
  • Reminds me of when Bart Simpson called Australia...
  • Tower reflect book unfortunately painter right convert immigrant
  • This has gone beyond unbelievable. When my kids learn about history they will just think this is all made up!
  • When I was a little kid in like the early 80s, McDonalds would have this phone set up where you could basically call and listen to a recording of Ronald McDonald. Somehow, I can't help thinking that's what it's like for people answering calls from McDonald Trump.
  • racist will be racist so it is what it is
  • Gold!

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