Trump Calls Non-White Countries "S**tholes": The Daily Show

Trump Calls Non-White Countries "S**tholes": The Daily Show
Trump Calls Non-White Countries "S**tholes": The Daily Show
During a White House meeting on immigration, President Trump questions why people from "s**thole countries" like Haiti and African nations are allowed to come to the U.S. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Trevor Noah your cancer your biased liberal agenda makes me cringe. It’s sad how is whole show is just knocking trump. Get some new content you no talent ass clown. Let me know when you and Jim Jeffries are expecting your first born.
  • I’m black and Africa is a ducking shithole of a continent
  • I'm from fucking Norway and we don't want ANYTHING to do with him. Who TF wants to move to America. But that Norway is the whitest country ever is true tho.
  • That headline.... lol. Race baiting
  • Most Liberals are stupid they don't realize they are only hurting themselves in the end. The truth always wins
  • Fucking cracker
  • Whos from south Africa Cape town, Johannesburg ,Pretoria
  • Tha only shit hole we have seen is ur mother's fr trump
  • This is such a bullshit... you from the midia make me sick... and btw I live in norway and there is not just white people, there is a lot more people of diferent races than u think. Do ur research properly before making ur self look like a fool
  • Wow some insignificant loser said something stupid & everyone is making a big deal out of it, who cares
  • Actually yeah pretty much all of the non white countries are shit holes....this is news??? This is more like common sense....silly libtards
  • I think the problem is not what he said but how he said it. If he said it. He is the leader of a major country so we'd expect a more appropriate language from him. However, if he indeed said so, it was made in the privacy of his office so we shouldn't blame him for that crude expression. Well... my opinion doesn't really matter, since I'm French and I'm not concerned.
  • Wait.....wut..there are black people in Norway.
  • Says the guy who immigrated to America because the prosperous South Africa couldn't give him a proper job. Also let's ignore the fact that the average person from Africa, Haiti would be uneducated and the average Norwegian has a masters degree. I get what you are trying to say, but you are clearly biased in your message and not even attempting to understand why he might have said it. Jammer Trevor, maar jys n dom poes.
  • Those who accuse are typically the raciest.
  • false news....
  • When you want to talk about Portugal, and you dónt have a idea in what continent it is, wash your mouth , you bloody monkee.
  • Oh there it is guys ! Be ready for another BvsW
  • Didn't he leave a crapy country came to country where there's more whites.
  • Well, they ARE  S.*** holes !!   Who needs illiterates who have a 3 rd. grade  education already !!
  • Trevor... we already knew you were from a shit hole country... so now you bring your shit hole ideas to America and work in a shit hole job. You must feel right at home!!!
  • Tell me just ONE black country that isn't a shit hole and I'll throw my phone in the trash and never make another comment.. just ONE! Every country I see that is run by blacks is corrupt, full of crime and hunger, their leaders care nothing about their own people.. just for themselves!!! Blacks just don't have enough smarts!!
  • Yes they are.
  • Hey, i am from norway and this is weird.
  • "Non-white countries" lmao thanks for this clickbait, he never said that. Have my dislike
  • Liberals can't handle the truth as it hurts their tender little feelings.
  • trump should have added your show to the list
  • Trump told the truth, many African countries are underdeveloped; and the corrupt African leaders/politicians who collude with private & foreign companies to loot & enrich themselves and their families are to blame. Look at South Africa, Zimbabwe, DRC, Kenya, Cameroon, Togo....They have betrayed our people for far too long. It's time the African youth stood up and remove all these dictators!
  • Norway has alot of emmigrants now so its hardly the whitest country...Portugal is acctually more white than Norway now I think. Cause no one want to emigrate there.
  • We have like half a city of immigrants in Norway...
  • First of all, he said all of the countries are shitholes (not just the black countries). It also doesnt matter if he offends anyone because it is true, he could have used more proper language but that doesnt make his statement false. When you drop the whole race thing, those countries are in terrible conditions so, by definition, they are shitholes. They are not shitholes because they are not white, they are shitholes because they have been governed terribly and completely misled so can we stop pointing our fingers and just realize that President Trump is not at fault for the state of all these countries.
  • Noah, so offended by Trump. Not so offended by BLACK LIVES MATTER, We want DEAD COPS NOW. PIGS IN A BLANKET FRY LIKE BACON. The fact that it lead to cops being killed is of no concern to Trevor Noah or anyone else in the liberal media
  • They are shitholes, who gives a fuck. He talked about Norway because he had just visited there. Race bating nigger can make moon screen joke and that's ok.
  • Norway: a country that lectures Trump about climate change while paying for a welfare state with offshore drilling. Democrats are doing everything they can to stop Trump from doing what Norway does. Norway: a country that shows tolerance to Muslims who hate gays and Jews. Tolerance for the intolerant.
  • I’m Iranian living in Norway. Trust me fam, We good over here😂😂 America is a shit-hole country for us
  • If you're offended that places where they routinely turn children into soldiers to commit genocide when they aren't chopping off their arms to keep them from taking diamonds is called out for their atrocities against their own people and George Clooney has to pay for his own satellite just to keep an eye on them because their own officials are turning a blind eye than you might be a shithole person
  • I am from Norway, and we have a lot of different colored people living here! Yes, it is very, very cold here, but there is no such thing as moonscreen! Poor Erna, the prime minister of Norway, for having to meet Trump! We are really lucky in Norway, because atleast we mostly have a good government! Except from Trond Giske, but he just got fired so... Why can't the rest of the Government fire Trump?! I mean, he is a threat to the entire world! Trump and Kim is not the best options for the worlds future!
  • Last night in Texas, three dindus from a shithole neighborhood murdered a hardworking asian couple in their home, but black lives matter and somehow its the white mans fault
  • My President is right
  • Many of these are shit holes
  • BTW there's a lot of immigrants in Norway
  • There are plenty of nonwhite countries that aren't Haiti and on the African continent making this racist title false and misleading. I can't say anything about Haiti but as a South African I can say it and the few other African countries I have been to are all S**thole countries. I suppose if Trump said, "Developing nations" instead this would have gone better though.
  • Im Norwegian and you say Norwegians is white as a moonscreen. Thats like someone white says africans is a stupid assmonkey. YOU is RACIST!
  • I’m from Norway.
  • So im from Norway and that is fucking true. Everything he said was true. And im from Pakistan but my ass too white too be called brown.
  • I don't like the fact you called people who are super white they were moon screen, as I can argue this is racist. And second of all you calling albino African Americans out to?
  • All white countries= rich,democracy, freedom,religious freedom,well educated....etc! why arent african countries like that? I think Japan would rather have people from europe, australia, usa and canada. Same thing with Donald Trump, he thinks its better for the country if the US takes in educated people than people who are from favela`s, slums.
  • > Fire and Fury free download Trump´s final rally to shithole countries < copy and look it up on youtube

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