Trump Calls Non-White Countries "S**tholes": The Daily Show

Trump Calls Non-White Countries "S**tholes": The Daily Show
Trump Calls Non-White Countries "S**tholes": The Daily Show
During a White House meeting on immigration, President Trump questions why people from "s**thole countries" like Haiti and African nations are allowed to come to the U.S. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • South S***hole😂✊🏽 How dare he diss us?!
  • trump
  • Before 1994, South Africa used to be a first world country . Nowadays it’s become a shithole
  • your a shit hole
  • Ah yes, Trevor doing more Africa jokes. "Africa jokes. Because y'all are f'in racist."
  • Are there any Native American comedians because I REALLY want to see one respond to Dotard Drumpf's xenophobic and fascist rhetoric by being all "Oh so you want ALL the immigrants to go home? Ok then. Does this mean we get our ancestral lands back? Hey everybody, the palefaces are self-deporting and giving us our land back!" Also, Norwegians don't WANT to come here. CERTAINLY not any more.
  • That's not racism that's nationalism.
  • Well define shithole...
  • That joke he did saying Trump wants Immigrants from Portugal was a headline in our national news paper:)
  • Wondering if the Donald has had a mini-stroke since he's slurring his words so badly. He claims he doesn't drink, so just asking for a friend!
  • but how are they not shit holes??? haven't you seen the situations there???
  • but how are they not shot holes?? haven't you see the situation there??
  • Maybe thought asked what his breath smelt like
  • go back to south africa were you excape fropmtop come to america,since you love that shit hole somuch, hypocrite , asnd o yeayh , howe could mugabe become president ,by killing people ,
  • North shitholers send their regards..crone fuck
  • Father Jack concurs African countries are feckin shitholes that's where HIV Ebola Rape disease and immigrants come from, Jack says Mr trump is correct feck shithole Africa keep your brown people HIV Ebola lynchings tropical diseases, do not come to the west ya feckin chocolate faces!
  • Fuck you all white people. we will take over all of ur countries if we can. U didnt think twice when u colonized africa , all agreed and no white country stood up for us. n now u cry when some of us come to ur country. u’er selfish white animal . we may forgive but will never forget. and we will always hate white people for what u did. We would kill every one of u if we get the power to. We will give the history forward to our children so they also have this hate in their hart.
  • I love the daily show, but it’s extremely ignorant to say we don’t have black people/immigrants.. around 10% of the population is immigrants.. get your facts straight Trevor
  • the middle east is a shithole
  • People call those countries shitholes and they never been there? Lmfaoo Americans are disgraceful
  • lol Trump is the man!
  • The President it right !!
  • “I am the least racist person you have ever met”
  • If you don’t like him why would you vote for him 2 if you dont like him don’t talk about him and the guy your not funny
  • Tell Norweigens that they can come visit and live in America at no immigration cost.
  • How racist shithole countries? Wtf
  • Trump is right, why are we taking people from these shithole countries?
  • They are shitholes you Fucking Australian fucking comedians need to get better material.
  • so white they need moonscreen lmaoooo that would be me honestly
  • It's called tact fuck wads.
  • As a Norwegian this is very funny to watch
  • Oh he said shit hole country and who got offended? People. Go figure. Feel. sorry for your mothers
  • Kimpie paarntie
  • Well your country Trevor, the great SA is a SHITHOLE and racist country guess what it does have a white minority which your country doesn't give a fuck about.
  • You have that right, i use 50+ on sunscreen and im from Norway xD
  • We DONT want people from crap hole/third world countries coming here to America! All my family and friends feel the exact same way!
  • trevor noah is the absolute worst
  • Shit hole people not countries. People with the highest population of HIV in Children. Now where would that be???????
  • not surprised , nothing good(important) "ever" come out of trumps yellow mouth.if anything is to be called shithole? Thats his not mad but am being realistic.hahahaha shithole countries......
  • I doubt sincerely if the average American thinks that Trump's hidden immigration policy about not bringing people from countries where the people can not read or write is wrong. The only ones who are aghast by it are news media organizations.
  • The 2nd and 3rd world countries ARE shit holes, NOT the people that populate them or their cultures. The royal elite families keep these countries in turmoil, poverty, and war just to steal all of their precious resources such as gold, diamonds, oil, manganese, copper, iron, and many more valuable commodities. Only way for them to stay in control is to keep the citizens unarmed, starving, unhealthy and bankrupt. On top of it, they acquire the mentioned resources practically for free because of the pathetic labor expenses. Just like any nation's citizens that have been conquered and hijacked, like Cuba for example. These disgusting families (Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Queen Elizabeth....) do this very efficiently. These "shit hole countries" arent like this by mistake. All the ones saying "If I were never able to COME TO AMERICA, I wouldnt be where I am now..." like Elon Musk loves to throw around, NOTICE YOU WERE NOT SUCCESSFUL IN YOUR SHIT HOLE COUNTRY. YOU HAD TO COME TO AMERICA. There are no resources to be independent and successful in anything. There are barely enough resources to even live on a day to day in most of areas of these countries, and in some cases its the whole entire country. Stop trying to twist shit you dumbass. Youre so worthless you have nothing else to talk about. You probably dont even come up with this shit yourself. Simply reading a telepromptor with someone elses ideas for a paycheck. Pathetic waste of sperm.
  • usa politics,agencies, hackers...pond of dumbdazz....
  • Did he call East Asian countries a shit hole? No, he called shitholes, shitholes. If they are so great, we should stop sending them billions in foreign aid
  • there's sill no proof donald trump said that, some democrat said he did, so retards believe him. also even if he didn't say it, haiti and african nations ARE A SHITHOLE. you think they're not? move there, stfu .
  • Thank you trevor for defending Africa. Obviously Trump doesn't know enough about Africa otherwise he wouldn't call it s - holes. Some places even look like paradise and people are friendlier and more open. It is not fair to say these things about a country you don't know. America you should take a look at yourself. Some of your people are homeless and are starving, but at least in Africa there is an actual logical reason. From a self-glorified country like yourself and the so called best Country why are these things that happen in s-hole countries be happening in yours. At least in Africa in all cultures there is a fundamental value of RESPECT and integrity. LOOK IN THE MIRROR BEFORE LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW.
  • The world needs to push the fucking reset button and put the remaining pieces back where they are supposed to be.
  • This is he said he said, no REAL proof karma is something that goes around and comes right back arnd.
  • He doesn't know how we value our continent but anyway we know our worth I just feel for American being led by a mentally retarded asshole.
  • Shake my head the way u guys twist his words to keep shoving down the throats of Americans that he is racist is just unbelievable I do not think for one second that Donald trump is racist do u not see the man is a billionaire and he could have done any other thing then run for president to Help out the American people he’s from New York for gods sake the guy is from the melting pot city without him nobody would have ever brang up the border issues and crime issues do u not see that with open borders people can freely bring in coke etc and import US dollars in exchange one of the most valuable currency’s not only that but he is big on protecting us from isis and other radical Islamic groups and not only that but when he says shit hole country’s couldn’t he possibly be speaking about the economic state of the country and not the race of the People in the country smh don lemon telling u more lies fucking puppet wake up
  • Noah is the most racist person in Media. The guy misleads his liberal audience. Norway as all northern societies have cultural traditions of working as hard as you can so you can stock supplies, enough to survive long hard winters. ARM micro devices is the leading microprocessor company in the world. Your cellphone uses it. It was developed in Norway. Trevor, name one warm climate country, African country, or shit hole country that has developed or invented anything similar? Right, shit hole countries are shit holes because of their shit hole cultures. In direct words that is what Trump thinks he is trying to prevent in America. Right or wrong that is the true intention. It has absolutely nothing to do with race. As is obvious with open acceptance and recognition of hard working and successful Americans of color, any color. Trevor is making himself successful by catering to losers who blame their failed lives on racism instead of personal laziness. No different than loser football fans who claim some kind of personal success when their NFL team wins. How delusional can you get, like some bozo buying a over priced ticket to watch millionaires play a game has any contribution to the quality of his life, either financially or socially.

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