President Trump's Very Bad Day & Law Enforcement's Systemic Racism: The Daily Show

President Trump's Very Bad Day & Law Enforcement's Systemic Racism: The Daily Show
President Trump's Very Bad Day & Law Enforcement's Systemic Racism: The Daily Show
Police body-cams catch Baltimore cops planting evidence in drug cases, and a Stanford University study uncovers racial disparity in routine traffic stops. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • The Mueller Progress is nice to hear but don't hold your breath. It's still extremely hard to indict a sitting President. Trump likely won't see any consequences until the end of his term.
  • Lmfaoo, you are something else men
  • Mamslabovbaterku
  • Leo deblin..... 😂😂😂😂
  • How stupid are Baltimore cops ..........
  • I now want a 'Forever Tail Light" !
  • Just wanted to say that Plexi-glas is an acrylic and highly subject to shattering if struck, as opposed to Lexan, which is a polycarbonate. Still funny as shit though.
  • Omg those cops are extremely stupid... they can't catch real drug dealer or even frame random person black properly....
  • I'm not hating I just don't think leo deblin is funny I wish if they made it more Trevor.
  • 6:48 sounds like Shah Rukh Khan.
  • 2 funny 🤣 😂
  • U see my running for president I would say this at a speech if ur racist adapt because we’re not in the 1800 so get use to it or get out we don’t need u we need people that are open and friendly who don’t care about division I want we want people that will say no more division Unity! Because isn’t that what this is about Unity millions of people coming together to make everyone fell protected to fell safe to say we are Americans
  • And another thing I don’t want to get into politics but if I got involved and I ran for president my slogan would make America great for EVERYONE because I don’t like racists and I don’t like people that just call on black people for no reason ok I’m not black I know when enough is enough because there are like 10 articles a day about some white person calling on black people for no reason
  • I’m Hispanic and I live in Miami but I want to lovebirds to Montana I might have the worst record there thanks to some racist cop
  • Whoa, who put this wall here?
  • I'm surprised some people are shocked, yeah, of course it happens. It happened to my father on multiple occasions, before I was born.
  • I like how noone talks about how Youtube encouraged the culture of "racism is funny" until companies literally told them they were going to stop paying them if they didn't knock it off. I want to see someone have the balls to point this out in a segment on TV or even in Tweet. Someone other than me. They literally paid ppl to say anti-black shit and YT is one of the main reasons foreigners think the N word and being anti black altogether is a fuckin joke. YT encouraged and advanced the whole culture and noone is saying shit about it but me. They PAID ppl to be assholes and didn't make them stop until their money was threatened. Why am I the only one who finds that utterly horrible? Someone need to call them out on their shit and make them pay for it. All these vids about racism and they were one of the biggest influences of racism in current times. Their execs should pay. And not just be forgiven because they finally put their foot down when their sponsors threatened. Someone other than me should say something about this shit.
  • animation 10/10
  • *Welcome To The Charming Little City Of Baltimore, Bitch! Now Imma Plant All These Drugs On You!* Thats The Corrupt Balitimore City Cops All Day Long. Its Sad Cause They End Up Getting The Seemingly Rare And Good Cops Killed When Radicals Decide To Shoot Random Cops In Retaliation For The Corrupt Cops Actions. Its Friggin' Pathetic If You Ask Me For A Cop To Ever Be Corrupt. What Do You Gain From Making Yourself And Your Fellow Officers, Targets Of Hatred And Malice Within The Communities You Are Supposed To Be Protecting And Serving? Its Stupidity To The Max. They Need To Make Incredibly Harsh Punishments For Corrupted Cops To Set An Example For All The Rest Of Them.
  • Great points about Baltimore
  • I live in Baltimore and trust me the drug scene is not just crooked cops planting evidence.
  • Pope glass!
  • Trucks have tamper proof cameras. So the driver can't erase or mess with videos. We have smart keys that lock cars when you walk away. Why not have camera's that switch when they leave there cars. No on or off swich.
  • Haha haha
  • These nazi pigs will be my dinner soon enough
  • Who in their right mind voted for this guy? What a smuck, BIGLY SMUCKY.
  • It be your own camera
  • Blacks and Hispanics are out on the streets over night way more than Whites especially during the week days. It stands to reason that if your out and about where police are and not inside your homes most nights preparing for the next school or work day your chances of being pulled over will be a considerate more amount. Thank You
  • TREVOR YOU'RE Sooooooooooo Funny LOVE watching him
  • "Now I know what you're thinking. How did I get my hands on some of that Pope glass?" *Zooms in* "That's none of your goddamn business" This is why I love this show.
  • Fucking idiots bashing the best pres we ever had
  • Mexico’s president is me 24/7
  • He is such an ignorant Narcissist Personality Disorder individual - Why is it taking so long and WTH would the freak have to do for some Ethical Actions to take his low minded arse out of there. What kinds of F-king this country (you and me) has this 1% Fraternity Pledge Done in that office with his little desk, little pen, and little hands!?!
  • quality comedy
  • The control for those cameras shouldn't be in their hands out side of giving themselves privacy in the restroom and the footage before and after the stop should be of a clock showing the elapsed time and the bathroom door.
  • I’ve been warned by a police officer that other officers in his department often plant marijuana if the driver refuses a search. This stuff DOES happen and is a serious issue.
  • Cops in every city are doing that and always had, they are even murdering people and "frame jobs" are off the charts {white cops} particularly are killing cops of other ethnicity...... Fact .
  • It don't matter, trump been put there for a reason and he's "absolutely positively" is not going anywhere no time soon, he's been put there to wreck this country, all the false reports will be telling you that the country is doing better, at the same time you will be witnessing a rapid decline from the Obama years, commonsense should teach you, that you can't reverse the mechanisms that saved the country without an adverse affect..... At some point you people should use you "GOD" given "commonsense" . Example: If I bind something together and you remove that bind, without replacing it with anything else, what would happen ??
  • He already draft dodged halfway he just has to go to Canada to finish his first screwup
  • Trevor you don't even know it, but your my best friend. LOL always making my 'every' day.
  • Donald Trump still too me looks like he should be saying "Sufferin Suckertash"
  • In order to keep the legal SLAVE enterprise alive, police officers and precincts aim towards arresting minorities to keep them from ever accessing upward mobility, as well as producing cheap to free labor. With arrest(s) and a history or file of some criminal charge, political disenfranchisement and Legal discrimination can then take place. This means that employment, housing, etc, can all reject the applicant ( who has a record), along with refraining them from participating in the voting process. Without being able to vote for someone to voice their injustice and represent the minority, they will remain being incarcerated, discriminated, and imposed obstacles. Such systematic and institutionalized racial discrimination serves to further white interest, where whites feel that their majority is becoming reduced. It has been stated in PEW research analysis that as violence dramatically decreases, African American incarceration continue to steadily rise. It is clearly evident that we live in a sickly endemic discriminatory system.
  • Larry Elders knows more about racism than Trevor Noah by significant proportions.
  • Wow crazy :(-and sad
  • Seriously, if the cameras are there to promote accountability, why do the officers even Have the ability to turn them off? It doesn't make sense! It should take a special tool that is only available at the station house, or whatever the police headquarters are called! That way the 'Bad Eggs' can't tamper with them and then do things that throw mud on the honor of the 'Good Eggs'!
  • 8:23 This reflects the socioeconomic reality that white people have more money and are able to replace their broken taillights.
  • Liberal web outlets have been shown to be propaganda dispensers for the frog liberal legion...that ISIS hates and ploys to destroy. The liberals hide behind their conservative counterparts for protection from the extreme right advocates-while they blend in. Thankfully Trump is there to shine the Light of Truth upon them like the defiled creatures they are.

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