President Trump's Very Bad Day & Law Enforcement's Systemic Racism: The Daily Show

President Trump's Very Bad Day & Law Enforcement's Systemic Racism: The Daily Show
President Trump's Very Bad Day & Law Enforcement's Systemic Racism: The Daily Show
Police body-cams catch Baltimore cops planting evidence in drug cases, and a Stanford University study uncovers racial disparity in routine traffic stops. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Larry Elders knows more about racism than Trevor Noah by significant proportions.
  • Wow crazy :(-and sad
  • Seriously, if the cameras are there to promote accountability, why do the officers even Have the ability to turn them off? It doesn't make sense! It should take a special tool that is only available at the station house, or whatever the police headquarters are called! That way the 'Bad Eggs' can't tamper with them and then do things that throw mud on the honor of the 'Good Eggs'!
  • 8:23 This reflects the socioeconomic reality that white people have more money and are able to replace their broken taillights.
  • Liberal web outlets have been shown to be propaganda dispensers for the frog liberal legion...that ISIS hates and ploys to destroy. The liberals hide behind their conservative counterparts for protection from the extreme right advocates-while they blend in. Thankfully Trump is there to shine the Light of Truth upon them like the defiled creatures they are.
  • Well now we know what the grand jury was for. Papadopoulos was arrested back in July and now they've got Paul Manafort. Who's gonna get Muellered next?
  • Trevor Noah's a fuckin idiot. Acting like Trump colluded with "the Russians". What a dickhead.
  • Why's that white lady gotta look so unhappy? Running from cops is exciting!
  • Yeah minorities need more corrupt police like we need a bullet to the head! The last thing we need is more police brutality and unarmed American minorities being butchered and shot to death by trigger happy White Supremacist police departments all over the US! Keep your corrupt pigs away from us Mr.President and we'll do just fine!
  • Who is this little bimbo?
  • Ass cancer is funnier than this hack.
  • The best one😍
  • Of course, on the way to the drivers window, the cop kicks out the car tail light with those steel toed boots he wears. So, always film the broken tail light pieces on the ground at the scene! 😀 That is IF you aren't shot dead in your car seat while your hands are up...
  • Ok
  • K9 unit tell me what a hunnit packs smell like, police pull you over for yo mufuckin tail light, now you up in jail Askin what the bail like shoulda hit the gas , showed em bouta fuckin break light, woah!
  • Meh they are lying to us. Plexiglas can shatter quite easily, it's polycarbonate glas that it shatter proof!
  • What the fuck make you think the cop knows what race he's pulling over?
  • Trevor noah is a cuck
  • Fakk hahaha😁😁😁 Is that Philippines?😁😅
  • Airplane appreciate rumor hate behind near monthly operate just
  • You have to be a special kind of stupid to catch yourself on camera planting evidence.
  • i want trump to be impeached as much as the next person. but i'm worried about pence being in office
  • Most Americans are Smart enough to see that Donald Trump does not have enough Smarts to be President of the United States.
  • there is no such thing as race
  • you are inferring and assuming that the cops planted drugs. YOU HAVE NO PROOF
  • there is no systemic racism in American Law Enforcement. period. i don't understand why people think this exists. and trump has not committed any crimes
  • This guys a dumb cock sucking faggot all she talks about is trump trump while I'm busy tryna come up away from this pussy shit
  • The problem with Hispanic is that it's so vague. It's an ethnicity and not a race. There's black Hispanics, white Hispanics, and even Asian Hispanics.
  • The character "Leo Deblin" is a laugh riot. Really good.
  • If Trevor Noah is ever Successful in helping to invite a Civil War . It's a sure bet Trevor will be one of the first casualtys.
  • Did anyone read "Born A Crime"
  • Americans ..😑 they could stand that we have a idiot as president, so they got one too.
  • American patriots: welcome to the MOAR free speech rally- Saturday Sept 16 2017, 11-7 pm National mall, Washington DC Show the world that proud American patriots support Trump! GO TRUMP!! MAGA
  • Why Noah thinks blacks are the only one being discriminated? He can't be that stupid. I had big hope on him but he loves playing the victim like there's nobody else
  • 8:31
  • Eesh, I've heard better intro and outro leveling on videos uploaded by kindergartners
  • if he is found guilty I think mexico would be a wonderful place for him to spend some time let them taste a real mexican burrito.
  • I do gotta ask what box does he check for race he is problay the first person that made micheal jackson uncomfortable trying to guess.
  • Trump bashing channel? Whatever gets your ratings.
  • I also wish Trump was a butterfly c:
  • *shows video of cops planting evidence* Title: SUSPECTED of planting evidence? ?? ???
  • Damn this show is stupid...
  • Not true about transcripts, he said "Hello, congratulations, you’ve just won a free cruise for two to Hawaii. All you need is your country’s credit card number." I saw live stream from the white house on snl in january.
  • #NoMorePoliticalParties Police need at least 3 months of training to make sure they are mentally well before going out there...and minorities shouldn't be targeted...just saying...
  • Those criminal 'ociffers' need to be disciplined.
  • not all white people are to blame for these crimes not all white people are criminals or racists. Same thing goes for the blacks, purples n reds etc etc. High time we start to respect n love each other this blaming game is pathetic.
  • The Daily show would have had high rating for the Nazi's, you would have had to come up in the 40 and 50's to understand what Hitler was all about, and how he came in through the Catholic Church
  • can we just make sure cops can't turn off the cameras and never tell them if the camera is on or off
  • Booming economy, sharemarket, jobs and less illegal immigrants = Trump 2020 👍👍👍👍👍

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