President Trump's Very Bad Day & Law Enforcement's Systemic Racism: The Daily Show

President Trump's Very Bad Day & Law Enforcement's Systemic Racism: The Daily Show
President Trump's Very Bad Day & Law Enforcement's Systemic Racism: The Daily Show
Police body-cams catch Baltimore cops planting evidence in drug cases, and a Stanford University study uncovers racial disparity in routine traffic stops. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • I'm not surprised with the Hispanic results I've dealt with my share of it. What pisses me off is that most Hispanics don't stand up for themselves, fuck that. Wish me luck currently working through a civil suit with my local PD. Everyone I ask you please look up and know your rights, the worst feeling is having someone in law enforcement that is supposed to protect you take advantage of you for being at the wrong place wrong time. Always remember no matter what they tell you they can't violate your rights, Be safe.
  • Trevor gets mute soon as it comes to people in his er.. homeland being murdered daily.
  • More "news" from shit comedians.
  • love to hear how angry these trump supporter are, they make no valid point and all they are doing is trying to others for this terrorist attack like the BLM
  • This country is dying all due to people like you Noah I hope you are pleased with yourself
  • Daily Show, it would interesting to have some references to the fascinating sources and data you use in your reports that unfortunately are satirical but also crazy informative. Not necessarily asking for APA citations but somewhere to follow up and deeper into this quality journalism. Thank you for the energy and thoroughness you bring to our civics.
  • Trevor is so good I didn't know that. i know from YouTube, his stand up comedy
  • Dave Chappelle was telling the truth!
  • 5:33 i came up with the same joke but he did look around so i thought it didnt really work.
  • I'm still wondering..why did people vote for trump? I don't want to argue..I just need a supporter that likes him to explain to me why?
  • WOW...planting drugs. These police are off the charts!
  • Campus history wheel senior shop version fear.
  • I hate living in Baltimore. When my younger brother was 16 he was arrested with "39 pills" according to the police that's a street value of $390. At 16 my brother was charged with felony CDC and his life as been fucked since. He's now 34 hard working self employed father who can't get an apartment in his name because Baltimore City officer need a "nigga" to lock up. My brother cuts hair all day to make ends meet. Smarter then most but can't get hired anywhere because of his record. My brother told me when he was arrested that they was not his drugs. He cried so badly to me scared shitless. I only wish they had body cams in 1999.
  • make a baseball bat say "God Damn"
  • Hispaniscs/blacks receiving more tickets is racist? You'll have to prove that all races have the same capability of driving responsibly first.
  • Planting drugs has been going on by the police with poor blacks AND WHITES. And police wonder why they're not trusted.
  • trump killed the TTP and stopped obamas proxy war against Russia in Syria and the Ukrainian. you democrats have no idea what this is all about. just keep watching this charming man read off a teleprompter to keep you laughing and stupid.
  • AMERICANS!! black, White and Hispanic. . dont listen to this garbage. London has thousands of acid attacks evey year. this soros leftist channel wants to bring the third world to the US so they can check mate the liberty movement. I know you people hate trump, but dont ruin your way of life out of spite. look at whats happ in Europe. rape, acid attacks and murder. Trevor wont talk about that though
  • Trevor, you want to talk about injustice to black people huh? talk about necklacing in south Africa. Its where they put a tire on your neck and pour gasoline on you. then they light you on fire and when you try to crawl away, they beat you with bats. thats punishment for everything from stealing to witchcraft. I guess since its black on black its okay. oh yea. . obama created ISIS.
  • Hillarys campaign was funded by the Saudis. its okay though because obama and Hillary helped create ISIS
  • funny how once trump got in, ISIS dam near disapeared. once obama left office, their funding dried up and they went back to Turkey and Europe. lol.
  • What's with the hotel semen reference? Trevor not having good experiences lol
  • What do they have to gain from planting evidence. They are already bigger and powerful. This sickens me. But lets stay positive not all copsare like this.
  • "the one American who can't escape to Mexico" 😂😂😂😂😂
  • #FuckYouTrump
  • Why in the holy land of Fuck are cops allowed to turn off their body cameras while on duty!?
  • I miss Jon Stewart.
  • For the record, regardless of what this African Liberal says, Donald Trump actually has the highest approval ratings of any President in history... AMERICANS love Trump... BLACKS like this propagandist hate him because TRUMP IS FOR WHITES. REAL AMERICANS. Whites are the ones that have faught and died for this nation.. Blacks take, take, and take. And don't give back. This is literaly propaganda... Trump has the highest approval ratings in history... Only sheeple listen to propoganda like this...
  • Simple Niggers, with simple jokes.
  • LOL! We need more Leo Devlin skits, please! 😂
  • Fuck is up with people?
  • Gotta love Roywood Jr
  • Gaddam it! Who built this big beautiful wall...lmao:):):)
  • okay...WHY THE FUCK ARE THE POLICE ABLE TO TURN THER OWN BODY CAMERAS ON AND OFF IN THE FIRST PLACE?! Doesn't that completely defeat the purpose?!
  • "Black men from 17-45 make up less than 3% of the US population BUT commit 50% of all violent crimes...and 96 % of those crimes against each other!!Asians commit so little crime,that there is not even a statistic for Asians and crime. Hey Black people,be like the Asians!!
  • Saw on Youtube, 5 regular peoples, "Not Jane Goodall types walked up to a Silver Back in the jungle for a little friendly chit chat. The great Ape slowly moved from person to person investigating them closely. Suddenly he snatched a man by one leg and began walking very briskly toward the bushes. The group panicked, the African guide wielding a machete gave chase. The gorilla released the leg and continued into the brush disappearing. The lady was laughing lightly. Only she got the joke. And myself. I was just wondering, does Trump understand what a joke is. Does he actually have a human conscience? Can he like the great Ape, understand right from wrong. Or is he like Congresswoman Navarro says A SNAKE IN THE GRASS!
  • Will they go after Bush for his illegal war, next?
  • You won't see this news on Fox, but if a black person sneezes or Latino jaywalks, it will make national news. But it can't be any Latino, they only put the most racist stereotype of Latinos on their national news. The more tattoos the better.
  • "When you walk through the garden..."
  • Of course latinos get worse treatment than blacks. That's no news to any latino in the US.
  • Hispanic Drivers recieve the Most discrimination ?🤔 Wow...about time studies Came out, its the truth, Nobody talks about it at all Its like Its dealt with by us because of Our pride but im not using that as an excuse people overlook us alot, we recieve alot of discrimination everywhere, if you see 5 white people drive in a car they wont get pulled over but their numbers by california state law are considered a gang which is probable cause for arresting them a gang enhancement in other words but if it was hispanics driving they Would get pulled over sent to jail , be harrased by the courts to Accept a 1 year deal and Get us criminal records, Every race has problems but if you notice Only if your non white you get these problems, and face discrimation , for example 10 out of 10 people get pulled over by police, 5 are white 5 are hispanice 1 white geta a ticket and 5 hispanics get harrased and detained for officers safety or to talk to you. Hmmm Is it racist or a fucking coincidence?
  • They already have an alternative excuse other than the tail light. It's called "resisting arrest".
  • Bill Mahers said, in one program, that when he was young he thought black racism would be dead soon. It seemed on the way to dying out. It wasn't and he reckons that what stopped the end of racism was that the police picked up for use of marijuana, those whose ancestors were forced into America, not those who came over of their own accord. . So, the black population were then hampered by having a police record or by going to jail. The black community was kept down by police practices that were biased. Dave Chapelle also does sketches on how white friends are not picked up for smoking marijuana, while he as a black is sure they will pick him up for it. What interests me is how the police force were persuaded to be unfair and that with many black police men in the force. Did they vet those they recruited to make sure they were prejudiced or willing to be so or did the training scare young policemen so, they were willing to be prejudiced as far as marijuana was concerned or what, in order to have a police force who picked up black not whites for marijuana? I think that studying this would be a good to[pic for an investigative journalist but now days there are few of those. People with a show like,"The Daily Show", get very rich, can't you employ an investigative journalist to find out how the police force got taken over, so as to become those who perpetuated racism?
  • I don't know if this was already posted, but that body camera footage makes more sense if you understand how the Axon bodycams work. They are always on, but they don't start recording until the officer pushes the button. Then the recording jumps back to the previous 30 seconds, video only. When the sound comes on at the 30 second mark, that's when the record button was pushed. It really seems like no one told the Baltimore officers about the 30 seconds lead in.
  • Well done Trevor u funny 😂
  • Noah, why do you always bringing about race? You're a good with satire but.... I can't with this. I'm also NOT FUCKING WHITE.
  • Trump and his supporters are anti American and I think they belong in Russia.
  • Baltimore is in the US? Pffffff!!!! No wonder cops do the fuck they want.(No one's land)
  • Kind of sad because I used to live not far from Baltimore and can say that this is 100% true

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