Confused Islamophobes Target American Sikhs: The Daily Show

Confused Islamophobes Target American Sikhs: The Daily Show
Confused Islamophobes Target American Sikhs: The Daily Show
Hasan Minhaj sits down with designer and actor Waris Ahluwalia to find out how Islamophobia is affecting America's (non-Muslim) Sikh population. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • Basically muslims are opposite of sikhs Muslim attacked and killed sikh guru and brave sons . Thr is nothing common in sikhism and islam.
  • Thank sir for standing beside Indian u are legend Hasan minaj your work can't be described in words
  • Americans are really stupid😆😆😆
  • Okay, I got it: Sikhs are not Muslims, but what do we tell them if they refuse to wear motorcycle helmets?
  • "We need to be better than that as Americans", got teary eyed at that! So right!
  • I hope we all got to message here... as Hispanic I may not look it pero nunca abandonare me communidad o castigar otra rasa por ser different. AMEN
  • Their not confused they're still unwanted foreigners
  • (when u do this u are part of the problem. you're also then only thinking about yourself) great words
  • Why christian people always blaming and abuse muslim.. Christian pain in the ass go burn and cross another people or jesus and clean yr sin right now
  • It really means a lot when you see people like this. People who really believe in doing what's right.
  • Sikhism is undependent religion? Really? Half of GuruGranth Sahib(holy book of Sikhism)is hindu saints verses (Kabir, Namdev etc) Guru Nanakdev identified himself as Vaishnav(Devotee of vishnu, a hindu god) Guru Gobind Singh wrote song dedicated to shiva( another hindu god), Deh Shiva da Great Sikh king Maharaja Ranjit Singh was worshiper of Kali(Hindu Godess) Hinduism and Sikhism are one and same. Just keeping turbans, growing breard doesn't creat another religion!
  • They don't know shit lol
  • Why do people need any type of religion to teach them to be good? Just use good human morals.
  • Sikhism is cool fuck Islam
  • 'Waris was right they don't know a shit'
  • new web site movie 18++ full hot 2017
  • As a Sikh, I really appreciate this and how they put forth our value. . . well. . . minus the bacon thing! LOL
  • I respect the freedom of religion, but... I say rules of society stand above the word of god/gods.. there is place where Sikhism is properly cherished, but you cannot expect every society to do so. If it means "No turban" there is a reason more then "He could blow us up" for that.
  • I love this so much. Made me laugh AND made my heart happy.
  • Sometimes I wonder how people have time to judge others when I'm busy judging myself.
  • This piece is brilliant.
  • I'm a secular person and think this is an excellent way to expose both extreme religious illiteracy and fine examples of the best religion offers.
  • Sikhism is a cooler religion than Islam.
  • I used to work at Sprouts and a Sikh dude was a regular customer. He had the full garment and all and was a normal guy. He was a sweetie. One night he came in, did his normal shopping, turban and all, whatever, I was a cashier and checked him out like every other time, and a few customers later, an older lady comes through my line. When I asked her how her experience was she said good, except for a fellow customer made her feel uncomfortable. I thought she was harassed or witnessed shoplifting so I offered assistance and to get management involved. Her response was to lean in and tell me "I saw someone shopping here that looks like he wants to hurt America". I gave a dismissive "ok, I'll let management know", but she heard my "WOOOOOOW" to the bagger there afterwards and complained to a manager that saw the whole thing and knows the customer that with his turban "wants to hurt America". That ignorance and those who hold it are and will die off and be left in the embarassingly wrong side of history. Even if he was Muslim..... THAT DOESN'T MAKE HIM A TERRORIST. Fuck. If you can separate your cool coworker that's Christian from Shirley Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church and your racist great aunt you sidestep at Thanksgiving, (and if you can forgive the Bible) you can differentiate millions of peaceful folk from crazy terrorists.
  • I CONVERTED or EMBRACED SIKHI just a year ago, it is the Origins of Women are Equals movement...
  • Ffs man, I hate how they all generalize us even if it is good things. Essentially just use us as a way to mask their racism for other minorities, fuck them honestly
  • Izlam hates us !!! this president knows too much, too cultivated, too educated for his position ! he should'nt be the president of Amerika he should be the president of the fucking GALAXY
  • come on we muslims aren't that bad )) ,we love sports and cookies and stuff 1 nearly 2 billion on earth
  • More american than american . Lol . gj my Sikh brethren .
  • Stupid Americans can't differentiate between radical islamists and sikhs.God bless the sikhs!
  • Take notes ignorant white trash
  • I'm Muslim and I have respect for the Sikhs.
  • Which dumbass doesnt know what sikhs are xd dear lord.... how ignorant can you be.
  • muslims are scum sikhs will triumph
  • America has always be Sikh.
  • That's the America way. 😂😂😂 So fucking true.
  • I am an Indian Hindu, and yes Sikhs are the most awesome people here too :)
  • Haha this is so funny their absolutely no legit concern over Islam they're all just Islamophobes.
  • You CAN'T CONFUSE Muslims with SIKHS!
  • I cannot believe Americans do not know about the Sikh community. How dumb can one nation be??
  • "A third of my salary goes to New Balance and Patagonia" HAHAHAHAHA I just can't..
  • Lol it's not seeeek
  • maybe it's the kids playing hide and Sikh xD
  • so the mislim living in the US...hes using taquiyya....sick fuck...
  • right after 9/11, i was going thru a checkstand at a grocery store. there was sikh in front of me. when it was my turn, the checker commented how uncomfortable she felt. I told her that he was a sikh and she gave me a blank look. So i elaborated and told her that if you're gonna be a religious bigot, at least get your religions right. or perhaps maybe, i don't know, be a little tolerant
  • TERRORIST !!! Sarcasm :D !
  • Personally this has educated me so much, I wasn't prejudice before to people who wore turbans or Muslim but I was ignorant to the difference
  • that propaganda about muslims is just because everyday more and more converting to islam just to stoppning that they show islam as terrorist but play with fire and nord Korea is your end , your cowboy president is rasit and stilig all petrol from muslims but you see what ku kux done today agains jews i dont think is right but they its The start of end as you show in your movies
  • Who disliked the video?
  • I just can't get down with muslims... I was open to hearing and learning about Islam but I stop at the nine year old girl and prophet Muhammad... I mean I can't get past it... never will sit well with me. and the tale of how then he was born (MUHAMMAD) light came from his mother's vagina... lmao... I mean seems to be a whole lotta focus on the vagina in this religion... hide the vagina, light from the vagina, beat up the vagina in gang fashion, lmao... nah not feeling it

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