Confused Islamophobes Target American Sikhs: The Daily Show

Confused Islamophobes Target American Sikhs: The Daily Show
Confused Islamophobes Target American Sikhs: The Daily Show
Hasan Minhaj sits down with designer and actor Waris Ahluwalia to find out how Islamophobia is affecting America's (non-Muslim) Sikh population. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • 4:03 I actually clapped!
  • Indians are wonderful people !!! I will never confuse Indians with Muslims !!! Indians suffer to decades with Muslim terrorism as well as us Christians !!! Muslims are a plague on the planet !!! Buddhists, Hindus, sickhs, Christians, atheists we all have to unite against the Muslims !!!
  • Know a sikh, nice guy.
  • It is respectful of the Sikh not to throw a community under the bus. Much respect
  • A very positive message but the map though. It's an incomplete map of India.
  • You are also then only thinking about yourselves. And that's the American way. LOL
  • It's his fall why you dress like that dress normal and you be treated on you want the attention dress funny look like a Muslim and I don't give a funk fucky fucky You fucken terrace the 2 piece of ship
  • Fuckinh he wants to be an American you alone American wars the all night he had brought back to the country keep wearing engagement on your head
  • Hahahaha Americans! We cannot live without them, who’s gonna makes us laugh after?
  • i know is like thinking whoever waves the confederate flag is a piece of shit
  • I know this video was required but they shouldn't go against muslim bullshit
  • American think Sikhs & hindus wearing turbans are muslim.....americans do not know anything about other nations, what is american education system is teaching them
  • hahahahha lol Leave the sikhs alone, people. They're not the ones doing all the terrorism. There is no Sikh terrorism happening anywhere in the world. A Sikh man's last name is always "Singh." A Sikh woman's last name is "Kaur." When you see them, leave them alone.
  • Mother fuckers wy u using distorted map of india??😡😡
  • Yeah man our sikh said never to put any other religion down and to respect all equally. ;D
  • Why is sikh women wearing turban, they are supposed to weak scarf ;|
  • yes judging someone by their appearance is wrong, yes everybody is free to believe what they want - BUT, can we please stop pretending like religion is something worth fighting for?? all religions are retarded and shouldnt be any more accepted than white nationalism.
  • The one thing I have found true about racists again and again is : they literally have no idea what they are talking about
  • Sikhs are literally the most peaceful and loving group of people on the planet.
  • Sikhs are saviour of humanity
  • Man~ I wish I had 1/4th the kindness and generosity these people have~ They are suffering but they don't want to shift the focus away just to feel safe! That's so mature.
  • Oh hasan bhai i discovered you way to late, i just watched your stand up show on netflix. Now iam your fan!!! ☺️
  • its almost like fundamental respect for other human beings has been lost on america some people wear turbans and grow their beards out ?? yall are running around in RIDICULOUS camo with equally excessive facial hair
  • people can be very ignorant. it's a shame. Sikh are very apart from middle eastern Muslims every one should know these things
  • In the past life i was white and than black and now maybe Chinese ;)
  • this video didn't work out for you did it? Americans aren't islamaphobic, as we know there are many Muslims amongst us who are vetted and here legally. when you think Americans you immediately assume we all look like Trump or Pdiddy. That is a stereotype pushed by people like you. We accept anyone and everyone, as long as they go through the proper channels. we never banned Muslims, we only asked they be properly vetted for 9 months. then they can enter. you wouldn't leave your door unlocked at home while sleeping would you? no, it's common sense. But of course you are in desperate damage control to save the dems you want to import any and all illegals expecting none of them to be terrorists. that's just stupid. You can make all the trendy words you want but at the end of the day, we are more safe than the countries who bought into your bullshit narrative. Acid attacks rising in England. rapes rising in Sweden. Assaults happening in Germany. all on the rise because your stupid propaganda. We Americans will now turn towards investigating the media for being involved in traitorous slandering and having a hand in the memo. You should count your days, because we are coming for all of you who tried to put innocent lives in danger.
  • fuck pisslam
  • God bless mslium
  • If people would know how great as a whole Sikhs are! I travelled to India years ago and we were so impressed by this religion and their behaviour towards others, including non Sikhs like me.
  • Don't show an incorrect map of India.
  • Good
  • Sikh moves, brah
  • We have to leave America frfr
  • I’m pretty sure people will feel differently when a calm, nice, quiet Muslim attacks your family out of nowhere because of their religion. I am cool with my Muslim coworkers. But the reality of things is that you never now when they will attack.
  • Sikhs seem like better Muslims than the Muslim guy. Lmao
  • Fucking Christians should have to take off their crosses cuz it's a symbol of their faith, but no we will just keep treating Muslims like shit instead of human beings. Because they are human beings you fucking fascist racist Drumpf supporters need to stop masturbating to the poster of David Duke in your mom's room. For all you racist out there please get out of my fucking country because you are not welcomed here. We are country of the free.
  • Yes, it is sad that the majority of Americans do not know the difference, but you have to remember, even simple questions, such as where is the USA on an unmarked map, or how many stars in the flag shows a remarkable amount of Americans that dont know it. So if you have people that dont even know their own country, how can you expect them to know the difference there. Though, its not just a USA problem. I recall a while back that in Vietnam a bunch of South Korean and Taiwan factories where targets of riots because the local populates thought they where Mainland Chinese.
  • Or you could all just start trying to get people off of religion instead of furthering that the belief in archaic and totalitarian (monotheistic religions) systems ...
  • Why Americans confused. Sikhs wear pagdi👳 but muslims not.
  • Americans: Most ignorant people on this planet.
  • That was not good. they should not have to change to please others.
  • The general knowledge in america...... would be understandable if it was 1917. Daaim they are stupid
  • I heard the Muslim reporter say "Jesus Christ" so he just accepted JC as his savior!
  • Yeah because white ppl are the only ppl in America who are islamaphobrs ....You are trash Noah. You aren't teaching ppl yo not be afraid of Muslims or those of the Sikh religion you are teaching people to hate white people. And teaching any group to hate another is absolutely WRONG
  • dumb Americans
  • Muslim people are sooo nice omg. Let's start attacking nuns, they have their heads covered up. Catholics have kills more people in history more than any religion!!!! I know, lol, I went to catholic school
  • *I feel bed for Americans for not being educated*
  • Real Sikhs don’t eat pork. Radical Sikhs from different ethnics have had civil wars for decades. In most of their wars they used very big machetes to kill each other. Even one of them happened 3 years ago when other group attacked the other one in one of their temples. Sikhism is something between I slam and Hinduism, and they’ve got many rules from these two religions. They even have had civil wars against the muslims because muslims eat beef and they don’t. Also agains Hindus to become independent. from India, and because of that Indian government did the big genocide ever and kill ten thousands of Sikhs in one night which western medias have never covered that. But anyway these don’t mean all of them behave like this epecially their new generation. Exactly like muslims. A way different from radical stupid muslim and a normal human being muslim. I’m friend with some of Sikhs and they are really really nice people. I hope Americans’ ignorance ends one day.
  • Why do Americans not only not mind being so ignorant but they will literally fight to stay dumb? Makes me ashamed to be a American sometime. It isn't just with foreign culture and religions either, I can't count how many grown ass people have thought me being dyslexic meant I just write and read backwards.. Like some weird mirror coded writing super power! 😂
  • Damn Some americans are really dumb and fat Muslims mostly don't even wear turbans.

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