Doncathlon - Fox News Defends the Indefensible Donald Trump Jr.: The Daily Show

Doncathlon - Fox News Defends the Indefensible Donald Trump Jr.: The Daily Show
Doncathlon - Fox News Defends the Indefensible Donald Trump Jr.: The Daily Show
After Donald Trump Jr. admits to meeting with a Russian lawyer during the run-up to the 2016 election, Fox News comes up with ridiculous excuses to defend the first son. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • I was wondering why Ugandans wanted to see you, now I know why.
  • You leftist are really as stupid as you seem. How do you live with yourselves. Maybe you shouldn't. Definitely would help the gene pool.
  • I don't know if it was any collusion or not I wasn't in any of these rooms but what you were basically arguing is that the Donald Trump campaign colluded with Russia to tell the American people the truth that doesn't seem bad to me that seems like an act of heroism
  • *An ass-kissing Fox shill named Hannity* *Takes pleasure in stroking Trump's vanity* *His audience buys* *Each one of Trump's lies* *Thus perpetuating insanity*
  • I already told you to go back home you Obama look alike monkey libtard
  • Are you even a citizen??? who are you to say anything?
  • Fox is fake news for the racist and fascist dumb ass's
  • This Hannity doesn't just look like a total idiot, he sounds that way, too. How can you look at that face and believe a word he says? Unless your IQ is below 70?
  • Inseanhannity!
  • TURD
  • I think trevor and Colbert should suck each others small dicks wilst dreaming about the commander and chief,we will call this show not 2 and a half men but 1 man 2 fags.
  • Trevor new leader of the world... just give it to him for a bit
  • Jessi is what you call a blonde man...
  • Why is this guy still on tv? Total doucher hahahhaahahahaha
  • What was that comment about HIV is that your point of view because of not I don’t find it funny
  • Hahahahahah
  • Jesse is still made no one would go to the prom with him.
  • We must remind our guest from a shithole country, that your time under the current circumstances is limited. If you don´t like the president or america, then take your faggot ass back to africa. America is for americans.
  • Fox news channel need to be categorized as a pure entertainment channel. It should be in the same category as MTV when you buy your cable or satellite subscription.
  • It takes a special kind of dumbass to use a confession as an alibi.
  • Just shut up man Focx news No real news
  • Fox is the telemarketers who target the elderly and stupid of television shows.
  • Everything with fox is propaganda
  • You,get go back to SA anytime
  • Not one gram of America's low grade uranium EVER goes to Russia. They have Kazakhstan's massive deposits of high grade uranium, and it's illegal.
  • Yeah, I did it. I met with the Russians for illegal info. I did it, ok!!
  • These guys are desperate It's pathetic.
  • I thought all of you retarded ass clowns went back into hiding. You are a total moron if you buy into this trevor nobrain bunk shit. Go back to England. Oh Brexit proves they don't want people like you there. Stay off tv you are setting off my gaydar.
  • I just love watching these good little libtards get sooo butt hurt over every little thing Mr. Trump says or does. I swear he deliberately does these things just to make the libtards go into a tizzy, the best part is, there is not a damned thing they can do about it.
  • *HEY FUCKFACE(S)! HILLARY IS GONE, GONE, GONE.* Not going, going, gone, but *ACTUALLY. LEGITIMATELY. G-O-N-E. GONE.* *THE ELECTION HAS ENDED. YOU FUCKING WON. REMEMBER THAT DAY? WE WILL* #NEVERFORGET *THAT'S FOR SURE.* We aren't going to call out Hillary because Hillary is *NOT THE FUCKING COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF! YOU ARE! YOU ANSWER TO US!* And the sooner you cooperate, Trump and GOP, the sooner we can wrap up our rectal exam and pull the probe out of your ass. Because if it has at all been unclear to you in anyway, let me explain: *WE AREN'T GOING TO GO AWAY. NOT UNTIL WE GET WHAT THE FUCK WE ASKED FOR.* We can play it like North Korea all day long, 24/7/365, we will master the art of the DMZ stalemate. Sit down, cross our arms, and talk about how small Donald's dick really is. 🤔😁😀😏
  • You're killing it, Trevor. Thanks for humor in these dire times. I believe you have the best platform to reach the common people. It helps alleviate the powerlessness that most of us feel right now.
  • White supremacy working the cards behind bars , all because of the Harvey accusasions and women speacking out. I notice they all attacking Mexico and Latin america and are taking down Jennifer Lawrence and putting up Christina Ricci who are under the control of this people .
  • Hillary didn't work as Secty of State when that uranium deal was done. Dumb as F#@%, That's Hannity. You don't see a lot of things on other networks that you see on Fox "news" because the other networks at least TRY to present the truth; Whereas Fox intentionally slants the news to the right, they report only on the parts of the news that favor their agenda, and they report opinion as it is fact; and they invent scandals by repeating a lie over and over and over again until someone takes notice and tells Congress to investigate, and they promote lies and false narratives in character assassinations of innocent people whose only crime is not being a right-wing extremist, conservative, republican, evangelical asshole.
  • I would love to run into some of these people like Hanity and the rest of the fox cunts on the street. Beat those motherfuckers with a stop sign.
  • Jesse Watters doesn't sound like an AM radio pundit. He sounds like an AM radio pundit listener. And Juan Williams has just thrown his principles in a bin so he can cash that sweet sweet Fox News paycheck.
  • Trump's kids are some of the dopiest ever.
  • If, I mean only if it will come out as true, Don the Buffoon and his cronies did collude, will FOX then close shop? Or will they somehow wiggle themselves out of that?! I'm stocking popcorn to watch that!
  • Yeah Sean Hannity you won't catch that on another news channels because it's fake news which only Fox News spreads it's amazing this lie isn't even on right-wing internet news
  • Glenn Beck rocks x-mas sweaters.
  • Ask Pence's wife? good luck!
  • "Right, cuz it's dumb AF." Lol
  • poor fox news, they don't have a brain. watching their talking heads is painful. why does everyone look like fake and robotic?
  • Fox would blame and/or bring up Clinton if the Trumps were arrested and the changed to green. Fox goes out of their way everyday to do this. Even during SSgt. La David Johnson's funeral they went out of way to blame to lay the blame on Clinton and Former President Obama. It's how they work.
  • As always, Hannity is a dick wade, but what else is new. All of trump's aye sayers stick up for the man to the enth degree while pointing fingers at anyone just to detract from the real issues that which are the facts that the president is a frigging, consummate liar.
  • Honestly, freedom of Speech is important but maybe if the content is false and proven to be so, like this uranium shit they’ve been peddling for years, the news outlet should be penalized for I️t! Just because you’re free to speak shouldn’t mean you’re free to misinform!
  • The more I see Hannity the more he really does look like a thumb.
  • Elephant face, trump Jr. Feed it peanuts when he goes to jail.
  • Hannity's stupid 'part' in his head is where trump sleeps, really!! YOU DUMB DANGEROUS TRAITOR!! Hi, Trevor!!

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