Doncathlon - Fox News Defends the Indefensible Donald Trump Jr.: The Daily Show

Doncathlon - Fox News Defends the Indefensible Donald Trump Jr.: The Daily Show
Doncathlon - Fox News Defends the Indefensible Donald Trump Jr.: The Daily Show
After Donald Trump Jr. admits to meeting with a Russian lawyer during the run-up to the 2016 election, Fox News comes up with ridiculous excuses to defend the first son. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • You know I have never been a Hilary BFF, but this shit is getting old. They wasted millions of dollars in tax payers money investigating her OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN trying to get the results they wanted and republicans ran ALL NINE PROBES. Not a single indictment was produced and she was never charged. And they were desperately trying to find anything. Basically it's already been proven several times that they don't have e enough evidence to back up thier claims which is kinda hard to do when a couple of things they are accusing her of are BLATANT lies. For example they keep blaming ONLY HER for selling uranium, but conveniently skipping the part that there were 8 others voting and EVERY SINGLE VOTER had to give thier ok. In a regular court you get 3 bites off the apple, they have had NINE. They had their chance to prove her guilty and they COMPLETELY failed. Yet even after all that they still accuse her of the same crimes that they have already shown they don't have the evidence. MOVE THE FUCK ON! If some new overwhelming evidence comes up that proves her guilty, by all means throw her in jail. NO FREE PASSES! Until that time drop it. These same people are now whining over ONE INVESTIGATION that's not even complete yet has produced 20 indictments and revert guilty pleasure. NONE of us know including then what they have found out. They aren't going to tell us shit in an ongoing investigation. Yet we CONSTANTY hear "witch hunt" Oh the fucking irony. If it were a Democrat and they had done all this suspicious shit, we would want to know and want them investigated. Some have already admitted to talking with Russia to specifically find out what the dirt they claimed to have on her. Was it to the point of illegal collusion? WE DON'T KNOW YET. Is Trump guilty? It's a possibility, but I guarantee you the he didn't get his hands dirty. Instead he once again took the pussy way out and had others do his dirty work EVEN HIS OWN SON. But again we don't know yet. One thing is for sure, it's Trump and his team of dumbasses are making him look guilty as fuck. He's fired people activlly investigating him, saying he'll pardon people if they are found guilty and there are even talks asking if he could pardon himself.Now they are trying to dictate how long he will be interviewed. They want just one hour. In one if Hillary's interviews she testified for 15 hours straight. Talks going on about him just shutting down the investigation. I'm told that technically hes not interfering with the investigation. Yeah maybe not to the illegal point. Can you imagine if Obama had tried to do that when they were investigating Hillary. Their heads would explode and they would demand he be jailed. The best thing Trump could have done was let it take it's course and go ahead and testify, plead th the fifth every time and get it over with. Of course this is a huge problem and his lawyers probably have constant headaches. They can't prepare him because he listens to no one but himself. He can't legit answer the questions because he would never be able to keep his lies straight. Hell he can't even do it for one day. If he goes on the stand even if it's just to plead the fifth he can't be trusted to do just that. Trump is a narcissist and all narcissist love the sound of their own voice and WILL NOT SHUT UP. All they would have to do is ask him a single question that is negative about him and he will s his guts. The fact is if he tells a single lie under oath he can be impeached, just ask Bill
  • Why are they still naming Obama ?? The man has stayed out Of the spotlight since he left office
  • How come Donald junior is always speaking like his in a rush, l don't listen toi him anymore.....
  • "Liberal Media" still venerating Trump. Good job, good job. And to think, they were making such a big deal about Hillary's emails that there wasn't even a question about their validity.
  • The easiest way to know what a republican is likely guilty of is to just listen to what they accuse democrats of doing.
  • Haha always cracking me up
  • 2:29 "'QUIT' RATE ROSE FROM 2.1% TO TO 2.2%" I see you Fox "News"
  • ''News adjacent smoke machine'' is a great description of Fox
  • I love it.
  • that hannity guy is nuts
  • Now lets seen Trevor and comedian that hates AMERICA but loves to live here with all of our beneifts of freedom. Hannity is a true American and I would vote for him as President.
  • Yeah hes only wasted 20 minutes and thats not hairgel...
  • Lying traitor Don Jr in a cell wearing a pink jumpsuit. FOX news shuts down due to its treasonous propaganda. Justice.
  • I’m 62 years old and my grandfather (who died in 1976) wore his hair exactly like Sean Hannity’s. We used to call that hairstyle “the Rudy Vallee.” 23 skidoo!
  • I love this.. <3
  • This is Trumps tacticts called whataboutism,which is old Soviet propaganda.
  • America needs to reinvent its political system to make sure: no foreigners influencing its election, no clowns in charge of nuclear buttons, people vote should be more important than a perverse system that fucks people vote. America is too big to fail…..Come on guys hurry up and fix your comedy, it is not funny anymore……the world needs you.
  • Just dying laughing at 2:40........Good God!
  • I like that Don Jr is exactly like his father, so the plot continues.
  • Melania and Dump committed adultery - America deserves better than this scum. GO STORMY!!!
  • Fox news is the biggest threat to national security.
  • Keith Rupert Murdoch is not stupid. He knows that he needs one Network to support the President, even if he is a clown. That way Trumps followers will watch it, the channel can say anything because the followers will believe anything, and the advertisers will be happy and Keith makes money. It is not rocket science, hell, I would do it.
  • It's all OBAMA'S FAULT ! ---------DJT knows who to blame, & Sean me boy, U R right up his fat, wobbly ass !! ------------------------WolfSky9
  • I LOVE YOU Trevor Noah, YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!! Simply Brilliant and funny as hell! THANK YOU! Thank your momma for raising such a great human being!
  • Fox must believe all of their viewers are retarded!
  • Trump hired a new lawyer, who claims "a deep state conspiracy" in the higher up's of the DOJ & FBI, then shortly after another lawyer quit Trump's defense council.. That means Trump is going to fire Robert Mueller soon, just watch
  • What is Shawn Hannity thinking with that hair style?? Oh that's right, he is personal friends with T. Dumb and Dumber. That makes sense then.
  • Comedy Central with Trevor Noah (most unfunny person in America) 24/7 Hate Network
  • Well , actually it IS a crime and is covered in the Constitution. Try reading the Constitution Fox." I can't bother handing that email over to the FBI, man ".
  • Daddy Hillary made me take that meeting
  • Hannity you are a whore. Not a respectable whore like a working girl who is just trying to make a buck but a traitorous whore. You will sell out your country to keep your overpaid job. It's people like you that diminishes American greatness. And you do this with a strait face, but you know you are lying 🤥. That places you at the bottom of the worse kind of American. The forefathers would have put you against the wall with Benedict Arnold.
  • 👍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Fox over and over again.
  • I was wondering why Ugandans wanted to see you, now I know why.
  • You leftist are really as stupid as you seem. How do you live with yourselves. Maybe you shouldn't. Definitely would help the gene pool.
  • I don't know if it was any collusion or not I wasn't in any of these rooms but what you were basically arguing is that the Donald Trump campaign colluded with Russia to tell the American people the truth that doesn't seem bad to me that seems like an act of heroism
  • *An ass-kissing Fox shill named Hannity* *Takes pleasure in stroking Trump's vanity* *His audience buys* *Each one of Trump's lies* *Thus perpetuating insanity*
  • I already told you to go back home you Obama look alike monkey libtard
  • Are you even a citizen??? who are you to say anything?
  • Fox is fake news for the racist and fascist dumb ass's
  • This Hannity doesn't just look like a total idiot, he sounds that way, too. How can you look at that face and believe a word he says? Unless your IQ is below 70?
  • Inseanhannity!
  • TURD
  • I think trevor and Colbert should suck each others small dicks wilst dreaming about the commander and chief,we will call this show not 2 and a half men but 1 man 2 fags.
  • Trevor new leader of the world... just give it to him for a bit
  • Jessi is what you call a blonde man...
  • Why is this guy still on tv? Total doucher hahahhaahahahaha
  • What was that comment about HIV is that your point of view because of not I don’t find it funny

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