Doncathlon - Fox News Defends the Indefensible Donald Trump Jr.: The Daily Show

Doncathlon - Fox News Defends the Indefensible Donald Trump Jr.: The Daily Show
Doncathlon - Fox News Defends the Indefensible Donald Trump Jr.: The Daily Show
After Donald Trump Jr. admits to meeting with a Russian lawyer during the run-up to the 2016 election, Fox News comes up with ridiculous excuses to defend the first son. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • You'll find no man on Earth like Trevor :'D
  • The fact that nothing happened as a result of the meeting is irrelevant. Remember the to catch a predator show. When the guy walks out with the transcript of the online chat. He still "Solicited" and that is a crime in addition to the act. So solicitation of information for foreign governments is treasonist. AND lie on your background forms for security clearances.
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • You lying fuck, it time for you going to jail JR.
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  • I'm so sick of winning
  • fox is the real news , cnn has been proved, to make fake Russian news , they have it on tape !! thumbs down
  • How can you look at this Hannity's low forehead and believe anything he says ? He sure doesn't LOOK like an intellectual giant... doesn't sound like one either.^^ Ben Ferguson, Tucker Carlson- the list goes on.
  • Hannity had his reward taken away because of his conspiracy theory fake news.
  • Fox News...what a joke...
  • So much material for Trevor and other comedians. They are all doing a great job of delivering it.
  • The biggest conspiracy is that Russia had anything to do with our elections
  • Listen up? We all better plan for the inevitable Mike Pence regime!!
  • Hey America, it sucks when another government messes with your country's elections to further their own agenda. oh wait, USA has done it over and over and over again. What goes around comes around.
  • You should just try to be rational when viewing this nonsense...a five year old can see through are fooling no one...and vile and rude comments don't push your story to the side of truth...
  • How is Fox even a "news" channel? They are clearly a right wing propaganda machine - WTF is wrong with those people?
  • 😭😂😂😂
  • Its because of their mentality is why i would never watch foxnews they thing the whoke world is stupid.
  • Who actually takes Jr seriously? He is about to laugh at his own BS.
  • i don't see what's the problem with meeting with a russian lawyer ? i didn't see the daily show being indignant of hillary emails THAT SHE DESTROYED !!! there is no honesty in this show , all i see is yet another trump hate bandwagon . all of you people are borderline rooting for ISI while insulting your president for the world to see ? you think it make you look so smart don't you ? guess what , november 8 is the smartest you ever looked in decades :)
  • Perhaps Fox News reporters don't understand the concept of collusion...or integrity.
  • double down?
  • too funny. I have never seen a president who inserts foot in his mouth so much! our president spends 90% of his time watching the news that he has made!
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  • Is it actually not illegal ????!!!!!!!!! International student speaking, I thought it would be something in your laws 🤔
  • "I can't help what someone sends me. I read it and responded accordingly." Um, I regularly get emails myself offering a job that pays $500 dollars an hour and all I have to do is send them my personal info. I too cannot help what someone sends me, but I can have the foresight not to reply.
  • like ....i love it....lls....Trevor is a funny dude
  • Since it came out that Trump tried to threaten morning Joe, you have to wonder what he has on Carlson and Hannity because they are severely arse-kissing beyond the point of ridiculous. Someone should look into that!
  • Oh fuck lil trump is just as retarded. There are more of him! NOOOOOO
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  • AIDS didn't spread from fucking a monkey.... It probably spread from people eating an AIDS-ridden monkey.
  • Fox news is FAKE NEWS!!!
  • The bank robber bit was the BEST 😂😂😂
  • This Doncathlon is gonna be great! There has to be more vents to it besides the ones in the video! XD
  • Let me practice my free speech what I say, "you are a complete idiots" I heard your television show was canceled but I could be wrong. As I do not watch cable television. We all know how you became the host. And it's not just your silly accent 👳🏿
  • America is the dumbest reality show ever made but yet it is still so addictive.
  • Oml I fucking lost it at 4:15 😂
  • i can't stand this dude he's obnoxious
  • At this pace, I wouldn't be surprised if Trump decides that a racoon should be vicepresident and the entire senate to be replaced by goldfishes.
  • The sad thing is that a lot of people only view news from one source - Fox News. I live in the south and Fox News is considered gospel by many people that I know. That is why Trump continues to get support from that core group. They don't want to know the real truth. They want Trump to be the great white savior who is going to return America to the 1950's when American white males reigned supreme in the world. Fox News even plays on the televisions in my doctor and dentist office lobbies. My dad was recently in the hospital and Fox News was playing on the television in the hospital waiting area. It's like hypnosis of the masses and it's working. The country is more polarized than it's ever been and racial bigotry is more openly revealed than in years past. Trump and Fox News are making America stupid and ridiculous. How do we make it stop? How do we make a difference when it's national media being pumped into homes on a 24 hour loop?
  • AIDS was manufactured in a lab
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  • Thanks for showing these FAUX NEWS despicable cretins in their true light. They are hypocrites and their idol will turn on them. Just wait.
  • these people would watch donald drumpf take a shit on a plate and tell them to eat it because its chocolate and they woulnd even hesitate they would just dig in eat the whole thing and ask for more
  • Insane!
  • "Slick-haired man-sperm." Nice.
  • "I read it and I responded accordingly." So, not only did he write "I love it" he also acknowledged in the interview that was the correct way to respond. Buh Buh JR, enjoy your time in the federal penitentiary. Treasonous scum.
  • please add bigly and gaintly to the dictionary hahaha
  • his face at 4:26 gets me everytime
  • Fox News is run by a plutocratic fascist who is enabling fascism and plutocracy, history repeating.

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