Kellyanne Conway's Artful Deceptions: The Daily Show

Kellyanne Conway's Artful Deceptions: The Daily Show
Kellyanne Conway's Artful Deceptions: The Daily Show
Michelle Wolf breaks down Kellyanne Conway's skillful ability to spin the Trump administration's missteps, from shifting blame onto other people to blatantly lying. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • all that aside, i love this woman's humor and find her really attractive
  • She need her own show I just love her
  • Trevor Noah is useless. Not funny. Not genuine. Bring back John please !!!!
  • The Queen of the Undead.
  • It's no longer relevant to ask a Whine Houser "Do you drink the Kelly-Aid?" only "What's your favorite flavor - Anne with added Mercer, or John for that thick Bannon-esque base?"
  • I love this woman!! 😂😂
  • Stop saying alt right FFS, KKK and alt right are the same difference internationally. You should also show some Nth Korean propaganda videos, way more credible than Trumps bullshit.
  • I love that every time Michelle comes on the show, she and Trevor fist bump.
  • Kellyanne you Need a big fat man WHO gives you his holy Bierschiss right into your lying mouth.......
  • Burn that witch 👹
  • It’s funny but it’s not. Let’s face it she is the American version of Goebbels. This is a MAJOR step down the slippery sloop of TYRANY. Invent enemies, disregard,and then create your own truth, make people doubt and then attack newspapers and a free press,keep people ignorant, keep them diverted with the very real pressure of just surviving, then blame it on somebody else, immigrants, Muslims, the media Jews pay off those who support you, undermine the rule of law, attack institutions that are designed to protect democracy, cast doubt on the fbi, cia, tell people your going to drain the swamp, but instead add more water and mud.Lie, lie big, lie bigger keep lying even when you are confronted with the truth . This man and the republicans who support him are the progenitors of the American Nazi party. Militarize anything you can en
  • Tear em up ginger... Snaps!
  • What? Really we are suppose to take a washed up has been comedian as real journalism. Maybe you should do some REAL fact checking... oh but wait the liberals don’t do that they are all about feelings.
  • Kellyannes a freak. Liar. Alternate facts
  • Kellyanne-is like- the Sith Lord of Bullshit.
  • @MichelleisaWolf I Fucking LOVE YOU!
  • I love you michelle wolf
  • It's like talking politics with a four year old. This lady needs an MRI.
  • Lol
  • "you just got Conwayed! " Lmao
  • You just got Conway'd is the new ya burnt!
  • Smellyanne Conjob !!!
  • Why is there a holster commercial before this video?
  • I have managed to be completely oblivious to this chic for however long she's been doing this. But thanks to YouTube and my need for laughter and entertainment....😞😞 this is the 3rd video about this shit she does that I have watched in less than 24 hours
  • OMG I am HOLLERING!!!!! "you just got conwayed!!"
  • Did you ever watch Obama's press secretaries and Obama's State dept shills. They lied every day at press conferences. Look at videos of Bengazi lies by Obama, Rice, and Clinton. Except there lies involved dead Americans, much worse.
  • Fugly Kellyass Con-way is a real pain in the ass bitch, don’t try to ask her anything about Trumpkenstein. She will be lying on any question asked and switching any subjects to blame anyone else instead. She is a waste of time. Scum of the Earth...!!!
  • i love her hair like that
  • "You just got Conwayed!" That needs to be a thing; wait a minute, as I was typing my Google keyboard automatically finished with "Conwayed", it's official LoL.
  • +1. Ms. Wolf is genuinely hilarious. .. yet pales next to K. Conway's phony Bowling Green Massacre (.. look at Matthew's face! ..)
  • pUT HER IN jAIL!!!!
  • Conway has more integrity in her pinky finger than Trevor has in his whole body.
  • She's so damn obnoxious but she's def a funny lady
  • There's nothing nice about an artful lie. That's how 1/2 the country got pregnant. Come on girl, I swear I won't cum inside. Oh come on honey, we don't need any condoms because I'm sterile, you're the only one, we're gonna get married, blah blah blah. Lying is never pretty. Kelly-wise, is never pretty. Lipstick on a pig folks, lipstick on a pig!
  • Michelle is so witty.
  • kellyanne Conway is that woman in those movies who gets eaten by a cannibalistic tribe in the end and it's a happy ending for the world.
  • She is a low life plain and simple.
  • Hilarious!
  • No soulmate HaHaHa
  • I don't like kellyanne but what was the purpose of comparing her to a porn star? Wtf??
  • Well done, Michelle :).
  • The Leftist narratives are backfiring everyday! Hollywood is crumbling. Trump is successfully pushing his agenda forward. Stewie Griffin with a tan is not the guy you want to follow right now.
  • She nailed it.
  • She is crazy like her master
  • Kelly Anne has a face like a possessed horse clown
  • Kelly anne Conway is a disgusting alien whore
  • I gotta say...I just LOVE Michelle Wolf!!(sp?) She's somehow able to take events that would generally have me hiding in my bathtub sobbing, and turn them on their head into these hilariously absurd truths. Thank you +MichelleWolf!!! Keep up the awesome work for both comedy & female strength!!!! 🤗🤗🛀🛀💪💪👏👏👏
  • 6 months ago feels so long ago 😭😭
  • I love how she laughs at her own jokes.

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