Kellyanne Conway's Artful Deceptions: The Daily Show

Kellyanne Conway's Artful Deceptions: The Daily Show
Kellyanne Conway's Artful Deceptions: The Daily Show
Michelle Wolf breaks down Kellyanne Conway's skillful ability to spin the Trump administration's missteps, from shifting blame onto other people to blatantly lying. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Kellyanne has got to be on meth
  • KellyAnne Conway is a person who never say anything at all. So the first interview with her is on her, but the next 2000 interviews is on you. Fool me once......
  • KC makes me so nauseous.
  • I always tell lies.
  • Conway is a soulless liar!
  • So, if she open her own airline it will be called Con Air?
  • I fill sick every time I hear Conway talk
  • Wow. Michelle Wolf's WHOLE THING is an act? The curly hair, yelling, the side-mouth talk, the one eye half-shut. Really obnoxious.
  • Saint Clinton when compared to bonespurts.
  • "I see your cancelled meeting and I raise you a heroin epidemic." This lady's good, very good...
  • Liquidate youtube. Bye youtube! Youre out! Bye bye bye!
  • On the anniversary of 'The Louisville Slugging' ....Priceless. Oh, and Chris Matthew's expression..
  • The trump administration basically shows how naive it's supporters are with its lies and misdirection
  • Michelle Wolf's voice kind of got to me the first time I heard her, but she's quickly become one of my favourite comedians. She's so sharp, with such great delivery.
  • I miss your curles
  • And after decades of defunding public education the average American is too stupid to tell the difference.
  • I raped a bald eagle.
  • Wow..... This show was funny when Jon had it. Still one sided libs that blame republicans for everything, but it at least was funny.
  • does wolf know yet that i love her?
  • She looked way way hotter with hair in this video.
  • Conway........ The way of the con.... The art of con.....
  • good one!
  • The more I watch Trevor Noah, the more I understand why the Daily Show ratings are down by 37 %.My boy Jon Stewart whiffed on his decision for a successor.
  • For the love of xenu's unholy birth concubine, and all else important in this world, why is there not a "love" button on YouTube?
  • Michelle Wolf for President 2018!!!
  • The look on Chris Matthews face is priceless.
  • Kelly Ann gives jerZ bad name... skanK
  • Kelly Ann Conway is such a cheap lying ugly orange whore. Even her husband can’t stand that ugly cunt.
  • Kellyanne Conway is a national treasure. She takes lying to a ho' 'nutha leva'.
  • Michelle Wolf is a comedic genius.
  • Another white woman disappointing other white women. Aunt Coulter
  • Michelle Wolf is HILARIOUS!!!
  • She did excellent job
  • Best catchphrase!
  • She's very good, much better than at that journalists' bash ;better delivery, etc. Michelle Wolf,I mean - not Konway.
  • this is where all you deviants, queers, faggots, dykes, etc. go to. OK (smirks)
  • Yard Sale Barbie is a liar.
  • Love Michele
  • Anyone else here after the correspondents dinner? 👋
  • Michelle been bout that Conway joke life! lol
  • There's something sexy about Michelle. Maybe it's her mouth, but I just wanna spank her for some reason. 😆
  • I just watched Michele wolf on Trevor Noah 2017 , talking about kellyann she was hilarious. The shit that comes out of Conway’s mouth, her husband should be making out with hooks their cleaner
  • What? Wait, what?
  • Glad this woman was fired from Daily show.
  • Conway is a Royal Sovereign? Deport her to England.
  • She looks like a chihuahua with downs syndrome that also had a stroke.
  • You sick people think it's funny to laugh about you killing your own children. Yes you are all sick in the head....
  • Hahahaha hahaha hahahshahaha HAHAHA hahahahahahahah hahahahahahahah 🖐🏽😂🖑🏽
  • Love wonder she works for Trump.

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