Kellyanne Conway's Artful Deceptions: The Daily Show

Kellyanne Conway's Artful Deceptions: The Daily Show
Kellyanne Conway's Artful Deceptions: The Daily Show
Michelle Wolf breaks down Kellyanne Conway's skillful ability to spin the Trump administration's missteps, from shifting blame onto other people to blatantly lying. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • Michelle wolfs smile is beautiful she is adorable
  • Jesus, don't you all know you shouldn't cry over spilled milk.
  • You can say anything you want about Ms Wolfe but she is one brilliant lady.
  • Lol the whole pretext of the Conway is that no comes out politely An says miss Conway your statement was entirely false perhaps you should check for more credible sources
  • Build a bridge to a talking point
  • The indignity of liars! Mom's soap in mouth cured any desire to lie. trump (small t for small man) & his trumpateers need an SOS scrub down.
  • For the record, when was the last time Kellyanne appeared on TV? I haven't seen the real woman since a camera pulled away from Donald after his "fire and fury" improv. #Sigh #HowManyShowers
  • "You've just been Conwayed!!!!!!!" That's going to become a real word,watch!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair, damn you guys are AWESOME!! #KellyanneSociopath
  • Her children and parents must be so proud.
  • I still like watching her give it to people. I'm shooketh.
  • Kelly Conway is pretty darn good at what she does, I'm often impressed. She's also strangely attractive....😐. But yes she's a horrible person.
  • Kellyanne Conway is one ugly ass bitch!!!!!
  • People like Conway and Trump should burn, even acknoledging their skills to fool lie and manipulate the people make me sick. I hate the people who voted for Trump but they were the biggest victims of his lies.
  • She's a professional liar. Maybe that's what you gain when you sell your soul. Watch closely to see what evil looks like. Beyond sad!
  • Kellyanne Conway is the reason Trump is president. She stitched together Trump's flailing campaign like MacGyver and got him over the finish line. How this woman isn't wearing multiple hats in his administration is a surprise to me.
  • Normally, I am not religious, but the only acceptable explanation for Kellyanne Conway is that she is Satan spawn. Keep it coming Michelle Wolf. You are the real deal.
  • Im sorry but can anyone in SA say Late Night News with Loyiso Gola....
  • Kelly Ann Conjob should take lessons in giving head. She has a nice mouth for sucking my dick.
  • ok, so when someone tries to pour crap on me, I just say don't conway me? haaaaa!
  • I love this show, but that red heads voice is the most annoying shit I've ever heard. Could she not talk completely out of her nose?
  • I am Trevor Noah
  • For sure, check my thoughts oh yuck you need me before it can be you oh that I, yes am
  • Why do I keep getting advertisements which are not followed be the video I chose to watch, and which I can't skip, ever?! I think I'll have to stop using youtube altogether, because it's just frustrating.
  • Even crazy Sarah Palin thinks this is too much Conwaying 😂
  • we need ghetto people to interview these people cause then their bullshit will be called out right there in their face-i volunteer lol
  • Conway is paid liar and quite creepy one. but i am sure she pleases her violent master.
  • They don't call her KellyannCON way for nothing.
  • Poor Sean. He clearly went into this thinking he would somehow be able to reign in the press dominate and satisfy his master. Honestly, I kinda feel sorry for the poor bastard. His reputation is now ruined thanks to trump. He's going to hate trump for the rest of his life. Hang in there spicy!
  • Kellyanne really puts the 'con' in Conway
  • She did used to tell the truth about Trump back when Cruz was paying for her mouth.
  • That's deception, and people wonder why
  • If we can't convince people, we confuse them!
  • kelly ann conway is hardly "artful"
  • Can't get used to Trevor. I miss Jon.
  • This is real talent. I had a co-worker who would talk to internal auditors like this. They always left the meeting kinda speechless. I don't know how people can freestyle unrelated topics like this. It is amazing...
  • The Conway-Conjob Tricks are exactly how Republican Christians manipulate the original questions and main points to avoid admitting the truth that they are the cause of the worlds worst problems.
  • Michelle Wolf is just too cute. :)
  • God, after seeing her in action I'll never be phased by the amateur hour bullshit, spin, and deflection I see on the internet again. None of these youtube Trumpeters can hold a candle to Conway.
  • she's a vampire , lies are sucking the life out of her right b4 our eyes . if she makes it to October w/o breaking dwn I'll start a new costume line based on àlternative fax
  • Someday I can only hope that her children ask her how she could have possibly defended all of the lies.
  • People slam Southerners for being rednecks, but the NYC/Joyzee area is where the REAL rednecks come from. Madoff, Trump, (((The Tribe))), Kellyanne---these people are lying, shifty, THUGS.
  • Kelly Ann is so fine. I love her!! I bet she is fun in bed.
  • Need to make wifey! O_o
  • Michelle Wolf is fantastic and I love what she does on this show.
  • This girl is a genius
  • con + way

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