VP Mike Pence Turns 58, Ivanka Trump's Starbucks Order - Monologue

VP Mike Pence Turns 58, Ivanka Trump's Starbucks Order - Monologue
VP Mike Pence Turns 58, Ivanka Trump's Starbucks Order - Monologue
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  • I don't find Seth Funny. He's kinda of annoying
  • Boy... i t hought Pence was late 60s
  • "Have a great day, numbnuts!"
  • I would be so pissed about the violin thing. Like motherfucker this is a piece of art, get your hands off of it. I hope it wasn't damaged.
  • There is no way Pence is 58. No fricking way. My parents are in their mid 60s and Pence looks a good 10 years older than them.
  • He's only 58 years old. he looks older.
  • Watching what happens in the Trump family is like watching an episode of Game of Thrones....about all of the Lanisters!
  • 58 wow he looks 68.
  • Mike Pence is 58?! My dad's 62 and all his hair is still red. Mike pence looks 66!!
  • "non fat and vanilla" totally sounds like Seth too though lol
  • 87 people are United Workers who resorted to Violins
  • Has anyone noticed that Ivanka is the de facto first lady?
  • United also knocked down the south tower...
  • sell out 😁😁😁
  • Comey also had Pence and Sessions numbers...he burned them both 😂
  • #impeachtheorangeleech
  • Mike Pence is 58? Damn, I thought he was 69 or 70 years old. Ewwwww!!!
  • Um...... is America great yet?
  • Ivankas starbuck name "Sell out", Like it.
  • Is this VP an evil fkr or what. The eyebrows, the eyebrows !
  • Happy Birthday you filthy animal x
  • Holy crap. Pence is only 58? Spicer is only 45. What the hell is wrong with the GOP? They look like they're at least a decade older than they are. I guess being evil ages a person prematurely. Ugh. Hopefully they'll also die off prematurely.
  • So, United ALSO breaks violins? Or at least it tries...
  • Everything is Trump Trump Trump. I get he's a funny story but its sorta tiring.
  • You know Amber wrote that joke 3:00
  • 58? Obama was the President for 8 years and aged a lot and he still looks younger than him and they're around the same age. Joe Biden is in his 70s and looks better. Trump ages ppl.
  • Strangely, Trump didn't tweet at all during Comey's testimony. I imagine that he was watching, aghast.
  • Pumpkin=Trump's face Spice=Sean Spicer Horrible, over rated, and out of control.
  • Jews are not White.
  • Pence is 58 but still cant go around without his mother, that`s his wife?!...Nooo
  • Seth's best moments are always when he's pulling the audience back in after a bad joke. he's like a master at that.
  • I wonder how many people walked into Starbucks and asked for "covfefe".
  • You're a skinny white boy....
  • this guy he nominated looks like a very young person who can easily be manipulated by a bafoon Like dtrumpf, I already anticipate trouble, another inexperienced new kid, dtrumpf will have his way with him, and if he doesn't want to cooperate, you guessed it.
  • We officially have a criminal as our President. The Obstruction of Justice case is clear and obvious. He's also guilty of taking money from other countries. That's two massive crimes, not even counting all the lies, possible treason, and Russia ties.
  • dude, stop reacting to people's reaction to your jokes. That looks needy and is painful to see. Your jokes are good, keep going.
  • That Chris Christie bit was fucking gold.
  • One of the better monologues. Sick ivanka burn and still laughing about violins
  • Trump didn't tweet, so the bar is fine.
  • 58, damn I thought pence was in his mid 60s....some people she terribly
  • love you, Seth!
  • Wow, Donny doesn't seem to have sent even *one* tweet during Comey's testimony (and hasn't sent any since). This is astounding.
  • He's only 58?!?? Wow that's fked up
  • Yet another example of a United employee resorting to violins.
  • How can anyone believe anything Trump says? It's pretty pathetic when your president is known as a pathological uninformed liar around the world. Like dude has zero credibilty, yet wants to talk about the media and their no credibility. Cool story mang.
  • Why does he always say "we have a great show for you tonight" after the show
  • Seth, you amuse yourself! Lol it's cute

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