Republicans Can't Get Their S**t Together on Health Care: The Daily Show

Republicans Can't Get Their S**t Together on Health Care: The Daily Show
Republicans Can't Get Their S**t Together on Health Care: The Daily Show
After years of trying to repeal Obamacare, House Republicans are forced to delay the vote on their own health care legislation thanks to lack of support within the party. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • Hey Noah, the democrats created this mess not the republicans you ignorant turd.
  • Obamacare WINS AGAIN!
  • Watch out Trevor, you are on thin ice!
  • Not just crazy.... but bare ass nuts.
  • Ryan is person who acts like Americans do not count....
  • I agree we all will need mental health coverage while this dufus is in WH.
  • when politics looks like a soap opera
  • He's like a little penis with flapping lips... and makeup... oh, and he's a tool of divisiveness. I wonder which socialist hand is making the lips flap. He's the kind of guy who would be kicked out of the TARDIS.
  • Evil man, just pure evil, healthcare is way too important to a society... Republicans don't even want Americans to have healthcare protection, it's insanity...
  • Bring the show back to Hulu
  • #NoMoreJerry
  • watch your backs republicans are not yet done next thing the are going to defund and sabbotage the affodable care act to make sure the law fails !!!!
  • I once had a ghost shrimp named Chistopher Johnson...
  • This is so retarded.. Do you retards understand anything? Gahhhh You need mental health care all right.
  • What a disgrace
  • Drop kick the Daily Show to the curb!!!!
  • *insert insult against Trump and republicans*
  • Why would they want to treat mental health problems though? They're the GOP
  • What kind of informed adult with ANY compassion for humanity voted for oligarchy rule?
  • After Trump election, ya gonna cut off mental health care? Yet again he claimed ''Autism has become an epidemic"...
  • trump doesn't know how to be a president
  • Obama is like "Don't hate the player, Hate the game"...I'm like, your getting younger each day Trump is in office :) Live long and prosper.
  • FAKE COMEDY !!!!
  • Can not stand this TelePrompTer comedian , however , Sugar Britches has a point .
  • What did he do in his shoe?
  • It says new under the video but i saw the video a few days ago. clearly not new..
  • 1) how u gon be pro life but pull this shit??? 2) I have a history of depression and PTSD, and in 2014 during my senior yr in hs I tried to kill myself and Obama's thing about making it illegal for insurance companies to deny people with preexisting conditions is why I was able to be in a hospital and get both the physical and mental help I needed from my attempt.
  • This makes me so sick to my stomach. Think I am going to run.
  • I like the commercial at the end, talking about how I can watch the full episode for free on The only thing I can watch there is a screen with a low quality picture saying; "Sorry 'bout that. This video is not available from your location"...
  • So uh. Does anyone want to aggressively explain to me while calling me a "childish, anime loving (true/unashamed), stupid libtard/snowflake" how Obama was still a worse president compared to trump?
  • Missed opportunity Trevor; saying here in New York we are paying for our mayor food. How about paying for all that extra security for Trump Tower? That's a nice chunk a change..
  • So Trump threatened to get rid of Congress if they don't approve the AHCA bill? Funny, everyone I know is writing to their representatives threatening the same thing, except...we don't want the bill passed.
  • Who else feels America is a FUCKING JOKE now ?
  • I like how he pronounces "years".
  • Russiacans, after 7 years, gives access to great healthcare all you need is money.
  • Keep going America.... the world is watching and laughing at you! 😂😂😂
  • loool.... because they still human loool
  • The slow and steady decline of a ship of fools.
  • Dont cut mental health benefit for all of congress and potus !
  • Republicans have mental health issues. The head ones being Trump and Bannon. They both have to go....... NOW! Dear GOD please help us get rid these people. Take them.
  • lol @ district 9
  • The president of United States is the dumbest person in the world.
  • Drake's album is shit. Beyoncé on the other hand is pretty awesome.
  • I still can't believe Trump is in office. I'm not even American - but the U.S. has been Germany's ally for so long. I just can't believe you voted for THAT GUY. I'm no foreign Hillary fan...but man, is it strange to really try to realize what is currently going on overseas and that even we have to deal with this BS for the foreseeable future. If you don't elect someone reasonable in 2020 the U.S. will be quite doomed diplomatically. All your allies will look for new strategic longterm partners elsewhere. Actually, it's happening right now with NATO. Parts of the German press are promoting an EU-army and the outreach to new partners (China, Russia etc.), who are more reliable. It's a shame, as we share a cultural heritage.
  • I challenge any trump supporter to have a debate with me
  • what district am i from... uhhhhh.. district 9?... bahahahahahahahahaha trevor's imitation of trump is the best ever!
  • Isnt making a "deal" for about 2 Million dollars to get votes bribary and basically proves how corrupt the US government is? ( Not from the US though just asking why this is a thing in the US^^" )

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