The "Many Sides" of Trump's Phoenix Rally: The Daily Show

The "Many Sides" of Trump's Phoenix Rally: The Daily Show
The "Many Sides" of Trump's Phoenix Rally: The Daily Show
At a campaign rally in Phoenix, President Trump defends his divisive speech about a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA, with a selective recap of his remarks. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Trevor, talking about Ben Carson, reminded me of the Sloth in the movie Zootopia.😂😂
  • Trump presidency has to end now. Simple as that.
  • On many sides? there were many sides, He was speaking historically about all conflicts about stupid racial things. We did have antifa, history enthusiasts, kkk, nazi assholes, blacks whites and people from Japan. Just saying
  • That officer is a marksman.
  • Yes there were many sides, are these liberal idiots trying to erase the Antifa terrorists?
  • I really wish someone would get in control of the volume. The shownisbon whisper level but after I turn it up, the intro and outro are just about pushing my hairline back 4cm.
  • Can you fix the audio on these videos? The main video is softer sounding than the generic one at the end. Glad that you got rid of the big siren sound on the generic videos. Very annoying.
  • Trump Chumps will believe anything he says - facts are just fake news!
  • Academic middle civilization yetrkg reader comment appreciate missile round
  • Trevor Noah isn't funny.
  • In a time where Trump is rightfully suffering the repercussions of failing to condemn and denounce nazism in America, he decides to throw a rally because he knows it's the only place he can bullshit and get away with it.
  • it is amazing how brain dead Trump supporters are .. in fact it is a fact of life for all these insane right wing nuts...totally devoid of any knowledge of reality...the bubble of ignorance
  • When are they going to talk about something new size racism an about being presidential
  • anyone standing there for this travesty called trump is so insecure so devastatingly dumb so pathetic it boggles the majority's mind
  • Liberalism is a mental disorder.
  • It's actually funny to see Trevor make fun of Ben Carson now, after Trevor had him on the show and they did a bit together.
  • Why is he still having rallies? I don't understand.
  • The one side of trevor noah, paid to be hateful
  • Donald Trump is gonna run the USA to the Ground. Even hardcore Supporters must admit that in 2017. He has become a walking Catastrophe.
  • Trump says, "1 vote away from getting health care replaced"... When over 40+ votes said no to replace Medicare (actually way over half voted no), which is definitely NOT 1 vote you dumbass. Simple math. *Throws math book at diehard Trump supporters.*
  • I dont understand if ppl dont want trump file an impeachment already. How is he stilllll president after being caught lying publicly sooo many times.
  • Audio level is so damn low, that when It got to the end where the title card is, the volume blasted my eardrums. Thanks!
  • I need to meet the blacks for trump guy. I need his spunk and the name of the store-bought perm kit that he uses to get that silky smooth hairdo lol
  • lets just say.. we are going to be drunk for the next 7and half years.. fasten your seat belts. cause its going to be a long ride. ( of cause we are not going die right???)
  • wow. That man who is holding up that "blacks for trump" sign is not black... hes a white guy who did a dark spray tan so that he could pretend hes black... thats low
  • as a finish person this insanity is hilarious tho watch first geting mad about that trump said there has been shit on both sides (wich is true) and in the end thinking that when the cops shot a guy who kicked an smoke granade at them with a NON lethal round is bad
  • I was at the Anti Trump rally in Phoenix......there were at least as many protestors as there were idiots lined up to drink the Kool-Aide
  • I believe shutting down the government over the wall would be breaking his oath of office. The wall could just be his swan song.
  • Anyone notice that guy in BLACKFACE behind Trump at 1.41 ?!
  • How can they act like kicking a painful smoke bomb away is an act of aggression?
  • I cut potatoes 🥔 French fries 🍟 style oil the pan and potatoes and then bake them for 30 minutes add butter and heavy whipping cream and bake 10 more minutes
  • Full video showed Antifa and BLM *causing* the incident by inciting violence, attacking the guys car with a golf club and a flood of people. Trevor is cancer.
  • Trump trumps the irrational woman argument.
  • Can you fire your sound engineer? DA fuck is the reason to BLAST the music at the end?
  • Sorry to remind everybody, this man is not american. he is from south africa.
  • Didn't Hitler used to have rallies?
  • so happy about texas, i hope they all lose their homes :) gas all trump supporters
  • On a side note, will this channel please correct its volume levels?
  • He had less than 50%  of the house , he fired his road manager or whatever he was so mad .  And a lot of people were walking out during his speech or whatever . So that's not nothing .
  • Trump, we get it. It is plain that you and Charles Manson were cut from the same cloth. Both of you want to stir up the race-riot that will be the 'final solution' to the race question in America.
  • That kid messing with his phone, that was a reflection of the entire "audience".
  • This Presidency feels like one long episode of Punked.
  • It seems that they've always got the black staff-member who sits behind Trump and pretends to be a supporter, lol.
  • " I like big brains andd I cannot lie, becasue muy a trivia gy!" lmao that was genius!!!
  • Hour totally democratic yearqo rule operating still signature democracy unfortunately.

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