Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike
Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike
Wow! Thank you so much for supporting the Real Doctor Reacts to series. I said that if you get the grey's anatomy video to 15k likes I'll do another episode and you CRUSHED it by getting it 200k+ likes. I dove into the comments section to see what medical tv drama you wanted me to review next and it seemed like the good doctor was the obvious choice. Get ready TV Doctors, because Dr. Mike is coming for you =] Full disclosure, I have never watched an episode of the good doctor on ABC so I decided to go ahead and start my tv medical drama review off with the first episode ( good doctor 1x01 ) of the series. I was really curious myself to see if the good doctor is a medically accurate show. I really did enjoy this medical tv show because I think it did a lot of things well. It gave an interesting look into what life is like a for a surgeon and a resident. Being a surgical resident is not an easy job and to make the situation even more complex Dr. Sean Murphy has autism so they did a great job of breaking down these circumstances. I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches The Good Doctor / Real Doctor Reacts to the Good Doctor. If you want me to continue making this tv medical drama series please like the video and leave me a comment on which medical tv show or episode you'd like for me to review next. Love you all! SUBSCRIBE for new videos every Sunday ▶ Let’s connect: IG - Doctor Mike Twitter - Real Doctor Mike Facebook - Real Doctor Mike Contact Email: Music by Joakim Karud



  • Your requests have been heard! SCRUBS review is now LIVE - Please keep submitting the shows and episodes you'd like for me to review. Love you all!
  • The story here is exactly the same as that of a Korean drama i watched. Is this one a remake of it ?
  • You need to do one on the resident
  • I haven't even watched the show. I just love seeing you comment on medical stuff.
  • You look like like a good doctor
  • House!
  • I'm just a regular guy that accidentally saw this clip. I'm not a doctor,scientist..just a nobody. Great commentary and lots in depth information. Thumbs up
  • Oh herro, doctooor :)🤣
  • Like the way he comment and love him too ... I mean love his work... 😂😂
  • I love watching a doctor that watches another doctor
  • Please watch a episode from scrubs 😁
  • This video is honestly dumb like cmon
  • Can you do episode 2 pleaaseee?? (:
  • The good doctor guy reminds me of Connor from Detroit: Becoming Human
  • Is it available on netflix??,
  • Hey doctor mike I want to watch this drama series... Tell me d way
  • This was just absolutely amazing. The show seems to be really good and all your comments to it were just really informative and interesting. You just gained a new sub!💕
  • Which one's the original, the Korean one or this?
  • I have experience with autism spectrum disorder. Wait... Edit down that sentence... Aha, there! I have autism spectrum disorder.
  • Haven't watched the show (good doctor) and family keep telling me to watch it. So I'm watching more of this dr's reviews 😂😂😂 dont even care what show he's commenting on! Plus I'd listen to any of his opinions because he looks healthy unlike lots of doctors I see IRL who look unhealthy 😂.
  • I've had Cardiac Tamponade. They took out basically a bottle of soda worth. It sucked, I never wanna go though that again and I'm only 25...
  • Started out by watching your Grey’s Anatomy video and now I think I’m just going to binge your videos for the rest of the night. Also, I’ve subscribed 😄
  • Have you looked into the show Royal Pains? It’s drama about concierge medicine in the hamptons. I am curious to hear your thoughts on this show.
  • I transcribe/edit health records and love watching medical shows and catching their mistakes. Love Dr. Mike's reviews of these shows!
  • Ughhhh why is this show not in Netflix???? I’m really interested😥
  • Lol idk if I just got soul but thank u XD
  • I want to watch the next episode of this show... I don't have Netflix😭
  • Really neat how you broke it down from a real Doctor's POV
  • Hey this video was really cool, and I love the show The Good Doctor. I'd be careful throwing around recommended early interventions for autistic kids. Many people who have undergone things like ABA actually develop PTSD symptoms. It's deeply stressful and scarring. You can look up #actuallyautistic to see autistic people's views (and yes the vast majority of the autistic community prefers 'autistic' rather than 'with autism' because if autism is separate from the person it can be demonized, when really it cannot be separated). Feel free to message me if you have more questions and I can send you the primary lit articles about ABA, autism, and PTSD.
  • My sister has autism...
  • I’m pretty sure that if you get stabbed by someone their not just going to leave the blade inside you
  • Doctor Mike I am just curious about what you said at 7:22. On TV he made an incision at the anterior axillary line below the mammary papilla (just to avoid the word on the internet). I have not seen the whole episode but you said "second intercostal space". Wasn't that incision made to the fifth intercostal space? Since you would do the needle decompression in the second intercostal space distal from the midclavicular line but I have not seen a chest tube done at the second intercostal space so far. I am not trying to offend you in any way, but are chest tubes placed anytime at the second intercostal space? I never heard of this. I as a military medic may be wrong but would like to hear if this is done in medicine. I like your videos a lot and you are doing a great educational job to the internet. keep it up! Since I got to the medical field I cannot enjoy any movie with medical scenes if there is any inaccuracy to the work done or BS said. You seem to take it way more easy than me. Greetings from europe
  • (8:20) He diddn't need all of the fancy technology". that sir is not technology. It is a glass bottle of liquid, tape, and a plastic tube.
  • where can I watch all the episodes of the good doctor? I watched the first episode on and logged in with my xfinity acct. but it skips several episodes in between episodes. I emailed about the issue, however, I just finished finals and my job is sending me to Orlando for a week this weekend, and I just want to sit in my hotel after work and watch this show before bed so I don't freak out being alone at a hotel at night. so I need anther option to watch it on asap. please and thank you <3
  • Such a surgeon 7:26, Me, everyone in the show, many viewers all watching this scene with a flinch at least and he doesn't even blink xD
  • Docter will u marry me.? ^3^
  • Please watch grey’s anatomy season 6 episode 22 or 23 and 24 (in those 2 episodes there’s a shooting in the hospital)
  • Wait, this guy's a doctor? I might be feeling very ill all of a sudden..
  • You make me wanna watch the series now 😂😂
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's an American adaptation of a Korean series. I dunno, not sure tho lol. (Starring Lee Jong Suk)
  • you need to watch hataraku saibou .
  • Kids with autism aren't trained to make eye contact, we are learned to make eye contact.
  • Can you become my science teacher? I’d pass my GCSE
  • Idk how I got here but with you im gonna be a half doctor thanks for explaining everything. I Subscribed
  • No infirmary at the airport?
  • Love Bates Motel
  • I didn't even know the show. But it seems soooo good. I think I'm gonna start watching it 😅
  • Which one do you think is better the American version or the Korean one?
  • Fancy technology? I agree it's overkill but the use of the water seal is hardly fancy and i found it to be ingenious.
  • Doctor Mike i love you ❤ i'm always happy when i watch your videos, i'm a teacher but all time get back to you. I believe that you're a reference to success to many people out there, much appreciation and respect to you,

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