Trevor Noah Stand Up

Trevor Noah Stand Up
Trevor Noah  Stand Up



  • Thank you, I liked it a lot. ;-)
  • He made me watch it entire hour
  • Just like Dave Chappelle, Trevor be dropping truth bombs disguised as jokes
  • the only thing that i disagree about is countries are scared from america, c'mon don't make me laugh. wait this is ur job
  • Man, imagine him making these jokes nowadays that "This is America" has been released. lol
  • He has given a whole lot of valueable messages.
  • boring
  • Adoro a Trevor!! <3 Qué humor tan inteligente y cuanto talento Love from Spain!!
  • He's so charming I caaaaan't))))))
  • Just truth ❤️love you
  • Thanka yoo
  • i swear the penelope part always get me LOL
  • You look like you grew up in the shade,tears running down my face. Brilliant comedian.
  • He engery go down at the end. It Tiring
  • Awesome guy. Reminds me of will smith
  • I've always found metisses the most beautiful..they got the best racial treats in the mix..
  • African poverty is 100% the result of criminal western deprivations visited upon Africa and its peoples for over a century.... white mans burden. Without African sweat shop labor and the trillions in resources stolen by the west our economies would collapse in a heart beat. First world living standards are only possible by the enslavement of millions in a the third world that was created by the west. We westerners are ignorant, stupid and totally subservient to our filthy scum sucking despotic psychopathic leaders. I have a seething hatred of our so called western civilization, my country and everything it stands for and spit on a flag drenched in the blood of my indigenous brothers
  • I enjoyed watching this idiot with my wife. Love you Trevor. God bless you. Na mean.....☺️👌
  • Watching this at 2 am and I'm howling . My mum had to come through to tell me I'm making noise 😂😂
  • Funny until he became one of those show junkies.
  • Dammmm son, you are one piece of fine assss!! 😍😍
  • I can't stop laughing😂😂😂
  • Cameraman sucks
  • He is going a great job in babysitting his auditory. They couldnt possibly understand it if he didnt dumb it down a notch. He even stayed on topic during the whole thing. Im impressed.
  • Ths guy is so amazing woow talented indeed
  • 21:33 my favorite part
  • lbs.. .lot of bull$h*t
  • 16:00 is you? Hahahaha
  • I love him...!!!
  • Fucking dreadful
  • Have never watched such entertaining an-hr long stand up. His way of presentation makes serious things light and witty and shady :). U become my new crush man.
  • Trevor dont ever change fr anything!
  • Hes good with accents. Brilliant
  • Oh wow I didn’t realize he has other jokes then trump. He needs to get back to talking about other shit. Stop hating on the guy that’s giving you 99% of your jokes on comedy right now By far least funniest black guy
  • Now in the Philippines we take our shoes off to cross that machine thingy
  • funniest man on the planet
  • lbs = lot of bullshit
  • Actually, in Spanish the word Pound is translated Libra 😂
  • OMG I love him. I was cracking up xD
  • is MOTION BLUR activated ?
  • 16:15 so cute xD
  • Thank you for the great show trevor! It is amazing!
  • "Bag of weed" That's a killer Phahahahaha
  • Swiss Power !!! Raclette Power !!!
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • hold up but that walk is allllll coloured hommie just saying. halla!
  • American football is created for advertisements. Unlike FIFA football, the game is broken into short segments so they can include a lot of ads aka commercials.
  • Where is he
  • Simply classic!

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