Trevor Noah Stand Up

Trevor Noah Stand Up
Trevor Noah  Stand Up



  • Thank you, I liked it a lot. ;-)
  • Why in heaven's name does one have in ones race when opening a bank account? Really???? Sounds nazi-like...
  • He's great!😊😂😂😂😂
  • omg he's so cute and hilarious!
  • a kickass dude, but the thing you said about sports and americans... euros are by far way more in to sports as a whole. sure there might be some americans that are just as much in to sports and some euros that are not in to it at all. but most of us live for our teams.
  • 37:48 "Remember kids: white is right" I laughed for a minute hahaha I had to pause the video!
  • Im asian and i like british accent and how blacks talk and sometimes it mixes when i speak english every time yknow what i mean? Lol
  • I love him😘😘😘😘
  • This was the funniest performance I've ever seen
  • This guy is ,magical - he can do good jokes with polite manner and without sex/violence jokes
  • I hate Trevor Noah most of all comedians... He's an ignorant, unfunny dipshit.
  • Funny that in most part of the world a race of a mixed child is determined by the race of the father. So the father's race comes first, then the mom's. So technically Trevor is white.
  • this guy is hilarious
  • So talented
  • my nigger hahahaha
  • Ruthlessly hilarious. Brilliantly disguised messages. Amazing humour and subject matter. My new favourite. Can't believe I had not heard of him before
  • I swear I'm going to have laugh lines if I keep watching him... ya'nah'mean?
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  • Wow, this guy's good. Eases into it, and train of serious yet on point real stuff. Wow, nice very nice. Good speaker. more of a speaker than a comedian.
  • Clan is spelled with a K in the Scandinavian languages.. not that it is something that we like to point out in this case
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  • Ur the cutest 😍
  • This guy is world’s best comedian
  • what a great show ! got better with every joke
  • 1:01:20 that laugh is so adorable!
  • My only dislike was when he said soccer, after the argument he made earlier in how USA pronounces things and calls what ever they like. When in fact the whole world calls it Football!
  • best.....
  • Hilarious....Na mean?
  • I like how he puts American people on the spot the way he delicately expressed his disgust in the way white Americans call the indians who are native to the land native American hahahahahhaa
  • The Oprah joke. I just can't 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Trevor Noah is the BEST
  • not funny
  • okay the last one really got me lmao
  • "So hot in Atlanta even Africans are fainting😅😅😅😂😂🤣🤣" my best
  • What an amazing piece of humor😍 now i have a new favorite!!
  • Hilarious! The best way to talk about issues and not make people uncomfortable
  • What is wrong with his voice pitch?
  • that was amazing :)))
  • That Stupid Moron, Not Funny, Flap Eared Bastard Trevor Noah is on Comedy Central every day here in Holland, making bad jokes about trump. Did republicans make fun of Obama everyday? For being in office illegally, and being a muslim  bible hating Fag Enabler and Cultural Marxist? No, but we should have..
  • He is so sexy nd funny
  • That was when you were a real comedian
  • whenever i hear something like women in middle east are like a sin or disrespected..its ridiculous...i am an indian and i grew up in ksa(saudi arabia) which is in middle east ofcourse...i have been to alot of places around the world but have never seen more respect for women than there...its just so much misconception...
  • Here in the Philippines, we also take our shoes off at the airport.
  • omg.. so fuckin funny!!
  • omg! my nigger. hahahahaha.
  • "- This guys Japanese!!!! I can hear you" hahaha
  • IS HE IN THE LOGANG?! 11:28
  • In 5:10, he just mocked Kevin Hart right?
  • Too bad he decided to put learning Japanese on hold. Knowing Japanese is a great way to learn Chinese as well, since the Japanese language shares very similar characters and characteristics with the Chinese language and culture. For example, any Chinese can quite easily understand Japanese sentences because of Kanji (a type of character in Japanese). If you watch Attention Please, a Japanese drama series, there's a scene where the main character (a Japanese air stewardess) manages to successfully communicate with a distressed Chinese tourist through writing. The words are slightly different, and the pronunciation entirely different, but the characters similar enough for both to understand each other. If you're interested, it's this scene:

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