Declassified: Did Trump Share Intel with Russian Officials?: The Daily Show

Declassified: Did Trump Share Intel with Russian Officials?: The Daily Show
Declassified: Did Trump Share Intel with Russian Officials?: The Daily Show
President Trump is accused of sharing classified information with Russian officials during a meeting in the White House. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • looks like someone has played too much Call of Duty modern warfare
  • He said Obama played to much golf while hes at 21 times to obamas 11
  • what a bunch of one sided bullshit!
  • I just love Trevor's russian accent. omg It's so good.
  • It's incredible isn't it? Now it's November and the puzzle is being pieced together yay! Don't mess this up Mueller! Impeach yesssh
  • One month later and all these comments make everyone look like dumbasses for believing in this shit.
  • Yeah because cnn is very trustfull hahahhahaha dumbass
  • We just had a president who sold arms to illegals, divided the races even more, gave back high profile terrorists leaders for a traitor, and had multiple other scandals and broke many laws, not to mention Benghazi and the Clinton email server was his administration and now people are starting to care. Maybe if you libtards actually paid attention during those times and held your leaders accountable we wouldn't have trump, but now we do so deal with it.
  • I'm not saying I like Trump or he hasn't done wrong, but I find it appalling that Obama and the Clintons were able to avoid any major consequences for all the scandals they were involved in and Obama broke so many laws.
  • and before all the English teachers trying to attack me on my englisch grammar,, here's my reaction ,, it's not my native language , I, m dutch ,, and speak German to ,,, vielleicht nicht perfect, aber ich kann mich sehr gut retten
  • I used to watch the daily show loved it ,, but sinds trump was elected it turned into a leftwing anti trump propaganda show.. the only laughter you hear in the background is digital.. every time a put it on 1 minute and it's trump,trump,trump ,,, pfff ..and it isn't funny for real it isn't! !! a show like that has to be neutral ,,, attack both sides,, all religions, every culture every colour,,, whatever your point of view is .left our right wing, ,black our yellow !! maybe you hate everything about them ..if they did a better job ,they beat you , showed better skills ,,, you have to give them credit for it ,,don't act like a stupid cunt , you lost ,, don't try to mask it with pointing your finger at every one and everything ,,because I had a bad childhood,,I was sick that day,,his daddy was one off the judges beuheuheu! ! laces in ,not out ,,!!
  • Sorry Trump supporters, you know Trump is going to get iced by the government. All you need is that one patriotic soldier or marine in the military to decide that his country has suffered enough...
  • Oh remember that one time Obama went to a baseball game with Cuban dictator Castro and laughed the whole time? Yeah me too.
  • If Donald Trump was Black wouldn't he have been considered a thug???
  • I think some people are in denial. The Russians didn't make Trump president. Americans did.
  • Russians are now everywhere in the US. You have to watch out they could be already under your bed and spying on you. Russia is a regional power with a destroyed economy, like Obama sad, but now you are talking since 4 month about how they "hacked" the election in the great superpower US. History briefing for you:,16641,19960715,00.html
  • 0 + 0 still = 0 proof...i hope people don't actually believe this
  • 000000 prooofff
  • God, this man can't be real.
  • your episodes are getting more silent to a point where i can hardly hear anything while maxing out the speakers...
  • The sad part, someone is still supporting this hot cheeto.....
  • where are you Trevor!!! :(
  • When you realize this channel relies on Trumps stupidity. I only started watching this during his campaign. They have doubled their sub count from it too, but they are funny on their own.
  • Gotta give props to the Russians they know what they were doing by getting drumpf elected
  • ....did he really predict him getting exhausted in his trip to Saudi Arabia????
  • You're a few moments away from booking free reservations to a live taping of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah in New York City, MANHATTAN, 52nd Street. 3 blocks from D.J.Trump's Tower. Plausiblle:  "Good publicity is preferable to bad, but from a bottom-line perspective, bad publicity is sometimes better than no publicity at all. Controversy, in short, sells." Donald J. Trump, Trump: The Art of the Deal Who is really laughing, Honey Boo Boo?
  • trumps like I just wanted to see if i can get elected, now let's see how fast it can get impeached
  • How 'bout make the audio as loud as it is at the end for the "subscribe" pitch? Just a thought.
  • Donald Trump is a clown
  • Trevor you're just Another Sore Loser Racist Nigger !
  • Political show without any proof, and everyone belive this. You are crazy.
  • Who cares? The President can share info. Not the Dept of State!
  • my friend has been tweeting trump every week trying to get him to reveal that aliens are real... so far, he hasn't responded, but he'll crack soon enough
  • Im so proud of Trevor Noah. He is a transgender celebrity that has made it big. I grew up with him in Johannesburg before he transitioned. Trevor was originally "Olivia Noah." He transitioned in his mid teens. I cannot wait for him to make the story public. Yeahh Trevor!
  • Still no proof kek
  • Downvote cause u inrease volume after the clip. FUCK YOU
  • Classifed informationon islamic state even though trump is stupid usa is corrupted so it doesnt matter
  • It's treason then!
  • The secret information was an Israeli agent planted in ISIS.
  • He's like the kind of girls who gossip with secrets😂
  • This is trap? No..?
  • Trump invites the enemy to our home, kicks us out and leaks intel to the enemy but you Frumps are still whining about emails...Ha!
  • Russia walked into the oval office like a 34 year old waiting for Chris Hansen
  • I really went through a whole mindexercise when I pondered that meeting; that this is a trap possibly/hopefully against Isl . That is a whole interesting plot line.
  • Your imitation of him is PURRRRFecto!
  • Is everyone forgetting when Obama signed a policy directive last year ordering the U.S. intelligence community to share sensitive U.S. intelligence to Cuba's communist government? Also, no one has any idea what what exactly was revealed to the Russians. It's possible it was sensitive material but perhaps it was not. Because Obama is in bed with all of the liberal news networks it didn't surprise me that they didn't make a big deal when he released intel to Cuba. This just seems to me like another desperate attempt by the media to make President Trump look bad and try and bring him down. It's pathetic to be honest.
  • IF this is true, then it is in the utmost national security interests of the United States to get him the fuck out ASAP.
  • why doesnt this fucking south african porch monkey go back to south africa all he does is shame us everday yet he isnt american lol it made sense with jon stewart but these holier then thou foriegners look smug when they do it

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