Are You Smarter Than Average?

Are You Smarter Than Average?
Are You Smarter Than Average?
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  • I'm almost all but not a drugy or an oldest. My older sibling is relatively an idiot while I'm smart. I think that the way we are raised determines if we will be more intelligent as we get older. I would watch youtube and did research and I'm in the 75th percentile for my grade lvl, freshmen.
  • Ookkaaayyy.... turns out I am WAAYY smarter than I thought I was
  • Exactly 4:20 minutes long. I c u
  • Total BS. Drinkers and drug users are not smarter then non-drinkers and non-drug users
  • Do I count as the oldest sibling if I'm the only sibling?
  • Some is true for me, some not.
  • Why i’m all of these but I’m not smart.
  • I am virgin as hell... IQ over 200 baaabeee!
  • Most of them
  • Im 5'8 and retarded
  • Smart people doesn't need affirmation from a YouTube video.
  • An intelligent person would know alcohol does more damage than cannabis
  • All my friends say I’m really smart, but so only fit into one category
  • The smartest person in my year is short, right handed and doesn't play an instrument
  • 4:20 boiii
  • "an apple a day you die anyway"😂😂😂 I needed that laugh.
  • since i smoke weed on and off... lets say a blunt or two or three every two weeks? and not every 2 weeks sometimes i cant smoke but when i can I will? does this effect my iq or, ability to become a successful american
  • I qualified for an exceptional amount of these scientific studies (except alcohol), and have an IQ of 145. coincidence, I think not?
  • The average smart person also eats at least once a day and has 5 fingers on each hand. I have both of those things, so I guess I'm pretty clever...
  • I am tall I am a worrier I am a daydreamer I havent lost my virginity yet Im a night owl sometimes Im a musician (well a bit but does singing count too?) Im ambidextrous I love dark humor The only thing is im not the older sibling Am i still higher than average?
  • What if you are naturally ambidextrous, like myself?
  • I fit with all of them Except oldest sibling
  • Seven and a half for me, the half because the apple thing was mildly amusing at best. I'm tall, first born, Virgin, night owl, overactive brain, ambidextrous more or less, and to the best of my knowledge I was breast fed almost exclusively. And at least I would like to think that I am pretty smart, compared to the average person at least.
  • Alcohol is haramfull
  • Education =\= smart (skill share) I have a iq of 130-140 (don't know for sure) but it seems like there could be a big link between confidence and intelligence as it seems my honors classes most if not all of my mates assume they failed only to get a 95% whereas I assume low and score low but higher than expected.
  • what about if you have autism?
  • (comment was made before watching video) Tbh i could care less if i am above average or not.
  • I’m the shortest in my class and have the highest grades
  • I love your videos but this one was not your brightest content yet, a persons IQ at 21 is based on what that person experience through its life. A child neglected from education at compare to those who were exposed to reading and so on, will most likely out smart the other kid any day. In a rare occasion there some who thanks to some chemistry in their brain are able to pick and retain better memory then others but then tend to suffer when they get older. Don't listen to this video, you want to be smart? read books, take courses, and seek mentors. It's not rocket science....Unless if you're seeking to become a rocket scientist of course.
  • 6
  • I matched up with all of them, except for 1! I am not left handed!
  • lol 0:37 ok
  • hahaha the length of the video is 420
  • it's hardly convincing... so much "a study says" and "a report says"
  • Shit... I didn't know I'm a genius.
  • What a load of BS
  • Now I can't tell if I'm stupid or smart now I'm so confused
  • According to this video, I might as well be retarded...
  • U said if ur taller ur smarter really I’m 11 and I’m 5’1 and I get a c
  • That joke for lowest level of dark humour i guess
  • I didn’t into a school cause I had average test scores Press F to pay respects
  • i am the middle child and am short. i get more As
  • I’m in almost all of the yet I’m dumb?
  • the fact about tall people being smarter is so incorrect
  • This video gave partial conclusions which vaguely suggest that I might be smarter than most people, and I enjoy things that not quite justifiably pad my ego , so I rate this video 10/13, like my score.
  • Why does your body swell when it is hurt?
  • All wrong i daydream, im virgin, i dont smoke and i have dark humor and still... Want to commit suicide after i fail the uni and for now it doesnt look good :). If you're smart you're smart this bullshit video is just full of lies so everyone think they are smart or special.
  • “Taller dudes are smarter...” Me: Are you sure about that?
  • I’m an average height(sorta tall) not the smartest but decent,I am a middle child, and have common sense to not smoke or do drugs. Idk how to relate to this
  • I'm tall and I have all A's

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