Are You Smarter Than Average?

Are You Smarter Than Average?
Are You Smarter Than Average?
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  • I am Tall I am the oldest sibling I was breatfeed I do not do drugs I am a worrier I daydream alot I am not left handed I’ve never took music lessons I don’t smoke I am a virgin Yes I found this photo to be funny
  • Omg can't they STOP tlaking about UK and US and forgetting about EU🇪🇺
  • Taller than average Youngest sibling Breast fed (i think) No booze for me please No drugs yet either Night owl! A lil worrying Daydreamer! Lefty! Play violin and clarinet F*ck smoking Lost virginity at 18 (at college) A lil funny?
  • only child. taller than the average. lost my virginity in grad school this summer actually. I drink occasionally and I don't smoke
  • 0:36 how do ya know??
  • 9/13
  • Short (for a guy) Second youngest child Breastfed Don't drink or use drugs Mix of Early Bird and Night Owl Worrying when taking evaluations often causes even intelligent people to perform worse because their mind is elsewhere Sometimes daydream Right handed Can't play an instrument (yet) Don't smoke Lost virginity while in college Dark sense of humor Still manage to have a cumulative GPA of 3.8 with demanding coursework I'm not completely sold on all these ideas and studies, but some of them may hold water
  • I applied to none, but I am pretty smart.
  • Lefty or Righty? ....welp I’m ambidextrous
  • I kinda daydream, I am ambidextrous, I am a middle child and I am small but I am 11 so I can grow. I have a good sense of humor. Seems right.
  • Why are Smart People That Go To Collage More Likely To Be A Virgin?
  • Hahaha I’m a total night owl which makes me smarter!! *as he watches this video at 2am*
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm short but one of the smartest people in my class
  • basically me accept for the left hand bit
  • I qualify for all of these :)
  • I don’t have to be smart. I got amazing scores on the wisc4, so now I can flunk any class and still make it into the GIEP course
  • I matched with most of the categories and that might be why I always have good grades even though I hand in assignments late
  • I'm stupid but i did 13/13 😂
  • 2:53 because there fuckin nerds (jock style)
  • I fit in to everything bar drugs/alcohol and being left handed.
  • this is fake
  • I have a short friend and he is a complete dumbass lmao
  • well i'm tall and brain dead
  • I have a very well paying job. I am a morning person. I’m short. I’m the second child of my parents. And I mostly fit into the anti-smart as described in this video. I don’t agree to this content. Most of the successful people are morning people. You can’t sleep during the day when work needs to be done. I think these theories are concocted by the night people who want to make themselves feel smart. Hehe
  • I am tall really tall, the oldest , in band , Left handed worried but also don’t worry , and I’m not to strong in my talking abilities or learning abilities.
  • I’ve always been a huge geek and I’m the oldest sibling, a night owl, a worrier, a daydreamer, a lefty, and I fit into a couple other categories as well. This was really fascinating!!
  • All but the one with the left hand
  • I don’t laugh easily.
  • According to this I should be the new Einstein 😂
  • I do not have to become more intelligent than the average... I am already
  • 2:07 wow that's why I'm so good at art. (I think it's nature)
  • Bullshit
  • I filled out around 7 of these.
  • Quitting smoking doesn’t make you smarter, it’s just that smarter people tend to avoid smoking
  • IQ 136, Member of mensa. left handed 6,1' second child day dream ALL THE FREAKING TIME don't drink/smoke/do drugs i am a natural night owl, but my work makes me get up early. had terrible grades in school except for computers and math. IQ does not always correlate with good grades.
  • I fit most (emphasis on most) of these categories, yet I think I’m pretty stupid compared to everyone else.
  • 12/13 lol.
  • Im the shortest kid in my grade and im the smartest to everyone in the grade but i think I'm dumb
  • You are smarter when you know this is BS
  • this video comments should all be put in r/iamverysmart
  • Ok, I'm a night owl, I'm the first middle child (NOT oldest), right handed but I can be pretty creative, I have learned to play a few instruments, dark humor makes me laugh. I fit into about 3 categories...
  • I'm taller than the average, I'm a night owl and I worry alot BUT I'm pretty damn sure I'm stupid
  • So. I fit all the catagory's, were is my masters degree?
  • I never study but I'm usually high above average and I barley even listen in class.......... Also I'm a lefty
  • I'm super short but like smarter than a lot if ppl taller them me
  • Interesting video, but I think many of the cases here have more complex explanations than IQ score.
  • Breastfed, daydreamer and got a dark sense of humour
  • 1. I'm not tall 2. I'm second oldest, and this is the second point. 3. I have no idea 4. Why would I do them?! 5. I don't know about this one either 6. Well, I do often worry 7. I have hallucinations, does that count? 8. I am probably right-handed 9. I did Baritone lessons for 52 days, and played while at home aswell 10. Like 4, Why would I do that?! 11. Is it the same way opposite, if you're a virgin? 12. I find it true >:D 13. There was only 12?!
  • 10/13. *_what_*
  • why boy

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