The Axe Files with Jon Stewart

The Axe Files with Jon Stewart
The Axe Files with Jon Stewart
Live Taping of “The Axe Files” with Jon Stewart, hosted by David Axelrod



  • Jon is a rape apologist.
  • Oy vey (((Jon))) looks uncomfortable. Wonder why...
  • fuck all jewish propaganda talk show host..TRUMP WINS >>>trump wins..... all you clebs that claim to move from the united states if trumps wins. Well, start packing, and get the fuck out of my country. lol lol trump did it, no we did it!!! start the boycott of hollywood, boycott anything out of hollywood.
  • The last question: Look, comment section, it wasn't deliberately saved for last, he had a question, went on line, they ran out of time and he was the last to ask.
  • It's amusing how apparently the media situation has changed, I think every or almost every media outlet is ashamedly pro-Hillary and taking marching orders/talking points from her campaign and the DNC.
  • He did well for a man with Caids :)
  • I love these two men.
  • "I understand they are trying" They are trying to fail. It supports their narrative. They love the system as it is. Burn the system to the ground start from scratch.
  • I never realized how intelligent and humble Jon Stewart is. He downplays himself and the value of his comedic satire. Regardless of whether news remains as it is now or becomes an unbiased full story news outlet, news will remain as a source of information. Information in itself is meaningless, it's how I use that information that matters. Jon Steward uses comedy to show clarity through absurdity. He's, in essence, showing his listeners what to look for, how to look for it.. he's showing his viewers how to think. Man would be a fantastic lawyer.
  • The real problem isn't Trump, it is that the only alternative is Clinton
  • this European is impressed, maybe America is great after all!
  • great interview!
  • That last question was so stupid.. Unbelievable.😡
  • I watched the whole thing (unlike some people who commented). I really liked the honesty and strait forward discussion from John. As an educated person I crave political discussions with substance which are scarce. It troubles me that so many months of the presidential campaign have been void of substantive discussion. John made a great comment about the role of satire in effecting change, by highlighting the importance of those who work tirelessly for years to get things done (real political activists), and how satire can help push the winds of change in the direction of some issues at the tipping point. What compels me to listen to John Stewart is that despite his democratic leanings his critique is against the media in general, and their participation in amplifying and pandering to political issues (and political celebrities like Donald Trump), rather than engaging in a predator and prey relationship. Great discussion
  • At around 29:58, when Jon Stewart talks about his experience with lobbying sent ice through my heart...
  • What a horrible, pointless and out of line very last question for Mr. Stewart. I could have asked at least a hundred more important and on topic questions then that last one about the unheard of allegations of Louis C. K. (Smh)
  • Jon why are you running for president?!?
  • JON YOU ARE A SELF CENTERED LIBERAL HACK, Please Jon just go to the side line quietly

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