Trump Turns on Sessions Amid Russia Probe: A Closer Look

Trump Turns on Sessions Amid Russia Probe: A Closer Look
Trump Turns on Sessions Amid Russia Probe: A Closer Look
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump's New York Times interview, in which he lashes out at his own attorney general and threatens the special counsel investigating him. » Subscribe to Late Night: » Get more Late Night with Seth Meyers: » Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers Weeknights 12:35/11:35c on NBC. LATE NIGHT ON SOCIAL Follow Late Night on Twitter: Like Late Night on Facebook: Find Late Night on Tumblr: Connect with Late Night on Google+: Late Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube features A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy, and topical monologue jokes. NBC ON SOCIAL Like NBC: Follow NBC: NBC Tumblr: NBC Pinterest: NBC Google+: YouTube: NBC Instagram: Trump Turns on Sessions Amid Russia Probe: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers Late Night with Seth Meyers



  • 9:41
  • hey guys what's Trump's favorite Kendrick Lamar song LOYALTY.
  • Trump = loyalty ?? What a joke.
  • #ImpeachTrump
  • Trump sucks
  • It is now Dec. 25 , Christmas and Trump and his network Fox , are still trying to discredit ...anybody !
  • South Boston represent !
  • I member, you member?
  • trump is a coward. He has no loyalty.He will turn on you on a dime.
  • Make America Great Again(:
  • Trump and the GOP are attacking our country's foundations. GOP attacking Separation of Church and State, the Freedom of The Press, and Voting. These things help create a Democracy. What it means to be a American. We know from polls about voting and the right-wing support for Putin.
  • "How much worse can this week get?" Oh ye of little faith. Much much much worse.
  • Trump's idea of a good speech is repeating the same sentence 10 times with 2 variations, then adding a "believe me" at the end.
  • "Remember? Hookers? Ritz Carlton? Urinating? On his bed?" Perfect ring tone.
  • Great job- always funny!!!
  • i didn't know trump was a huge dj khaled fan....
  • Pretty bad when respect is not shown to the Attorney General, who is obviously a man with the highest credentials and knows the law inside out. It's disturbing to say the least and not a good example when you expect civility from the general population.
  • dude, Seth looks like he is fed up with talking about Trump being a dumbass but has to smile because he its his job...
  • I wonder how many of his loyal people he stiffed on their pay?
  • This government is like watching a very dysfunctional family of bullies and enablers.
  • 0:28 ??? WTW!! LOL
  • Omg could all just drop the bull and come clean it's absolutely embarrassing and funny that they're trying to keep up this rouse
  • Guys, raw It looks strongly aswoundlpgrise !!
  • Trump values one thing above everything else....himself.
  • The editing is so crisp... it hurts :|
  • 6:05 yah Seth I think I know his number My guess: 1-666-467-2826 P.s. Please don't try calling this number I have no idea what it leads to but please don't bother people
  • Dumbass Trump thinks LOYALTY and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE are the same thing....Donald Dumps definition of LOYALTY, kiss my ass, give me nonstop compliments, and no matter what stupid,irrational , deranged things ..I do...defend me or throw yourself under the bus for me. Trump's punishment for no loyalty. ..slandering you, and rake your ass thru the hot coals. his Desperate, Deranged, delusional, Diary of a Mad Man....also known as his Twitter account.
  • Jokes
  • Sessions deserves all he is going to get for supporting president Dump!
  • This was a great piece!
  • Right on SETH, write on!
  • Trump is a narcissist, a very low-functioning one.
  • Donald: I have the best people! Donald: I love the sound they make when I throw them under the bus!
  • I used to like Lou Dobbs. What happened?
  • Sessions is a total Weasel
  • Job B Baca...exactly!! Unbelievable, tRump is all brainstem
  • This Anus is only loyal to himself.
  • Elect a clown, expect a circus.
  • He demands blind loyalty, but doesn't hesitate to throw anyone under the bus as soon as he doesn't get his way
  • Thank you, Seth. Glorious takedown of Trumpie's, Christie's, and Hannity's unrelenting stupidity!
  • Don't you just love the irony? Sessions met with the Russians as a member of Trumps team! If he hadn't been working for Trump, he probably wouldn't have been in the meeting!
  • I was at that Mets game. Christie cut past me in the line (through the line) and I said to him "hey Christie, the beach is that way". Good times.
  • #NoMorePoliticalParties Issues should be tackled, not who is a part of a party first...they never should have existed...
  • It would be so easy to like Trump if he would just get out of the Top 1% A-holes and focus on helping the rest of the the normal stuff he does is too funny..but he is killing me with his polices like omg STOP it already Mr. Prezz!!
  • "I'm the most loyal person! Ask any of my three wives."
  • President Pinocchio talks about "loyalty" like a mobster!
  • I'm a loyal person I always pay my contractors I give my students the best education in loyal to my wife what a dumbfuck
  • Who did Christie's makeup?? He looks like he's doing blackface in that news clip lol
  • Hahaha so funny
  • This was great 😂

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