Canada's Hot New Prime Minister: The Daily Show

Canada's Hot New Prime Minister: The Daily Show
Canada's Hot New Prime Minister: The Daily Show
Canada elects handsome Liberal Party candidate Justin Trudeau as prime minister, ending Stephen Harper's nine-year reign. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now:



  • He is smoking hot!💕 Can we trade the orange for the sexy?
  • How i like my morning looking at my favorite tv show💬
  • I can't stop laughing.
  • Noah is fugly monkey.
  • america is thr worst...:'( they just love tobinsult otherss while forgett to look their own
  • Trevor, stick to comedy. Were doing comedy. ...Oh.
  • That tune is so effin catchy Dammit Harper man Harper man ahhhhhhhhhhhh
  • OMG I thought I busted some vessels in my cheeks when they put the moves and song together. It just works so well XD now I know why the song starts with Oh Canada.. This country appears just so adorable
  • I love your comedy bro you so funny man damn you funny bro damn Trevor you are the shit
  • Trevor Noah you are funny as shit👍
  • what Justin Tradeu is 43?? I thought he was 35! but either way he's darn good looking politician I ever seen
  • the new prime minister is amazing though like have you ever heard of an attractive liberal politician??
  • I was having a hard time forgiving Trevor for not being Jon but his adorable little laugh won me over. He's funny, it's just in a different more childlike way then the satirical Stewart. He's jaded by still amused by silly things kinda like how I still chuckle when I tell my favorite pun how do you catch a squirrel? RUN UP A TREE AND ACT LIKE A NUT!! Still gets me :)
  • I've never laughed so hard in my life! XD
  • This was so funny LoL
  • Whenever I see funny stuff about Canada, I always laugh and say, "Oh, Canada." No wonder their national anthem is "O Canada."
  • wait so does Canada have a king/queen?
  • I'm Canadian and still laughing
  • This is music?
  • I love the track at the end of his YouTube videos😍
  • damn Canadians are fiiine
  • 2:48 who else thought of the sponge Bob theme song 😂😅
  • Haha. Didn't Jon Stewart complain about sexism when everybody complimented Caitlyn Jenner only about her looks? Well, here's a guy being reduced to his smoking hot looks. Equality, finally! But the Daily Show still has to complain...
  • 2:21 LOL
  • 2:43 - no shoes???
  • Justin Trudeau is ridiculously hot.
  • He sounds even dance like Ben Carson. Lol
  • Other countries have elections? Adorable...
  • Fun fact: only a quarter of the NHL players were American born, and about half of the NHL players are Canadian.
  • I love Noah's SA accent.
  • Harperman... MAKE IT STOP... Please
  • that last drake dance with harper was an crazy here so....
  • fuck off, man
  • some who I see them at slumber and suddenly awake!
  • Trudeau is a homosexual. I can tell by his feminine nature. You heard it here first.
  • deficit and debt are two different things. one is flow, the other stock.
  • Bernie Sanders is without a doubt the most good looking candidate in this presidential race! He's so cute when he smiles and I love his hair. *Bernie Sanders 2016* #feelthebern
  • Drake is a joke
  • am i the only one hearing hump a man
  • I'm for playing the Harperman song with footage of Hotline Bling.
  • I'm telling you, Abki baar Washington DC mein bhi Modi Sarkar
  • Loved the ending! XD
  • To be fair, Harper was the evil dictator no one was talking about.
  • drake can do the harperman dance
  • damn daily show. are you ever gonna stop blowing Hillary
  • trevor...gtfo my tv
  • For once the (mostly) irrelevant comments about looks weren't aimed at a female candidate. Guess society IS becoming more equal (although actually moving forward would have been preferable)
  • The deficit actually a bit worse when you realize Canada's economy is less than a tenth of that of the US

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