Canada's Hot New Prime Minister: The Daily Show

Canada's Hot New Prime Minister: The Daily Show
Canada's Hot New Prime Minister: The Daily Show
Canada elects handsome Liberal Party candidate Justin Trudeau as prime minister, ending Stephen Harper's nine-year reign. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now:



  • 1:18. the Liberal Party is nothing like the usa democrat party. by most reasonable measures, the usa democrat party is pretty far to the right. they might be considered left in usa, but not on earth. and the Liberal Party is pretty centrist.
  • I was so excited when he won but he is awful
  • He is a leftist dolt who is destroying Canada.
  • Looking back... Drake really did fuck us over on those dance moves tho...
  • He is smoking hot!💕 Can we trade the orange for the sexy?
  • How i like my morning looking at my favorite tv show💬
  • I can't stop laughing.
  • Noah is fugly monkey.
  • america is thr worst...:'( they just love tobinsult otherss while forgett to look their own
  • Trevor, stick to comedy. Were doing comedy. ...Oh.
  • That tune is so effin catchy Dammit Harper man Harper man ahhhhhhhhhhhh
  • OMG I thought I busted some vessels in my cheeks when they put the moves and song together. It just works so well XD now I know why the song starts with Oh Canada.. This country appears just so adorable
  • I love your comedy bro you so funny man damn you funny bro damn Trevor you are the shit
  • Trevor Noah you are funny as shit👍
  • what Justin Tradeu is 43?? I thought he was 35! but either way he's darn good looking politician I ever seen
  • the new prime minister is amazing though like have you ever heard of an attractive liberal politician??
  • I was having a hard time forgiving Trevor for not being Jon but his adorable little laugh won me over. He's funny, it's just in a different more childlike way then the satirical Stewart. He's jaded by still amused by silly things kinda like how I still chuckle when I tell my favorite pun how do you catch a squirrel? RUN UP A TREE AND ACT LIKE A NUT!! Still gets me :)
  • I've never laughed so hard in my life! XD
  • This was so funny LoL
  • Whenever I see funny stuff about Canada, I always laugh and say, "Oh, Canada." No wonder their national anthem is "O Canada."
  • wait so does Canada have a king/queen?
  • I'm Canadian and still laughing
  • This is music?
  • I love the track at the end of his YouTube videos😍
  • damn Canadians are fiiine
  • 2:48 who else thought of the sponge Bob theme song 😂😅
  • Haha. Didn't Jon Stewart complain about sexism when everybody complimented Caitlyn Jenner only about her looks? Well, here's a guy being reduced to his smoking hot looks. Equality, finally! But the Daily Show still has to complain...
  • 2:21 LOL
  • 2:43 - no shoes???
  • Justin Trudeau is ridiculously hot.
  • He sounds even dance like Ben Carson. Lol
  • Other countries have elections? Adorable...
  • Fun fact: only a quarter of the NHL players were American born, and about half of the NHL players are Canadian.
  • I love Noah's SA accent.
  • Harperman... MAKE IT STOP... Please
  • that last drake dance with harper was an crazy here so....
  • fuck off, man
  • some who I see them at slumber and suddenly awake!
  • Trudeau is a homosexual. I can tell by his feminine nature. You heard it here first.
  • deficit and debt are two different things. one is flow, the other stock.
  • Bernie Sanders is without a doubt the most good looking candidate in this presidential race! He's so cute when he smiles and I love his hair. *Bernie Sanders 2016* #feelthebern
  • Drake is a joke
  • am i the only one hearing hump a man
  • I'm for playing the Harperman song with footage of Hotline Bling.
  • I'm telling you, Abki baar Washington DC mein bhi Modi Sarkar
  • Loved the ending! XD
  • To be fair, Harper was the evil dictator no one was talking about.
  • drake can do the harperman dance
  • damn daily show. are you ever gonna stop blowing Hillary

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