A Special Prosecutor Steps In & Fox News Doesn't Get the Comey Memo: The Daily Show

A Special Prosecutor Steps In & Fox News Doesn't Get the Comey Memo: The Daily Show
A Special Prosecutor Steps In & Fox News Doesn't Get the Comey Memo: The Daily Show
The Trump-Russia probe gets a special prosecutor, and Fox News downplays a purported memo from James Comey suggesting Donald Trump may have committed obstruction of justice. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: http://www.cc.com/shows/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah/full-episodes The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • BOIIIIIII Trevor spent this whole video ROASTING THE HELL OUTA EVERYBODYYYYY🔥🔥🔥🔥👋
  • I wonder if they realized after writing this they just shit all over the "n word" vs just saying nigger.
  • pbs would take te dead bodies and shit tho tbh
  • FOX NEWS is BBC of America
  • PLEASE...I'M BEGGING YOU !!! We are preaching to the choir here. I know it's an odious task, but please go over to the Fox news videos and comment there. Let all the brainwashed Trumpees and Trumpettes try to defend their Golden Orange Idol. Try to cast some light into their dark, conspiracy filled heads. The stuff they are spewing over there will make your eyes fall out of your head. We need to try. Otherwise, it's 4 more years of Trump in 2020.
  • fuckn trash fake comedy this bitch needs his jaw rung Sell out still got them chains on brother
  • why did america even elect this dude
  • the apprentice in the
  • Does it make everyone on here feel good to fantasize about what isn't going to happen? Guessing so. Trevor Noah has soundly surpassed John Stewart as one of this biggest douche bags on TV. Not to be outdone by even Stephen Colbert. That's saying something. Enjoy your pipe dreams minions...
  • Rumps itinerary1Ignore A. Merkel2 Insult allies in speech3 Bow to Poland President4 Shove a N.A.T.O. leader5 Don't shake Natanyahu hand
  • You are not an American go your stupid ass home fool.
  • Whats really funny about all of this is that Noah is deeply emotionally hurt over a normal political process that happens every 4 years. And lacks the maturity to accept the outcome . And to make it more hilarious he probably thinks Hillary Clinton actually gives a sh#t about black people or their community's. The only African Americans she likes are the ones on work release programs doing her yard work.
  • this guy looks and sounds like obama maybe he should run for president no joke he talk more than obama thats the job
  • this is so damn old and unfunny
  • terrible and a joke if anyone still believes russian collusion.. this guy aint even funny... RIP Stewart Legacy
  • The liberal they are so idiots they are living in the country top of Freedom but they did not know the value of Freedom! They need to learn how to respect and learn to love your country! Freedom is not Free the liberal idiots!
  • It sure is amusing to come back and watch these "comedians" trying to be funny long after the facts come out. The irony is intense.
  • white morpheus 😂 😂 😂
  • I am the 54,370 like
  • I think Trev is obsessed with Don!
  • Yeah, when you say "hope", like, "I hope they put Trump and his crime family members into jail for life"...you mean hope like that?
  • white house ringtone 😭
  • Fox News are a bunch of idiots!
  • 6-24-2017 - - - " I word " for Trump: Idiot.
  • "But what about Obama" classic republican talking point.
  • 3 k Trump supporters watched this video
  • Fox news is fake news and is b.s
  • but Latinos can say the I word it's alright
  • Fox is Mental. Plain and Simple. For Fox Non Real Reporters to actually stand by Trump. They are getting paid a lot of Money. To sit there a pretend to not see what they truthfully see before there faces.
  • The aim of the main stream media is to divide and conquer. As humans we need to get out of this cycle. Left, right, Republicans, Democrats, it's all the same thing. They are all marching to the Globalist agenda. The only time anything will improve is if the people start seeing through all of this. Stop fighting against each other, that is Exactly where they want you.
  • Trevor Noah is the best in my own personal tastes.
  • If they say the word it starts blood pressures to rise and hearts to beat rapidly.. one for joy the other for fear.
  • He is like a three year old always getting into something and asked who did that.
  • 2:00 yes we know and this show is full of shit :)
  • Unless people of USA become zombies, Fox is digging its own grave.
  • Get out Franken on he is funny looking sounding and completely nuts we laughed really hard every time we see this guy how the hell did Minnesota vote for this guy maybe they just like comedians
  • Who is this guy he is really stupid and not funny
  • Keep it up Trevor. You are doing an awesome job!!
  • who cares about russia? stop talking about russia. start talking about important points and make sure trump doesnt get a second term. so far he will get a second one... #ParisAgreements
  • What are you and this South African halfwit gonna do when Trump is not only not impeached, but wins a 2nd term. You morons really need to stop looking to comics, especially foreign ones, for your political news.
  • so fun to watch these back and count all of Trev's lies and fallacies
  • I brought you into this world and child I can take you off of it hahaha!
  • 3:14 CinemaSinsVoice: "That's racist." And funny as fuck xD
  • Fox is staffed by some people that have little acquaintance with the truth. They are the mouthpiece of the Republican party so what ever these,"talking heads" are saying, it is the thoughts of the Republican party. You remember the Republicans, the party that gave us Richard Millhouse Nixon, baby Bush, the man who attacked Iraq for Saudi Arabia's pilots attacking on 9-11. and now Donald J. Trump, serial liar, or the "Great Divider" Not to mention taking health insurance from some 27,000,000 people and doing away with prior health claims coverage which they had. Yes Fox, those are some stand-up guys for which you work. I was hoping that the Murdoch's would actually want their stations to have more than a little truth in their, "Fair and Balanced" broadcasts but I guess not. You know that these people must know that their spreading Bull Shite but continue doing it for money but I forget what people that do that are called, oh yeah,"LIARS"!
  • Does anybody else want to punch these Fox people?
  • Yes I believe in James Comey and not trump.
  • Right! Comey helped Trump get elected with Hillary Clinton's email scandal, now Comey's firing and memo might be the beginning of the end of trumps's presidency. Instead of ending the Flynn probe, it intensifies it and now the probe will include an investigation of donald john trump.
  • Trump was overheard saying "you can believe me or your lying eyes and ears"

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