John Mulaney Likens Donald Trump to a Really Good Family Feud Contestant

John Mulaney Likens Donald Trump to a Really Good Family Feud Contestant
John Mulaney Likens Donald Trump to a Really Good Family Feud Contestant
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  • “way before he was pretending to run for president...” nicer times
  • Dropped a bunch of acid last night, watched hilarity for charity on the flix net, instantly searched for some John Mulaney specials afterwards, watched all I could find and geeked out for hours. He's now one of my favorite comedians. Good story me! Thanks, me! Ourwelcome!
  • The most cogent psychological explanation I've heard! Well, that and "he's a deranged sociopath."
  • Pretending to run for president... if only that had been true.
  • both these guys are great
  • It saddens me that this is still relevant. Even sadder, I think he's overestimating him.
  • this still stands
  • ah simpler times
  • John looks like he has Andy written on bottom of his shoe. He could act Woody if they ever make a live made ToyStory
  • These pre-election segments about the election are so painful watching this in the future. John Mulaney is still the funniest guy around at least
  • He is so funny.
  • What's with the music at the end 😂😂
  • Smart comedy is the best kind of comedy.
  • What’s the song at the end of this clip, someone help!
  • All the problems!!!! Hahaha
  • This isn't as funny in 2018
  • Family Feud is great because Steve Harvey is truly the Only Sane Man on the show, up to his eyeballs in insanity.
  • "years before he was pretending to run for president" welp. This is awkward.
  • so true.  trump is a schmuck. doesn't know anything about anything but runs his mouth and the dumbest people just think it sounds right.  its like anybody who doesn't have access to Google would vote for trump because they don't know any better.
  • I used to like his show but learning the he is a trump basher is so sad.
  • I don't know why John Mulaney's voice reminds me of a slightly higher-pitched Ninja Brian. I'm not complaining, but...
  • “A white family and a fun one” “A white family and a family you root for”
  • i can't believe he spent 3 minutes leading up to a punchline and it worked
  • I wish I could travel back in time and warn everyone.
  • Oh... remember how innocent we were?
  • Yes!!!!!! A different theme song!!!!!!
  • John Mulaney Potter you were named after the bravest man I ever knew
  • Lmao “pretending to run for president”
  • I get to see John Mulaney live in a few weeks and I can't wait XD
  • “Pretending to run for president” Well he’s a great actor
  • its worse now trump is president...
  • This comment section has actually given me some form of cancer... So many libtards
  • "Back when he was pretending to be running for president." Well there's a kick of nostalgia for you.
  • Holy hell, that was a funny bit.
  • God, this is the most accurate description of Trump I've ever heard. Both the bum and the Family Feud parts.
  • Oh hey cool I didn't know Barry Allen branched out into comedy, good for him!
  • good analogy. still true till today
  • "Trump is what a hobo imagines a rich man to be" lmaoo so accurate
  • I think he is sooo funny :)
  • 'Member when we could laugh at Trump because we never thought it would turn out like this?
  • What's with the 90's soft rock at the end of the video?
  • Looks like Grant Gustin from Flash
  • I love watching shows around the time trump was running for president, because everyone was making fun of it like it could never happen. I don't support him. I just find it ironic. Well correction, I support every president because if the president succeeds we do. But I wouldn't of voted for him
  • That's almost exactly how he delivered that line in his special XD
  • This is what the US has boiled down to.
  • Here's the sad thing: I'm Asian. To me white families ARE the fun families... (=3=)
  • republicans are anti-democracy like russia's putin, a dictatotor ----- little big man
  • his left eye is looking at the camera...his right eye is peering into your soul...
  • love this guy
  • he was able to hold that entire bit right until the punch. beauty

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