F**king Unbelievable: The GOP Shoves Health Care Through the House: The Daily Show

F**king Unbelievable: The GOP Shoves Health Care Through the House: The Daily Show
F**king Unbelievable: The GOP Shoves Health Care Through the House: The Daily Show
Despite opposition from almost every major health organization, the GOP pushes an Affordable Care Act replacement bill through the House of Representatives. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: http://www.cc.com/shows/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah/full-episodes The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • Fake news. Sheeps say we are the sheeps. Wtf is wrong with the world
  • We should also be putting money money into anti-aging therapies that effectively reverse the biological age. A lot of diseases are age related and we only ever treat the symptoms, not the cause. And those age related diseases are what costs so much. Reversing aging on a cellular level is "within reach". It would not only help a lot of people have a better quality of life, but also reduce costs dramatically AND make more people productive again. Instead of sitting around at old age, you could become biologically younger and healthier again and be productive, not just work but also help in communities or even just help more with grand kids, instead of being a burden. The biggest hurdle is funding. If you like join the Healthspan discord server to chat and learn more about anti-aging: https://discord.gg/ftSbffu
  • Why are all of these ass clowns trying to figure out how to pay for healthcare instead of looking at why healthcare is so expensive in the first place??? Insurgence company's want a huge discount so hospitals raise the price so they still make money (fake price) and the kick in the nuts is that if you don't even have insurgence... YOU STILL PAY THE FAKE PRICE!!!!! It's pure theft.
  • instead of indulging in a fixed routine of breakfast, lunch and dinner opt for smaller and more frequent meals. http://thetipsguru.com/category/health/
  • Not even ambulances are free in the States??? Holy hell you people are fucked
  • 💭
  • this is why I hate trump. he jump off his gold stool. and here he is dismantle every thing in progress. n so far he has not done any thing good for this country. n he will always be known as the worsted tenant of the White House.
  • Those that are Debt collectors will love this. Perhaps i should go back to being a collector and hope i call those that are trump supporters. I will tell them "this is exactly what you voted for...pay your fucking bill".
  • XDdjc vn
  • Mike Pence's hair is so white and Trump's hair is so yellow
  • Is this guy not suppose to be some comedian or something.
  • Another heartbroken baby liberal cry out fake information to soothe his wounded heart!
  • this is a nightmare please wake me up
  • how could Americans allow this to happen
  • Although Donald Trump is President of the United States, I still can't believe Trump actually was elected. I asked myself "How did this happened?", "Who was dumb enough to believe anything coming out of Trump'smouth?" Oh well, it's water under the bridge. Unfortunately the bridge is about to collapse from Americans attempting to escape from to Canada.
  • Silly people, we have to pass it to find out what's in it.
  • I've said it before, I'll say it again, if the Republicans don't reach across the isle and get bipartisan support on this vital health care bill, it will be the Republicans writing their own parties will. God isn't unjust no matter what you believe. God is life man can only decree death on themselves. fall on their own swords if this shame is brought to light. what heart do they refer to? Shalom.
  • Preferring one political party/candidate to the other is like preferring one half of a cat-turd to the other. The whole comments sections reminds me of things George Carlin said, "We have 10 flavors of bagels, and only two political parties."... "we don't have real choice (in elections), what we have is the illusion of choice"... "the Congress, Senate, Courts have been bought and sold a long time ago". We are screwed.
  • Gay black men should stay out of comedy
  • Trevor, your a basic bitch, and women aren't funny. We all want you to just go back home please.
  • God, what's Obama's reaction gonna be like?
  • Can't people just pay for THEIR OWN healthcare?
  • So they're pro life until its time for the baby to be born or any time after that. Yeah. Totally Christian. Tell me how pro life you are now!
  • Trump voters will still be happy. They will believe that it is fake news. The insurance companies must be so happy. It is difficult to not see who benefits the most out of this bill.
  • RIP Diediedie #Reaper
  • 3:40 - Ah yes, the bane of Republicans the world over...
  • Above all else the democrats should begin and mobilise to win back the Congress in 2018. Nothing and no investigation would solve the problems Trump is causing to this country with the support from the both the houses.
  • The Reps are mass murders
  • Trump is an ass...
  • Wow, Trevor is so angry, he can't even hide it behind a mountain of jokes.
  • morons....Obama shoved his Unaffordable Care Act aka Obamacare down our throats.... payback is a bit ch.
  • Trevor's humour is on point.. :D
  • Fucking unbelievable! Obama shoves healthcare down our throats and then fines us if we don't buy it by garnishing our taxes every year! health care costs me more a month than my fucking rent on my house! FUCK YOU!
  • "They might as well call it the Kate Upton Amendment because there's barely any coverage"😭😭😭
  • Republicans are scum and the worst threat to America and its people.
  • fucked up this guy makes it funny but it's all truely this fucked up
  • I love that this pisses leftists off. Cry little girls. It makes me smile.
  • They're making all of these cuts to go to war then gain because of it.
  • He is just so cute!
  • I think it's highly hypocritical for the Republicans to say "nothing's perfect" when it comes to the Trumpcare bill. But because Obamacare wasn't perfect they wanted to get rid of it before the kinks could be fixed.
  • Yeah... and congress will still be covered by the PPACA standards. republican=hypocrisy
  • we need to tweet all those videos to Trump and see what bullshit he comes up with. fucking bs man.
  • love your show, don't miss it... how the f*ck is this happening in the Land of the Freedom Speech....
  • lets backtrack to the obama administration, what was so f#@king incredible was how the democrats crammed obamacare down Americas throat! Double standards much? oh and by the way, your jokes are pathetic
  • fuck trump
  • Trevor Noah. Anyone who works for George Soros is a scum bucket to America and to most of the world. Your little Soros meal ticket isn't going to last long because you've revealed to America and to the world that you are a red coat. We see your colors and we know who you are and we know that George Soros is writing your little communist script. You see, we know more than your little friend Soros thinks. We know that by firing politicians the Soros butt licking Democrat Libs cannot stop Trump from filling his office with the people Americans want - not who Sorros wants. Sorros has a face like a scroadum and you have a face like a rabbid ass baboon. F you.
  • this is exactly how the Democrats shoved Obamacare down our throats. My insurance now cost me $108 per week, $8000 deductable, $800 prescription deductable, and I still will have to pay for 75% to get my some tonsils removed. Democrats are beyond stupid to start this and the Republicans are just as ignorant trying to fix it. Obama is the worst president in our history and America doesn't have leaders smart enough and brave enough to fix his disasterous implementations.
  • If nobody had health care it would create way to many problems. So just deal with it. At least he supposively lowered the premiums on it.

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