Question ‘YOU’RE FULL OF CRAP!’ Kathy Griffin Gets Heated Over Trump's Photo

Question ‘YOU’RE FULL OF CRAP!’ Kathy Griffin Gets Heated Over Trump's Photo
Question ‘YOU’RE FULL OF CRAP!’ Kathy Griffin Gets Heated Over Trump's Photo
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  • Poor Kathy, the more she explains, the more confused she appears. We all knew her apology was fake, and those tears during the Press Conference pure Hollywood, Fake.
  • I hope she is eaten by a crocodile while she is in Australia! She is upset with Trump for what she did. Insane stupidity!! She is a nasty :%÷*!
  • The left has fallen so far I dont believe they are redeemable. This nasty c#*t goes to another country, tells some lies as if she is a victim. First, Trump Isnt spending a dime on investigating her, the Secret Service is, AND had she acted as a civilized human there would not have been one and that money could have gone to a family. I love it when the aggressor plays victim, especially when they are stupid. She has lost so many jobs and paychecks because of her hateful acts and comments, It isnt the white man out to get her, its the red headed C*^t doing it to herself and then blaming everyone else. Hmm we see this a lot from female leftist, AHEM,,,, Hillary ring a bell. Blame blame, if you want to blame then blame yourself, dipshit
  • This broad is full of shit...she a POS and has a lot of nerve. I hope the secret service goes after her again!! She's a lying BITCH!!!
  • WHO??????
  • people in Australia are stupider than I thought if they're going to spend a penny on going to see this catastrophe of an animal
  • Why would this get in Australia. This is sleaze. I am surprised they would let this ugly creature in
  • Go to hell Kathy.
  • this woman is an unhinged sycophant !
  • Kathy want to know what funny is that your face or neck threw up.
  • KG is a nut case, no talent, no looks, dim wit and organizations and yours are fools to give her air time, find something that's credible and has a true purpose. Perhaps expose the Kathy Griffins of the world for what they are.
  • Comedy should be funny not to be horrific and disrespecting the president of the United States.
  • KG is stupid.
  • Secret agents "eyes" on her, she's needs a place to hideouts! Wish she would takes a few more with her and never come back!. TRUMP MAGA ❤️🇺🇸❤️
  • she's a bitch not a comic, red on head like dick on dog
  • Great video in how to destroy your career!
  • Leaving Forever would be a great start
  • The Griffin Returns From the Grave tour.
  • Lenny Bruce dragged his issues out on stage people got bored. He over dosed on heroin.
  • I love you Kathy keep your head up
  • Show on the road because she can't get a gig in US. She is not funny, not talented, and not needed. Please just go away. There are maybe 8 worse people alive today so she does have that going for her.
  • THAT stupid EXPIRED HAG, it makes you WONDER about her MENTAL STATE. WITH HER FAKE APOLOGY... I hope that trumps do ruin her PATHETIC LIFE..
  • She is full of shit. Horrible human being
  • she's an idiot hope she stays in Australia poor Australia has to put up with a libtard she will never make it there either she's done and she knows it
  • Not Funny! Can't believe anyone would give this woman Air time. Move On....
  • So glad she is not knuckling under to twimp knuckleheads!
  • I don't say this about many folks BUT May Kathy Griffin be FORCE FUCKED by a bunch of Muslim's wearing Donald Trump Wigs, and then beheaded and beaten to death with rocks.
  • I can't stand that pig Griffin !!
  • No pity for this liar. She says she is not sorry, then she says she is, and now again she is not sorry. She is not funny, she is unhinged.
  • what a rude and NASTY full of herself ..
  • kathy griffin is a loser because she did it to herself..
  • Funny how her and her scumbag lawyer try to turn things around. Shame on this show for even giving her the time of day.
  • noooo.. you're just a stupid bitch
  • kathy Griffin who? Is this the brainless wonder who claims to be a comedian and couldn't be further from the truth?
  • Kathy is absolutely pathetic.
  • She's just went from crazy to totally insane. She needs to quit while she's ahead.
  • Kathy used to be a fairly decent comedian, but she seems fairly unhinged now. i hate Drumpf, as much as anyone. but the ketchup covered mask was over the line. she apologized seemingly sincerely, right after the fact. but now she seems to just be wanting to double down on her absurdity on that issue.
  • No, Australia does not deserve to have the demons of this mentally deranged, satanic worshiping cretin let lose upon them. "She" is likely a man by natural causes and sources say she suffers from mental derangement as a result of feces poisoning from being force fed the penises that her handlers sodomized her with. Her hate and anger should be directed at the people who abused her and turned her into this animal that she has become rather than our President.
  • You SHOULD be investigated DEEPLY investigated.
  • I'm so very sorry......I"M NOT SORRY......lying not funny hag
  • Boycott all of Kathy Griffin's block her out of all airing schedules!
  • you go Kathy! Stand up for yourself!
  • i trust Kathy Griffin over Donald Trump. And she is a comedian. Trump is just a out right liar.
  • fuck trump, no sympathy for that piece of shit.
  • dont give this bitch a platform to speak from,YOU FUCKIN BITCH
  • Desperate
  • She is so good. Trump is such a snowflake cuck! After the things he has said and done to people! He can dish it out but can't take it! Pathetic unhinged little man child who has a relationship with hid dead father not dissimilar to the one Norman Bates had with his mother.
  • Will they please stop putting her on TV
  • Kathy Griffin go away...

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