President Trump: America’s S**ttiest Miss America Contestant: The Daily Show

President Trump: America’s S**ttiest Miss America Contestant: The Daily Show
President Trump: America’s S**ttiest Miss America Contestant: The Daily Show
Michelle Wolf weighs in on the 2017 Miss America pageant and compares the courageous candidness of the contestants to the stammering evasiveness of President Trump. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • God that chick is terrible at comedy
  • I'm showing this to my English class..... :D
  • laundry money pageant contests!
  • trump is a fucking liar.
  • My two favorite comedians
  • I want to vote for the whole Miss America pageant. It'll fix this whole country.
  • She sounds like the babysitter in the movie The Incredibles. 😂
  • Funny Cool Awesome good girl power
  • How to get famous: bash Trump and the United States
  • All this show is talking shit about Donald Trump. Thats where all the views come from. Get a real show.
  • dumb ass trump
  • ndingumxhosa if you àint know. America!!!!!!! there is a whole world aside from all y'all.
  • ndi nfumXhosa
  • I'm a Xhosa speaker
  • Please make sure this on the news everyday
  • The minute Ms Texas said that I knew She and every future Ms Texas will not win another Miss America contest for the rest of its years. Lmbo smh
  • 4:45 - painfully true lmfao
  • Beauty contestants were the ones who were made jokes about on stupid people. Not anymore I guess.
  • I rather watch my 600 pound life than listen to Trump
  • When those women were on point with their answers, I got so turned on
  • Lets elect them.. ... Sarcasm
  • I miss a president that could speak in complete sentences.
  • Justice is definitely due.
  • Okay, Michelle's last line was so savage I had to go sit down
  • You suck Noah!
  • So funny after almost 6 months.
  • Aye, let's switch the president, vice president and entire cabinet with the contestants from 2017 Miss America.
  • Eventually, the U.S. will have a Qualified female president and when this happens, men will seem outdated.
  • It doesn't matter if a woman is more competent than a man look at what happened in the election!! 😲
  • One of many reasons why we root for Hilary 😎.
  • Michelle why on earth did you compare these ladies knowledge with trump? he's not capable of understanding the questions and answering them.
  • WOW...JUST...WOW
  • 1:32 lol that guy’s face😂
  • bitch is annoying.
  • The real fact is that white people are quickly becoming a minority in the US, and some are doing everything possible to slow down that process. To all you brown people who have migrated to the US and have obtained citizenship: Be fruitful and multiply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • she be high af
  • Why do women still believe they have to perform some kind of " talent" to become a whole person? Would this even be a " competition if there wasn't a swim suit portion? This is what men expect all women to become..something to keep them amused and interested.
  • Hey guys Subscribe to my channel. Thanks ❤💯
  • I really like the daily show,Trevor is such a wry wit.But it is always an additional delight when Michelle Wolf weighs in.She always has an insight I may never have considered.
  • Michelle sounds like she is drunk :D
  • I don't get Americans, pining over Ivanka when there are intelligent and beautiful women like Michelle out there. I really don't get it, why is the 12 year old boy look with no tits and no arse so popu... oooooh, I get it, they're all secretly into young boys...
  • Michelle has the Charisma to headline her own show. Wolff at Night Already!
  • :-)
  • Uhh... how is the competition sexist again?
  • Republicans try too hard to validate everything. When I asked what makes Alex Jhones Youtube rants more valid points and true than everyone else who doubt his views and conspiracy theories. They say = God ! God chose him, just like God chose Trump. Me = “🤯🤯 🤯🤯” ...
  • Really good answers, and still we chose the dummy.
  • I hate michelle wolf. Her voice is so damn irritating and she sounds like she is drunk af
  • The saxophonist was lyp synching... watch her take a breathe while the sax plays... nice!
  • trump is the smartest person in human history, even Einstein took lessons from Trump on how to be cool.

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