Ricky Gervais Stand Up - Out Of England 2

Ricky Gervais Stand Up - Out Of England 2
Ricky Gervais Stand Up  - Out Of England 2
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  • Bit of a prick really..
  • i mean not the best comedy, and i hope it was not to expensive for people.... not worth paying for.
  • Should of brought Karl
  • Yawn
  • 21:14 put a brick where? and how does it save water?
  • Funny show! I do wonder why he didn't mention the fact that Noah chose 2 Lions (males) instead of a lion & lioness...
  • Hmm few minutes in and haven't laughed
  • Very poor comedy and if he is using someone else's material he should not be a comedian...it never ceases to amaze me how many professional comedians are not that good..
  • Billy.Billy Finn.
  • is that warfield in SF?
  • Elephant man joke very insensitive
  • About the groceries in the front if the store thing. With the fat people joke. Here in Norway most of the shops actually do.
  • I'm high as shit and didn't laugh once
  • Can someone please tell me what accent is this? Sounds partly Australian as well... Particularly the ae sounds.
  • Noah made a sacrifice - that is the first species fucked then!
  • This guy drinks a lot...
  • sad thing is, I always thought that he is a cool guy, but after going back to some of his shows n interview. he's just another asshole..just like many of them
  • this guy is phony
  • what's the intro song?
  • Won't be fooled again
  • 22 minutes and I haven't laughed once.
  • Jesus Christ: Puppy Slayer.
  • this is hard work ,where re the real comedians????
  • he's a cunt. not funny at all. he is so mad at life. pfft. fucking english boring cunt.
  • christianity is such an easy target cos there are no consequences for going after it, its not brave to take the piss out of the bible. i want to see comedians sack up and go after islam..now that would be balsy..what is a christian going to do?? pray for you?
  • 1,137 Dislikes = Fat People
  • If you read this you are just wasting some precious seconds off your short life... Sorry about that!
  • Those are all the reasons I love spiders
  • ''I don't want any fat people to feel uncomfortable when I'm on my gigs. So next time buy two seats.'' Awesome!
  • <3
  • 8:01 "I hope you enjoy the show" IT'S EIGHT MINUTES IN YOU DERPY TIT, GET ON WITH IT!!! :D
  • sucks
  • I sure hope Ricky gives Karl some royalties for a few of theese jokes.. but seeing how much Ricky loves Karl he probably will be showering him <3
  • what year is this from? ???
  • So Africa is that bad, I didn't know. You even you keep food in fridge for too long it goes bad. You'naimin
  • I remember Ricky Gervais as 'the guy who runs the museum in Night at the Museum'
  • Ricky u gonna be that ugly all of our life? ((70 cos British) 78 average EU))
  • So many things I want to say to this but I will keep to just one: Oscar Wilde was actually gay, so him saying Wilde sounds bit gay is not a revelation. Also this is a stolen video
  • God doesn't give AIDS to babies, you dummy. Stupid, carless junkies give AIDS to babies.
  • And yes, even if you have some kind of "disorder" that makes you fat, you still could have eaten less to make up for it. Unless there is some disorder that magically spawns calories in your body.
  • Loving the quiet "OK" in between Ricky's sentences haha
  • Well I paused and decided to stop as soon as he started talking about milli an of species and God in such a way. To each their own.. not my cup of tea, I get more laughter from basic YouTube comments than this.
  • what a prick
  • This is not funny at all.
  • Jokes aside that rabbit thing his talking about actually happened to me
  • You English GENIUS
  • Most whelming intro ever
  • My god, it is wonderful to see how this man knows the truth about Africa, as opposed to bleeding heart fuckwits who still believe it is not responsible for its own downfall :-* Love you, Ricky. Wide awake cynic.
  • Talk about the Flat Earth. We've been asleep about reality, but now we are awake.

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