Ricky Gervais Stand Up - Out Of England 2

Ricky Gervais Stand Up - Out Of England 2
Ricky Gervais Stand Up  - Out Of England 2
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  • americans not funny at all they are simply stupid . they need to learn from the brits how to do it right and wit .
  • my Sunday school book was much more horrific. the noah birds did not come back they just died out there because there was no place to land. the teachers did not pretend God was a good person, they knew how to put the fear of god in children. really looking back god was scarrier and more evil than Satan, but i couldn't see it, or i could but i couldn't question it.
  • I'M SORRY TOO ANYONE WHO GETS THIS WRONG . some people don't even realize they like the same sex til their older . what has been poof too it . Like some people who get big isn't their fault . glad you took pills too help with yours . everyone different . But we all can laugh too have a good time . TOO past time in this messed up world . their never going be peace when their always shame too make money .
  • I thought mr. Gervais was fat... He's not a fat fuck, he's as fit as fuck. He went from "That fat fucker from The Office to that comedian named Ricky Gervais. 0_o
  • is that a *boner* at 5:27 ?????
  • 2 inch shoes cocks- looks like Noddy fucking Holder. Wanker. Actually he is a fuck ache wanker.
  • I love how he picks on religion.
  • I know many people like to discredit Ricky's standup, but I personally still like it quite a bit
  • Funny .
  • 9 mins still haven't laughed I'll keep you posted
  • First be original dude
  • Half the audience was Muslims.
  • Anyone else find this really boring?
  • i love you and ricky
  • "I was in Africa giving AIDS to babies"? Now I know why this is the first and last time I'm listening to this arsehole.
  • People really think this retard is funny????
  • Not the worst stand up comedian but sure as shit not the best either
  • ricky no salt water fish would die due to the amount of fresh water and the fresh water fish would die from the salt content. its a fine line and not many fish or aquatic mammals can survive in both water types. as we have fish today it would of meant the arc being able to hold millions of water creatures as well as all the land creatures.
  • damn that one dolphin was literally fucking the other dolphins brains out! i expected him to actually say that. haha this is funny as fuck
  • 2.28 in, still not funny....
  • I'm getting so tired of comedians choosing religions as one of their main topics.
  • Too funny!
  • 🤬👌🏿👈🏿
  • He cares for animals more than fat humans lol
  • Can't believe how lame and overrated this guy is, I didn't even smile, the jokes and stories are stolen - not his type, I can't believe people like him so much, like they don't know other famous stand-up comedians - which all of them are better, and also good, this isn't any good, just a collage of stuff he heard, gathered to make a show.
  • Stopped watching at 6:30... British humour is not my thing.
  • knowing how he don't like to big note himself, i was wondering if anyone knows how much the helicopter ride to dublin cost him?
  • Comment section summary: 50% "He ripped off Karl Pilkington" 50% " Random quote from show"
  • Brit Comedy so shit.
  • "There is nothing u shouldnt joke about" tell that to countdankula who was sentenced guilty of a hatecrime
  • wow verbal diarrhea just flows from this guys mouth
  • i dont think I laughed through this whole performance.
  • That rikki tiki reference
  • I had a doctors appointment and I really didn't want to go, so I rang in saying I was sick.
  • You can´t hide it between your yokes, Ricky...you really mean what you're saying, and it´s so sad! You REALLY hate the women you patronize! You REALLY have to deal with what happened between your mother, father and you, otherwise you´ll never will be able to go on further! Whatever you say now, won´t matter....you´re a star....but you´re human...and it hurts! I know...am an actor star myself in Sweden, and I know... You will never be able to regain your life if you don`t face this...
  • strangely when it suits him to believe the written word he emphasizes repeatedly how it is a real book but when it did not suit him , he dismissed the fact that it is written therefore it must be real
  • this is hlarious lol
  • I can see his penis. Just sayin...
  • lil slip-up there with the cock sucking joke with the age of consent in the U.S. being 18 not 16 like over here,suprsied he never got atleast a couple boos
  • ricky in the U.S. "ello",ricky in the U.K."alright" playing up the old cockney twang that the yanks expect even if you're not from anywhere near london
  • As a fat. Person I must say I LOVE fruit and veg! I love Ricky Gevise (sorry spwlling is bad) but damn calm the fuck down. You seem to forget the fact people are over weight for mwdical reasons too. Myself due to medication that causes weight gain. Just saying.
  • “Fuck I’ve left the oven on” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • This guy isn't funny American comedians r better this guy is trash
  • I can only picture this guy as a dolphin...
  • 11:45
  • his saggy tits make me sad lol
  • im luckily not fat, But i would like to point out that not everyone is fat because of their choice or lack of self control, many people have issues like thyroid, low bloood sugar etc.. which makes it much harder to maintain a healthy weight...ummmm watching more of this video i realized that the fat jokes were actually nice compared to dark crap he said later on lol
  • I'm kind of disappointed, that he didn't mention anything about the two male lions xD
  • watch my half hour special FOR THE PEOPLE https://youtu.be/GieyjG9s2TI
  • he is so funny. just one thing tho, he seems to care about the 'abandoned pets' much more than the starving children in africa who are actually human beings.

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