Brown in Town - Coal Country: The Daily Show

Brown in Town - Coal Country: The Daily Show
Brown in Town - Coal Country: The Daily Show
Hasan Minhaj heads to Kentucky to find out whether President Trump is holding up his campaign promise to revitalize the coal industry. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • For a show that claims to be non racist and treat everyone the same and with dignity it sure does like to shamelessly assume white people in rural areas like Kentucky are racists and unwelcoming of non-whites. Also ignorantly assuming that brown people don't have loyalty to America. Why was there a need to bring anything race related into this all? Just like Fox news Jon Stewart and company doesn't let racism die. Seems like the brown guy came out of Kentucky completely unscratched.
  • Hahahaahaha
  • Life would be better if every promise Trump made during the campaign had an asterisk attached
  • Trump..coal..that's all u need2 know.
  • Hasan was a UCD grad? Go Aggies!
  • I gave the video a thumbs up.. But it was still uncomfortable. 😀
  • What is the main focus of this video ? Racism or coal industry?
  • why can I only hear the sound in these daily show videos? They're showing up in black.
  • "so youre saying brown people help make America great" "of course they do" fuck yeah!! that guy is amazing, we need more people like him, not skipping a beat no hesitation showing why America is already great!
  • Poor guy at 3:20 looks like Alex Jones.
  • Ignorance causes Tunnel Vision; Ignorance is not seeing the smoke and mirrors Trump scams the people with; Just like the Tax Reform = the 1% get 95% of the tax cuts, yet Trump B S people
  • hey hasan, ever tried a minhaj a trois?
  • Trump suckered these people in and nothing is happening for them.
  • Maybe trump can bring back dinosaurs to!!! Come on people!!!!
  • loved this video!!!!
  • So the only tech company in town is run by an indian dude? America is such a joke.
  • thanks for turning down the crowd laughing
  • Alex is a good dude and has the macro understanding and foresight needed to do big things in his life!
  • Trump doesn't give a shit about coal. He only cares about himself and will say whatever bullshit he comes up on the moment to get attention.
  • Hassan Manaj is a racist and promotes the Islamic killing of anyone that leaves the religion in his Netflix special. Defending him just because he has brown skin is itself an act of racism.
  • fat white dude talking sense? oh how times change
  • Fidget spinner made of coal!? I'm rich!!!
  • lmaoo i'm from davis... what he said is true
  • This is the most beautiful thing I've seen on yt in a while!
  • Immigrants are disproportionately entrepreneurs. Solution: flood coal country with muslims.
  • Hasan Minhaj is distractingly good-looking and COULD YOU TONE DOWN THE END CREDITS MUSIC? They give me a mini heart-attack and also I'll wake up my family cuz I'm 26 years old loser still living with them.
  • Hassan Minhaj is so good looking it's criminal.
  • that guy he huged looks like alex jones lol
  • I live like 20 minutes away from Paintsville, KY, the little town in this piece. Excellent piece by the way. No cuts to the ARC!
  • Entertaining and more Informative than most of what I see on the real televised news. Bravo.
  • this is the real trump. he just says he stands for poor white people, but his company is just 1 of many that sends the poor white people's jobs overseas to make profit.
  • Go Aggies!
  • 6:05 is one of those awesome Hasan Minhaj moments :)
  • Looks like ankur hit paydirt with Obama.
  • Hasan looks good
  • Awesome segment, as always. I love your videos, but PLEASE fix your volume :/
  • Hasan is so Bay Area!
  • Yet again, a fully-fledged legitimate organization that obviously makes effort to fix something that Trump wants to fix gets budget cut. I don't think I've ever seen anyone undermine themself this hard.
  • Why are you Americans so racist? Why do you always have to divide humanity into colors? We're all just humans, get on with it.
  • oh hey i'm from bangalore also i'm glad you guys finally made a segment like this
  • So Hasam noticed that the CEO was a stockier twin of him but didn't even notice the stockier Alex Jones twin right in front of him?
  • Coal mining stupidest job ever
  • 🖱what is that song???
  • uc davis is the Harvard of sac town LMAO
  • low key though he was Fawed Khan
  • He's not the only Brown correspondent!
  • The outro song is super annoying. Good segment though.
  • Fucking brilliant.
  • please change the sound at the end of your videos!

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