Brown in Town - Coal Country: The Daily Show

Brown in Town - Coal Country: The Daily Show
Brown in Town - Coal Country: The Daily Show
Hasan Minhaj heads to Kentucky to find out whether President Trump is holding up his campaign promise to revitalize the coal industry. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



  • Only the good kind of brown from India. Rest brown from ragland can bomb off
  • Punk. You're an illegal alien and that's your only audience.
  • Trump a Russian and Jew puppet he's as dirty as coal
  • Orange man in the hard hat... 😂😂😂
  • This guy isn't funny at all
  • No one will ever dislike this video now that its on 420. Im proud that a lot of stoners watch this. These guys are really funny!
  • Love this show 😂
  • As a brown person, I can say, brown people make America Great because it is this Nation that has liberated our minds and made us think instead of being narrow minded unlike some of our folks from back home. But the irony of all this is that in this very Great Nation of ours there exists narrow minded people who have lived here for generations. If you see any grammatical mistakes, please forgive me, I am just a country girl from the coal mining town.
  • I am actually crying, I love these people. That was the nicest thing anyone has said about me in a while (even though it was toward all brown people,it still makes me happy to hear it from that guy)😭
  • Dude’s giving more jobs than the president, so he is jealous. Adult baby
  • this hasan shit dosent represent anyone here in india and nobody knows and care him also. and he is a muslim pakistani shit born in india to pretend islam.
  • I cried with laughter watching this 😂😂
  • It's Nikolai.
  • I love Hasan Minhaj
  • 3:23, more like alex jones
  • Yeah lots of towns in Eastern Kentucky are so affected by coal runoff that we can’t get clean water
  • Imagine being as pretentious as these people
  • TEKY failed to deliver the 200 jobs it promised and it’s dubious that they even delivered 17 while receiving $2 million from the US Govt. Another one of Obama’s dumb plans failed again.
  • I've watched this over and over again and it's still funny.
  • Outsourcing jobs to banglore it called employing and getting entry into 4 times bigger market and using you cash to buy there startups whatapp flipkart
  • The hug had me dying 😂😂😂
  • UC DAVIS REPRESENT!!! go ags... but for real, cool that he went to the same university as me
  • Now you see what this nation can do if we lose the racism, and the red necks that voted for him...the liar in chief who will say anything to get your vote..but they didn't care he just wasn't Barack Obama
  • Makes sense that dumb fucks still working in coal jobs would vote for trump. If you choose to work in a dying industry then you have failed at life. Get a new job dummy
  • Coal is such an outdated fuel method and this administration treats it like it’s this futuristic and important industry. We should be focusing ALL of our coal dollars on clean renewable resources. It’s so moronic and silly. Maybe having a leader that is 70+ years old is a bad idea when he thinks it’s still 1950
  • Can't you see that Donald trump is playing you with that bitch porn star and Kanye West so you won't focus on Iran's nuclear deal.we are about to have another war with a middle eastern country but this time a powerful one.
  • hasan is so hot
  • Hasan is so smart, witty, clever he is hot.
  • Love it!!!!
  • Alex Hughes looks like Alex Jones
  • Honestly, the idiots in coal country deserve what they get. They voted Trump in. I have no sympathy if you guys lose your jobs. Coal ain't coming back.
  • 4:09-4:12 He's just like "how the fuck do I respond to that"
  • It kind of makes sense for somebody that has a skin color that is native to this planet to understand the planet than somebody that is orange as Jupiter.
  • I would love to invest in coal though
  • Ajax!!!!! Francis!!!!! That's who Trevor Noah reminds me of. Ajax from the Deadpool movie
  • Damn ... Hassan is good man :)
  • wow... hassan was kind of a dick...
  • Hassan😆
  • this guy is GOOD
  • Get off me Ted!
  • I wish Hasan Minhaj could teach me history. It would be my best subject😂
  • i hope trump deports this muslim fuck
  • it's really all about starting up a company to get access to federal worker retraining dollars. and this piece is advertising for that company. that indian dude was being very rational when he located, not a region with talent, but a region with some federal dollars available. he is taking welfare, essentially.
  • Trump is a con man.
  • High speed tunnel to the G-Spot
  • Years of training in calculus and advanced geometry went into Hasan's facial hair edge up. This is God's work, truly.
  • lol, as an INDIAN , I DINT SEE that one coming ..
  • Browns are making America great too. 💟💟💟💟
  • You could not have found a less funny guy than Hassan. He’s just loud, smug and annoying.

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