Brown in Town - Coal Country: The Daily Show

Brown in Town - Coal Country: The Daily Show
Brown in Town - Coal Country: The Daily Show
Hasan Minhaj heads to Kentucky to find out whether President Trump is holding up his campaign promise to revitalize the coal industry. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • As a long time resident of the pit that is Sacramento, I did have to LOL at the UC Davis statement.
  • I miss his little talk about makeup countouring tutorials at the end XD
  • I refuse to believe I'm the only one low-key crushing on Hasan Minhaj
  • What do you have to say TREVOR, ABOUT THE NAZI!?!?!?!??!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!
  • Black lives matter has this idea that they are victims and will always be victims. It's sad the many families of color raise their children in a state of fear. Kids don't even notice color unless there parents tell them. Racism should be dealt with on a case by case basis. It shouldn't be the default in any situation in this day in age unless there is true evidence to the contrary. The media doesn't help because they are trying to get viewers so they say what they need to whether its true or not. Trevor Noah has an obvious agenda even on a fake news show and to make matters worse, he's not funny.
  • 5 days is too long trevor
  • These are actual people, they are real. And the right exploits them for the benefit of their pockets and their donors pockets. It's disgusting.
  • UC Davis: the Harvard of the greater Sacramento area. Yes!!!
  • Bring back black lung
  • Trevor Noah sucks!! Not funny! I would have some respect for him if he would actually do some fact checking. This is nothing new when it comes to the left's agenda. Black lives matter is a racist organization promoting racism!! Facts don't care about Feelings!! Ben Shapiro for President!!
  • i love field reports from the daily show
  • Go combat racism on the moon Minhaj
  • Ah Hasan my boy, making brown people proud!
  • Yoooo wtf why are you guys so damn inconsistent. Stephen Colbert seens to be on every nite, what are you guys trading slots with Futurama !? Or that kardashian shit-scape of a show?
  • I know this has got nothing to do with the video but doesn't ben carson sound like ray parker -aka Ghost busters signer?
  • That was funny
  • Peace be to you all! Personally, I find Hasan Minhaj's type of humor HILARIOUS!🤣😂😅He does that awkward interaction "thing" really well. He had me LITERALLY LOL with his interview with the Canadian Prime Minister. I wish him the best of succes in his endeavors!
  • They sent the only "brown" person into coal country? Hold it!!!! Although, I did not grow up in Fairmont, West Virginia, I was born there. My family was born and raised in the coal fields, and I have many Uncles that are buried in the hills. My grandparents are both buried in the Appalachia/Allegany mountains. The hills of West Virginia are not just filled with White, in-breed, Hillbillies, and there are a lot of Black and Native people that live, work and die in these same hills that everyone believes are like that of Ivory Soap, 99% white. They could not, in the whole area of the killing fields, find any Black people to interview? My family moved out of West Virginia in 1953-54 to Buffalo, New York, because there was a lot of coal towns that were being closed. It is true that coal jobs have been in a steady decline since the end of WWI, and no matter what Trump says he can't put this all together again.
  • only brown correspondent? could have sworn there were two..
  • Where is the épisode about the charlottes ville protests?:(
  • Coal is done. Learn to use a computer. Join the new century.
  • <3 <3 <3
  • great video, i wonder what you will have to say about charlottesville
  • Man this is sad. As much as I hate Trump I don't want to see people in Appalachia get screwed. I don't care if they were some of his biggest supporters, they're still Americans damn it.
  • Seriously need to tone down your outro. Compared to the featured clip, it's obnoxiously loud.
  • This man is funny!
  • I didn't get that part about being proud of graduating college. It really sounded like Hassan was belittling that guy by saying "I graduated from uc Davis". I mean hassan should've just said congratulations.
  • card games big tits big ass squirt cύmm saliva. Latina I love it free 5 min show if u like this comment
  • Trump doesn't care about coal country. He cares about the funds received from coal companies. ARC and TEKY actively take away skilled laborers from the coal companies, so of course he is going to get rid of them.
  • I can't watch this show anymore... all they do is shit on trump
  • This is a slap on white supremacists and Nazis
  • lol i loved that long ass huge at the end...
  • Jay Stevens is a ... dumb bed wench
  • Titties make the world go round.
  • People think the coal and and oil industry will make a comeback but me personally growing up in coal country you see there are few coal factories around still we need to advance to survive
  • absorb much everyday deficit estate aware funny scope whom
  • Can we just all agree brown ppl are cool?
  • I'm making fake ransomware in c++ lol.
  • There are big things going on!!! Where are you people???
  • Trevor Charlottesville rasict riots death people are going crazy and trump and jeff messing everything up not even doing anything when the riots in st.louis where there they had the damn military tanks and in any black riot thats happen but Charlottesville Donald doesn't give 2 fucks
  • clinton wanted more of the federal retraining. trump just wants to pretend it's the 1920s again
  • God hasan is hot
  • Alex Hughes to me looks and sounds like a more calm version of Alex Jones
  • Stop using 'coding' and 'computers' as an escape for these coalminers.. as a college graduated developer/coder, there already is enough competition.. we don't need a bunch 40 year old miners added to our market. k thx bye.
  • Just wait until A.I. takes over everyone's job....... who do you pick as a patsy and who will the wall chant target.
  • How awkward was this for the white dude
  • What happened in Charlotte, VA is proof of how Trump opened the doors for white supremacist to murder and be terrorists again
  • Is that theme original.. the brown in town with guitar in it
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